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UK Constitutional Acts

As regards to UK ......What the Lord views as treasonable actions have taken place however but God is in the process of bringing the nation back to him and away from the dangers of totalitarianism.


 Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)


And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken

to the voice of the Lord thy God,

and wilt do that which is right in his sight,

and wilt give ear to his commandments,

and keep all his statutes,


I will put none of these diseases upon thee,

which I have brought upon the Egyptians:

for I am the Lord that healeth thee.


1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)


Quench not the Spirit.

Despise not prophesyings.

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.


Word from the Lord through DPG, 19/02/12



“Thou art facing up to the sinner. Do not back down. They look to find every excuse, every delaying tactic; but thou hast all the might of Heaven.


“They look to do their negotiations behind the scenes, to affect what goes on in the legal system; but thou hast stood up to the sinner, & hast not backed down.

“I have chosen thee to ask the questions to the nation, as to whether the nation has wholeheartedly kept to every line of the Coronation Oath, & the obligations of all the Constitutional Acts that are around that Oath.


Thy nation has thought, & it uses this term, that it could “modernize the monarchy”. However, this term is a polite phrase to mean “we can move the monarchy away from what was sworn to God, & the obligations of all the Constitutional Acts; which they think have been replaced by all the treaties of Europe.


“The sinner, under the guise of a politician, promised great prosperity by going into Europe; & indeed, had these negotiations been about trading alone, then mutual benefits would have occurred. But taking a monarch away from her Oath, by integrating legal & political systems, places the nation under the secondcategory of Deuteronomy 28. An oath to God is an oath to God. To remove the ancient landmark is rebellion against God’s Word. To fail to walk the old paths is a walk to destruction. In the equation, however, the sinner has walked an even more dangerous path; not only has the sinner looked to integrate political & legal systems; they have looked to integrate religion, the monarch promising to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. And so the sinner, under the guise of politicians, have brought in laws contrary to the Protestant Reformed religion established by law:


“(1) to overrule edicts of the Upper House, in which there are bishops that relate to the keeping of the Oath, is major sin.


“So, to use European law to overrule a House which is there to see the monarch keeps on track, is not only the sin of rebellion, which is witchcraft; for within witchcraft is rebellion & control;  it is also the sin of blasphemy against God.


“(2) To pass laws in the Lower House contrary to the ethos of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, that has brought in the teaching of immorality to school children; that has brought in the unnatural use of the body; that has brought in the slaughter of the innocents, has made the nation so much worse than that of Sodom & Gomorrah, that it must now face the judgement.


“(3) The changing of the education system to no longer teach the heritage of thy nation, has brought about a people so ignorant of the nation’s Christian heritage, that the nation can no longer have a democratic election, when the nation has failed to teach its people their obligations under God, particularly on the point that the nation is not a democracy, but a theocracy under God.


“The next part is for the United States of America.


“Remember the Mayflower Compact? Do not depart from this. Ensure the principles of that Compact are upheld, & whilst thy nation understands Constitutional principles better than the British nation, thy nation must understand its original Constitution, the landmark which the fathers set was that which came from the Mayflower; & the God in which the nation of America must trust, needs to be identified, in being the very God of the British nation; the God of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.


“There is one nation however, that is recognising this reality. That nation is Australia, that has demanded its people keep to the Christian heritage of the land. So that nation will continue to be blessed within the world of turmoil, even though that nation needs to go further in fighting off the world-wide forces of multi-faith, globalization, political, legal & religious integration.


“And back to Britain. The nation was once referred to as a nation of shop-keepers; in other words, the small businessman was encouraged. Today, the banks are suppressing his/her ability to trade. The one-world business, one-world religion, one-world legal system, one-world political system, one-world currency, is on the march; but the Oath to God by thy monarch, is higher thanany signature that has allowed these integrations in.


“And thou art right to say; the Oath to God is higher, no man being able to modernize that. The ancient landmark is the foundation of thy nation.

“Thy modernizing the physical foundation of the house that thou livest in, by taking them away: the whole house collapses. It doesn’t look very modern, does it? The so-called modernization of the monarchy, therefore, has brought thy nation into being a heap of rubble.


