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Prophetic Calling 1

1 Thessalonians 5:19-21  King James Version (KJV)


Quench not the Spirit.


Despise not prophesyings.


Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.


The Word of God is clear, writes David P Griffiths to “despise not prophesyings but in a man centred culture, particularly in the “Higher Critical Church” culture the very thought that God would look to speak through man is anathema.


What is despised is that man has to die, the message the Word of God giving about “union” being very clear.


1 Corinthians 6:17 King James Version (KJV)


But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.


What is also despised is the fact that one's rights as a human being has been taken away so that the born again believer can be the manifestation of Christ Jesus on this earth with the government of nations on our shoulders, for shoulders are part of the body.


1 Corinthians 6:19-20 King James Version (KJV)


What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?


For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.


What is also despised is the fact that an individual prophesying is not to be world affected, it being completely Biblical that the one prophesying be possibly in a trance.


Numbers 24:3-5  King James Version (KJV)


And he took up his parable, and said, Balaam the son of Beorhath said, and the man whose eyes are open hath said:


He hath said, which heard the words of God, which saw the vision of the Almighty, falling into a trance, but having his eyes open:


How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, and thy tabernacles, O Israel!


The one who prophesies is also aware of the danger of human reason affecting the flow of the Spirit


Acts 10:9-17  King James Version (KJV)


On the morrow, as they went on their journey, and drew nigh unto the city, Peter went up upon the housetop to pray about the sixth hour:


And he became very hungry, and would have eaten: but while they made ready, he fell into a trance,


And saw heaven opened, and a certain vessel descending upon him, as it had been a great sheet knit at the four corners, and let down to the earth:


Wherein were all manner of four footed beasts of the earth, and wild beasts, and creeping things, and fowls of the air.


And there came a voice to him, Rise, Peter; kill, and eat.


But Peter said, Not so, Lord; for I have never eaten any thing that is common or unclean.


And the voice spake unto him again the second time, What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.


This was done thrice: and the vessel was received up again into heaven.


Now while Peter doubted in himself what this vision which he had seen should mean, behold, the men which were sent from Cornelius had made enquiry for Simon's house, and stood before the gate,


Those who prophesy and the Apostle Paul wrote most of the New Testament through writing down what the Spirit was speaking through him are aware of the religious spirit coming against them with the traditions of men and emotional reactions of the religious world. The one who is prophesying is AS HIM and so if they crucified Jesus – they will look to crucify the Prophet.


Acts 22:17-18 King James Version (KJV)


And it came to pass, that, when I was come again to Jerusalem, even while I prayed in the temple, I was in a trance;


And saw him saying unto me, Make haste, and get thee quickly out of Jerusalem: for they will not receive thy testimony concerning me.


Note John declares that he was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day and then declares “I am,” for as He is so are we in this world! The one prophesying is fully aware therefore that the prophecy is always in the “first person” – never “the Lord doth say” for that denies the union of Christ Jesus to the believer as one spirit.


Revelation 1:1-11 King James Version (KJV)


The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:


Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.


Blessed is he that read eth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.


John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from theseven Spirits which are before his throne;


And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,


And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.


Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.


I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.


I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.


I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet,


Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.


1 John 4:17 King James Version (KJV)


Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.


The one prophesying is also aware of his/her marital status, and what he/she (no human gender distinction in the spirit) is a partaker of:


Jeremiah 3:14 King James Version (KJV)


Turn, O backsliding children, saith the Lord; for I am married unto you: and I will take you one of a city,and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion:


Ephesians 5:30-32  King James Version(KJV)


For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.


For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.


This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.


2 Peter 1:3-5 King James Version (KJV)


According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:


Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.


And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;


Those who prophesy have to endure the buffetings of Satan to prevent pride getting a hold, they have to move by the faith of the Son of God and have to hold confidence until the end. In this context and this context only the prophets are subject to the prophets, those who live the same way not Pharisaic judges who have no clue of these things.


2 Corinthians 12:6-8 King James Version (KJV)


For though I would desire to glory, I shall not be a fool; for I will say the truth: but now I forbear, lest any man should think of me above that which he seeth me to be, or that he heareth of me.


