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The Return of the Local Bank Manager, the removal of Global Controls and Communitiies at Peace with One another again!

TO HELL WITH THE NWO COMPUTERISED BANKING CONTROLS OVER NATIONS AND A RETURN TO THE WISE LOCAL BANK MANAGER - who knows his community and brings the conditions for local business to compete with the globalists ......

Over the coming sub pages you will read of battle after battle, much of it with my wife Lindsay and I sharing of the incredible turmoils we have had with what we have discovered to be a corrupt and evil banking system of the god of this World. Service of the community does not come into it as constitutionally demanded but instead honour to the god of mammon and greedy fat cats!

Let's campaign to restore the traditional Local Bank Manager

Local Bank Managers ......


1)  Understand and know the local community, local conditions and character of individuals within that community! CREDIT REFERENCE AGENCIES DO NOT!


2)  Are locally accountable, the file of a client being open to both client and manager - financial institutions having to gain references from a real person with a heart - not a computer operated by faceless wonders.


3)  Work within the constrains of Great Britain's constitutional acts which demand that all law has to be applied with "law and justice in mercy".



4)  Can give wise advice to individuals approaching financial trouble. The caring manager can offer various alternatives.



5)  Work with fellow professionals in the Community like Church Ministers (everyone needs to go to Church again - to churches with proper Bibles and proper un-copyrighted commercial hymns) and Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers. He will be part of a community of caring professionals.

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