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Prophetic Calling 2

Word from the Lord through DPG, 23/04/12




“Thou art working, working, working, in preparation for the great revival which thou art sowing into.


“My Spirit is drawing men & women & children from across the land, to be with thee, to stand with thee, to work with thee. My Spirit is declaring, ‘This

 Is the day of the Lord,’ that every spirit of darkness has to bow the knee, & so disease, sickness, & signs of stress have to go, even in thy presence.


“For thou art to experience the greater things of John 14. Thou art experiencing already walking in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, as thou stands firm, anointed of God & moving in power, declaring the victory of the Lord.


“For I am the way, the truth, & the life. No man cometh to the Father except by Me.


“The enemy uses his old-fashioned technique of trying to put fear upon thee. He uses those with pride, to try & smear thee. He uses those who are proud of their charitable work for others, saying ‘What are they doing? What are theydoing?’ But all that does, is look at the outward appearance.


“For as you manifest Me, so you are doing the work of Christ on this earth. This includes exposing the religious system, which John the Baptist did, & I did, & the early apostles did. The religious system is the system of good works. They just keep on telling you the good works they do. But all this is of nothing, saith the Lord. For good works is not the way to Heaven. This only comes through the blood of Jesus Christ.


“For I have called thee to proclaim My Word; to go about doing good, healing all oppressed of the devil. For I am with thee; I have called thee to speak out My truth. For I have come that ye may have life, & life in abundance.


“And what the good works religions have done is this: they have brought reliance on a person, or a system, or an organization – even government, rather than change a person’s life around, to have reliance upon God.


“All around you are ministries of good works. The real Church preaches the full surrender to Christ Jesus. The will continue to say, ‘We do this, & we do that’ in social outreach; & they even pray, asking God to bless it, the blessings of God coming on those who manifest Me, rather than those of the good works, who seem to think they are doing something for Me, when I demand a complete surrender to the Saviour.


“Now, in this revival, there will be those who will give thee a lot of money. Simply bank it, & wait upon Me as to how it is to be spent.


“And these are your building projects: the A55 chapel; 2 manses, in North Wales, & the Hebrides; remembering thou art needing a getaway place of rest, on the West coast too, when thou wilt hear from Me instruction as you walk the beaches of Harris & Lewis, so I shall speak to you on how to bring My glory to what is known as the Catholic islands; on how to remove the rigidity of religion from the islands; & I am calling thee to be their MP, to bring to the nation the values of Constitutional Christianity.


“All this thou hast been in preparation for. There needs to be a training college for ministers, to study the Word, to study doctrine; also to study the activities of the many antichrists already in this world. So thou art to maintain a manse in North Wales, a manse in Stornoway. Thou art to have thy place on the West coast too; the chapel by the A55; & also now, the building of a College, where people can come from around the world, for the continuation of the Every Creature Commission. For this college is to move in the mantle of Rees Howells, Intercessor - & how the gates of hell will quiver, & not prevail against it.

“So get up, & be of good cheer; I have already overcome the world.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 23/04/12




“Thou art working, working, working, in preparation for the great revival which thou art sowing into.


“My Spirit is drawing men & women & children from across the land, to be with thee, to stand with thee, to work with thee. My Spirit is declaring, ‘This

 Is the day of the Lord,’ that every spirit of darkness has to bow the knee, & so disease, sickness, & signs of stress have to go, even in thy presence.


“For thou art to experience the greater things of John 14. Thou art experiencing already walking in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, as thou stands firm, anointed of God & moving in power, declaring the victory of the Lord.


“For I am the way, the truth, & the life. No man cometh to the Father except by Me.


“The enemy uses his old-fashioned technique of trying to put fear upon thee. He uses those with pride, to try & smear thee. He uses those who are proud of their charitable work for others, saying ‘What are they doing? What are theydoing?’ But all that does, is look at the outward appearance.


“For as you manifest Me, so you are doing the work of Christ on this earth. This includes exposing the religious system, which John the Baptist did, & I did, & the early apostles did. The religious system is the system of good works. They just keep on telling you the good works they do. But all this is of nothing, saith the Lord. For good works is not the way to Heaven. This only comes through the blood of Jesus Christ.


“For I have called thee to proclaim My Word; to go about doing good, healing all oppressed of the devil. For I am with thee; I have called thee to speak out My truth. For I have come that ye may have life, & life in abundance.


“And what the good works religions have done is this: they have brought reliance on a person, or a system, or an organization – even government, rather than change a person’s life around, to have reliance upon God.


“All around you are ministries of good works. The real Church preaches the full surrender to Christ Jesus. The will continue to say, ‘We do this, & we do that’ in social outreach; & they even pray, asking God to bless it, the blessings of God coming on those who manifest Me, rather than those of the good works, who seem to think they are doing something for Me, when I demand a complete surrender to the Saviour.


“Now, in this revival, there will be those who will give thee a lot of money. Simply bank it, & wait upon Me as to how it is to be spent.


“And these are your building projects: the A55 chapel; 2 manses, in North Wales, & the Hebrides; remembering thou art needing a getaway place of rest, on the West coast too, when thou wilt hear from Me instruction as you walk the beaches of Harris & Lewis, so I shall speak to you on how to bring My glory to what is known as the Catholic islands; on how to remove the rigidity of religion from the islands; & I am calling thee to be their MP, to bring to the nation the values of Constitutional Christianity.


“All this thou hast been in preparation for. There needs to be a training college for ministers, to study the Word, to study doctrine; also to study the activities of the many antichrists already in this world. So thou art to maintain a manse in North Wales, a manse in Stornoway. Thou art to have thy place on the West coast too; the chapel by the A55; & also now, the building of a College, where people can come from around the world, for the continuation of the Every Creature Commission. For this college is to move in the mantle of Rees Howells, Intercessor - & how the gates of hell will quiver, & not prevail against it.


“So get up, & be of good cheer; I have already overcome the world.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 20/06/12



“The hundredfold return is yours, saith the Lord. Remember My Word: ‘We have given up all to follow thee,’ they said. And I said, ‘And I say, Those who have given up houses, homes, family, for My sake & for the gospel’s, shall receive a hundredfold.’ When? Now – in this time.


“You must get ready to receive - & oh! -Listen to this, & listen to this well - houses, homes, buildings, for My sake & the gospel.


“You must get ready to receive hundredfold blessings; overwhelming to the natural mind – but you must not move by the natural mind. I have you by My Spirit. You must live by My Spirit, day by day, moment by moment; constantly in touch with the Saviour, the Holy One.


“You have known the fellowship of My sufferings. Remember, David & Lindsay, the many years of losing all you have had? Remember, My Word is true; for those who have given up what they have had, they shall receive a hundredfold – yes, a hundredfold! When? Now, in this time.


“Say hallelujah!


“And there are those coming to thee with the practical resources, like houses, homes, buildings, to not only restore that which has been lost, but also to give the financial resources too, to fulfil this great call.


“So, the message is to go forward now, with that mind, the renewed mind, into the high calling of God.


“Remember, by My Spirit. The message is, to go forward.


“Now, I say unto thee this: do not fear. Do not be stressed. Simply obey My Spirit.


“Now, Lindsay, you simply see where David was brought up. You look at those walls he used to sit by as a child. You get a hold of his heritage. Get some sort of CD player, & take the Maynard James CDs. Go into that Hall with the CD player, & invite them to listen to Maynard James in that Hall.


“As soon as you play that, a massive anointing will come. You see, you need to grasp by the Spirit what is happening. The devil has stolen, but he has been found. Please understand what I am doing. It is not for David, or even Sylvia, to go & wallow in the past. It is a matter of stirring up the mantle to go forward in the future.


“David Owen knows the new stuff that came into that Mission Hall to take it away from Crocker’s vision. Brian knows the spirits at large. But Lindsay, you must look at that window: “We Preach Christ Crucified.” The preaching of the Cross. The preaching of the Cross.


“Oh! Grasp it! Grasp it! Grasp it! Remember the hundredfold? Remember My Word, ‘now, in this time?’ There are buildings coming in all over.


“Grasp it: this is the flow of My Spirit upon those who have suffered & lost. Those who have given up everything for My sake & the gospel’s – they shall receive everything, now, in this time.


“But those who have turned away from My gospel, like thy nation, a nation losing its banks to foreign powers, giving its industry to foreign powers, giving its legal systems & political systems to foreign powers, them giving those things up, not sacrificially for the gospel, but greedily, for their own personal gain.

“You have now been in government circles outraged at the thought of being able to afford £500 for a robe. For thy governments are losing all that they had, because of their greed.


“Remember My Word? The wealth of the wicked laid up for the righteous? Grasp it! It is happening. As the government gets poorer, you are getting richer; & I am preparing thee for government of this nation, to take this nation back to God.


“You will call fast days in the nation; times to repent, thy government needing to give thee the tithe; that is, the 10% of the national income; to give theeauthority in government.


“For thou will restore the ancient landmark of the Christian Constitutional Acts, to place thy nation back on its foundations. For without them, it is falling.

“As prophets, thou hast warned the nation of its impending gloom. As prophets, you will now tell the nation of the only way it can prosper, which is Job 36:11; & warn the government: ‘do not muzzle the prophets.’ Do not attack them. Do not harass them. But the more you try to muzzle the Word of God, the more harm you will place upon the nation.


“And as the nation celebrates the flame of Baal, so it will continue to go into the mire; so gloom of every description will engulf the nation.


“For those who have not followed Christ, gloom will reach a level which at this time, they are still not grasping. They see it in Greece. They will be seeing it in Spain. But they see this as far-off situations.


“But thou knowest My Word in Deuteronomy, for those who obey, & for those who do not obey; & it is important for you to grasp this, David & Lindsay. As the nation was getting rich, you were getting poorer; & now, everything has changed around.


“But I trust My resources far more in your hands, than in the hands of government that has forgotten God.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/07/12



“Thou art to hold triumphant rallies at strategic places throughout the country. Thou art to hold triumphant rallies throughout the country.


“Here are the strategic places to hold these rallies, which are to be advertised in the local press; advertised through local articles by journalists through press releases into the local newspapers, & advertised through your activities at exhibition venues, which I will lead you to.


“These triumphant rallies are to proclaim the victory of Christ Jesus over the devil; & thou art to be excited over such rallies.


“Here are the strategic places to hold the rallies:-


“(1) Canterbury

(2) Southampton

(3) Penzance

(4) Warwick

(5) Manchester

“Aintree in Liverpool;


Within the Glasgow area;



Fort William.


“I shall take you to these places; & these are to be called triumphant rallies. Do not be alarmed at the distances, for I will give you news of other meetings to hold as well within these areas; smaller meetings, within these areas. But the triumphant rallies will be very important; & as you study exhibition venues: for example, I will give you strategies around the exhibitions, like Keswick, Spring Harvest, etc. where you will take on the demons of Higher Criticism, seeker sensitive, purpose driven; & you will even apply to have exhibition space at the conferences of the Pentecostal denominations, where you will advertise the Bible College of Wales Continuing, & the Bible College of the Western Isles, with the College set up in Rhos on Sea.


“I will give you separate strategies for Wales & Ireland; for the triumphant rallies, as you notice, are in areas of England & Scotland, there being separate strategies for Wales & Ireland, & the west coast of Scotland, where there are to be revival meetings.


“You are being chosen to go & give out the finished work of Christ in strategic places. Do not go jumping into this. Clear the backlog first, without stress. Stay calm, relaxed. This is the Lord God removing stress, rather than giving it.

“One phrase will be “Victory over over-regulation;” setting the people free from the letter of the law.


“Look how precious you are to Me. You are to have a world-wide profile, & strategies will be given by the Lord, for meetings world-wide. But clear this backlog first. I will give you strategies for protecting the home base. But be prepared to travel. Be prepared for great wealth to come in.


“For I am the way, the truth, & the life. No man cometh to the Father but by Me.

“So the triumphant rallies are very much part of My strategy. So be excited; rejoice; but keep going at that backlog. For I have called thee to do mighty things with signs & wonders confirming the Word in My Name.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 14/08/12




“The world is full of rumours: what he or she is doing, or not doing; what nation will fight against the next nation; personal surveillance. And as you notice, over the last 10-15 years there has been wars, & rumours of wars. Rumours were spread over the internet over what would happen at the Olympics; yet there was no huge break in physical security. Rumours are being spread over what one ministry believes, & over what the next ministry believes; & the weapon the enemy has used against your ministry in North Wales, has been through rumours. All sorts of things are being said about the ministers within your ministry; & from this base, rumours are said, leading into the inability of the people to trust you. So rumours play a major part in the enemy’s tactics.


“You have a high-profile ministry. You are right to rejoice at so many internet hits into your ministry. But what you need to understand, people are not coming to you locally, because of the rumours going around about you.


“Your advertising is all over the place; & it is through rumour-mongering & the consequent mistrust, that people are not responding.


“Now in your business plan, produce profiles of those involved in the ministry – trustees & ministers. Be able to reach out to the people with an open book. Introduce the secular checking system, & fulfil what God has called you to do, in the strength of the Lord; & overcome the rumour-mongerers who are out to destroy you. Their weapon has been through the spreading of rumours, that has brought about mistrust towards you. So men are reviling you, & speaking all manner of false things against you. You know in My Word what you should do in that situation.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 22/08/12



“Please note everybody: I have not changed. Over many years, Suresh & Mercy, David & Lindsay, have battled over incredible obstacles, within the Asian setting, & the British setting.


“I have not changed.


“I gave a vision from the very beginning, to you, David & Lindsay, for an outreach from Sri Lanka to Tibet, via India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, & Nepal.

“I have not changed. If I gave the vision, from Sri Lanka to Tibet, I have not changed. What has happened is that every gate of hell has come against you to prevent this. But My Word declares that I will build My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.


“Now, this is a word to Brian; David & Lindsay, Suresh & mercy, have been through many years of suffering; & as you know, I can only use the empty vessel. They have their joyful side, because they have the joy of the Lord. You have seen Manuel Scott Junior, who gave his 3 points of:-

“(1) How I am to be invited;

  (2) How I am to be obeyed; &

  (3) As in the case of Zaccheus, there was jubilation in the house, & generosity was expressed from that house. He wanted to bless everything that moved! He wanted to put on the biggest feast, for everybody he saw. He just wanted to bless everybody!


“My blessings are more than enough. Now, when it comes to this vision, I am operating under the same principles you heard from Manuel Scott Junior:-

“(1) I have to be invited. Now I am telling you now, with what I have got planned, you are going to be invited.


“Now Brian, there was times I was rejected. My heart went out for the people of Nazareth, who rationalized My vision; who rationalized My calling. But as I went out into the “whole world,” for My journeys within the context of that day, were perceived as long journeys (donkeys instead of 747s!). There was places where I was invited. My evangelist Scott Junior, an empty vessel of God that manifests My joy; that is why he jumps up & down, & wriggles – such is the joy of the Lord in him. I said through him the importance of being invited.


“Now, I speak to all of you: Suresh, Lindsay, David, Mercy, Brian, & also all those left with you in this environment of Wales: the 3 girls, who have battled too; Ken & Mary out there: get a hold of this, & understand Ken & Mary, we will have our words for Africa too; for I am planning on getting a studio in Kenya too, which at the right time this team will set up. But at this time, I am stirring up an original vision of this ministry. This vision is from Sri Lanka, where a studio is to be set up at Bellwood.


“Now listen, & listen carefully: this equipment is to be new equipment. This equipment is to be used to broadcast My Word right across Asia & the Middle East, with reports going out on western television & radio.

“Now listen, & listen carefully, for this is the second part of Manuel Scott Junior’s word; because I know you all have invited Me in – hence I am here.

“The second point is to do what I say. Now with your battles & your sufferings, the danger is, you become small-minded. Well, get this one: you do not have a small-minded God.

“When I create, you show Me evidence that I create small. I say, ‘Do not despise the day of small things, but you have been through the day of small things; & those who successfully go through the sufferings, are being prepared for the day of the big thing. But the danger is, you stay in the day of small things, rather than move into the day of big things. Hence, apostle Suresh is screaming to get the gear. For I have moved you all together for the day of big things.


“What I create, I create big! How many stars are there? The world’s scientists wonder ‘Why so big?’With all their equipment, they cannot keep up with the size of My creation. For I am not a skinflint God. When I create, I do not create enough; I create more than enough.


“Now listen to this, & you all listen hard: what I have called you to is bigger then your human thinking can comprehend. The vision for Sri Lanka through India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal into Tibet: do not think in terms of college just in Bellwood, in Wales, in Harrow & in Paris, just getting by. How many people are there in India, hungry for the gospel, just to name one country? How many people are there in India hungry to study the Word of God? I sent My apostle to Orissa, one of the poorest states in the world. Now, understand My thinking. You, yet not you but I, are going to be invited to Orissa; & government in that state is going to change, for you are going to be invited by local authorities to come to places needing the gospel primarily.


“Now, listen to what Manuel Scott Junior said. When the people obey Me, there comes jubilation into the house. The same principle works in a nation, & in an individual state. For the coming of Jesus, whether into a house, a state, or a nation, changes grief & despair into jubilation!


“Now, what are the people of Orissa going to say to that? You look at My Word. When I am obeyed, I do not just give them enough to get by; I am morethan enough. Same in Britain. When the west coast of Scotland was obeying Me, they were falling over themselves in herring. They did not have enough boats to pick them up. The sea was overflowing with herring – far too many.

“What happened with the disciples? They went out on the Sea of Galilee in their own strength. Could they find a fish? When they obeyed Me, the nets were overwhelmed.

“Are you seeing how I work? Now, when the little boy came with the loaves & fishes, he brought what he had to the Lord. Now, did I feed the people just enough? Or were there ‘basketsover?’ or were there ‘baskets over?’