And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.


For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me.


Galatians 2:20  King James Version (KJV)


I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.


Hebrews 3: 13-15 King James Version (KJV)


But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lestany of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.


For we are made partakers of Christ, if we hold the beginning ofour confidence stedfast unto the end;


While it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden notyour hearts, as in the provocation.


1 Corinthians 14:31-33 King James Version (KJV)


For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all maybe comforted.


And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.


For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.


For many many years now commonly in the early hours of the morning I have woken early with words from God. My dear wife Lindsay has woken too to write down what the Lord Jesus is saying.


Following on this website are those words. There are many more to come on later but these are the Words of the Lord beginning with the 95 Theses of 2007, the Lord telling me to “nail these theses on denominational doors”, an act spiritually achieved with the theses arriving physically by Special Delivery, a service not available in Luther’s day only to be widely ignored as in the days of Jeremiah.


As in the days of Jeremiah, the prophets rise early to be ignored by the religious and national populace to the detriment of society as a whole – but through these series of websites (See LINKS) God is speaking and convicting today to bring the “Church” and Nations back to him.


As a result of ignoring the Prophets Great Britain, USA and the Western World have placed themselves under Babylonian controls, the affects of slavery in the manifestation of over-regulation and over surveillance – all being the signs of Babylonian oppression.


It has never been wise to ignore the Prophets who still give a way out – THE ONE WAY OUT – the only one who is THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE – the only Saviour –his name is JESUS!


Jeremiah 7: 24-26 King James Version (KJV)


But they hearkened not, nor inclined their ear, but walked in the counsels and in the imagination of their evil heart, and went backward, and not forward.


Since the day that your fathers came forth out of the land of Egypt unto this day I have even sent unto you all my servants the prophets, daily rising up early and sending them:


Yet they hearkened not unto me, nor inclined their ear, but hardened their neck: they did worse than their fathers.


Jeremiah 25: 3-5 King James Version (KJV)


From the thirteenth year of Josiah the son of Amon king of Judah, even unto this day, that is the three and twentieth year, the word of the Lord hath come unto me, and I have spoken unto you, rising early and speaking; but ye have not hearkened.


And the Lord hath sent unto you all his servants the prophets, rising early and sending them; but ye have not hearkened, nor inclined your ear to hear.


They said, Turn ye again now every one from his evil way, and from the evil of your doings, and dwell in the land that the Lord hath given unto you and to your fathers for ever and ever:


Jeremiah 26:4-6 King James Version (KJV)


And thou shalt say unto them, Thus saith the Lord; If ye will not hearken to me, to walk in my law, which I have set before you,


To hearken to the words of my servants the prophets, whom I sent unto you, both rising up early, and sending them, but ye have not hearkened;


Then will I make this house like Shiloh, and will make this city a curse to all the nations of the earth.


Jeremiah 29:18-20 King James Version (KJV)


And I will persecute them with the sword, with the famine, and with the pestilence, and will deliver them to be removed to all the kingdoms of the earth, to be a curse, and an astonishment, and an hissing, and a reproach, among all the nations whither I have driven them:


Because they have not hearkened to my words, saith the Lord, which I sent unto them by my servants the prophets, rising up early and sending them; but ye would not hear, saith the Lord.


Hear ye therefore the word of the Lord, all ye of the captivity, whom I have sent from Jerusalem to Babylon:


Jeremiah 35:14-16 King James Version (KJV)


The words of Jonadab the son of Rechab, that he commanded his sons not to drink wine, are performed; for unto this day they drink none, but obey their father's commandment: notwithstanding I have spoken unto you, rising early and speaking; but ye hearkened not unto me.


I have sent also unto you all my servants the prophets, rising up early and sending them, saying, Return ye now every man from his evil way, and amend your doings, and go not after other gods to serve them, and ye shall dwell in the land which I have given to you and to your fathers: but ye have not inclined your ear, nor hearkened unto me.