“The solution: the putting back of the foundation, after a period of repentance & mourning before God, so the nation can return to the foundations of God; the babies can live again; the children can have a Mum & a Dad, & be taught thatGod created the heavens & the earth, rather than brainwashed by a ludicrous theory that has brought about confusion & despair, thy monarch having authorized a Bible from where all knowledge should come, it being wise to keep the landmark of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 10/03/12



“Re-defining marriage: of all the sins of the nation in which you live, the definition which they are inventing for marriage is the worst of all sins; because I speak of Christ & the Church. The study of Ephesians 5 shows this: “that a man shall leave his parental home to be joined to one wife – I speak of Christ & the Church.”


“This is the Word of God; & the fundamental relationship between Christ & His Church; & even an attempt to re-define this, is the sin of blasphemy.


“The nation needs to deal with this immediately, the responsibility being on the monarch to state clearly the Word of God in relation to marriage. The monarch assured Me she would keep the laws of God; yet it is her government – note the title here of the government, being ‘Her Majesty’s Government.’ Even discussingthe definition of marriage is an abomination before Me.


“Now, the Christians are even organising petitions to put forward to government, & a great debate takes place. There is one problem with this: you cannot debate My Word. My Word is clear: “I speak as Christ & the Church - & to discuss this, & debate this, is also an abomination before Me.


“The Word is clear: “I speak as Christ & the Church.” To try & pollute this is major blasphemy.


“My Word warns that there will be signs in the heavens of My imminent return. Warn of the judgement of God. You, as a couple, have placed your reputations on the line, to stand for the old paths. You have had words of encouragement come from fellow-believers over the stand you have taken.


But what the devil knows, is that where a nation has re-defined marriage, he has that nation right in his claws, because I speak of Christ & the Church; & the persecution you have been under, has been one to eliminate you from the scene. For the devil does not want the Scripture brought into play, when government is re-defining marriage. The government you have is void of this responsibility, because it has not sought God, but human favour.


“Your government is in great danger, for it has even attempted to touch the relationship between Christ & His Church. The national Church is in danger, because of its building of holy places made with hands. Bowing down to altars is an abomination to Me. This, too, is alien to the Bridegroom & His Bride. To build a communion rail, is the same as having a rail between a man & a woman after they have got married. I speak as Christ & the Church.


“So, what you have in what was once Great Britain, is a blasphemy so great, so great, that there is action on My part already being taken. My judgement is upon Great Britain. Already you have seen the diseased upon farm animals. There will also be signs in the heavens above, of strange phenomena.


Thy nation has turned away from Me; & you are My remnant, standing for the old paths; but you are isolated into a corner; but you are about to have a great triumph. You will be given the opportunity to speak to a huge audience, on Ephesians 5, John 17, & to where I direct you in Genesis.


“Get ready for that, because I am speaking as Christ & the Church; & it is My prophet I use. This is the great mystery which I have revealed to thee to reveal to the people. Do not re-define marriage; study My Word; for I have designed man to be joined unto one woman, in holy covenant before Me; & to re-define marriage is such an abomination, that a nation guilty of such a crime, needs to be on its knees before Me.


“This is My Word. This is serious crime. I am calling thee to bring the nation to account; for I am the Lord: I change not. I declare My Word today, as a sword to My prophet, to preach Ephesians 5, John 17, & to where I take him in Genesis, to bring the nation to account.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 30/04/12


“Government: Dealing with the Specks in the Eyes of the People, whilst Ignoring the Planks in the Eyes of Government Bodies – Scripture: “The letter of the law killeth, but the Spirit giveth life”


“How dare you, departments of Government, place burdens on the lives of people through over-regulation, & over-vigorous application of law, whilst ignoring the planks in the eyes of Government, which God is now set to judge.

“You are responsible, governments of Britain, for the immoral, decaying society you have brought about through over-burden of law, whilst you have completely ignored the promises given to God by thy monarch on behalf of the nation.

“You are responsible for not training the people in knowledge of the Christian Constitution & heritage, which thy fathers have set.


“You are responsible for ignoring the ancient landmark, that is the promises thy monarch gave to God; & you, the Government of Britain, must now face the consequences of ignoring the voice of God, by over-burdening the people, rather than giving them the liberty of the Spirit of God.


“You are responsible for:-


“(1) Passing laws for executing thy youth in the womb; & bringing in people of an alien culture to thy Christian heritage. This is not a racist statement; & do notdare accuse God of being racist. For God is not a respecter of persons; but what He expects the government of Great Britain to do, is maintain the Christian heritage, rather than bringing in the gods of false religion, that are now on hand to outnumber the population of the Christian heritage.


“You ignored the warnings given in your Parliament about what would happen, & it is happening now before your eyes, polluted by planks of rebellion, whilst all you can do, is go after the specks in the eyes of the people.