“Remember, I am the God who is more than enough. Isn’t it El Shaddai – the God of plenty? That is who I am – the God of plenty – more than enough. Get a hold of it! It is all over My Word. When I am invited, when I am obeyed, there is jubilation. For I overwhelm the people; as the scientists are overwhelmed, looking to analyse My creation; even building a tunnel, which was only enough to discover what they call a “God-particle”; when they only needed to understand the principle of what I an talking about to you today.


“Listen to the words of the song, ‘How big is God?’


“Now then, coming back to the immediate: in Britain there are a lot of mistrusts from ministry to ministry; & indeed this has gone on in the Asian context too. You see, where there is mistrust between brothers, then the Spirit cannot move in that situation, so men go into their earthly ways. Now these 2 initial television & radio stations being planned, are only a start. The vision to be shared is, from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, into Tibet. Colleges, with studios, will sprout throughout these areas; & with the studio in Wales, & elsewhere in western countries too, you will be able to live stream, record – whatever it takes, as led of My Spirit at different times. For I know all the technical terms & technicalities – I will tell you what to do.


“Now, My message is to go out in all of these lands; colleges & studios throughout these lands, all connected together. For the 5-fold ministry can oversee through the technology. For this is to be a quick work.


“Now get a hold of all this; for once you have started this, you are to do this in other continents too, with others I will send you. You will find out there are those with visions for South America, for Africa, for Europe, who will come to you to model what you have done in these countries, in the countries I have called them to. You will go to these countries & encourage them.


“But what I have called you to do now, is set up a college in Wales, with studio.Now, in founder Rees Howells’ day, transport ability to send people throughout the world was very much part of the vision. So it was not just a learning college. Part of the vision – the most crucial part of the vision – was to send out missionaries in the Every Creature Commission. The world was changed through this outreach. Now, My call to you all was never just to fulfil what Rees Howells did. Since when have I given a lesser portion mantle? I do not operate that way! Since when does it say in My Word, Elisha received from Elijah a lesser portion? That is not My way. He asked for the double portion!


“Now can you see how much more effective having a studio attached to a College is going to be? The students will be reaching lands they are called to reach during the course of their studies – not just after, as in Rees Howells’ day. So the Every Creature Commission, therefore, has not changed! But the ability for increase is enormous. For just as in My day on earth, when the Word became flesh, transportation was on a donkey, today you have got fast trains, planes, & all of that. Just as in My day on earth, natural echoes were used so large crowds could hear the Word, you can get equipment where the Word can be heard miles away; & having a studio, you can broadcast to the whole world the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.


“So invest in these 2 initial studios; but do not expect that I am going to stop there! But just as I have created the heavens & the earth, you are going to find studios all over the lands from Sri Lanka to Tibet – not only that; I am ordaining there to be satellite trucks, with the ability to go into rural areas, & broadcast meetings all over the world. So college, studio, satellite truck, is My thinking. Rees Howells would be jumping up & down.


“There are great foundational ministries throughout these lands too. In the Tamil lands, you have met Jeva. His calling is to continue. There are those who worked with him who will come to you, saying you are moving in the anointing of this man.


“So carrying on the landmark, not removing the landmark, is what this ministry is all about.


“But I am calling you – get a hold of this – to get the best equipment to fulfil My call.

“I am not a skinflint God. I am the God who created the heavens & the earth. I am the God who is more than enough.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 05/09/12



“What you are doing here is real Ephesians 4: 11 & 12 ministry; that is, perfecting saints for the work of the ministry.


“Alongside the revival concert, there is to be opportunity for people to come for teaching on true & false revival. You will leave behind revival prayer groups, who will have been taught intercession & dying to self concepts.


“Bu the time of the concerts, you will have set up Chapel Pentecost media Church, & Pentecostal Church of Scotland media Church.


“Those who feel they have no Church to go to, can be given opportunity to join these media Churches. But separate to that (in practice, not heart) will come revival prayer groups, based on the principle set out in your notes, by J Edwin Orr, Duncan Campbell, Evan Roberts etc. You will expose the false revivals of the charismatics.


“So alongside the revival concerts will come the teaching sessions on true & false revival. So in practice, the afternoon would be the teaching session, & the evening would be the concert, which in the old days would have been called a rally. Terminology does not concern Me; substance does.


“Now, the brief of the new Secretary of State for Wales, is to increase the income column of the Principality of Wales, which is only right. A nation should not look to live on hand-outs, but should look to pay its own way. At the same time, it should look to look after its disabled & elderly people. This is only right. You need to pray for this man of God to succeed in this area. But for him to succeed, there needs to be a spiritual change.


Prosperity comes through giving Christ Jesus the pre-eminence; & this is where you come in with your revival concerts. By teaching the differential between true & false revival, here you are giving the substance of the true Word of God; & by praising God & preaching the Word in the revival concerts, you are backing up David Jones spiritually, for what he is trying to do physically


“Your Life-Changing Opportunities operation is designed to remove over-reliance on benefits, & at the same time be supportive & kind to those who are disabled. There is enormous potential for disabled people to achieve in life, & be part of the income of society, rather than the expenditure of society. The safety net measure you have discussed in relation to benefits, can be suggested to David Jones; that a disabled person can be put into the income of society, with support & kindness, knowing that if he needs it, he can immediately be back in his benefits, in a system known as the safety net.


This has to be understood. There are many disabled people in Wales who are true entrepreneurs, & with encouragement, can make major wealth for the nation, on condition that those supporting them, protect them from the strains & pains of an over-regulated society.


“The over-regulated society is the fault of the re-establishment of the Holy Roman Empire. Great Britain must look after its own affairs, & not be under the control of another, except God.


“Now, you revival concert meetings, which should begin, should the Lord tarry, in 2013: now, between now &the end of this year, you are to clear all backlog. Get the radio studio working in the loft, this studio giving news of the revival concerts, with teaching sessions on true & false revival. You are to counteract the media’s immoral addenda, by having family programmes too, so that children can be children again, & that adults can have healthy interests, rather than the perverted ones portrayed in today’s media. Christian programming will include lively, cheery programmes, as well as quieter devotional ones.


“Now, I have My man dealing with the physical elements of government in Wales. I have you dealing with the spiritual elements, stirring up revival throughout the Principality. Both parties are to encourage & build up the nation; the UK government needing to repent of putting itself under a foreign power; allowing the financial community to operate under legal system (2); & above all of this, there needs to be a repentance for the promotion of immorality, the acceptance of the cry of the innocents, & the denial of family life as depicted in Ephesians 5.


“Now David & Lindsay, with the people I have sent thee, this is the path you are on. Now, I will talk to you about Scotland another day, but today I have talked to you about Wales. If the nation accepts revival, the conditions are being brought for the nation to prosper; & all the negativity & small-mindedness will cease.

“Now, David Joes has not looked to score political Brownie-points out of this, but work across the parties, as you have done in a smaller way with Town Council. This will bring great success; for a kingdom divided cannot stand.


“Now, the ideas I have given you in relation to Government policy, I want you to share in regard to the nation’s wellbeing, rather than using these ideas to score political Brownie-points. The work on National Health is important, the origins of the NHS being in Wales. The principle you are working on, on free care for elderly & disabled, is in line with the original NHS vision, it being paid for by bringing younger disabled people into protected work; it being paid for by non-essential procedures being paid for by the patient; vehicle accident costs paid by insurance companies; thus allowing for the elderly & disabled in need, to get free care which is now paid for.


“Now, this coming together in Wales counteracts the devil’s move to divide the nation. There needs to be modern transport links between the north & the south, to bring a nation together, under God. For Wales is to prosper, in condition that it turns away from honouring false gods, ancient religious rituals, & the divisiveness of betrayal, which is rife in the Principality.


By teaching on true & false revival throughout the Principality, you will counteract the commercially-driven so-called ‘revivals’ of the charismatics, the intercession removing these from the nation, the intercession bringing the conditions for large-scale full surrender revival.


“But at this time, there is much work to do in preparation, getting organized, having all the systems in place. For what you are about to witness, is far bigger in Wales than your mind can imagine.


“Be prepared for a huge harvest, impacting the nation of Wales, which will be seen in the United Kingdom as a gold mine, rather than a drain on resources.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 06/10/12



“Within the context of suffering, persecution & turmoil, the ministry is growing large. As those motivated by demonic forces have looked to destroy you, the ministry is growing large.


“As you have moved by the Spirit of God, thou hast moved into a place above the enemy’s reach. Thou hast stood on My Word; & My Word cannot be returned void. The College has begun exactly as I said it would begin, there being a reaping of the sowing, in bringing back Asian & African people to a land once known as Great Britain, its greatness being dependent on its obedience to God.



“The tragedy of Great Britain primarily came about in going after its lusts, & passing apparent laws to apparently legalise the consequences of lustful behaviour, even to the point of murdering innocents; even to the point of where a mother voluntarily will kill her child.


“There is no greater abomination to God than for a nation to allow its mothers to slaughter their innocents.


“For white people therefore to come to your College, I have many of your students in heaven with Me. The intercession of Rees Howells brought the conditions for millions to be saved across the nations; & as you know, these millions have a call on their lives; & I am calling those to the Bible College of Wales Continuing, from all over the world, to be part of this Every Creature Commission restoration.


“Your media operations are shortly to begin in a big way too. The enemy has tried to block its progress; & indeed, you have been hindered for a short while, as indeed the apostle Paul was hindered at times in his progression to reach the whole world with the gospel.


“What you are doing is important work, in re-setting the foundations for revival. There is much to do, & thou hast been committed to working hard in re-setting these foundations. I am well pleased with you. Being hindered is not a sin. Having delays is not a sin. For thou hast heard My voice, & acted accordingly; & the enemy has looked to bring oppression, suppression & depression. It is important for all thy group to understand that this is the day of the Lord, & thou is re-setting the foundations for the Bible College of Wales, a movement closed down by legalism & paganism, the legalism & paganism coming from a nation killing innocent lives, & placing those with a vision from God under letter-of-the-law suppression, the nation committing great sin in its legalism of immorality (=making legal its immorality), & pulling down those who have looked to increase the economy of the nation, by working hard in small business, by pulling down those who have worked on charitable causes, placing these sectors under so much legal pressure, whilst giving freedom to those who lie man to man & woman to woman, giving freedom to those who spread sexually transmitted diseases, to enable the immoral to live legally, those who are looking to build up the nation to become the law-breakers.


“Another factor in this is that those living immorally are often in receipt of the nation’s s social benefits; & whilst every good politician wants every disabled person, every elderly person, properly looked after, what the nation should not be doing, is rewarding sin with financial reward. That money should go to those looking to buildup the nation, rather than to those who pull the nation down through sexual immorality, both heterosexual & homosexual. For in My Word, thy monarch promised to keep, on behalf of the nation, her promising to keep the laws of God within the context of the laws she would pass; the demand on her life as head of state is to make illegal all sexual activity outside the confine of Ephesians 5.


“The first apparent law to be removed is the Abortion Act; & those brought to justice who voted for it, who practised it, these people never being allowed again to practise medicine in the National Health Service.


“No law can be called a law that goes against My Word; & lying man with man & woman with woman is contrary to My Word; the higher critics, having manipulated words from their scriptures to allow all ranges of immorality to exist, must be brought to justice too; for adding to & taking away from My Word is such a crime, My Word describing the consequences of such behaviour.

“So what you have done in the Bible College of Wales, is re-instate My pure Word, the Director’s role once again being in the area of intercession; & more importantly, in allowing the glory of the Lord to shine through him.


This brings the conditions to address these issues in thy nation, thou having read of the Charity Commission being concerned of the procedures of the operation in Swansea, it seemingly having to change in line with modern times. But modern times involve coming under governments who legalise immorality, & suppress movements of God. What you are doing, is saying, ‘Let’s deal with the beam in the nation’s eye before dealing with apparent motes in the eyes of those called of God. For the nation that legalises man with man, & woman with woman, a nation that legalises the screaming of a baby forced out of the womb, is in no position to rule over those with a vision of God; it being right therefore that you make your stand in the political arena, to bring to justice those of the immoral code, & to set free those looking to build up the nation to be great once more.


“Oh, Great Britain, thou hast sinned against God, in thy legalising of immorality, & suppressing of those who look to build up a nation that honours the oath of the monarch to God!”

This is the facing of the battlegrounds during 2012 ......

and now into victory in 2013

Word from the Lord through DPG, 01/11/12



“The objective of this prophecy is to enable you to identify what your battlegrounds are.


“As you know, there are Biblical principles in dealing with battlegrounds. When it comes to “whosoever speaks to the mountain,” you need to know what your mountain is; & by knowing what your mountain is, you can speak to it & shout “grace, grace” to it.


“In effect at this time, the costs of running everything is overwhelming. It is the same for business after business, small charity after small charity, for the following reasons:-


“(1) Living in an over-regulated country, with high legal costs, you are having to employ solicitors & accountants in relation to what should be simple. If the nation had kept its obligations to the Commonwealth, bringing in Rebekah & others would have been relatively simple.


“So, in the operation you are setting up, at this stage with Tamil people, the legal costs are huge. The legal costs in relation to everything you need to set up, under present-day regulation, is a massive burden on you, & all small businesses & charity.


“So your first mountain is the burden of over-regulation in a society that is handing over its small business & charity to global control. This is why small business is being replaced by franchises under global brand names.


“(2) This takes us to the College. Being associated with a university opens doors to funding. The students can get their loans, & various grants can be offered in relation to education. Being in the university system prevents the Spirit from moving in that system. You have chosen to be Spirit-led, rather than world-manipulated. So really, you have a mountain in setting up a College that not only refuses to be part of the system, but also has at its base a trusting in God, & moving by faith.


“The students you are looking to bring in are mostly from countries unable to face the high legal costs involved in running a college & its buildings. Think of the building regulation requirements.


“So you need to face not only the set-up costs, but also the on-going running costs; & whilst I have strategy for you to create wealth in a manner I have already intimated, you are being held back by the mountain of paperwork you have. So there is a mountain to face: the paperwork, & the on-going costs of your operations.


“Battleground number (3): you have in My Word the basis of overcoming. The devil thinks he has got you where he wants you. He has stolen from you in relation to one Rhos on Sea building already, & is putting every block he can in relation to you getting any building.


The devil, however, is not strong.


His forces are desperate. The thought of having the Bible College of Wales restored terrifies him. I John 5 gives the key to overcoming; m& to fulfil the purposes you are called to fulfil in relation  to the College/media ministry, one now has to speak out to these mountains of battlegrounds; for whosoever speaks to the mountains, & not doubt in his heart, he shall cast these battlegrounds into the sea.


“So your next Trustees Meeting will be about speaking to the mountain. As well as agreeing to the Statement of Faith & Heritage document, you will as Trustees speak to these mountains together. You will see them pass into the sea

(Mark 11).


“Have faith in God. You have overcome the world. But you do need to come together & speak to these mountains, knowing that you are going for souls, & the devil is defeated; & that you have ministries standing with you all over the world, as you face your mountains.


“So the next Trustees Meeting will be a facing the mountain meeting; hearing from God, & acting meeting, knowing that the victory is yours.”


Word from the Lord through 

Rev Dr E M Lindsay Griffiths, 10/12/12


“The strategy I have given thee today is of a divine nature: one with Me, one with the Father, one in Christ Jesus. For ye are all of one flock, & My sheep recognise My voice & the voice of the One who sent Me upon the earth, to suffer, bleed & die for all mankind.


“The strategy of the enemy is the same as it has been, for he is a thief, liar, killer of the flock; of those foolish ones who do not trust & obey – for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust & obey.


“Ye are pillars in My throne-room; there will be those apostles, evangelists, royal priesthood, holy nation, who are incorruptible saints in light. Cast out the burden of the day, the heat & toil of the fray; for I have already borne the burden, the sighing, the crying, the inconsolable wailings, of My suffering people, saith the Lord.


“Pursue righteousness – My righteousness, of a true & holy people. Me only shall ye serve, & reap the rewards.


“For whosoever cometh to Me with a contrite heart, shall be filled.

“I am the Lord that healeth thee.”


Word from the Lord through 

Rev Dr  E M Lindsay Griffiths, 22/12/12

“Aim high; keep towards the mark; lean on Me as you go forward. The task is great, but My resources of strength, vitality & praise, are far greater than you can ever imagine.


So, stretch forth your arm; keep looking up to Me, & My fire will consume all the chaff before you. You will only see the wheat, white into harvest.

“Thus saith the Lord.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 19/03/13



“I know you are believing on £1 m. coming in next financial year. I also know that as this comes in, so shall the administration burden increase, which is why I am sending those with the gifts of administration to come to thee.


“They are of course to hear from Me, and obey My call; but you are needing, even now, help in administrations, so as to free personnel from the Charity to hear My voice & go to certain areas in the world, to fulfil My purposes. What is holding this back is the amount of time needed for administration.


“Fear not, saith the Lord, for I have called thee to the paths which thou art on.But those paths need a large amount of administrative back-up. They also need financial support. I am working on both.


“So this is what I have called thee to do:


“Set up SKYPE contacts throughout the world. For what I am building is a world-wide framework, to enable Me to reach every creature with the gospel, you being the means of doing this, you being the empty vessel for the Spirit to manifest, & reach every creature; but that empty vessel needs the administrative back-up. For this whole operation which thou art building – that is, I building through you – is one of such size, that the back-up is important.


“The Early Church was growing so big, that the same issue arose with them;so it is an important issue to intercede in relation to having the infrastructure, administration, resources, in what you are doing to fulfil My mighty call.


“You are to be fearless in your call, not hold back; but to not hold back, the structures of administration must be there. So by My Spirit, I am sending people unto thee to help with administrations, to free you up to fulfil the calls I have for your lives.”