Because the sons of Jonadab the son of Rechab have performed the commandment of their father, which he commanded them; but this people hath not hearkened unto me:


Jeremiah 44:3-5 King James Version (KJV)


Because of their wickedness which they have committed to provoke me to anger, in that they went to burn incense, and to serve other gods, whom they knew not, neither they, ye, nor your fathers.


Howbeit I sent unto you all my servants the prophets, rising early and sending them, saying, Oh, do not this abominable thing that I hate.


But they hearkened not, nor inclined their ear to turn from their wickedness, to burn no incense unto other gods.


John 14:6 King James Version (KJV)


Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


Finally - it is entirely constitutional to be led of the Spirit in the Great British Constitution. Before every session of Parliament this is what happens:



The Speaker's Chaplain usually reads the prayers. The form of the main prayer is as follows:


"Lord, the God of righteousness and truth, grant to our Queen and her government, to Members of Parliament and all in positions of responsibility, the guidance of your Spirit. May they never lead the nation wrongly through love of power, desire to please, or unworthy ideals but laying aside all private interests and prejudices keep in mind their responsibility to seek to improve the condition of all mankind; so may your kingdom come and your name be hallowed.


Word from the Lord through Rev Dr David P Griffiths, 02/02/14



“Every day you see the resources before you. They are in the hands of those who have moved astray from the original visions of movements. They are in the hands of those who move by the natural mind rather than by the spirit. The sons of God, led by the spirit of God, have legal right to those resources, but those led by the natural mind, who stray from the vision of the founder, are indeed in witchcraft; for that is the sin of rebellion.


“I brought together the people Methodist for one purpose & one purpose alone: to portray My holiness. Entire sanctification simply means entirely Me. This is just one movement that has gone astray from the vision.


“‘Continuing’ means to continue from the original vision of movements; & so, you make claim to the resource publicly by continuing the original vision.


“What has happened is, the natural mind organizers have made these movements into a business. They have their pension schemes. They have their employment rights. Yet if you read the scriptures, those led by the spirit of God have no human rights whatsoever. They are forfeited at the foot of the cross.


“The Church of England has massive resources to fulfil the Every Creature Commission call. They have massive resources to uphold the Protestant Constitution of the nation, which they legally are obligated to do. Yet they spend their resources on buildings they call ‘churches,’ which are nothing but synagogues of Satan. For the true building of God is the body of Christ, not a holy place made with hands. For where there is a separation between priesthood & laity, there is always with those caught into that system, a manifestation of devils when a prophet should stand up to that newly built veil.


“Let it be known that I do not dwell in holy places made with hands. What I do dwell in is the hearts of the believers, the true body of Christ, the temple of the Holy Ghost.

“It is to these I have given this resource that is in the hands of the people of Vanity Fair rather than the true body of Christ, My remnant.


“The Pentecostal denominations now come under the same category, denying My Word through allegorical approaches. They hold the resources of the founders, which are rightfully yours. They too think with the natural mind, having the audacity to ask God to bless it. For on these movements is an agenda that is not of God. These movements were brought about by those led by the spirit of God, not by those led by the natural mind, who ask God to bless it.


“Thou saw the result at Lowestoft, where thou simply proclaimed the Foursquare Gospel, moving in the calling of George Jeffreys, Elim being a movement which has forsaken the vision of its founder to become another movement of what Bunyan declared as Vanity Fair. Yet it has the resources to fulfil that call, yet uses those resources to manifest revivals that have no association whatsoever with the early revivalists you portray on your web-sites.


“Movement after movement has gone astray from their original visions; & so at exhibitions, you are seen as a strange remnant, a cult to the natural mind, kept in a cave awaiting your day to face the Baal of masonry that has taken over these movements. Each one is bound by the ‘good works’ ethos of the natural mind rather than the manifestation of Him.


“If those led by the spirit of God are the sons of God, then those led by the natural mind, who emphasise the good they do, can only be the sons of the evil one.

“For thy suffering has been noticed, saith the Lord, for thou represents the original visions of movements, therefore legally being entitled to the resources of those movements; not only the resources of those movements, but to the resources of nations who too have gone away from their original visions known as Constitutions.