“(2) Your monarch promised to keep the laws of God, whilst you have brought up a generation that does not understand that a man leaves his parents to be joined unto one wife.


“Thy nation is full of broken homes. You teach thy children in thy schools, sex education outside the context of marriage. You encourage lusts in the youth of thy nation, then come down hard upon those convicted of sexual crime, when you have promoted the conditions for this to happen, in the first place, by your promotion of sex in schools. The kids then go on to social networking sites, which they never would have done, had you not promoted immorality; when those who fall for all of this lust commonly end up in prison, because you have promoted the immorality in the first place.


“My prophet is called to expose the root of sin; for, by pulling out the root, the branches cannot flourish; & government is the root of the immorality in the nation.


“You then try to re-define marriage; & I speak as Christ & the Church. You are defining the Word of God, as saying “The Bridegroom returns for the bridegroom.” So government becomes guilty of blasphemy against the Christ (Ephesians 5 reference).


“(3) Over-regulation of business & charitable activity: as regards to charity, the cross-fingered logo of the National Lottery, encouraging the people to gamble, rather than tithe unto the Lord: You decadent, evil Government! You have a nation depending on numbers, rather than a nation depending on God.


“My judgement is upon thee – you heard Me? My judgement is upon thee!

“You have banks that gamble the investments of the people. They lose it, & you expect the people to bail them out through their taxes, the result of which leading to small business, small charity, going bust, whilst you allow failing banking leaders to wallow in the bonuses of a decaying society.


“Thou fruitless, decaying society! Thy fruitless, decaying society is a result of the gambling philosophy of Government & its banks, which has been found out by the people, who are suffering under over-regulation & care.


“You then have the audacity to declare a Jubilee, whilst ignoring the true meaning of that word, keeping the people under bondage, rather than cancelling their debt, which is actually not their debt. For the reason they have their apparent “debt,” is because Government has over-burdened them with over-regulation; banks have charged them too high interest, those with flair, passion, & compassion being pressed down into a corner, without the resources to stand up & make a living; whilst you lend your money to the IMF, rather than financially support local business, & local charities.


“You have been found to have planks in your eyes, governments of Great Britain, whilst you spend your time dealing with the specks in the eyes of the people.

“The Lord God has spoken this day, & brings forth the judgement on Britain, to be followed by the liberation that can only come by the Government understanding the importance of the Christian Constitution & all it stands for.

“Thus saith the Lord.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 25/11/12



“The nation failed to follow God in joining the European Union, seeking after riches rather than seeking after God. And so, there has to be a process of reaping what the nation sowed. By failing to keep its Constitution, the nation has failed to keep its solemn oath to God.


“A nation that turns away from God, has to face dramatic circumstances. This is clear throughout the whole of the Bible; & so, the nation is having to pay for its disobedience to God; failing to heed My warnings in relation to the removal of children from the wombs of their mothers. There are many severe circumstances coming in Britain at this time.


“The nation has failed to heed the warning of My prophets; & My prophets are now lifting up rods of authority; for there is a separation going on between those who have come to the place of sanctification, & those who have not. There is one reason, & one reason only, why Britain is in trouble: the word is, disobedience. Failing to have the Saviour run the nation, has enabled the witchcraft that has come out of Blaenau Ffestiniog to manifest itself, having impacts on whole areas of the nation, this having the nation run by war-lords of the occult situated throughout the nation.


“Spiritually, you have faced this in North Wales, & you are aware of the same situation in Cornwall; for these war-lords are manifesting all over the nation. But thou hast stood in obedience to Me, & showed thyself prepared to obey what I am telling you to do.


“And this is what I am telling you to do: refer the nation to My passage on blessings & curses. Tell the nation the danger it is in by disobeying Me. The principles of obedience & disobedience are the same throughout the whole Bible; & the nation needs to know it has gone too long disobeying God.


“And so, make your stand. Thou hast begun a prophetic ministry. The warning for the nation needs to be given, in that the nation has failed to seriously honour My Word.


“The other passage to give them is Galatians 3. Issue the warning again. There is a way out of the present situation: National Days of Repentance towards the God of the Constitutional Acts, the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. It is there for them to see in the Queen’s Oath: not multi-faith. You cannot change the promise of the monarch.


“Give the warning, & stand firm upon what I have said through thee.”