Word from the Lord through DPG 31/05/13



“Thy brother [David Knowles] called thee, saying they [British ‘Christians’] are not prepared to count the cost; & you understood what he meant. But now, I want you to understand deeply what I mean.


“Being born again is counting the cost; is a person made dead in order to come alive; is a person who fully understands what happened at Calvary. They sing the song, There’s Room at the Cross for You; but this cross was a bloody cross; a cross where the sinner comes, acknowledged later in his baptism by being fully immersed, an act which represents his very death. For to be buried with Me, means to come alive with Me.


“Being born again is all about a dead man coming alive. The old life of selfish motive has gone away. The old life of relying on this world has gone away. A new life has begun. Everything has become new. The Spirit leads & the person does. There is no consideration of the price or the cost. That person has become completely reliant on the Spirit. He will give as the Spirit leads. He will surrender his all to the Lord. The Lord speaks &there is instant obedience. This is what it is to be born again. For, as was said to Hudson Taylor, God does not give His Spirit to those who ask for it, but to those who obey.


“Thou sent out thy Theses to so-called denominations who did not give heed to the warnings in that work. Thou hast obeyed God & been prepared to pay the price, which has been very costly. But now thou hast entered the hundredfold return, so give no fear to the situation & hold onto that which is true. My Wordis truth; if My Word declares that those who have given up one’s resources to the kingdom, so shall a hundredfold be there, now in this time. This is why thou art on a building programme, not building altars made with hands, but instead to reach every creature with the gospel.


“Thou has been rejected, as I declared you would in the Sermon on the Mount. But this one thing I say to you now: set up thy systems for major growth. Worktirelessly, as the Spirit leads. Take leisure as the Spirit leads, remembering of course the commitment required to fulfil the calling of God. It is about being soundly saved & losing self-interest.


“Thou hast been called by My Spirit to reach every creature with the gospel. The coming two months are to be real preparation months. Get all thy systems in place. Expect a miracle to clear all debts. Being soundly saved means having complete reliance on Me. Rejoice & be so glad they have persecuted thee as they persecuted the prophets.


“The preparation time is here. Rejoice & be so glad that I have built My Church & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/08/14

“The Development of the Websites”


“You have always known the way forward, within this particular time span, was to spread out My Word in such a way that the radical element of prophetic word I have given thee should reach all of the people, all of the time, in a format easy to understand.


“Now, those who move in the prophetic are a huge danger to those who move corruptly in the world system. Those who move corruptly are those who base their lives on what is seen as human philosophy, rather than through God’s call.


“Now, the development of web-sites runs alongside the development of broadcasting & ultimately of social media. Social media is the communications arm from where those viewing the websites can communicate easily with thee.

“Within this context comes the intercession. Those in the intercession need to understand that which is coming out of these websites, & ultimately social media exchanges, for all this is about to greatly increase.


“The key of intercession is knowing the heart of God. The cryings out & wailings come from a heart of deep surrender. So where there is the passion for getting the word out through the electronic media, there needs to be an equivalent passion amongst the intercessors to know the heart of God. Knowing the heart of God, that is, where God is at a given time, takes the meetings completely into the spirit, from where the crying out of those led by the Spirit of God brings about trance-like states in the spirit, from where all power is exercised.


“So from the intercessors, there is a passion to know what God is saying, & a passion to remove all the earthly lusts from the mind of the individual. From here comes these trance-like meetings, which will bring the conditions for revivals to occur all over the world.


“Now, the Word of God has no origins in Egypt; that is, you witness today manifestations through the Egyptian text. This is Satan looking to be like the Most High. So you have a situation where the Antioch Text is used by thee, you witness the Spirit move, & you develop into a state of trance where every plot of the enemy is defeated.


“Now, the intercessors need to ask themselves, are they in that state, or are they thinking in what is seen as moving with the human mind-set? There is great intercession to take place during the coming weeks; but be in the spirit during those intercession programmes; know the heart of God, & on doing this, you will witness My glory.


“Now, this passion for setting up the electronic media must continue; & on-line thou hast given the calling of God on thy lives, & this is to be developed. Put on the early prophecies on the Word of Faith Increasing site. This site is to grow enormously, as indeed are all the other sites; & you are to shout from the roof-tops these warnings of God. For as thou interceded at Boscastle & the floods came through blasphemy of My Word; for I have called thee to intercede in particular situations to bring the conditions for men & women to receive Christ.


“Now, as the prophetic goes out, note the name of thy intercession site, which is ‘On Fire.’ Fire spreads quickly; & so, be prepared to be a mighty ministry in God. This is why the passion of the intercessor is so important. So be ready to fulfil the purposes of God.


“This is My word for you: to have that passion to be one in Me.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 03/10/14

“The Midnight Cry,  the Wise Man & the Foolish Man, 

& By His Stripes Ye Are Healed”


“These titles are to bring understanding, even in a secular Western world, that the time is nigh. Many talk of their conspiracy theories, of various mysterious organisations, which may or may not exist. Many have accounts of great events, which might or might not have been stage managed.


“Did they go to the Moon? Was 9/11 a set-up? Are the present-day wars a deliberate ploy to place people under further security? So you live in a world that is pondering conspiracy questions. Instead of questions, My Word gives conspiracy facts; facts that come in one name: Lucifer.


“Now, as you witness to the world, it is not your place to speculate on conspiracy, but to expose the works of the devil, & bring them out into the light.


“Such is the “Midnight Cry” programme. The programme is not to be used for simple testimony, but to Biblically warn of the signs of the times; of the necessity of getting saved, not within the context of conspiracy theories, but within the context of the signs of the times My Word declares will occur before the day of My coming.


“These signs are all around you as fact. They are not theory. Rather than a New World Order, there is an old world dis-order of the god of this world that you can declare as fact from II Corinthians 4:4.


[‘In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.’]


“So instead of theories, we can deal with fact. Prophecies are being fulfilled all around you.


“This programme is to hit the nitty-gritty of evangelism; of the Saviour about to come again. Declare an urgency in your voice. ‘The Saviour is coming soon.’ Describe the scene of one being risen up, & another left behind. As Noah cried to the people to come on board, cry likewise. This is the last of the last days. Declare how simple it is for a nation to obey  God & be blessed; for a nation that brings death to the unborn child is a nation under curse. A nation that questions Christ & His Church with unbiblical matrimony laws will be a nation falling under a cloud of retribution.


“But there is a way out for the people; & here is the story of the wise man & the foolish man. The wise man built his house upon the rock; & in an ever-changing world, you are establishing conspiracy fact that Nestle-Aland change their heretical scriptures constantly, without understanding that My Word is constant, never-changing.


“So the Midnight Cry is on. The signs of the times must be declared, the warning given; & that during the programme, they can be saved through repenting before God, & coming to that Cross to die, so that they can be risen again to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, high above the conspiracy fact of the god of this world.


“Then it comes to the ‘By His Stripes’ programme. This is fundamentally about obedience; the Exodus 15:26 understanding, that you obey according to My Word, & as you obey, the protection of God is upon thee; the blood of Christ is upon thy doorpost, the angel of death passes over. What a wonderful proclamation! In a world driven by fear, in response to sickness, the Western world uses its scientists to come up with yet another new drug; yet if only their governments would listen to God, then there would be blessing upon nations, in line with Deuteronomy 28.


“So both these programmes are terrific evangelistic opportunities. Thou art building the foundations of thy broadcasting operations, & as you continue, I will draw all men unto thee, to proclaim the truth of My Word of Jesus the Saviour, Jesus the Healer, Jesus the Baptizer in the Holy Ghost, & Jesus the Soon Coming King.


“Oh – My Word is true. Thou must proclaim in both programmes the urgency of the day.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 25/09/14

“Something I am missing;

the immense suffering of the people of Syria;

& the restoration of the Keswick Convention”


“Now, these three points in the title all relate together; for the something I am missing is responsible for suffering like in the Syrian example, when nations are being dominated by the messengers of Satan, who not only oppress, but alsopossess, those who have given their lives to Satan; for which he has many, like those who used to give their lives to Me.


“Those who give their lives to Satan entirely become the body of Satan on this earth, to kill, steal & destroy.


“Now, do you see the point? They gave their whole lives to Satan. They are a body of death. They have no fear of their own death. They give their whole life into the cause. It is extremely effective, & whole nations are suffering under this curse. Natural armaments will not stop them, for they have given their whole lives into the cause.


“Now, this is what I am missing, to counteract this. The answer is: The Keswick Convention, with other conventions around the world with the same heart; but I use Keswick as My primary example here.


“You see, David, when your Dad responded to the missions call, he was giving his whole life. Like the example of the armies of Syria, he too was prepared to die for the cause, he too was prepared to leave his homeland, in his case Britain, to go to the army of the Lord in a foreign land, where the gospel was unknown. He was prepared to die to reach every creature.


“Likewise, in Britain today, there are those today prepared to go to a foreign land & fight for a cause. Indeed, today there seems to be a mission call for another cause.


“You see, in days gone by the call to the front was for those prepared to give their whole life; for those prepared to die for the cause, & the Keswick Convention was brought about, teaching ‘All One in Christ Jesus,’ meaning the unity in Jesus was one where those who came to the front were not withholding anything of their own life. They were sent out as missionaries all over the world, & whole nations were affected by those who were prepared to give their own life.


“Likewise today, there are young men going out from Britain prepared to go to foreign lands; & like your Dad, they are affecting nations. However, there is one major difference: those who left your shores, having responded at Keswick, affected nations with life, for they exalted Jesus, who is the life, & whole nations were saved. Governments were changed, and peoples all around the world were blessed. Lands began to prosper, sicknesses and plagues were thwarted.


“And so, what I am missing today are those prepared to give up their lives like they did at the Keswick Convention. Without this missions call, there is noKeswick Convention. What you have done on ECCTV is simply restore the foundations. There needs to be others come around you to have a Keswick Convention once more. Where you are going in Asia are those who areprepared to give up their lives. And so, you will be able to hold a Keswick Convention Continuing; & young people will come out to the front, both men & women. For when I use the term ‘men,’ I refer to mankind. It means men &women. They all can come to the front.


“For what you have in Britain today is those coming to the front for another cause. Young men are coming out to bring death rather than life. What I am missing is the Keswick Convention that affects nations. The Emerging Church with its Alpha courses, with its forgiveness sinners’ prayer; the affected Word of Faith movement (not referring to its founder, Hagin, who you have found preached the old-fashioned message, moving on from Smith Wigglesworth & the like) that preaches a message of selfish lust, than the abandonment of Peter that led him to prosper in the hundredfold, so that he could reach the world with the gospel.


“I am referring to the Emerging Church that ministers to each other so that they can gain the lusts of their own emotions. They hold revivals without abandonment mission calls.


“All this is the work of Satan to nullify the Church that preaches abandonment. So what he has done in effect has copied the old Keswick Convention in having abandonment missions calls for his own cause, & nullified the ‘Church’ into ministering to each other in relation to its own selfish lusts rather than have those coming to the front, who will go out & bring life to nations rather than the death that is manifesting today.


“Now, to come to My Syrian example: the Church needs a road to Damascus experience. The Church needs to give its intellect to Me, just as Paul did on the road to Damascus. The ‘Church’ can then open its eyes & be truly led of the Holy Ghost, just as Paul was.


“You, My children, in the Bible College of Wales Continuing, have abandoned your lives to restore a cause. At the responding at Keswick, David, your Dad went by faith to the Bible College of Wales, which thou hast looked to restore. Every gate of hell has looked to destroy you. Thou hast truly had a Gethsemane experience.


“I speak to all of you involved in the project: every gate of hell has looked to destroy you; for the devil knows if you succeed, nations like Syria will have life rather than death. Their lands will prosper, & instead of beheading on the streets, there will be joyous laughter.


“Oh, that is what this is all about; not only restoring the Bible College of Wales, but also the Keswick Convention. The two need to be one together. Likewise in America, the restoration of its own Bible College of Wales, the Fuller Seminary, taken over like in Wales by the Emerging Church, with its business methods, philosophies, & ministries of the selfish lust.


“The old-fashioned revival meetings of America used to feed into seminaries like Fuller. Thy sister Mary Morrison Peckham proclaimed the old-fashioned meeting. That is how people used to respond in America & in the mission halls of Britain, & throughout the world. They preached abandonment, not selfish lust. They responded giving no heed to their physical bodies.


“Today they come seeking healing rather than the Healer, & wonder why they do not get healed. The answer is in what George Jeffries proclaimed: Exodus 15:26. Do you not see, ‘If you hearken’? These early missionaries hearkened, & so moved in their healing; for the sought the Healer primarily, giving no heed to their own bodies; & I was honour bound to ensure they overcame, in line with the promises of My Word.


“So you see, you now know what I am missing. You now know how I look at the Keswick Convention; & witness day by day the terrible sufferings if peoples of nations like Syria.


“And this has been caused by the nullification & infiltration into My once-great movements, who now minister through their community churches to the lusts of the people rather than to God. The result: death all over the world, rather than life.


“To conclude this word for the time being: will you respond to the abandonment call? Will you turn My tears into joy, as you come forward with your whole life? Will you lay everything on the altar for Me? Will you sing the hymn with all of your heart, ‘O Lamb of God, I come’ – the Lamb whose blood was shed that whosoever believeth on Me shall not perish, but have everlasting life.


“You see, the old-time believer responded to the blood shed; became blood-washed ones – oh yes, blood-washed. They used to sing, ‘Are you washed in the blood, in the soul-cleansing blood of the Lamb’ – the Lamb of God, & response to Him, is no longer preached.


“I speak to thee, for thou hast laid down your whole lives into this cause, so as to bring life rather than death.”


Just as I am—without one plea,
But that Thy blood was shed for me,
And that Thou bidst me come to Thee—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.


Just as I am—and waiting not
To rid my soul of one dark blot,
To Thee whose blood can cleanse each spot—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Just as I am—though tossed about
With many a conflict, many a doubt,
Fightings and fears within, without—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Just as I am—poor, wretched, blind;
Sight, riches, healing of the mind,
Yea, all I need in Thee to find—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Just as I am—Thou wilt receive,
Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve;
Because Thy promise I believe—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Just as I am—Thy love unknown
Hath broken every barrier down;
Now, to be Thine, yea, Thine alone—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.


Just as I am—of that free love
The breadth, length, depth, and height to prove,
Here for a season, then above—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come!

Word from the Lord to DPG, 23/10/14

“Growth through Turmoil” 


“Through all this battleground of enemy after enemy trying all it can to destroy the ministry: on one hand, in relationship; on another hand, with injury; on another hand, the confusion that comes through trying to sell so many houses; for so many now are involved in this Sri Lanka to Tibet project.


“For years the devil has not wanted you in Asia, & has done all he can to keep you from ministering to a people capable of reaching every creature. These are the people you are to hand the ministry over to, & you simply need to be there.“But what you have are properties to sell, issues to deal with, a huge work schedule, & attacks of the mind the devil is trying to destroy you with.


Even now, you battle & struggle with lack of resources; for not one house has been sold at this time, for thou will need the hundredfold to complete the task; for the giving up of houses brings more houses. The giving up of resources brings more resources. Such is the nature of My hundredfold.“And what isreally going on here, & what you really need to get excited about, is the word I gave through brother Grubb, & also the word I gave you at the beginning of thy ministry.


The Grubb word & the Griffiths word are working together to bring the necessary growth.“The Grubb word was simple: ‘growth comes out of turmoil;’ & turmoil you have. Agreed?“And what is the word given at the beginning of thy ministry? Oh, how it is important for this time, as the devil does all he can to split you up, take offense! In amongst all of this, My rhema is given to thee now.


My rhema is twofold, involves 2 parts of Scripture, 2 parts coming together as the shield of faith, & the sword of the Spirit.“From the very outset, I gave you this shield, to overcome in the circumstances that thou are facing now. This word is significant in relation to the hostile group against you. That word, given above Capernaum, is Matthew 5.




That is thy shield: the ‘extra mile’ word.2“But what is significant about this word, is being blessed as men revile you. In this reviling has to be an understanding in the sense that you have rejected the thinking of men, & even stood against such philosophy.


You have seen it in the so-called ‘Church’ & exposed it. It is the reason why so much persecution came against the early Church.“Lindsay, thou art trained in Greek philosophy. How important is it amidst the culture?


You have continuously blasted an idol, that blasting bringing about such a reviling. You have rejected man’s ways for God’s. You have seen it manifest. It is the idol which has taken over the movements which were once called of Me; & it was in the context of overcoming the philosophers that Matthew 5 was given.“But a Christian is not to have the logic of men, but the logic of God.


Remember the principle, when the man with the photograph demanded money from you, & you offered him double? This reaction totally amazed him, convincing him you were different to the thinking of men.“You see, the religions of the world have ‘great & mighty deities.’ They do great things. They are high above everybody. Followers have to bow down to their gods. In some religions, they are in great fear of their gods.


But thy God came as a little baby, losing all reputation, took on the sins of the world, becoming separated from the Father, & crucified on the cross.“You see, the Sermon on the Mount is about taking up thy cross, coming as Me, with the attitude of the Father, not taking offence, but taking the road to Calvary; & through this road, for the followers of Christ, is the Gethsemane experience of torment, ‘Lest you forget Gethsemane.’


“You are going through a Garden experience of torment. But what comes out of this? Growth through torment – even turmoil – is My glorious Church, without spot nor wrinkle, unoffendable, having gone the extra mile to the Cross. “And as I give you My resurrection sword, remember to not be offended by each other, for the enemy would look to bring offence.


Walk the extra mile. Give the other cheek. Be not moved by what you see & feel; for in amongst all this turmoil, is growth. Thy programmes are having a major impact world-wide, & locally too, for they come with a passion that is only from God.3“Now, this sword that I give thee this day, is one of the resurrection.