“By proclaiming the heart of the Pilgrim Fathers in America, you claim the resources of that nation to fulfil the Compact which they have proclaimed. By proclaiming the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, you make claim to the resources of Great Britain.


“So the resources are all around you. How do you make claim to those resources? It is very simple. My Word is made complicated by men, not by My Spirit.


“You make claim to those resources publicly. By doing this, the Church of England will cease to be a movement of a Rocking Bishop & its ever-embracing of charismania, to become a serious movement upholding the nation’s Constitution which it is called to do.

“And likewise with all the movements & nations that have gone astray from God-given callings: you make claim to those resources by putting on line your legal claim.


“For I am the Lord: I change not. And to those who have abused My Word by blaspheming God, for proclaiming a ‘new thing’ out of context from the Scriptures, then one needs to know that the original vision of movements & nations which are called of Me never changes, & the resource is the entitlement of those led by the Spirit of God to fulfil original visions, those resources having been taken by the spirit of rebellion, which indeed is witchcraft, which is why so many people are hurt by coming under those rebellious sons, moving by the natural minds, who have become the sons of Satan rather than God.”

The Old Days had hymns like Onward Christian Soldiers and Sound the Battle Cry!


The Bible clearly shows that the Christian is a soldier and a soldier faces battlegrounds, that is the Christian is called to fight and overcome! Eph. 6; I John 5.


This ministry has had and still has battlegrounds. These prophecies relate to these.



*  Preach against the Leviathan in Llanfairfechan; remove the barriers, the burial mounds on the hill, the churnings of the South Coast of Lleyn.

*  Preaching on coming out of slavery, exposimg mammon in society.

* Continue the stand and do not back off.

* Warn the people not to look at the outward appearance.

*  Listen! Listen! Listen!

*  Not to be moved by Jezebel, but by the Spirit of God.

*  Be aware of disguising spirits.

*  Be aware of low esteem Antichrist & Rehoboth, Respectability spirits.

*  Do not build for ourselves treasure on earth - set up manses throughout the Country to bring together Apostles and Prophets.

*  Have everything in common.

*  Take the breaking of Constitutional Law to the Highest Court.

*  Show the divisions that have come into the "Church", remove the pride, and apostasy.


Word from the Lord through David Griffiths,

Rhos on Sea, 22/01/11


“You have discovered the operations of the end-time Antichrist. Even now, there are many which have gone into the world. They bring strife, worry & stress. But do not bow down to this move of the enemy, for I already have overcome the world.


“What thou hast discerned is movements of Antichrist. Thou hast seen how these spirits have brought people to the point of not being able to talk about godly things.


“You faced this Goliath as David faced the physical Goliath. David had to complete the work; with you, the work has already been completed.

“The opposition you face is what I overcame 2000 years ago.


“Now I want to talk to you today concerning the Leviathan in the sea, & how that relates into thy activities on the coast from Penmaenmawr westwards. I saw in Penmaenmawr a rigidity of the people; an acceptance of corruption; an acceptance which thou art to expose.


“In Llanfairfechan, the enemy has tried every hand to bring confusion & lack of understanding. The people are mesmerised by the Leviathan of the sea.

“Preach against the Leviathan. Expose its every move. Remove the barriers, so that the people can receive.


“Barrier no.(1):The Sea Urchin on the island in the Strait.


“ Barrier no.(2):The burial mounds on the hill thou hast discerned;


“ Barrier no.(3): The churnings & the upset thou hast discerned on the south coast of Lleyn, are a direct result of Harlech to Bardsey.


“Bring down the barriers of Satan. Teach thy people the importance of walking in the Spirit; being obedient; not giving heed to natural circumstance.


“David, I want you to preach on the coming out of the land of slavery. You have rightfully discerned My move to take you out of the clutches of the banking system. You are to declare on-line “Let my people go.”


Expect miracle after miracle to occur; for this is where the cloudy, fiery pillar of My presence comes about.


“Thou hast been discerning My voice continuously, & thou hast rightfully discerned the spirit of Mammon in thy society.


“Continue thy stand; do not back off, for when the thief is found the enemy has to hand over his spoils. Being blessed – know that thou art blessed, & be confident as you go forward; confident in the liberty which Christ has set thee free.