Word from the Lord

through David P Griffiths, 21/06/15

“The Heart of the Elizabethan Settlement: Spirituality versus the Temporal”


“Overriding every British law, is the oath of the monarch to God. Before considering the implications of any British law, therefore, the crest of the monarch & what it means has to be fully considered. This is also the case in USA, in relation to the flag of the nation.


“But in Britain, it is that crest above the judge’s chair that is all-important. What this crest stands for, is a covenant with God; for at the heart of it, is not the application of law, but in the way law is applied.


“Now, another aspect of legal cases in Britain, is the use of the Bible in taking oaths. Now, My Word declares not to swear. But you see, I judge the spirit of things; so I place the spirit of an action first. So, if something is said, like in the Coronation Service of 1953, within the context of a Coronation Service, emphasising the priesthood of Zadok, I expect legal cases to take place within this context; so that judgements take place from those who hear from God, rather than those who apply law by the letter, a concept unknown under British Constitutional law.


“So, there are some interesting factors here. The crest represents an oath given by the monarch to God, & all that means. In courts of law, testaments are used on which to give an oath. So, what does ‘testament’ mean but covenant? So, in the crest, there is spiritual covenant. In a court case, there is swearing on a covenant, meaning what is in that covenant has to be applied in that court case. And finally, what is the implication of law-making itself within both the Lords & the Commons? What is said constitutionally before every law-making session? And what have we witnessed recently in the swearing-in of new MPs? What Book was predominantly used? The answer, as regards to law-making sessions, is that prayers are said before the session.


“Now, to me what this means is, guidance from God is being sought; & we have just witnessed new MPs swearing on the KJV, meaning they will uphold all the pages of this Book in their parliamentary careers.


“Everywhere you look in regard to British law, therefore, there is spirituality. So why then, in their law-making & applying, do they give priority to the temporal, & to the academic understanding, thus giving priority to the letter of the law that killeth, rather than the Spirit that giveth life?

“This is the heart of British law: ‘not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord,’ meaning, not by the cleverness of men, but in the acknowledgement of man’s inability to apply the law, which is why under British Constitutional law, the Spirit is given priority over the temporal.

“Now in this era, of the sinner becoming the prosecutor, & the righteous becoming the defendant, everything has been turned upside down. For when the temporal is given priority over the Spirit, there is an act of rebellion going on to the very Constitution & heart of the nation.


“So the demand of the Christian in legal cases must be that the Spirit takes charge over the temporal; & so this places a new light on recent legal cases, your demand being that the British Charity Commission act as the Commission of agape rather than regulation, which is how Christian charities began in Britain, that the Office of the Public Guardian recognise deep spiritual covenants, the mind being renewed by the Spirit in given situations; that if a person, directed of God, decides to forsake all, as Peter did, the apostles, & indeed others in thy ministry, then this is recognised in British Constitutional law as a covenantal decision, the crest of the monarch representing a covenantal decision, Elizabeth the First taking Britain back from the rebellion of the temporal to the security of the Spirit, all the oath-taking in legal cases all give emphasis to the spiritual rather than the temporal.

“So, this is your case. The Spirit has to take priority; & in thy case with the Office of the Public Guardian, there has been complete mental alertness within the context of spiritual covenant. This has manifested out in front of witness after witness, that there has been the passionate embracing of God’s Word, & actions taken accordingly; which is the way Constitutionally thy nation is supposed to be run.


“This is the way thou has run thy Charity; by the heart of the Constitution rather than the letter of the law of the temporal. This is why, David & Lindsay, I have placed thee into high places of government, so that this realisation comes to pass in thy nation before it is too late. For thy nation will destroy itself through letter of the law application of the temporal, the letter of the law killing, & the Spirit giving life.


“So, to conclude this message of today: the temporal will always go to the narrow application of law, relating to one particular Act of Parliament, or even more. For your demand is that this question be asked: What is the wider context? What is in the Book so many swear on? What does the crest represent? And above all this, what did thy monarch swear unto Me? What is the context of all the Constitutional Acts around her?

“These are the questions thou art putting towards government offices of the temporal today. For court case after court case is going against those upholding the Constitution of thy nation at this time. And the reason for the righteous becoming the defender, & the sinner the prosecutor, has clearly been given in My word today. For rebellion is of the sin of witchcraft. The letter does kill & destroy; & then who is the god of the temporal? The one whose mission is to do just that.


John 10:10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”


“Hence you have a nation bound by the letter of the law; & even those you deal with in government offices, they are afraid – very afraid.