For out of this turmoil will come My strong Church, knowing it is to carry this sword into the Promised Land. In effect, you stand before that Promised Land. By sanctifying yourselves – what was the promise of God? The Lord would do wonders amongst thee.“So this is My rhema word.


As My children lifted up the Ark, so thou must lift up My Word, boldly proclaim it. Now, in amongst all of this, you look to face the philosophers, as Paul faced them up at Mars’ Hill. There is to be no philosophies of men in My Church, & as you face these philosophies up in strategic sites in California, thou art to show this Mars’ Hill strategy, calling it the Mars’ Hill Strategy.


As you stand on these sites, My sword backed up with My shield, not taking offence, but out of the compassion of the Lord, to save those bound by these philosophies, there can be a great team effort, facing these philosophies of men, with the intercessor too, bringing the understanding of what is happening in this Mars’ Hill project; quoting the warning through Paul of the philosophies of men.“You see, there has been a lot going on.


As you have been building the foundations of this phase of thy ministry, so the enemy has looked to destroy this work through usual technique of taking offence. The Sermon on the Mount covers that.“But thou must now go forward, with a great sword of the Spirit, so strong that the enemy will not know what to do.


“On one hand, you will have resisted the devil by not taking offence, & on the other, you take the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. And as you lift up My perfect Word, they try & say My Word is not perfect; as in Nestle Aland’s foreword, they say it is a working text, to work on, to one day get right through philosophy.


“Oh no! My Word is not perfect because of philosophy. They look to find the errors in the KJV, but the KJV, which I am calling thee to uphold, is not perfect because of men’s calculations; it is perfect because of a man’s blood at the stake.“You see, what they have forgotten, through taking blood out of their ever-changing Bibles, is that without the shedding of blood, there is no remission. And as the children of Israel lifted up the Ark, you can say we 4are lifting up the Word of God without an error – inerrant, without error.


For it is this that will save the people. For as you lift up My blood-bought Word, you lift up Me, the great I AM, the one that liveth & was dead; & behold, alive for evermore.“Oh, how you will go forward with that Word! Remember in the Garden, there was opportunity to take offence.


You too have had that opportunity in thy Garden. Instead, I chose the cross, to fulfil the Father’s will; likewise you will do also. For once these foundations are built - & you are nearly there – you will go forward with My sword, with a Bible unaffected by the philosophies of men; a Bible that came out of the results of a man’s death; a man who prayed that the King would authorise a Bible; a Bible straight from the throne room of God, in translated form not through the cleverness of man, but through the shed blood of a man.


That is the difference. “But the philosophers’ Bibles lack blood; but the sword thou carrieth has come through the shedding of blood, not the working text of man.“So, be excited. What does My Word say, but rejoice when men shall revile you. For thou has a great reward in heaven.“But the will of God in heaven is the will of God on earth. So rejoice today, for the foundations have been built by those carrying My shield. The time has now come to take up My sword, & cross into thy Promised Land. Having pulled down the Jericho Wall of man’s philosophy, take My Word into the Promised Land, the land of milk & honey, where thou shalt prosper, to fulfil the call of God on thy lives.


“Do you understand it now? The shield & the sword. Remember too, the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace, helmet of salvation, the emphasis here being on this shield, the Sermon on the Mount shield, & the taking up of My blood-bought Word. Thou art more than conquerors.“Study this Word together, & allow My Spirit to bring healing into what has been a tough situation.“Now you can look forward, taking My shield of faith, & the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 08/11/14

“They Come at You from Every Side, but You Are More than Conquerors”


“Now, this word is an analysation of what is actually happening. To give understanding, I am placing this word into parts, so that you can know what is happening.


“Now, remember the story of the strong-man whose goods are in peace, until the stronger man takes them over?


“Part (1): The world-wide strong man.


“You have well disturbed Satan’s peace, for there are those frightened to take this stronghold on. This is the stronghold that blinds the eyes of those that believe not.


“You have allowed My prophetic word to minister all over the world; that your web-sites are monitored by those who manifest Satan, Satan being the world-wide stronghold that controls the actions of governments disobedient to their original constitutions.


“For continuously saying, ‘the monarch’s oath, the monarch’s oath – the Elizabethan Settlement – the 1534 Act of Supremacy,’ you keep saying these Constitutional Acts, & this stronghold goes berserk. For what is has done is brought rebellion to the hearts of governments, you concentrating on Great Britain, but Great Britain influenced legal systems & constitutions all over the world, including America.


“So what you have done is destroy the peace of a world-wide stronghold, with the stronger man than the strong man, the stronger man being Jesus.


“Now, Satan is holding the goods of this world, & is responsible for the resources which you now lack. For what you have been through, you are now entitled to not only have your resources back, but seven-fold.


“From the House of Lords, you will be able to set nation after nation free from this stranglehold. This stranglehold is now looking to force the same acts of immorality Britain has allowed, all over the Commonwealth & indeed, the States of America. For as you know, I see Britain & America as the same country, due to the Mayflower Compact; & this stranglehold of Satan has impacted, & is impacting, legal systems all over the world.


“This is the serious underlie behind your dealings with government. In Britain, there has to be a return to the Monarch’s Oath. What you have done with your deliberations with government bodies, is take them back to what the monarch promised God; & if they are aware of this.

“That is the issue. The oath to God over-rides every law that is not in line with the laws of God. For example, the laws influenced by foreign laws are illegal; for they are not in line with the laws of God. Laws that over-regulate = illegal. For they are not in line with the Constitutional demand that laws be applied with law & justice in mercy. Not teaching the citizens the Constitution = illegal; plotting to change the Coronation Oath, an act of high treason.


“So all of this you have pointed out for year after year after year, disturbing the world-wide stronghold that has a global agenda in his hands.


“This world-wide agenda comes from a throne of Satan, a throne from where he growls with fear, for he knows his time is short. From a position of panic, he appears strong, & has thrones throughout governments around the world. These red thrones are there to counteract the crimson flow of Christ, the thrones being red in line with Satan’s declaration to be like the Most High, this Satan being one with a secret agenda, yet exposed in the Word of God, this agenda being to kill, steal & destroy.

“For year after year after year, you have exposed this monster. You have thwarted his plans time after time after time. Wherever you go, you manifest life, & life in abundance. You set the captives free in My name; & now you have a world-wide television audience, the intercessor continuously defending the Protestant Constitution, exposing that which comes against it.


“You declare that Britain will be prosperous again under God, rather than foreign institutions. You declare that the prayers that take place in Parliament are said in relation to M.P.s & those in the House of Lords to hear from God & act accordingly. Yet under this world-wide stronghold, they pass laws to overwhelm the people with legalism. They pass laws of immorality to over-rule God’s law. By doing this, they are guilty of breaking the monarch’s solemn oath to God.


“Those taking seats of government are responsible to God because of the Coronation Oath, & on death are judged according to this Oath.


“When you face Me in judgement, you will face Me having tackled this world-wide stronghold; & I shall embrace you in My arms, for what you have shown to Me is that you are prepared to go all the way.


“Now, this brings Me to the state of what is known as My Church. You understand what Tyndale said. You have stood beside the graves of Bunyan, Wesley & Watts. You know what it is to be a Non-conformist; that is, one who will not conform to the god of this world; & in this you have not conformed.

“Thou will stand before Me as Wesley, Tyndale & the martyrs. You will stand alongside the Covenanters in heaven. For only those truly moving by the Spirit of God can face this world-wide stronghold.


“Thou has not backed off. The lady at Cardiff representing the world-wide stronghold, declared you should have done.


“Thou art still there, not allowing the enemy of souls to keep his peace. The stand you are taking exposes the thief to such a degree that you in My name will bring understanding to the people of the stronger man, who has already overcome the strong man.


“Part (2): The Book of My Revelation gives understanding of certain churches & the way they behave.


“Now, in analysing the groups, which is about to follow, you need to understand your own position.


“As Protestants, you are protesting against the stranglehold of Satan. Your broadcasts through the Protestant Reformation Increasing programme, are in line with Tyndale’s declaration to expose the antichrist alongside preaching Christ.


“This counteracts the teaching of the false unity Church. They see unity as being with each other, rather than in God. So now you have this false unity movement, based on works rather than the Word of God, their word now being that which has come from Egypt rather than from God.



“So you have a Churches Together Unity Church, where preaching has been replaced by conversational presentations, these presentations backed up by all kinds of community outreaches.


“I shall say to these people, ‘I do not know you; for thou hast disobeyed God, & placed the needs of men above the demands of God.


“Within this framework come the counterfeit gifts that meet the lusts of the flesh, rather than the needs of God.


“You see, there is a group of spiritual gift churches that emphasise the experience above the preaching of My Word.


“I shall also say to these, ‘I do not know you.’


“Now, in ECCTV, each time you go on, you are preaching. You cannot stop yourselves. The Word is within you, & has to come out. You stand for sola scriptura & justification by faith – the demands of the Protestant Reformation.

“And now you have the new type of Church; that which has bowed down to papal order. In addition, you have the church which just looks after its old people, making cups of tea & sitting around chatting.


“But thou has taken pensioners over minefields, to preach My Word, taking Psalm 103 to literally mean what it says; & you have stood on that promise.


“All around you is the compromise Church, a church I will spew out of My mouth.


“For here you are, with web-sites exposing the thief; web-sites exposing Satan’s end-time plan. Oh yes, they choose to ignore you; but they will not be able to withdraw from the judgement seat of Christ.


“You see, you have stood before Satan himself. You have exposed Nestle-Aland & the false translations of the Bible. You have handed over your own goods in relation to reaching every creature.


“And now, with the attack of antichrist & over-legalism still on, you have stillstood before the people; having taken off the bondages of shame, you now walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“Thou art a more than conqueror. You entrance into the Promised Land is a place you can now stand above all these vagrancies of Satan.


“I have given thee a world-wide platform; & so what place can you return Britain to its Constitution? The answer is obvious: to the highest court of the land, where you will say the oath to the monarch has not been honoured, & that this House gets on its knees before God, & repents for not having upheld the Protestant Constitution of thy nation.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 11/11/14

“The International Lifestyle”


“My role for prophets & apostles is to move around the world, supporting & encouraging church growth, exposing sin & corruption in the Church & state, & of course, moving in the power & anointing which I have given thee.


“You will conduct signs & wonders conferences – note the title ‘signs & wonders conferences - & teach positional truth, baptism of fire, & the hundredfold resource. This is how you have houses, homes & family all over the world, for that hundredfold is yours.


“Get ready for that lifestyle - & I speak to you all – you are not intended to be in one place all the time, & yes, you will broadcast from your studios around the world; & yes, you will take seats in government; & yes, you will ‘contend before Caesar;’ & expect to be putting right the Commonwealth in line with the calling I have for it.


“On one hand, you will teach freedom of choice; but more importantly, the Saviour who gave His life.


“You see, there can be no fear for the Christian who preaches the gospel. The fear is in those who have no salvation; for adherence to the gods of their religions does not give them the assurance of the blood of Jesus.


“So, for the Christian, there can be no question of fear, when it comes to allowing the religions of the world to speak, & the offering of free choice. ‘Let them speak,’ you say. ‘Let them practise,’ you say, ‘but not violence & intolerance towards others, even to the point of killing them because of their faith.’


“You see, the reason they are intolerant towards the gospel, is because the gospel is life unto them which are perishing, & healing to all their flesh. The gospel is unique because of a Saviour who gave His life.


“But I have called you to understand other faiths, so you can draw a parallel between the belief systems of the world, the philosophies of the world that includes the religion of the Green movement & its doctrine of lack. For youknow the shortages of the world are as a result of sin, rather than the number of aeroplanes in the sky. For instead of the carbon footprint, there is the sinfootprint, climate change being caused by sin, rather than the amount of times a person uses an aerosol, or his own vehicle.


“You see, the preaching of the gospel brings life to a nation, which is why it is in the Coronation Oath; & it is only this in Great Britain that is established by law, not the philosophies of the Green movement, or the belief systems of anyreligion. Only the preaching of the gospel is established by law in Britain. Those who look to suppress this are guilty of high treason, for bringing on the pressures to prevent the monarch keeping her oath.


“So in government, you are to bring to account those who have taken the gospel out of the schools; for the gospel is the Constitution, the gospel being thespirit of the law, rather than the letter.


“So, what you have done in the Charity Commission case, not only yours, but that of Revelation TV, is expose portrayers of the letter rather than the Spirit,not permitted under British law.


“This is the fundamental point. The gospel brings life to all the people. The school inspector that places a headmaster/mistress under law by the letter is breaking the Constitution & is guilty of high treason.


“The school, by law, begins the day by a school assembly honouring the God of the Constitutional Acts. So, if the school inspection does not do the same, it is illegal & can be disregarded by law.


“So you see, the gospel brings life to all the people. The letter of the law killeth, the Spirit giveth life. It is therefore portrayers of death rather than life who have brought the country into a state of depression, rather than the joy of the Lord. These portrayers of death must be brought to account.


“Now, this obsession the nation has as regards to immorality: the Constitution does not allow for any change of rule in relation to marriage. The Constitution of Britain does not allow the promotion of immorality. It is very simple. Do not get involved in the arguments of the counterfeit freedom of choice; for your nation constitutionally is married to Me. For I give no freedom of choice in this area, for I speak as Christ & the Church; & all those who have been involved in the promotion of immorality are to be brought to account; as indeed you areseeing in TESCO, their problems not only relating to accounting, but primarily in their promotion of immorality.


“You see, the banking systems of the world are based on the love of money, it being government that needs to control the money supply, rather than the banks. Government is chosen by the people, the unelected bankers needing to be brought to account. For with their organisations of a global banking system which ‘everyone’ knows is corrupt, they have brought shame upon nations, to abandon their constitutions, & be reliant on their manipulation of money supply. This manipulation involves not supporting those of traditional values, finding them, out on so many occasions, for justice needs to be done on all the banking cases you have, & the truth needs to come out, your ministry in the area of finance bringing life to so many, the resources in the hands of the bank, in the case of Britain, needing to be back in the hands of the nation, with godly men handling the supply, the bankers of immorality & lust needing to be brought to account.


“So, you are portrayers of life in My name; & yes, the people have a choice whether to accept Me or not, & having the gospel brings life to nations that has God, who gave up His begotten Son Jesus, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


“No wonder you will be in demand internationally; prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastors, teachers, for the perfection of the saints; powerful intercession with the anointing of Rees Howells.


“But listen - & I speak to all of you – be prepared to be on the move. Attend to My words; they are life to all that find them, & healing to all their flesh.

“The gospel brings life, health & peace, all over the world. The hymn-writer wrote, ‘’Tis life & health & peace.’ So portray this gospel. The gospel is so powerful. It benefits all of the people. But eternally, that is, the eternal benefit, can only come to those who kneel at the cross of Calvary. For only those who come to the cross will live their life, will live their life, in glory, whilst the devil & his cohorts, & all followers of him, will live their eternity in the fires of hell.

“But God gave His begotten Son for all men to come unto Him & have life, & life in abundance.


“This is the word of the Lord. My personal word for you all, the intercessor too, is ‘be prepared to travel.’ For is not that what the intercessor of the Bible College of Wales is all about; bringing the conditions for people to travel?

“What is the Every Creature Commission, but going? The first word is, ‘Go.’ There is no greater confirmation in the Word, but ‘Go.’ Where art thou to go? Answer: into the whole world. What art thou to do? Preach the gospel, with signs & wonders confirming the word.


“Now, be prepared for major signs & wonders, with nations being changed. And yes, your word will bring freedom & liberation of choice, without fear of persecution. But you will bring the conditions for the blindness upon the people to be removed, & the freedom coming to the cross gives. For you are removing the sin footprint. It is this that will bring life to nations. For the crops will grow, the fish of the sea return, the earth return to normal climate. It is thegospel that brings life, not suppression of the people through narrow law-making. All of the people are fed up of that. For this is death; & of course, My final instruction for this prophetic word, in relation to the seats you will have in government:


First priority: save the lives of the babies in wombs, those who have supported this gross sin needing to be brought to justice under the Constitution of the land, & made to walk the Traitors’ Gate of the Tower. For rather than taking them to the punishment of mediaeval days, rather give them opportunity to come to the cross, to the One who bore their sin to the tree. If only they will accept Me now, they can be free of their gross sin.”



Word from the Lord through

David P Griffiths, 28/12/14

“Having the Passion of the Covenanters”



“At a time when political parties will be selling their policies, at a time when political parties will be giving the surface of their values rather than the real truth, at a time when the protocol will be looking to be preserved, that is, a control over nations through over-regulation, you will be setting up a ministry with the aspects of Rees Howells pulsating from your heart.


“One such aspect was the determination of the Covenanters that affected Rees Howells in how he dealt with Romanism. Smith Wigglesworth did not hold back when it came to Romanism, with its statues & idols, its city of devils, & its massive influence on the Charismatic movement. Neither must thee; with the same passion as the Covenanters, thou must look to restore thy land back to God; away from the controls of Rome, & forward into the anointing which comes when one is prepared to give one’s own life for the lost.


“No political party is prepared to do this; & this is thy issue with the Charity Commission, in its claim to be the commission of charity. For in it should be those prepared to give their lives for those who are suffering, rather than looking to blind charities with over-regulation. This is thy fundamental complaint, for thou must operate with the passion of the Covenanters, whereeverything is laid down, so that a nation can be affected by the gospel.“Over-regulation is affecting thy Church in Scotland.