Word from the Lord through David Griffiths,

Rhos on Sea, 27/03/11


“Warn the people; warn the people – how long have I saith unto thee? Do not look at the outward appearance. And so it is in the world. Listen to what the Spirit of God is saying unto thee, not media interpretations.


“What thou shouldst hear from the BBC, Sky News, CNN, CBS, & all of the rest, is not a depiction of what is truly happening.


“You see, My Word declares ‘Do not look at the outward appearance; hear what the Spirit saith unto the Church.’


I have called thee to speak out My Word; & My Word is a word of warning at this time. Let thou hear what the Spirit of God is saying to thee – not the media circus that thou witnesseth at this time.


“For, the circles of the god of this world are in division. The enemy himself, who maintains the circles, is in division over what he should do. For the circles have been broken. Some are saying this, & some are saying that, & the devil has no unity any more. His own stooges are arguing amongst themselves.


Now, I am referring to those who have handed their lives to Satan, not just the principalities & powers. I am referring to those who have given their lives to the one who operates ‘like the Most High.’


“You see, things have been going wrong in Satan’s camp. Whereas within the world of Christendom, the real Christian is not moved by how he or she feels, the real Christian stays on the course which I have given them, whatever the climate outside. So it is with Satan. He demands complete obedience from those who follow him, the false Jesus of II Cor.11.


“What is happening is that there has been reaction to the tsunami & to the earthquake. There has been reaction to the riots & march of yesterday. The devil comes to kill, steal, & destroy. Governments are frail because they have chosen to follow him. They set up the institution of the Holy Roman Empire, to control & dominate the people. This is why it is important you hear accurately what I am calling you to do; that by My Spirit, you face the god of this world head-on, & so, My warnings are very apt. Hear what I am calling thee to do.


“There have been those in thy fellowship that have been motivated by reaction rather than by My Spirit. This is why I have called thee to be close to Me. Hear constantly what I am calling thee to do. Hear, Hear, obey (Exodus 15:26).

“That is how thou shalt walk in the blessings of God. I have not changed (Deuteronomy 28)


“Listen, listen, listen! I am speaking to thee all, both corporately & individually, to listen, & not react to the world circumstances.


“My warning to thee at this time: Do not give heed to the news bulletins. They are under the control of the evil one.


“Listen to the Spirit of God & not react to the god of this world – a divided god with circles that have been broken – Truly divided against each other.


“Tell the people I am speaking to them: Hast thou given heed to the prophet’s words, with w notebook by thy bed? Or art thou being ministered to by those who would have you react to thy feelings & emotions?


“Do not be moved by the Jezebel, saith the Lord. Be moved by the Spirit of God speaking directly unto thee.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 16/10/11



“Thus saith the Lord: it is the Spirit that leads thee to spirits. And there are spirits operating in the natural realm to oppose every plan thou hast received from Me in the spiritual realm.


“You are aware of My Word in relation to “whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth…whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth.” You are also aware of My Word, “submit to God, & resist the devil.” So you are trained in these things; you know them well.


“But there is an aspect here which you need to hear; for these spirits in places deliberately designed to stop you fulfilling the purposes of God.

“(1) Disguising spirits: spirits like to take on the guises of people who have gone on before.


“You live in North Wales, in an area of past physical war activity, i.e. a major look-out area during World War II. There were many limitations on technology that do not exist today.


“These spirits, which manifest as physical army members, even with tin hats, appear in churches to keep them in the past, to use the methods of the past, & to convince the people that modern is bad, & past is good.


“So, there is a passion to suppress new technology, to speak against it, when it can be used to fulfil the purposes of God.


“These are disguising spirits. They give the impression of being good, & wise, but they are there to thwart the plans of God, by giving the thinking that past is good, & modern is bad.


“Disguising spirits; they are there within the Church. It means the devil has all the means of modern communication, & the Church does not.


“(2) There are spirits connected with antichrist. Antichrist will seek to gain favour with those who enjoy reasoning, & working out. However, the work of the kingdom has not been designed to be of this world, but is to impact this world from the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“Antichrist will keep the individual at the low point constantly.