“So who has given this spirit of fear?


2 Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

2 Corinthians 3:5-6 “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves, but our sufficiency is of God;


“Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.”


“Now, My instruction to Great Britain at this time, is to recognise thy covenant with God, which places the Spirit above the temporal. Now, it is plain for us to see that thy health services & social services are not coping with the level of stress in the nation. Now, ask yourselves this: What is the giving of prayers before each Parliamentary session for? What does the Oath of the monarch & the Constitutional Acts represent in the crest, & really mean?

“I ask you, David & Lindsay, to make yourselves available to a Parliamentary Committee to consider these issues. And your answer will be Exodus 15:26, the first covenant promise of God.


“You see, the prayers before each Parliamentary session are not those to say words of endless repetition, but are these to bring the conditions for the hearing of God in those sessions. This is the heart of thy Christian nation. The searing upon testaments at the beginning of Parliament by MPs, in court cases throughout the land, means that this Book is being given priority in relation to the outcome of such cases, & in law-making. And because this has not happened, the application of thy laws from the temporal, rather than the spiritual, base has caused so many deaths in an over-stressed, over-stretched country, that health & social services simply cannot cope.


“If therefore law is simply applied by the Spirit, which is the Constitutional demand, then the truth of Exodus 15:26 will bring life to the nation, & take the strain of thy health & social services. For you will truly be honouring God.


“In thine own case, with the Office of the Public Guardian, have they truly considered of a lady who was prepared to give her life to save others? She entered the Vavuniya hospital in the height of the war, showing no fear whatsoever. This hospital has no medical supplies whatsoever, & no doctors; only the suffering of war wounds, & war-related stress.


“What this lady did, was hearken to the Lord; & you see, My very first covenant promise can apply to a nation just as it can apply to an individual. ‘If you hearken…’ She hearkened, & brought life to dying people, whose cries of war in the name of Jesus were changed to shouts of delight; of wounds healed & pains gone. For running alongside My very first covenant promise, ‘I am the Lord that healeth thee,’ comes My last word of My earthly ministry, ‘They shall lay hands on the sick…’


“Whom they accuse of being mentally incapable obeyed God & brought about the fruit of a lady truly moving by the Spirit, whereas the fruit of Britain today is a nation wounded by over-regulation, with the question that needs to be asked: ‘Can we bring the nation back to its Constitution, rather than the letter of the law application of the temporal, that brings death rather than life?’


“This word from the Lord this day is to be heeded by all those involved in thy legal cases. For what thou hast shown in the running of thy Charity is how the nation is to be run, by heart rather than the letter; & it is this that thy team, including Sheila, has stood on for many years.


“This is My word this day. Thus saith the Lord: give heed & practise. For what thy ministry practised during the Sri Lanka war, is what thy nation can practise today, & bring healing, rather than the manifestation of the letter of the law that killeth. Life under the British Constitution takes precedence over the letter. For it is My Spirit that giveth life, & the god of the temporal who giveth death.”


2 Corinthians 4:4 “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them that believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”


Romans 10:10 “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

Instructions from the Lord re an email to be sent to Dylan:


“Email to Dylan, saying in relation to the Office of the Public Guardian report, This is our position, as our stand is a covenantal one with Sheila, Sheila being well aware of this covenant; & this prophecy will be read to her in the coming weekly meeting of this intercession group of which she is 100% mentally aware, as the meetings are held in the Spirit, & the Spirit renews the mind.


Romans 12:1-2 “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.


“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”


“Tell Dylan Sheila is fully aware of what has gone on, making her decision by the Spirit to give to this ministry, of which not one penny is to be given back; & that her heart is to remain in this intercessory group, of which she has been a member for many years, & that her actions by the Spirit, particularly in being prepared to give up her life for the Lord, forsaking all to the Lord, have been done by the Spirit rather than natural coercion, the Charity being one which has always placed the Spirit first, & that for this care in her latter years, she has paid much in insurance money over the years to cover this; & that this taking over of government of her affairs, has been entirely against her will; & that there needs to be an understanding in her family, & with all government agencies involved, that under British law, the Spirit takes priority over the temporal, & this is the context of these legal matters today.


“Now, this word is to be placed under ‘Prophecies’ on the Constitution Keepers web-site; is to be placed on an on-going ‘Prophecies’ section in the 7-year Business Plan on the ECCTV web-site, & that the intercession teams can then refer to the on-going Prophecies page on the ECCTV web-site.”

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