They say, ‘You can do this, & you can do that. They misquote My Word in relation to legalism, & have no idea of contextual absolutism & the throne room of God. In bringing understanding of the Scriptures, there has to be understanding of the revelation of God, Peter being blessed, for flesh & blood had not revealed God’s word to him. It was God Himself, God operating with arhema word from the written Word, in given situations at given times.“Thou art to bring forth an army of women, yet not women, but the body of Christ.


My Word declares, ‘Your sons & daughters will prophesy,’ & these women will wail before Me, with groanings of the Spirit; for as well as the intercession of the intercessor, there is to be the travail of the women, & an understanding coming of their role in the five-fold ministry & the end-time revival.


And the teaching thou has for the role of women from My Word is crucial in this.“It is interesting to note how I have used a woman in exposing the new translations of the Bible; & much of her material thou hast used. For in this revival there will be neither male or female, Greek nor Jew. For this is to be a revival of the Spirit of God, for which the Spirit will fall upon all flesh, in empowerment for ministry.“There will be a move of God so great, once these barriers have been removed, & the failure of ministers that have suppressed women will be there for all to see.


“My Word is to be taken in context by the Spirit of God. It is He who reveals the truth of the Scriptures – not man. For I am calling all men (that includes women) unto Me, to empower them for this great revival. The chains of the Pharisees will fall off, & women will be able to speak from the heart. And oh yes!


Thine enemies will misquote Scripture, not understanding contextual absolutism; but they shall be judged by the same criteria, for they will be seen for what they are, as Pharisees with phylacteries around their heads, rather than being part of My Church the Church of revelation from the Spirit. For with this revelation, My rhema, thou will move forward in My strength, with women set free from the chains of bondage, that they once more can prophesy, as you have illustrated from My Word. “They will bring justice to the whole of the world, with women being loosed to bring forward My Word.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 15/08/14

“The World is out to Destroy You”


“… but have no fear; I have overcome the world. Such as it was with the children of Israel. The Pharaoh placed untold bondages upon My people; a succession of laws held them up to what they wanted to do.


“There are keys to the story. As the land of Egypt, which Britain now is; a land festooned with regulations & laws contrary to My Word, will always try to destroy My people with over-regulation.


I tell you, Britain is under a curse. It is under a curse because successive governments after successive governments have disobeyed My Word. Each government has sown into death, rather than life; & because of this, violence has increased on the streets, in the home, & in the workplace. Take no heed to reported crime figures going down. The reason they are going down is so much crime is not being reported. Break-up of relationships relates to much crime; such as, a child no longer having a mother & father is a crime in My sight. That does not get reported; yet the child suffers great emotional strain in the break-up of Mum & Dad.


“Now, your Pentecostal Continuing web-site is full of prophetic word. Now, what the prophetic word does is expose strongholds, which is why you get the abuse you get. A stronghold will then look to destroy you; & the destruction attempt is bong done through official channels.


“So this web-site has become so ‘politically incorrect’ because it exposes the sins of the nation & of the people. Instead of repenting, they are reacting. You simply say, ‘It is God who said these words.’ Their intellect cannot cope with such a notion. They have no idea of the inner witness.


“So, just as it is with Pharaoh & Moses, so it is with you. They say, ‘We have our astrologers.’ They say, ‘In Britain, we have our Jesus.’ This is the Jesus of toleration & acceptance; no longer is he the Jesus who died to take away the sins of the people. We now have a Jesus without conviction; a Jesus with a bible with the blood taken out.


“You see, the gospel is an offence to those that are perishing. Pharaoh was offended by what Moses had to say; but the God of Moses did not tolerate the sins of the Egyptian people. For disobeying God, Pharaoh & the people paid the price.



“The new cross, as I through Tozer put it, is a cross of sin toleration. The old cross is a bloody sight of sin removal. For a man to go to this cross, all pride has to go.


“You see, they say today, ‘You can’t get heavy with the people;’ yet coming to the cross is heavy, the load is heavy; & the old cross is a cross covered in My blood, shed for the people; a cross of no toleration for sin. Yet the new cross is without offence, without upset, without offending the people; & yes, it is true to say you have offended those who have refused the old cross, but have embraced the new. They are the ones out to destroy you. They have a cross where everything is rosy in the garden. Yet you have a cross that demands you remove the weeds before planting the new seed.


“It is as if now you have to get out of Egypt. They come after you constantly, & accuse you falsely; but as has been said through Brian Mason, it is not the you they accuse, but Me. For I am the God of the old cross, whereas they embrace the god of the new.


“So the new cross embraces all religions; embraces all sexual deviation; embraces the slaughter of the innocents; a new cross of all religions, where no one is to be offended. If you rock that boat, they will look to chain you up with so much legalism, the god of legalism using these rules & regulations to destroy you; & this is what is happening.


“Now, what is the solution?


“Now, the plagues of Egypt are today spiritually manifest in the nation; the rivers of blood were prophesied years ago; & so over a number of years the plagues of Egypt have been manifest in thy nation. How many firstborns have been killed by the angel of death? What about the growth of the occult? As in Egypt, so in Britain. The occult are producing their snakes. So Britain has been under these plagues for a long time; & the more the prophet looks to set free the people, the more chains are placed upon My people to hold them back from proclaiming the freedom of the Lord.


“So, what is the solution? Moses contended right to the top of government. Yet, the ‘churches’ of the new cross have opposed your every move in government, saying rule after rule forbids them from taking part in this contention.


“I tell you, they have condemned by their own foolishness. It is totally Biblical to contend in the seats of power; & you are contending right now, right to the highest seat of government, & before Pharaoh, that the people need setting free.


“The more they hold the people in the chains of slavery, the more the impact of the plagues put upon thy nation become.


“Secondly, you hold the rod of authority as Moses held it. Remember who has the keys. Remember the authority I have given My body. As you look to fulfil the call I have given thee, without these chains of bondage, you have this feeling that they just want to place bondage after bondage upon you, & you are saying, ‘No! We need the freedom to fulfil the call.’


“Next step is to recognise the rod of authority you hold; & whereas in the story of Moses & the Red Sea you can set the people towards the land of Shittim (reference to the Book of Joshua), where the people may sanctify themselves, as you then lift up My Word, cross thy Jordan, remove thy Jericho wall & enter the Promised Land, where you will have the freedom to fulfil My call – this is the road you are on.


“The new cross has a bible that declares its Jesus as the capstone of the pyramid, this pyramid being the symbol of slavery. They worship the Jesus of decrease rather than increase. Without increase, there is death; & so, their allegiance to the Jesus capstone has brought about a nation with no fruit; a nation symbolised by a new Ephesians 5. A marriage without fruit can never prosper; but the Jesus of the Bible is the Bridegroom married to his bride, its unity being one of being joined to the Lord, without any room for diversity. This new Jesus of Egyptian Britain, instead of being the Jesus of oneness in Christ, is the Jesus of all sexual deviations; is the Jesus of all creeds; is the Jesus who condones sin, rather than being the Jesus who took the load of sin to the cross & paid a heavy price, something the new Jesus will never do. For this new Jesus accepts the continuation of sin, rather than the heavy removal of it.


“The old, rugged cross is where the trophies of man are laid down. The new cross is the cross of acceptance of man’s ideals & man’s ways.


“So have no fear; I have overcome the world; & just as the children of Israel were able to walk away from the land of bondage, so I have given you the power to get wealth to establish My true covenant.


“And so, the Beatitudes have once more been proven right, David & Lindsay. They do speak all manner of evil against thee & thy ministry. So it is the time to rejoice. I have overcome the world; & greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”



Word from the Lord through

David P Griffiths, 03/01/15

“Behold Their Threatenings”


“Who is the ‘their’ in modern society? Answer = no different to the ‘their’ in ancient society. It is those who think with the logic of man rather than the logic of God.


“Throughout the world, the spiritual is being taken out of education; so consequently, those who are being educated without God, will threaten those who are of God.


“Secondly, those who have been educated from a time in which the name of Jesus was taught in the schools, & have rebelled against this, they will threaten even more, for their sin is of the sin of witchcraft.


“Thirdly, those who are motivated by the calendar rather than the Spirit, they too will threaten; for you have pointed out the error of calendar prophecies, which declare all kinds of good things to a Charismatic movement based on lust, when the true Church is growing under an atmosphere of threatening, with the true Church surrendering their whole life to God, including the lusts & securities of the god of this world.


“There is therefore a difference between a Word of Faith movement based on personal lust, & the Biblical Word of Faith of the true hundredfold, who have given up all to follow Me.“They continue to ignore Hagin’s warning in ‘The Midas Touch,’ that exposed the nonsensical schemes to raise money, so thatindividuals could be prosperous, rather than having wealth to establish My covenant.


“There is therefore a counterfeit Word of Faith movement, who will look to destroy those who have died to personal lust; & they are now operating through much of the Emerging movement, which thou hast exposed at Fuller, Saddleback, & San Diego, you going to the true Bethel at California, rather than the false one of the Emerging movement.


“You have found them out, in My name; & through intercession, have taken away their false foundations. Without foundations, the people panic & threaten, for their security zone has been taken away. They now have the choice of coming to the rock which cannot be moved, or stay in the hell-bound uncertainty of personal lust. “Such as it is with those who threaten you. They come from a base of personal lust, whereas you come from a base of giving all to the Saviour. The two positions are miles apart.


“Now, when it comes to thy Christian Financing web-site, you have pointed out the true foundation of Great Britain, the first Elizabeth clearly pointing this out, but the second Elizabeth compromising the stand of her namesake predecessor, by bowing down to a new global order of regulation & suppression.“This web-site has taken away that security of every political party that bows down to that order, & government departments that bow down to a thinking not in line with the nation’s Constitution.


You have found them out on numerous occasions in the local environment; & now through thy web-sites are finding them out world-wide.“Again, if you remove the false foundations, which you have, you take away a security zone; for an organisation without foundations will crumble.


“Such as it is in Great Britain. What do they choose for the main item on the agenda for the forthcoming Election? Answer: the economy, above the child abuse successive governments are guilty of; that if you placed a General Election poster of a dying baby in a bucket, then where would that place a prospective government NHS policy? In tatters; for the foundations of the NHS was to bring health to all of the people.


Yet you have found government to be operating a National Death Service; & now in the House of Lords, they are going to talk about assisting people to die!”“So, if you have clearly pointed out it is the god of this world ruling government in Britain - & in countries around the world who have the same abortion policy, moving now into assisted dying, with these governments chasing after apparent child abusers; & of course it is gross sin to abuse a child sexually. But you have pointed out the great beam in government’s eyes, by saying, ‘Why did you sexualise children in the first place?


And why do you suck out babies from wombs, yet see ourselves as innocent of child abuse?’ For when a judge gives sentence to a child abuser, he represents a system that has abused more children than one abuser could ever manage.  “The crest, therefore, representing government under the second Elizabeth is very different to that of the first.


The rebels who have undermined the crest of the first Elizabeth will therefore threaten those who have stood for the Constitutional Acts of the first.“Likewise, thou hast pointed out the personal lust of bankers, placing their customers under the slavery of Egypt symbolised by the pyramid of Canary Wharf. They administer with global law, rather than that of the Constitution of Great Britain; & you have proven that they are guilty of high treason; yet under the false crest of rebellious government, nothing gets done.


As is seen on the Christian Financing site, they have had you on hold for years. When you found out they have rejected an edict of the House of Lords, you kept to it, they didn’t; & as rebels, they threaten you; but because you have stood on the edict of the House of Lords, they have failed to knock you off your stand; for you will never move from the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ.


“Now, you can see the division between the stand of the majority in the Emerging Church, you have pointed out the philosophies of man; just as you found a judge guilty of utilitarianism, in your presentation of banking cases on Christian, government body after government body have gathered around you threatening, for apparently not keeping the regulations of the new global order. Yet, which is higher: the acts of the new global order, or that which the first Elizabeth restored to Britain?


That includes a demand that all foreign infiltration into political & legal systems, be suppressed. And this is included in the second Elizabeth’s oath to God. For her oath includes all the Constitutional Acts around the Act establishing the Coronation Oath (1689).


“Yet, the rebels are plotting a new Coronation Oath, of multi-faith, of global rule, of man’s philosophy, rather than the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.“Yet, on ECCTV, you have a programme called ‘Protestant Reformation Increasing’; for you see, you are standing on the rock; & they which are on sand, threaten those on the rock, & cannot move them to bow down to the new global order.


They tried to get Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego to bow down to unrighteous decrees; but they did not move. The turned up the heat, & I was with them in the midst of the fire, which the new global order has changed through their multi-faith translations of the Bible, emanating from the sand of the land of the pyramids, from where they describe Me as ‘a son of the gods’ & ‘capstone’; the whole Charismatic movement under these new translations worshipping a son of the gods, rather than the begotten Son of God; & of course, the false manifestations of spirit have followed, in those who have taken over orthodox movements all over the world.


“You have pointed out this error, & so because they find this uncomfortable, they isolate you through their Jezebels into a corner. Such has been the base for the main government enquiry that has attempted to find you guilty of regulation under the second Elizabeth rather than whether you have stood on the Constitution of the first.“No wonder you say,


‘Behold their threatenings’ – for it is thy ministry who has found it all out, becoming a major threat to the god of this world, who comes to kill, steal & destroy; a major threat to those who apply letter of the law rather than the Spirit.“Yet is should be thee in the House of Lords, with OBEs, MBEs, Dames & knighthoods.


But thou hast upheld the Constitution of thy nation, upholding a Constitution that is the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ, & Him alone, rather than the compromise that thou art witnessing throughout Christendom, & government circles all over the world. Indeed, as I spoke through Dr Oliver, there are the sons of Zadok & the sons of Eli, Zadok being in the Coronation Service of the second Elizabeth, a fact ignored by successive governments, who have looked to appease the people through failing economic policies, rather than giving Christ Jesus the pre-eminence, who is our Jehovah Jireh.


“So when you read My letter through Paul to the Galatians, you can ask this question to governments throughout the world; you can ask this question to Christendom as a whole, that has bowed down to the new global order, ministering to people rather than God, the old gospel mission having become the community church. You can boldly ask the question, ‘Who has bewitched you?’ For they try & catch you out through their modern regulations, rather than whether thou hast stood on the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ.


“Now, when it comes to the New Year prophecies of the Emerging Church, offering all kinds of goodies in this world: the real question should be, ‘Who is prepared to pay the price? Who is prepared to be like Stephen, who did not compromise to the system, who was full of the Holy Ghost, going to glory?’ Can you associate Stephen with the Vanity Fair of the Charismatic world today? Indeed, thou hast stood against the compromise Meaning of Life courses, teaching a man-based Christianity, rather than that of the ‘Not I, but Christ.’


“Thou hast embraced the teaching I gave through A W Tozer, who pointed out the error of these ways. But I spoke through him about a remnant who would not compromise to the god of this world; & there is at this time, a coming together of that remnant, who understands these things of God.“I am sending major revival around the world through those who are known as the remnant of God. For thou will deliver those who have entered the acid cloud of false religion; who have rebelled against Christian Constitutions of nations & movements.


For thou represents the stability of the Lord Jesus Christ. “I will draw all men unto thee; for this glorious gospel of no compromise cannot be moved. As governments & movements fall, you will be seen as standing firm on the rock.“You see, the wise man built his house upon the rock.


The threat of bad weather could not move him. The threat of rebellious governments & emerging movements does not move him. He is built firmly on the rock which cannot be moved; & this rock is My body, the true body of Christ. The governments is on My shoulders, not on that of Emerging movements & rebellious governments.


“Oh! Just think of that day; & that day has come. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. For through thee, My body, My kingdom grows & grows. Yet for those built on sand, like the Emerging movements thou hast interceded against, there can be no place for them, unless they move over to the rock of the Lord Jesus.


“Likewise with governments, in America when the Mayflower Compact is given priority in the thinking of government, the nation will once more be blessed. “Yet they gather around you threatening, from a position of rebellion rather than the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain & the monarch’s oath. “So, which is higher: their threatenings, or the rock on which thou art built? No wonder the chains fell off in the prison of Paul & Silas.


No wonder I wrote through the hymn-writer, ‘My chains fell off, My heart was free’; & no wonder I wrote, ‘The letter of the law killeth, but the spirit giveth life.’ For this Jesus is life; the life that has redeemed thee from the curse of law, they trying to entangle you under the chains of the schoolmaster, rather than the glorious freedom & liberty I have given the nation of Great Britain, that Constitutionally places the spiritual above the temporal, this being the context you give in thy reports to government, for without the Rock it is impossible for any nation to govern, for government is upon My shoulders, & My shoulders are part of the body; & the body is thee, in My name.


“This is positional truth. Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. For thou art living out My Sermon on the Mount, My glorious gospel, the whole of the Old Testament fulfilled in the New. For thou hast the Word that never changes, far higher than the word of Nestle-Aland, that forever changes; & thou art to have My glory fall upon thee; & as I said to My intercessor Tessie, thou art to preach recklessly My Word. No harm can come upon thee.


The glorious gospel shall be presented to every creature.“As I wrote through the hymn-writer in relation to ‘The Solid Rock on which we stand. All other ground is sinking sand.’ And those who threaten thee are of that sand. But thee, being wise, stand firm on the Rock.”

Word from the Lord through 

David P Griffiths, 16/01/14

“They Look to Destroy the Prophet,

 rather than Face Up to their own Unrighteous Ways”


“They have gathered around thy ministry, looking for fault & error; checking to see if you have kept to every regulation & policy. But I have set you free from the curse of the law. Yet they place you under the schoolmaster, to check your every step.


“The letter of the law killeth, but the Spirit giveth life. You have brought life to the peoples of Sri Lanka when you were prepared to shed your blood for the benefit of others. Greater love showeth no man, than to give his life for fellow mankind.