“(3) Spirits that control the mind. Spirits that control the mind are spirits of Rehoboth (? Rehemoth). What these do is keep the mind in continuous action, considering the situations round the individual, keeping their minds off the kingdom of God.


“These are the distracting spirits , that keep people’s minds off the kingdom of God. What they do is keep people in bondage.


“(4) Respectability spirits: they hold people in bondage, in that they hold people to gaining favour in the world, rather than being strong in the kingdom of God.

“We will continue this tomorrow.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 20/10/11

Spirits Operating: Part 2


An Explanation:

“In bringing forth the next group of spirits, the Lord has had me give an explanation: one that supernaturally links the island of Ireland with what is now known as Great Britain. A lot of what you now find in the spiritual realm in Great Britain has its roots in the folklore of Ireland; & when names come forth, you must not try & immediately associate meanings from the modern culture, but from a culture over a much longer period of time.


“And in this context, I am naming a spirit called Rehomoth. This is a sea-urchin, rather than a sea-monster. You are aware of Leviathan; well, this is a sea-creature associated with Leviathan, called Rehomoth.


“Spirits will move in a way to try to dominate the mind & intelligence of mankind. They draw people who move by their emotions & feelings, rather than by the Word of God. They all the time try to gain favour with Church people; to get them integrated into everyday life, of what is perceived as normal “Normal” does not include, in modern day society, casting out devils & healing the sick.

“Such spirits come in groups. At this time around thy ministry is a gossip group. The spirits around that are part of a team of Satan, designed to discredit real members of churches. They will seek to damage reputations by pandering to people’s fears.


They will seek to create havoc in church operations. Such spirits encourage a lack of adherence to study of God’s Word. They will seek to cause disruption in meetings; & so as you look to move on & see Church grow, there are no end of gossip circles preventing people from receiving the Word.


“And so, when we go forward with the gospel, you need to understand that behind the scenes is this barrage of confusion – confusion that is rife at this time among church members.


“One great source of confusion is Higher Criticism. One has to stand on the Word; as one takes authority, you will see the wonders of God.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 06/12/11



“With all that has been going on, it is clear you have TAKEN My Word ofunderstanding that the prophets are subject to the prophets. And at this time of the accuser of the brethren operating against thee, you have those prophets & apostles standing up for you at this time. You see, the prophets & apostles are the foundations of the Church; & by the Spirit of God, when the enemy tries to rock the foundation, the Chief Cornerstone with the apostles & prophets, steady the ship & calm the storm.


“But you are right to say that those who come out of that spiritual authority are wide open to the winds & waves of Satan’s attack; & you are right to move in the Lord’s compassion. For the Lord loves to see a repentant sinner back into the fold. You are right to see all witchcraft connection is removed; for there are many deceiving spirits in these last days.


“So be aware that you have taken on the spirit of antichrist, death & hell, & Jezebel. For you have taken on these strong men in the power of the Spirit of God, & brought their operations down to nought.


“Now, I am going to give you the strong man spirit as regards to Bangor Cathedral, appreciating your work of going from place to place. Note from Braich-y-Pwll, there are lines of association with Bardsey, which I am calling thee to cut. I will give direction when you get there.


“At Borth-y-Gest, you sre simply dealing with a leviathan of the harbour, where running waters flow one into the other. Caernarfon you have dealt with; but it is significant in its connection with the Newborough Forest; for this has been the sweep of the Leviathan.


“In effect, you have dealt with these sweeps of Leviathan along the Menai coast; in other areas too, & claimed back the land. But I am telling thee. As you go into the grounds of Bangor Cathedral, you are dealing with the witchcraft god of the Church in Wales; & as this is the establishment church, this is a spirit that has connection in the Babylon of state, as well as so-called “church.” You are dealing with the one of the gateposts of Stormont. All are joined together in the establishment church & state. You have named before you Mendes, the god of witchcraft.


“This is the rebellious spirit which keeps North Wales out of revival; but the spirit you are now facing, in view of bringing revival – this is the rebellious spirit which has affected so many so-called Christians. As the nation has rejected God & His Constitutional Acts, it has been through the rebellion of Mendes; & when you point out the Constitutional Acts, they act like children found out of misdemeanours, & make all kinds of excuses for their actions.

“It is through Mendes that church members rebel against spiritual authority, & act like children. And so you find out this strong man. He is seated on a throne in Bangor Cathedral; but it is a throne they will not want you to see. So when you go into the Cathedral, openly say the words, “Where is the throne?” & you will be led by My Spirit to stand in a particular place of witchcraft activity, where you say, “Devil, you are a rebellious being. Your woek in establishment church & state has been found out. Your goods are no longer in peace, for the stronger man has overcome the strong man.


“You see, you have the spiritual authority; for you have stood with apostles & prophets. You have understood the prophets being subject to the prophets; & you will see before you the rebellious operations of government exposed; the rebellious ministries exposed. For I have given thee the land & all authority, saith the Lord.


“And so, go ye therefore, & proclaim the truth of My Word. Do not fear; I never leave thee nor forsake thee.


“You have found out the false god, that has dominated North Wales for years. Proclaim My victory. The victory has been won; the truth of My Word can never be returned void.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 29/12/11



“You know from the Word who your enemy is; having studied the passages of Scripture – Isaiah 14 & John 10 – you know about the armour of God (Ephesians 6); know about the weapons of your warfare not being carnal; you know about submitting to God & resisting the devil.


“But I am going to be specific about what you are facing. You know about therhema word in Ephesians 6; but I am going to be specific about who you are facing, & the rhema Word of how to face them:




“(2) The Divisions in so-called Churches"


(3) Spirits of Apostasy



“(1) Money:


My Word declares the love of money is the root of all evil. So, you have taken on the root of all evil; people who have their security in possession, rather than in the Lord. It is a sensitive stronghold, & it is in the minds of many; & this stronghold was developed in thy nation through the bringing in of building societies, & the bringing in of ownership of council houses.


“These policies brought a thirst for ownership, which was not there in previous generations, who were content to rent property, rather than but it.


“So an ownership culture developed. Yet My Word declares, ’Do not build for yourselves treasures (possessions) on earth.’ So, the development of a stronghold came about in people’s minds.


“So, what a person owned became more important than what God owned.


“So, you face a stronghold today, even amongst so-called Christians, of their own little nest-eggs. And so, place that in the New Testament Church culture, & it simply is not there. In the New Testament Church culture, they had everything in common.


“So if you mean what you say, & look to  have a New Testament Church, this is a stronghold that needs to be broken down.


“Yet, within thy culture, there is the demand for a person to own, & that demand on the person’s life becomes above the love of Christ. In other words, you have a major stronghold.


“So, how do you remove this stronghold? What is My rhema Word?


Well, My rhema Word in your individual case, is to set up manses throughout the country, where you bring apostles & prophets, to set the foundations from where the whole of the five-fold ministry can operate; each to be set up with a studio, to broadcast to the world the gospel.


“And around these manses, can come communities of New Testament believers. Really nice homes; but owned by Me; with those of a strong work ethic working on the development of the New Testament Church.


“The apostle Paul had a strong work ethic. Look at My Word; look at what he did. Look at the effort he put in, in My anointing.


“And so the Church, My Church, has everything in common. Yet, of you go to what is known as Church in Britain, it is infected by the ownership cult, that has brought a competitiveness, of richer people looking to be Christian by giving some of their wealth to worthy causes, rather than do what they did in New Testament times, & lay down all their wealth before God.


“Today, they look to control with their giving, for they are owners. They see their money as being their own, rather than God’s. They build up for themselves treasures on earth, rather than have their ownerships given to God. You are dealing with a stronghold.


“And so, if thy Church is to develop within the culture of the New Testament, this need to be dealt with & approached. On the national scale, the banks have stolen the money of thy nation & thy people. They have built strongholds by which they keep a hold & control the money of thy nation. Godly men have been replaced by those of greed, who look to control the nation by holding the wealth of the nation, & then have the people of the nation grovelling to them to have some of it back.