“Oh, but they come at you with their rules & regulations, to place you on a spiritual cross; to do to you spiritually what they did to Me physically. They look to bind you up so strong with every rule & regulation, until you submit to the unrighteous decrees that look to remove small charities like yours, with global entities that bow down to the false god.


“But like Daniel, you have not bowed down to the unrighteous decrees. They have placed thee before spiritual lions, but the lions have not opened their mouths. They have increased the heat upon you, as with Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego; but I have not left thy side. For I am all around you; I am within you. You appear as Me on this earth; but as I warned through Manuel Scott Jr., if they crucified Me, they’ll crucify you.


“Constantly, thou hast walked the Gethsemane experience, with the Jezebels chasing the prophets constantly. But thou hast been in a cage too long. It is time to face up to the Jezebel of nations. Whilst hearing & respecting those who have warned that they would look to destroy you, thou hast stood firm on the Rock; & the gates of hell cannot prevail against thee.


“So who is the god of these unrighteous decrees? As prophesied, those within Britain’s General Election are emphasising the economy, & what they can do with it to make everyone’s life better. This is not the point, is it? What about the life of the baby in the womb? Instead of National Health, they are talking about assisted dying.


 “You see, those who chase you are not facing up to the fact that passing such laws that destroy are not in line with the Constitution of Great Britain. Thou hast found inconsistency after inconsistency with the Constitution. Any law passed not consistent with the monarch’s oath, is an act of high treason; yet instead of examining themselves, they look to catch you out with every procedure & policy they can find, that has its origins in secret places, rather than on the seats of Parliament, where prayer is said of the guidance of the Spirit. But instead of this, laws are passed to destroy rather than bring life, either through letter of the law, or by giving licence to doctors to destroy life in the womb, rather than save it.


“No wonder they chase My prophets! For My prophets point out the unrighteous decrees, which they fail to address, but rather come up with policies of economic success, which can never be achieved whilst a government destroys its future generation.


“Oh, the cry of woe to the Pharisees! You find this word being used when it comes to the people of unrighteous decrees, of those who wear the phylacteries around their heads, having head knowledge rather than the Spirit. With the judgement on Britain well & truly established, they look to blame the prophet; the prophet who stood in Boscastle, saving lives in intercession before the great flood; a village that had blasphemed God, through a calendar of false philosophy, an insult to My Word; a village that was once full of full surrender Christians, with the stone on the chapel declaring, ‘Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.’ But they moved to insulting God, with a calendar of tears, for it was through this that the great flood came.


“They picked up the intercession of My prophet, & looked to chase him out of the village; but My prophet stood firm, & lives were saved.

“Likewise in Great Britain, thy ministry intercedes for the nation; but now the judgement has come. As in Boscastle, so in Britain. You cry out for life, yet they destroy the very youth on which the nation can prosper in the future.

“Instead of the babies growing up, those of other philosophies & religions are brought into the nation, & they say, ‘Everybody is equal now. We have anequality & diversity strategy.’ That is what they say. But does that equality & diversity apply to the baby in the womb, about to be aborted?  Disablement is a diversity, but they use that as an excuse to destroy. Surely equality means equal rights for all babies to be born naturally, out of the womb?


“Oh, you nation of hypocrites, with your self-righteous policies of equality & diversity, which does not match up to the scrutiny of the prophet!


“They have gathered around My ministry in Rhos on Sea, looking to catch it out at every corner. Yet it still stands. After investigation after investigation, it still stands. It is the Church triumphant, for it portrays life, not death.


“The key to financial prosperity in the future for Britain, is a return to the old values, of a Health Service bringing life & not death; of having a government understanding its moral obligations; allowing children to be children & not sexualising them; of recognising the impact of the environmental lobby, who looks to over-regulate man rather than understanding that lack of resources is the result of sin, rather than all the talk of everyday human activity. For death comes by disobeying God. Death comes by suppressing the creation story. For except one acknowledges God as Creator, then one has no understanding of life at all.


“So, My persecuted ministry at Rhos on Sea grows on the Rock on which it is built. Prepare for a mighty harvest.”


Word from the Lord throughDavid P Griffiths, 30/03/15“

Just as They Persecuted the Prophets before You,They Persecute the Prophets Today”

“Thy nation is constituted as a spiritual country. Hence, under British law, the word ‘spiritual’ is given priority, the very word meaning that all aspects of law needs to be assessed spiritually, the natural mind being at war against the spirit. So that, when apostasy comes, & human reason comes in, it is at that time the prophets will be persecuted.

“They represent an order not of this world, an order that represents divine wisdom rather than the logic of men. The logic of men always has corruption being hidden, protecting itself through letter of the law policies. For the prophet will dig beneath these policies & see that the outward appearance of human reason willalways look respectable. But when one looksbeneaththat outward appearance, one finds that the law is being used to protect a minefield of devilish activity.

“My prophets of a previous generation, Oxley & Whitehouse, looked to uncover that which was beneath the respectable surface of those who were making laws one moment in Parliament, & at the next moment running dens of iniquity & fear, the surface of which is just coming out today.
“They protected their activity through law, but My prophets dug out that their lives were notcapableof making laws under the BritishSpiritualConstitution, many of their laws being on the statute book today, holding people under the bondage of Satan, rather than to Almighty God, to whom the monarch had given her oath.“The Bible declares to not look at the outward appearance. 

The openness of thy ministry bringsfear to those with things to hide; & so, to protect themselves, they persecute& smear the prophet’s reputation, dig out allkinds of accusations against him or her, placing him or her under the bondage of continuously having to defend his or her actions; wearing him or her out with legal procedure after legal procedure, thyself being prophet & prophetess; that they constantly attack thee, with all the procedures man’s corruption has thought up, to keep thee busy on the procedure rather than the call of God on thy lives. 

“Counteracting this has been the proclamation of intercession, the intercessor crying aloud & sparing not, staggering not at the promises of God, seeing the great oppression that has been upon thee over the years, there being a spiritual covenant between thee & the three ladies which have stood with thee over the years, one lady particularly being under attack from the logic of man, rather than from the Spirit of God.

“And so, My will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Around the world, thou hast caused a stir in the heavenly realm. Thou art perfecting younger generations to continue the call, after I have raised thee up to heaven, to be with Me forever, away from the dastardly deeds of men.

“But thou upon this earth has a calling, as you continue to rattle the cause of man’s disobedience to God. For within this disobedience is a rebellion against God; & thou hast warned thy government time & time about this. But they continue to slaughter the innocents in the womb. 

They continue to embrace moralities not of God. And so, there has now been a build-up of laws not in line with thy precious Elizabethan Settlement, even to the point of allowing foreign powers to hold judgements in thy nation.“And don’t think thy television channel is not being noticed. It has become the uncomfortable conscience of the nation; not only the nation, but also the Emerging Church, that has stolen the deeds of movements they are not entitled to.

“No wonder thou art prophets under attack. For just as they persecuted the prophets before thee, so they persecute you today. “I have called thee to pry deeply into the corruptions of government. 

So many are supporting you in this; & as you stand on the rock, the winds & the storms which surround thee will not knock you off. For I am the Lord that changeth not. For just as the prophets before thee dug deep & found the corruptions of government, so you are called, as Oxley & Whitehouse dug deep, so as to bring a nation to repentance & restore Christ Jesus at the helm of law-making. The reason why, Constitutionally, prayers are to be had before every session of Parliament; not prayers of vain repetition, but prayers proclaiming the King of Kings & Lord of Lords over proceedings, for parliamentarians to hear the voice of God, rather than the logic of reason, this reason hiding the sins of the god of this world.”



It is the Lord's miracle that has brought ECCTV.ORG to your screens..........

The following prophecy relates to one of our dear intercessors Sheila Standish who has given of herself spiritually and with finances to bring about this TV channel and the Bible College of Wales Continuing - which indeed word through her own lips came in 2010 that that was the way monies were to be spent.

Since being hospitalised and now unable to walk - and being in a nursing home there have been those making accusations about her actions with us involving the BBC, the Police and now interferences with her bank account of which I have power of attorney - actions being taken in relation to it that I have no information on.

Clearly an underlie needs to surface and I am about to contact the Police, our Solicitor & Sheila's bank - we believing that this is part of a co-ordinated attack that began a few years ago "threatening to destroy us through official channels."

This ministry is open and transparent, no member of it receiving wages and we offer courses free to all who apply and livestream free to view television. It has to be paid for somehow and there have been those over the years who have given sacrificially towards the cause, the funds all going to reach every creature with the Gospel.

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths 31/03/15“Out of the Suffering Comes My Glory” 

“I speak to all the saints world-wide: that this ministry of ECCTV that you see. & the Bible College of Wales Continuing, & all of its ministries over the years, has been under great attack, rejected by not only the religious establishment, but also those who fail to understand that the calling of this ministry has always been on the understanding of Galatians 2:20; of being crucified with Christ. It has been with this rationale that this ministry has always operated.

“Galatians 2:20 ‘I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.’

“From this comes the living by the faith of the Son of God; & the following words I have spoken through David P Griffiths, knowing that for night after night he has been tormented by the messenger of Satan, there being constant attack against the ministry founded through David & Lindsay Griffiths; a prophetess who has stayed faithful to her husband over many years of torment & despair.

For them it never seems to end – the battling, the constant onslaught of enemy attacks, to being threatened by text by those instruments of Satan, who have threatened to destroy them through official channels; with former trustees & present trustees they have stood faithful to the call of God on their lives, despite of every opportunity to give everything up, & not give heed to the call of God on their lives.

“I brought to them over latter years a powerful intercessor, trained under the son of the one who trained David’s father; & this coming together has brought about even greater onslaughts. For the enemy knows how powerful this unity is. For this television channel & restoration of the Bible College Continuing has come at a price, & even now comes at a price, this prophecy including a lady called Sheila Standish, who worked with this ministry for many years, giving faithfully into the cause, there being now those who have come about looking to break that unity, this unity having brought about a great victory in Sri Lanka at the time of the civil war; who gave from her heart in consideration of the Lord of these things.

“Yet they come now, thinking she has been the product of control & manipulation of the natural mind. For they come without consideration of My Word, which as you will discover in this prophecy, is Galatians 2:20.

And My Word for all those who have been attacking this ministry is, ‘Consider My Word, the preaching of which being foolishness to those who are perishing; & to understand the covenant Sheila has had, over many years, with this ministry, one yourself has to be crucified with Christ. For to touch the anointing of covenant between Sheila & those of this ministry, is to touch the very heart of God.“It is because of this that the crying out in the Spirit has taken place. 

For those of the natural mind are not to control the resources of the Spirit. Those of the natural mind are not to instil laws & regulations of those who have no understanding of the Constitution of the nation. For it is on the rock of Christ Jesus we stand, rather than the sand of personal lust & greed, which this prophetess, mentioned in this prophecy, has chosen to put aside.“This prophetess, from her Mission Hall days onwards, has chosen to follow the Lord. She used to sing, ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus… & the things of the world grow strangely dim in the light of His glory.’ 

And this glory she has tasted; & within this glory she chose to give.
“There has been no personal financial gain of those around her; only a spiritual cord which cannot be broken, for this has cone by the Spirit of God.
“So as you read, by the Spirit, the words of this prophecy, it will be foolishness to those who argue mental incapacity. For the relationship between Sheila & her fellow trustees has been one of the Spirit, rather than the natural mind.
“It is with this understanding that this prophecy needs to be read.” “If you are crucified with Me, then that which is of sin, is gone.

You cannot have a born-again experience unless you are crucified. Those crucified to the flesh are the most powerful people on earth. They live simple & glorified lives, proclaiming messages from the heart. They are messengers of Christ; but not only the messenger, but also because they are crucified, they are the temple of God, the very holy of holies; the temple of God containing My glory; the very holy of holies of God being at the very heart of these people.
“They are shunned, despised & rejected; for their logic is not of this world, but of the kingdom of God. Because of the revelations, they suffer enormously. Their humility & meekness is such that they rely entirely on Me. But this has come with a price. They spend hours under the persecution of the messenger of Satan, who is there to continually batter their mind with insecurities, fear & despair.

“You see, they do not present it as being their faith, but the faith of the Son of God; & this great faith removes, the mountains, fears & oppressions, the false prophet saying, ‘You simply use the name of Jesus.’ But Satan has no fear of the name Jesus, if used by the academic mind. For these ones who suffer have the name of Jesus at their hearts.

“You see, what they do not know in their persecution of thee, is these experiences of the Garden of Gethsemane. They know nothing at all of this constant attack under the oppression of the enemy. But Gethsemane was to become My greatest triumph, for from the cross I rose again, triumphing over principality & power. When you were in the haunted house of Frodsham, the enemy picked you up, & literally threw you on to that radiator to destroy & to kill you. How could you land head first on a radiator by climbing upstairs? 

You were taken & thrown head first on a radiator to kill & destroy you. The enemy that day was frustrated. For he expected thee simply to pray to your God. For he has victory over the un-crucified. But you knew not to pray. For those crucified move not by the vain repetition of common prayer among Western nations. For in all things, I must have the pre-eminence; & you waited on the Lord, for you do not know how to pray; & I came & recited Isaiah 53 with thee. We were one in spirit, just as John 17 promised you we would be.  For those who are crucified & are risen up, move by the faith of the Son of God. Such is thee; under constant oppression, with groups gathering all around thee, as at Gethsemane, to destroy thee.

“But I am come that you may have life, & life in abundance. Thy programmes on ECCTV are direct from the throne-room of God. Thou hast suffered to bring about this channel; & from that suffering comes the Word of God in power. The Gethsemane experiences have worked with thee, as they come to crucify thee continuously, those of the flesh even reporting thee to the authorities for going through such an experience - & as Abraham brought his tithe to the table of Melchizedek, thou has placed all on the altar for Me.

Likewise, as they look at the finances of Sheila, the intercessor who likewise by the Spirit laid her goods on the altar for Me. Yet her family ignore this, & attack thee. Yet it was not thee, but My Spirit, that laid all these things on the altar for Me, so that every creature should be reached with the gospel.

“The nights of torment she went through, meant she left all on the altar for Me. For those who do not understand, refer them to the history of Britain; of saints of God who laid all on the altar for Me; & as we come to what is referred to as Easter, they sing the great hymn that came through Isaac Watts, that declares ‘demand my life & my all.’ They sing it without understanding it. For as in the Acts of the Apostles, earthly goods are laid down to proclaim My gospel. Sheila did this by the calling of the Spirit; & you, as the one who is called to administer her finances over a number of years, were simply obeying the one-ness in Spirit.

Yes, natural forms were signed, but these are not important. For the one-ness in Spirit is from where all these activities have taken place - & it is this that the enemy has attacked. For without that unity in the Spirit, he can have a victory. But those who have sown discord must understand that the victory in Christ 
Jesus has already overcome the world; & that the plans of discord will come to naught, for My Word is so much more powerful. For from this suffering comes My sword, which is spoken in power. For this sword is the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God; & I plunge it today into these plans of Satan to not only destroy you, but to destroy all you have set up in My name; & this name is above every other name. For at this name, every knee has to bow.

For this name has come to thee, having been crucified with Christ, you being now risen as the manifestation of life on this earth, this life being Me, & Me alone.  “For, for those who have been crucified is the walk as Me on this earth, the walk with me in the heavenly places, the empowerment of the Holy Ghost, high above principality & power. But as the apostle Paul discovered, with it comes these nights of torment; attacks to suppress the anointing.

But all they do, is bring the realisation that thy reliance is on Me; & from the depths of despair, from the depths of being crucified with Christ, comes the realisation that thou has been given the sword of the Spirit; that when one uses the name ‘Jesus,’ it is the name of the heart, rather than the name of instant reaction; which is how you were risen up from the hospital at Warrington, into thy perfect healing.“That is the perfect healing ministry, Sheila herself moving at the hospital at Vavuniya, laying hands with all her heart on the sick, seeing them recover in the name of Jesus. It is that which the enquiry needs to consider. For Sheila was prepared to lay her life down for her friends. Hence what she gave was in line with this heart of total surrender to the will of God, rather than the flesh life of personal lust & personal ambition.

“What say now the Power of Attorney has acted in line with this, rather than of the love of money & the collecting of treasure on earth; that is thou looks at the Scriptures thy monarch has sworn upon, that is indeed the gospel of the Coronation Oath & of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, of which there is no equal. For this Oath contains those of the line of Zadok (Coronation Service 1953), who give their lives for others, rather than the hoarding up of treasures on earth.

“You see, thou art of the kingdom of God, having this logic of operation, rather than the personal greed that is endemic in this world, Sheila for years operating as a prophetess. Do those prophets & prophetesses give heed to the goods of this earth – or do they lay everything down, to be the spokespeople of God? Answer that.”





Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 30/04/15

“The Ring of Satan”


“This has gathered around you, so as to kill, steal & destroy. Be not surprised; it is there in My Word; & the Lord Jesus is well pleased with thee for thy openness to those with the government enquiries, which were there of Satan’s doing, so you would go down under the letter of the law that killeth, it being the Spirit that giveth life.


“It would seem that thou hast been attacked from every corner, that there has been a ring of Satan; a ring being round, a round table of those looking to destroy thee through the letter of the law that killeth.


“Over the last years, one has faced up to so many challenges, one after another, that there now needs to be an examination, that how through one named man, that so much of government resource be placed against thee; how one man could have a ring of people sending in complaints against thee, from every corner, to government department after government department; & how this one man has been protected, & allowed to do so much harm.


“However, thou walketh the higher plane. Those who walk the lower plane would have been destroyed long ago; & as these enquiries continue against thee, in a nation that has ignored its Constitution, one insists that the words ‘by My Spirit, saith the Lord’ take the priority, for that is the demand of the British Constitution, that each government department understand things by the Spirit first, which is the whole nature of the Constitution. If government kept to this, there would be no NHS crisis, no corruption in banking circles, grown-up human beings instead of babies in buckets, dying because of the letter of the law that killeth; laws passed by Parliaments that thy former headmaster exposed as being controlled by a paedophile ring.


“You see, Satan operates in a ring, a paedophile ring; & in thy case, a ring of legalists that are causing just as much damage in relation to the taking over of movements & nations, it being significant that the term ‘round table’ is commonly used today, where people sit in a ring to plot their way forward, instead of keeping to the Constitutional demand to hear from God before making laws, the laws they have used against thee being from the round tables of men rather than those who attend prayers in the House of Commons & Lords, seeking God’s direction over the way things should go, the nation’s leaders choosing the round table, the ring of Satan; hence the over-regulation & abortion of babies. The letter of the law killeth, which is why the Spirit has priority over the letter in the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, & the Mayflower Compact in America.


“So one says, as prophets to the nation, ‘Is it to be the ring of Satan, the roundtable approach, or politicians who will get on their knees before God & repent, & seek the Lord on the way forward? Or is it to be after this Election, another 5 years of over-regulation & stress on the people, placing strain on medical resources, the letter of the law that killeth; or is it to be a return to the ancient landmark of Elizabeth I, who in her Settlement placed God on the throne, the God that brings life, rather than the death of the ring of Satan she exposed in her Settlement?’


“My Word declares to remove not the ancient landmark; & thy nation has sinned against Me & the very Constitution which I have set before thee.


“It is time now for the remnant to rise up, to take charge over rebellious movements & nations, exposing their wicked ways. For thus saith the Lord through His true prophets, the counterfeits having been exposed by those speaking My Word in power. For thou is speaking in line with My prophets of recent times, for thy colleague Oliver has spoken the Word in My anointing, that those of Zadok must rise up to set the people free from the bondages of round table ministries, round table governments; indeed, the rings of Satan which thou art called to destroy in My name. For this is why the Son of Man was manifest: to destroy the works of the devil. For thou speaketh on this earth in My name. Whatsoever thou shalt bind, & whatsoever thou shalt loose in My name has to fall.


“As they persecuted the prophets before thee, so they persecute you. But My name is high above the ring of Satan, a ring whose plots against thee have already failed. For My name is higher, My name being of the resurrected Christ, who died & rose again so that thou can stand against all these attacks, victorious.  For I rose again & have given thee all authority over the devil & his cohorts. Thou speaketh the Word of the Lord. So, it is so. The victory over these attacks thou hast been under is complete, for thou hast declared the name of thy glorious Saviour.”

Hearken, Hearken 

are the key words here for God is speaking to His Church expecting obedience.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/08/11


“Yes indeed, I have called thee to make 2 CDs; of these 2 CDs, one will depict the work of the cross, & the other of My coming, of The Midnight Cry.


“They shall be called ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ & ‘The Midnight Cry: on ‘The Midnight Cry,’ I am calling Lindsay to sing ‘Softly & Tenderly;’ & on ‘The Old Rugged Cross,’ you will find an arrangement so that Lindsay can sing with passion & compassion, & also an arrangement of ‘Rock of Ages’ in the same vogue, with atmosphere.


“Truly, saith the Lord, I have called thee, Lindsay, to be a minstrel according to My Word. I am sending thee all over the world, to sing My praise; to bring down the anointing of God upon gatherings throughout the whole world. And not only shalt thou be a minstrel, saith the Lord, & other themes for future CDs will include an intercessory CD, with warfare songs, to include ‘The Army of the Lord.’


“Behold, I am calling thee at this time to prepare, for indeed I have called thee both at this time to build up the rearguard, as indeed I have called David Owen to do the same; to prepare thy offices for major ministry, whiuch I have called thee all to.


“And Lindsay, I am anointing that voice to reach out to the lost. Be prepared for souls to be saved, through the anointing & conviction of My Spirit. Praise the Lord!


“I have called thee, Lindsay. This is thy time. Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. For Mine hour has come, saith the Lord. Be constantly on the lookout for My Word, for what I am going to say.


“I have saved thee & prepared thee, saith the Lord, for such an hour as this.

“Rejoice & be exceedingly glad; for thou hast stood through the persecution & the testing, & thou hast shown thou ius prepared to go the extra mile.

“Prepare now, saith the Lord.


“And David, I have called thee to keep the balance of the Church ministry, with the extensions that have been going on, to keep balancing the books at this stage (i.e. not showing a loss).


“But be prepared for the funding of God to fulfil the call on your lives.

“That is why I have called thee to keep the rear guard. That is why I have called you to a season of getting your offices together.


“This is the season of preparation; & this house is to become the manse, all paid for.


“And indeed I have called you, David & Lindsay, to set up a similar manse in Stornoway, with thy ‘get-away’ along the West coast of Lewis, for thou wilt wander the beaches & hear from Me.


“And from Lewis, thou will blow thy trumpet back towards Inverness, & proclaim the victory of the Lord.


“In Lewis, thou wilt proclaim the price & power of revival; for in Lewis I am not leaving thee to thine own devices. I am bringing thee an army of prayer warriors, to destroy the religious stronghold the enemy set up after the revival.


“Be prepared for big meetings on Lewis, & to remove the religious pride in Harris.


“There is no point wearing all the finery of religion on the outside, when the inside is hard & corrupt.


“There is no point being proud of your stand on religious finery, when the hardness is holding back revival.


“There is no point in saying ‘Look at us – see how religious we are,’ without the compassion of the Lord. Without the compassion of the Lord, thou shalt not be in thy call.


“And yes indeed, I have called thee to the so-called Catholic islands. And they will say ‘What are you doing here?’


“And thou shalt put on concerts in these islands. Take the halls; set up thy sound equipment, & sing the praises of God. And the conviction of My Spirit, saith the Lord, in these concerts will move the captive of religion into life.

“And these islands will no longer be known as of the Catholic persuasion, but be known as the islands of the Lord.


“The Castle of Barra is a stronghold that has placed the island under a masonic control.


“Thou art to stand on the hill of McCaig & remove the oppressive spirit over the islands. And thou hast cried out in the past over these islands. I have heard thy cries; I am calling thee to stand on the island of Castlebay, & declare My glory.

“Rejoice & be exceeding glad; for I have called thee, saith the Lord, to prepare right now.


“Be content in this preparation period; be not frustrated, saith the Lord, for I have called thee to fulfil that which I have called thee to do.


“Thou will be offered ministry all over America & Canada; & thou art to collect the resources, & at the same time share what the Lord has callked thee to do; to talk of thesew island of the West; to talk of the vision of Sri Lanka to Tibet; to set up thine own offices in Sri Lanka.


“See – I am sending you the resources to set up the rear guard. Thou art to pay for the manse here, the manse in Stornoway; set up the Pentecostal Church of Scotland; & the get-away on the West coast of Lewis. These are rear guard activities. Be content in the rear guard setting up.

“But for you, Lindsay, I am sending you out shortly into a season of reaching out; to go & fulfil that calling in America to go & record the material.


“And I am opening doors for you, saith the Lord – mighty doors. There will be those who will want to join you in Scotland & Wales. So give heed to this call.

“Thou wilt be involved in mighty meetings in America & Canada. Give heed to My call. Pay for the manse in Rhos. Pay for the manse in Stornoway. Have the van with the sound equipment in Stornoway, as you have the van with the sound equipment in Wales.


“I will bring you those to run all of these things; but I am providing for you also the get-away on the coast of Lewis, so you can go & hear from Me.


“But remember at this time: set up thy offices; set up this manse; & yes, even within this time of setting up, Lindsay, there will a call for you to reach out; but the rear guard must be set up.


“Yes, I have called thee to set up Chapel Pentecost & to share the vision of this – of new building chapels throughout Wales, built by the sides of major roadways.

“And in Scotland, for the Pentecostal Church of Scotland. It will be My true Kirk, saith the Lord.


“Can you not see, I have brought you together, David & Lindsay, on the home ground, to save thy nations of Wales & Scotland; to go out to lands, as I have indeed sent the missionaries of old to nations all over the world.


“And indeed I have called thee to get the wealth to establish My covenant.

“So go & work with My people in the U.S. & Canada. Bring many back to thy homeland to help thee fulfil the call of God on your lives.


“I have called thee, saith the Lord, to let this time of building up the rear guards be precious to thee; for I am calling out from these places, to fulfil the call of God on your lives.”


 Word from the Lord through DPG, 30/08/11

‘The “Come unto Me” Word’


 “My Word gives an invitation: ‘Come unto Me, all ye that labour & are heavy laden, & I will give you rest.’


“Thou art to set out an invitation to al those heavy laden; an invitation to the rest of the Lord. Thou art to set out the categories of the invitation; the categories I am to give you now:


“Category (1): to those who are bound by religion:-

“Christ does not dwell in holy places made with hands. Invite those who are bowing at altars. Invite those who are separated by communion rails from priests. Invite those who suffer from the ‘one man band’ syndrome – the one man who sets himself up above the people, rather than being part of the five-fold ministry who perfect the saints for ministry. Invite those who worship the creation rather than the Creator. Invite thise who worship gods with a physical deity, rather than the God: Father, Son & Holy Ghost – the one true God; in Christ being the fullness of the godhead bodily. Invite all those who are part of the heavy shepherding movement; whose lives are controlled by men, rather than by God:


“Come to Me, ye that labour & are heavy laden, & I will give you rest.”


“Invite politicians, MPs, AMs, councillors, who are realising now that inb man’s strength, they can do nothing. Great Britain is on a knife edge. The role of the Christian Party is not to show its own strength, but God’s. The strain & pain of politics is affecting many eithin the political arena.


“Set out an invitation on the Christian Party website, entitled ‘Come unto Me, all ye that labour & are heavy laden.’


“The task is too great for man. How great to see politicians giving their lives to Christ; for through Him alone will come the victory.


“Come unto Me, those who are involved with social disorder, stressed out by the system. An invitation to them, instead of fighting on the streets, to cast their cares upon the Lord; to fight it out in the ballot box, instead of taking it out on already stressed-out politicians.


“Open out an invitation to those who have taken thy nation into the vagrancies of the European Union. I have not called thee to be a part of this counterfeit Union of nations. I have called thee to have a Commonwealth of nations; to promote trade with the Commonwealth nations, the rich sharing their wealth with the poor.


“Thou art to give an invitation to those afraid of their gods; to those who honour their gods with their giving, because they simply want to appease those gods. Tell them I have already destroyed the power of those false gods, & that they need not have any fear of them; for I was manifest to destroy the works of the devil.


“Hold out an invitation to those bound by secular humanism. Their universities have become a religion of their own. Thy social structures contaibn men & women of this religion of training; but not training in the Word, but training in man. So much is missing from this religion – most of all, Me. It is a very silly,very stupid religion; but those who have come under its claws suffer strains & stresses they need not have to endure.


“Hold out an invitation for them to come forward – place this invitation on your websites, with the tune ‘Just as I am’ playing in the background, the invitation to politicians being on the Christian Party website (North) which I have commanded thee to set up. Repeat the verse ‘Come unto Me, all ye that labour & are heavy laden & I will give thee rest.’


“Hold out an invitation to those involved in the big ministries; those involved with commercial giants I have not told them to be involved with. Many have allowed these commercial  concerns to extend their ministries, through the selling of commercial books & commercial music.


“And thou hast been right not to question the anointing on the individuals in these ministries. To give an invitation to those ministers, many of whom aretrue ministers of the gospel; many of whom are true exponents of praise & worship. Invite them to come forth; set them free fromn the strains of commercial enterprise. Proclaim My glory.


“As for the children: so many children are affected by broken relationships of parents; introduce them to the Father through Jesus the begotten Son, by My Spirit. Invite them to meet the Saviour.


“Praise the Lord.

“You see, My Word is clear – ‘Come unto Me.’


“ ‘Come unto Me, all ye who are heavy laden; I will give thee rest.’

“Invite those suffering through emotional toil; those who are bound by Gnosticism, a form of religion that denied the power; & even those religions that have a form of power; that look to combine all strands of religious belief into one; call them into a place of true repentance; a total giving up of the world, & the demonic presentation of ecumenical strands.


“You know, there are those who are mad at you, for exposing the Alpha heresy. Give them an invitation at this time. They are so mad at thee, the protection of their alpha god has made them heavy laden too. Give them an invitation to come unto Me.


“Like you have already witnessed, Alpha course leaders are to be saved, renouncing the vagrancies of a course, the false culture of ecumenical life; the false culture of the false revival movement; & the acceptance of being able to be part of the humanism of thy nation.


“Come thee apart, I say; be ye separate, I say; be ye holy, as I say, as I am holy.

“Bring forth an invitation to all those bound by this Alpha infiltration. ‘Come unto Me’ – give the path to real salvation; total giving of one’s life to Jesus Christ, through repentance & renoiuncing the things of this world – not just saying sorry, but moving into the salvation that renounces the things of this world, the alpha Cross being the cross-culturization of beliefs; the true Cross being the place of full sanctification; the place where one comes to give one’s whole life to Christ; not just a part of it.


“So draw up an open invitation: ‘Come unto Me, all ye that labour & are heavy laden, & I will give you rest.’ [Praise the Lord. Amen].”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 31/08/11


 “Take heed, take heed, saith the Lord: do not muzzle the prophet’s words, saith the Lord.


“For as I spoke through the prophet in days of old, they spoke & murmured against the prophetic word, & picked up their golden calf of dead religion. But the prophet came down, shining abundantly with My Word; so My prophets today are climbing the hill with the Lord, & coming down that hill full of the Lord, to bring the message of the Lord to bring the people unto Me.


“As the day came for the prophet to lift up his rod, so today this same thing is to happen. Behold! I am calling the people out of Egypt. But as in the days of old, the people have found their security zones within the pyramidic systems of slavery. The prophet has cried, ‘Come out of this land of pagan worship & activity.’ Thy prophet has cried in the courtrooms of the land, to let My people go. To this day, if anyone should be under the oppression of Egypt, thy prophet stands for them, not giving heed to the personal circumstance; not even giving heed to the personal cost. Thy prophet is to stand in the highest courts of the land. With the apostle, he is to stand & contend before Caesar. Thy robes are to be the robes of righteousness.


“Thou hast stood on thy stone, & called the people out of the world; but they have lingered, saith the Lord. They have held on to that little bit of luxury that the world system has to offer. But I tell thee, My judgement is upon that system. I am the Lord – I change not. Just as judgement came upon the Egyptian courts, so My judgement today is upon the courts of what I will describe as Egypt. For thy nation has been observing the same courts of the ancients of the pyramidic land. They profess to be Christians, yet they worship before altars made with hands. They worship under pyramidic high altars. They worship before statues said to be of the Lord. But thou hast not been called to worship before statues made of stone. Thou hast not been called to place incense before the altars of Baal. Thou hast been called to listen to My prophets & apostles, the foundation stones of My Church, I being the chief cornerstone.


“But thou hast cried from the high place, to come & follow Me. Yet they have clutched to the strands of Egypt; the security zones of flesh; the god of the physical senses. For as in days of old, even though the prophet led the children of Israel out of the land of slavery; & even though the prophet lifted up his rod & set the people free; so when things got tough, before the place Shittim, so the people murmured & rumoured. They started following their own way. They started forming their own little fellowship, of which the prophet took no part.

“O, thou hast a murmuring people, saith the Lord. ‘You should be doing this,’ they say. ‘You should be doing that,’ they say. ‘Oh, we have heard the prophet’s words, but we are going our own way. We will have our own little fellowship.’

“Praise Him on the loud trumpet! Praise Him on the loud cymbals! Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.”


“I have not called thee to react to the human apprehension. I have not called thee to listen to the murmurs & gossips of a people holding on to their traditions. ‘Oh, we do things this way. Oh, we do things that way.’ As they murmured against Moses, so they murmur against thee. And in the spirit comes the thrust. An idol is built, of the ways of this world – so a new golden calf is built, of the way things are to be done. So they come to the prophet & say, ‘We need to do things this way; we need to do things that way. We need to do what the murmuring people ask for. O! we have our own calf; we have our own way.’

“Yet the prophet cries ‘Come to the high place.’ He quotes My Word, forgetting those things which are behind, & moving ahead into the high calling of God.

“ ‘But we don’t do things that way. We have our own way. Egypt offers us plenty.’


“Thou hast taken the people into Shittim, knowing that from this place, the Word is to be lifted up. My Word is to separate thyselves. ‘Oh – but we must be nice to the people. We can’t go without them.’ Yet, I have brought thee a Joshua, to face the walls of thy Jericho; but going through those walls demands a price. The longings of the golden calf is to compromise to the needs of the people.

“ ‘Thou must visit the people, & show them love, & embrace the benefits of their calf. One must have tea with them. Thou must compromise towards this calf, who is quite prepared to accept your religion, as long as you accept his. For the god of the calf is very accommodating. ‘Oh! You can have your life in the spirit.’ And one becomes accommodating to the spirits of other gods too. ‘We must show them love. We bring in the gods of the J.W.s [Jehovah’s Witnesses]; we bring in the gods of masonry.’ For this calf is all-accommodating. ‘O! we don’t want to cause any trouble or any difficulty. We want to be accommodating to all men.’ The calf of one world religion is all-accommodating.


“But I am the Lord: I change not. My prophet climbs the hill of the Lord. He comes with the Word to forsake the calf; with My Joshua calling the people to consecration. But the people did not know what to do. They just said, ‘Yes – we accommodate thee. But I can’t leave the strands of the calf. O Lord, I can accommodate Thee – but I have my own feelings, my life in this world – I can not forsake that.’


“But My Joshua called for the people to repent of the calf. But there is excuse, problems, difficulties. ‘Can I give my life to the one God? I have got to give honour to my other gods too. I have got this to do, I have got that to do – I must not forget this. But the price is too high. I’ve got my life to lead; for these gods will bless what I have got to do. I pray for them to bless my plans.’


“But the Word declares: ‘If you hearken unto the Lord thy God…’ You see, the message of the prophet & the apostle is to hearken unto the Lord thy God. The God of Deuteronomy 28 has not changed; & the prophet & the apostle declare, ’Choose ye this day whom you will serve.’


“You see, the prophet & apostle are here, not to bow to the all—accommodating god, the god of this world, the architect god. For this is the god of physical buildings. Oh! How they honour & worship their building. O! they have their cathedrals; they have their places of the pyramid.


“ ‘O, but we must respect the god of these buildings.’ They go quiet as they open the doors, & they bow towards the altars of Baal.


“But My Word declares, ‘What concord has Christ with Baal? ‘ My Word declares, ‘Be ye separate.’


“And so, at the place Shittim, the people had a choice, to separate themselves, to sanctify themselves, because tomorrow the Lord will perform wonders.

“But are the people prepared to pay the price to enter into the Promised Land?

“The prophet cries out to the people, to sing out praise unto the Lord thy God. He goes into trances, not wanting to heed the backbiting & rumour; wanting to stay unto the place of the throne of God, where He sits equally, as joint heir with Christ. He brings from the throne room the message of God, they will not heed.

“Yet, there are those who will not heed. They say, ‘I have an all-accommodating god. I can do this, I can do that. I have my own free choice.’ Yet My Word declares, ‘Ye are not your own. Ye were bought with a price.’


“Yet I have thee, saith the Lord; as thy hast cried out thine own inadequacies, I have filled thee with My Spirit. You see, I have seen thee cry out before God, in intercession for the people. They will not leave their worldly security zones, to cross int the Promised Land. They have this, they have that. ‘God will bless us,’ they say.


“Yet, I have called them to Shittim, but the things of the world have their hold. My Joshua gave the consecration word. They have to discuss it, ‘We have this; we have that.’ Will there be a people willing to forsake the workd, so that thy nation can be saved?


“Revival only comes through broken people, who have broken away from the claws of this world.


“Yet, the ‘phone calls have been going on; the texts have been written; e-mails too. Oh! Can the people forsake Egypt, to wholeheartedly give their lives to God?

“In the Promised Land, there are principles those holding on to the world can not accept; which is why they have to forsake the world.


“My warning to those entering this land, is not to give heed yet again to the gods of Egypt.


“Thou hast warned of the vagrancies of the Alexandrian verse; yet in thy land, they still hold on to the bibles of Egypt. They still hold on to the strand which makes them feel secure. For thou hast been called to hold on to the one true Word, of the call of God out of the land of Egypt, & into the Promised Land. They murmured against thee; but thou still hast called for the people to sanctify themselves; for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among them.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 03 09 11



“Hearken, My children; hearken. The key word is ‘hearken.’ Go to wherever thou can hear from God.


“I have plans for thee; plans for thee to fulfil thy callings quickly, efficiently, & without stress.


“In thy Church fellowship, thou art to tell the people to cast cares upon Me; for I am the way, the truth, & the life. No man cometh to the Father except by Me.

“The key word is listen. Listen to the Father. When one does hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, thou shows the obedience required to move in the callings of God.


“But there are those who have not listened. Tell them the way to hear from God:

(1)             To cast cares upon the Lord, for He cares for thee.

(2)            Teach to hear from the inner witness, the glories of God.

(3)            To praise the Lord. When I say praise, I mean praise the Lord; let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord.


“And oh, thou hast written what the Lord doth say. Now is the time to write down the points of the prophecies given over the years, & hear from Me on the priority which thou should give to the various points.


“Because this is the hour of fulfilment, saith the Lord; for behold! I am coming quickly.


“Tell the people to fulfil the same exercise; of writing down what they have been called to do over the years. This is the hour of fulfilment.


“Warn those who have not written the vision, that this is a command of God, that they must write down. Write the vision, I say, & in the appointed time, thou shalt run with it.


“But I am telling thee now: this is the appointed time for much that thou hast written over the years.


“Be not afraid. Remember the chorus ‘Nothing is impossible, if you put your trust in God.’


“Warn about the distractions of the enemy. Call the people together. Give understanding of the importance of the word ‘hearken.’ There are those who are simply not hearing from Me. The key word is ‘hearken.’ Bring out to the front those who have not written what the Spirit is calling them to do. Tell the people ‘You are not your own; you have been brought with a price.’


“I expect My people to listen to Me daily, & fulfil what I have called them to do.

“My people are a busy people, obeying Me constantly. For I have great things for thy fellowship to do & fulfil.


“The key word is ‘hearken.’ For those who hearken & obey, the blessings of Abraham are theirs.”


Word from the Lord through  DPG, 18/11/14

“The Manufacture of Money Crises, & My Word for You”


“First of all, there is no such thing as a genuine money crisis in the world. It is all manufactured, so as to gain control over the people; so as to remove the small entity & replace it with the large global control.


“At the root of this is the love of money. And so, My message to you today is, Prepare for government. On whose shoulders is government supposed to be? Who is in charge? The answer: My body. For the weight of the people has been taken off their shoulders by the anointing that took the world’s control out of the devil’s hands 2000 years ago.


“For all those who have come to Me have full authority over the devil & all his cohorts, there being a Constitution in Britain that not only protects this nation, but also the Commonwealth & United States of America. For the Compact is as valid today as it has always been.


“In these nations therefore, bring those from all parties who are standing for the old ways, of money supply that is real & not manufactured. Remove the false debts that are only there by manipulation. Remove the false dogma that there is shortage of resource & so we have to have more regulation.


“It is all nothing but a lie. There is no shortage or lack in the world whatsoever. At any one time, there is no difference in the money supply in all of the world.

“What there is, is sin; & who is the author of sin? And who has authority over the author of sin?


“In My name, you have. You displayed that authority over the Charity Commission, who look for specks in your eyes, when the big beams are in those handling the money supplies, the banks again being found guilty of crime; & these revelations of sin in the banking community just touch the surface; for they bring out minor aspects of banking sins, to bring the people’s minds off the main point: that is, if you can control the money supply, build people up to think they are wealthy, then pull them down through controls, through a manufactured recession, then in build-ups to elections, show loving-kindness to the people, with promises of great things to happen. You know full well you are dealing with Jezebel.


“Ups & downs, loving-kindness, & controls: what else but Jezebel, the Jezebel of nations needing to be taken authority over.


“So, prepare for government; for in government, thou will confront the sins of those that manufacture recession so as to gain control of the people.


“As a body of nations, that is, Britain, its Commonwealth, & the United States of America, you will prosper. Without the money controls of the banks, you will have great wealth to deal with. You will see to it in these nations that no one has lack, Common Wealth being the central theme. The poverty of these nations is to be removed. By confronting the Jezebel, thou brings the conditions for people to hear from God for themselves, rather than controlling spirits who place the people under threat & bondage, medical services being released from all the effects of stress upon these nations.


“In Britain alone, the savings for the NHS are phenomenal, if you remove the stress from the nation.


“It will be a wonderful revelation for people to realise that there is no shortage in the world whatsoever.


“Proclaim the name Jesus above every other name. At this name, every knee shall bow; & you will be raising up a movement to take authority all over the world. That movement will say, ‘The world is fed up with your manufacture of recession. Step aside, for the government is on the shoulders of the body of Christ.’


“You have that authority now, over the one who is to be chained up for 1000 years. You can live the millennial reign today. You can sing ‘Joy to the World’ today. For I have given thee all authority over the devil. It is there in the Word for all to read. ‘Whatsoever you bind…whatsoever you loose…’ it is all there.

“Prepare for government. Prepare for common wealth amongst these nations.

“As for the other nations, repent & come as one into My nations of common wealth.


“You have the authority. You have the power now. Go ahead & use it, in My name. The devil, his cohorts, & all governments under his control, that manufacture recessions, have to bow the knee.



“’The earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof.’ So when they speak of lack, they lie, right from the mouth of the great deceiver of the people.


“Thou hast found the thief. For nations who follow Me, there is the promises of Deuteronomy 28. For those who do not, the curses of Deuteronomy 28; which is why I am placing thee in government; not those who manufacture lack so as to gain control of the people. That is Jezebel; & who did Jezebel chase? The prophets of God, & those who hold the inheritance of the vineyard.


“And who is in charge of the vineyard? The True Vine, & the branches of the Vine. Who are the branches? Thou art the branches.


“Prepare for government. That is what you are to do: prepare for government. The anointing has already destroyed the yoke of bondage. Walk ye in that anointing.”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 15/08/15

“Thou Hast Been Called from On High”


“This intimate walking with Christ, as well as - as the Christ, is one thou hast taken to in all its fullness. One has shown to Me that thou hat been willing to give up all that one hast for the sake of the gospel. The gospel to thee is more important than oneself. To reach the lost is more important than one’s own needs.


“Thou goest about bringing life, & life in abundance. Thou hast the call of God on your life, & thou hast taken it to heart.


“Thou art a great danger to the devil & all his plans. Thou hast stood in the gap, amongst legions of devils; not only one, but hostile groups, have plotted your demise. But you hang on in there, for thou hast not been afraid of the terror by night. For thou hast been walking in the shadow of the Most High. Thou hast not been afflicted by those who would like to see you, & all you stand for, destroyed. For thou art walking the corridors of power. Thou art walking in the places where no man can go, except through the blood of Christ Jesus.


“Thou hast been warriors by day, & victors by night. For thou art My chosen people. For thou art walking these places in victory, & you know it is through thy weakness that thou becomes as Christ.


“’Bend me! Bend me!’ said the prophet of Loughor. ‘The divine in the human,’ said the apostle of grace in the Hebrides, J Edwin Orr declaring the Jeremiah 1:10 commission; & as you stand, I am lifting you up, both body, soul & spirit, to walk with Me in the high places of power.


“You see, thou has found favour with God; & as you open up of the kingdom, so souls are being saved; & I am declaring unto thee that thou has been called to be the battleships of God. Thou has been called to go & be battleships of the highest calibre. For I have called thee to be My army. Thou hast showed compassion; for thou hast been called of the Most High, more than conquerors, full of the Holy Ghost, & power, & fire. For thou hast been walking these places for some time; & as I wept over Jerusalem, thou hast wept over thine own land.


“Walk ye in it, as Me on this earth. Thou hast My power to heal & deliver & set free. For I have lifted thee up to these places of God, the portals of power.


“Walk thee in these places majestically, & in power, & have no fear. For I am with thee & thou art as Me. Bring now My fire upon that which has crept into thy nation. Bring thy nation into the judgement & correction of God; & once more, I walk thy land. More than conquerors, victorious in Me, thou hast been called from on high.


“Speak now My victory.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 29/09/15

“The Price of Prophet-hood”


“Prophets are never defeated, but they pay the price of prophet-hood.


“Now, what I am about to say goes right across the Ephesians 4:11-12 giftings; but I concentrate today on the prophet, including of course the prophetess.


“There are a number of headings:-


“Number 1: To the outside world, they are a strange group of people, for they have separated themselves unto Me, to be My voice crying out in the wilderness. John the Baptist was such a prophet; & first of all, they come under attack from those maintaining the religious order. As they looked to crucify Me, they look to crucify them.


“But being a prophet, they do not see themselves as being a separate entity to Me, but see themselves as being the manifestation of Me. The prophet is not afraid to manifest the truth, & will take every opportunity to do so.


“Number 2: The prophet brings conviction to society. There is no in-betweens in society. Society will either repent, or look to place the prophet under its legal system. But the prophet knows from where legal systems begin, & is more knowledgeable on law than the accusers. In the prominent case thou art involved in today, the accusers are having to face the truth, which they look to narrow down into their own systems, which are inadequate for the truth. The truth is a person & not a thing.


“Number 3: Regulation is higher than the Spirit. The law determines the result. But this does not satisfy the prophet, for he does not see justice in the law. He sees justice through the One who has redeemed us from the curse of the law. The prophet does this through manifesting the truth, which is a person to whom the pre-eminence must be given.


This is why British law insists on the Constitutional Acts being given the prominent position, for the Romanist system of law (Great Britain placing itself under the Treaty of Rome) is inadequate in finding out truth & justice, truth being a person who brings justice; & this person always offers opportunity to those who accuse, to repent from coming against the prophet, who is standing on the truth.


“Number 4: The prophet is unassailable. The prophet does not budge one inch from the foundation he/she is built upon, is unmoveable in times of crisis. But the prophet’s mind comes under great attack. The enemy looks to stop revelation, for this is the prophet’s sword. His/her faith hasn’t moved, for this is the faith of the Son of God; but his/hers mind comes under great attack, as with the apostle, from outside the arena of apostle-hood & prophet-hood, no-one understands the price being paid here.


“The enemy targets with his highest demons, in attempts to stop this revelation going out. Paul complained of this to Me, My grace being sufficient for him, as it is for you. For thou comest from a nation where God was given the pre-eminence in 1953 by the present monarch. For a nation to move away from that oath to God, to attempt to sign this away to Romanist power, is one which the prophet will always stand against; & in Great Britain, they are planning to have a referendum based on  whether or not the nation should break its promises to God.


“Number 5: The prophet will always be lengthy in speech & in writing. The nation’s Constitutional Acts are contextual by their very nature. They are based on a monarch hearing from God & acting accordingly. But when a nation refuses to hear the Word of the Lord, laws are passed that bring death, rather than life, & all manner of Constitutional breaches come out of laws that have not heeded God. So they tell the prophet the laws & regulations he/she has constantly broken; but the prophet establishes the Spirit over the letter, for the letter killeth, & the Spirit giveth life.


It is the nature of the prophet to forsake his/her all for the cause. This is normal in prophet-hood; but remember what I tell thee, that My Word is all-powerful, & the prophet knows it, yet comes in humility & weakness to give the word of the Lord, because he/she knows it is not him/her, but Christ Jesus, the King of Kings & Lord of Lords, the prophet giving all praise & glory to the One who has manifested Himself through the empty vessel, there being neither Jew not Greek nor male nor female; & the prophet is always prepared to go all the way, pointing out the pre-eminence of Christ in all areas of judgement. For the prophet always fights for justice, & I provide My sword, to be pierced into the enemy camp when I call thee to do it.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 17/03/16

“Just as they gathered around the Prophets of Old, they gather around Thee”


“Jezebel chases the prophets, Naboth clamouring to keep his vineyard beneath the palace of Ahab, Ahab & Jezebel looking to take all from the vineyard of God, to use for greed & suppression of the people of God.


“On one hand, Ahab & Jezebel were kind & loving, working to help people. But behind all this was a destroying spirit, looking to take over the lives of people, looking to take over the government of a nation away from My prophets, who were drained of their resources by a Jezebellic system that is of the god of this world.


“Jezebel builds up the people with a false pride, looking to build the people up to be something, telling the people how important they are, winning election after election in modern terms by telling the people how important they are, what we will do for you, not telling the people that with the controls, there is a suppression of their life choices, a suppression of their ability to hear from God & rely on the provision of God, for by taking over the vineyards of the people, the people come afraid to take the system on, for it becomes their life source, the god of Baalim being the one in control over their lives.


“For with one hand Jezebel gives, & with the other, takes away, unless the victim does what Jezebel says.

“My prophets stand up to this, & to this day are persecuted day by day. There is no mercy with Jezebel. Those who rebel, she looks to destroy; & you, David & Lindsay, have faced this for many years. You have had to rely on the ravens of God to provide for you. Instead of responding, you have failed to come back to those with the spirit of Jezebel with an attitude of self-?grievance & hatred, seeing rather the potential of those people to be free of such a spirit.


“However, when Jezebel gets a hold, she does not let go. You see, the grave of Marx is not the landmark of socialism. The physical landmark of a spiritual entity is the palace of Jezebel above the vineyard of Naboth.


“Naboth worked hard & looked to provide for his family, but the state wanted to take over that provision, by taking over that which Naboth had. So, instead of God being the provider, & bringing the resources required for family life, the state wanted control of this, & so socialism was born, communism was born; & as a state takes over that which I have ordained in family life, so the elderly & vulnerable are placed under the controls of state rather than through the prophets of God, which is exactly what has happened with Sheila’s choice, & is happening now as they look to drain you of even more of your resources.


“Jezebel cannot stop in her determination to drain the resources of the prophets of God, in the name of helping others.


“So the socialism spirit was born, a spirit without virtue, the spirit that takes over governments & families & homes. And so you ask, ‘Why don’t Christians hear from God, & give to the ministries of God, the answer being that the spirit of Jezebel has taken over the affairs of state.


“So their choices have been taken away, just as Sheila’s choice was taken away from her. So now they look to take over your choice, which is to give all to God; but with socialism, human need is higher than God’s need, whereas your ethos is, by giving to God, God can provide as Jehovah Jireh. Whereas in socialism, if you give to the state, then the state can provide, with the controls of state, which is what you faced with the legal system of Great Britain, not under the virtue of the Constitution of the nation, but under the control of the Jezebellic palace of Samaria.


“So, what is this new season of intercession all about? It is about taking the fire to those who control the people, for as the thief is found, he has to restore sevenfold. The people cry out for a deliverance from the regulations, & you stand as Elijah, ready to bring the fire to set the people free.


“And as you study this fire, which My prophet Malachi declared; as you preach My Word of giving to God & God alone, so the people can be freed from the controls of state, controls of state manifesting through a royal family no longer of the palace of the first Elizabeth, but through the socialistic palace of Jezebel & its humanistic spirit, it being the role of the spirit of Elijah to restore the ethos of God over the nation once more.”

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