“Around this control, they have built their own legal system on a global scale.

“But thy nation has a God-given legal system, which is linked to an oath the monarch has given to God. This makes the God-given legal system far higher than the global system, which they say applies in the legal cases you have with them. But I say, ‘Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.’ I say, ‘Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set.’ So you say to them, ‘Even though you may be applying global law in your legal dealings; & even have court cases in Britain that has applied this global law;’ but you say, ‘The oath before God  is far higher.’ You say, that the legal system of Great Britain demands a suppression of foreign infiltration (1534 Act of Supremacy). You say, the promotion of greed, & the culture of greed, is unconstitutional in thy nation; & you say you are taking this to the highest court.


“When there are global infiltrations into court cases in Britain, you are to show that the oath of the monarch to God takes legal precedence over such legal examples that were never legal in the first place.


“You have the banks on the rack of treachery; guilty if high treason for not having regard for the oath of the monarch to God.


“You are to take back from those banks, not only what they have stolen from you, but substantial compensation, which you are to place in a fund to build media manses all over the country, around which houses can be built for all those who have given up all to follow Me.


“That way, you will have a New Testament Church. I have already given you word you have a 20% New Testament Church. This will be a 100%-er, New Testament Church, broadcasting to the world the gospel, with funds readily available to go wherever I call them to go.


“This is being a New Testament Church.


“(2) The Divisions in So-called Churches:


I have just given thee a picture of a mock-Billy Graham rally in Chester; of an example, if Billy Graham came to Chester, of how so-called Church leaders would react; & you have found that they would sit in seats of their own importance, & see the people as inferior to themselves.


“You have seen them looking to get through their own agendas, rather than God’s. You saw them, praying by the natural sense, rather than by the Spirit.

“So you have a stronghold of divisive forces in what is known as Church. In other words, you have people proud of their own achievements.


“What brokenness revival does, is remove that pride. So, to be a New Testament Church, own agendas have to go. ‘What is God’s agenda?’ you ask. God’s agenda is where you have all things in common, reaching the world with the gospel.

“This is My Word. Reach the world with the gospel. ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ saith the Lord.


“(3) Spirits of Apostasy:


Oh, thou liveth in a dead nation, a nation that has forgotten Christ. The strategy I have given to thee is a recognition that apostasy comes out of greed. You see it all over the nation; it is what I have, rather than what God has.


“Greed brings poverty to nations. Look what is happening as a result of greed today! Spirits swirl around the nation, bringing a gloom, because the nation has been guilty of greed, rather than be a nation that gives unto God.


“So, you have an apostate nation. But I have given My Word over what thou art to do. By becoming a true New Testament Church, you bring life, rather than death.”

Prophecy through Sheila Standish 27/01/13




“The devil has been defeated. I am an awesome Holy Ghost, & when I say I willdo a thing, I do it because I want to do it.

“I want people saved by My mercy…you will come out triumphant more & more.

“The devil has tried to defeat you, but he is a defeated foe.

“I have got each one of you in My hand. I love you. I have seen what you are going through.

“I speak the truth & God will use His word

 in each one of you. You will become bolder & bolder. The sick will be healed.

“Gifts – you have all got them.

“I will take each one of you to be more & more like Me. You will be crucified like Me.

“Got up early in the morning, wept, prayed, said to people how much you loved them.

“All is well – you will be persecuted because you want to be more & more like Me.

“Take heed – for I will answer your prayers. It is hard – but the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.”

This word was followed by BM reading Scripture passage – Isaiah chapter 6 – with intercessory prayer.


Word from the Lord through DPG, 28/02/13



“This has occurred because you have decided to follow Jesus; & as the hymn writer declared, ‘no turning back, no turning back.’


“The enemy has placed every resource against thee, using the emotions of hospital staff, carers, & all those who are moved by natural sight, natural feelings, to warp their human opinions against thee.


They know not of moving by the Spirit; for thou hast been called to bring the nation back to Me. Not only that; the pulsating cry of Rees Howells for the Every Creature Commission is now a cry of your hearts too.


“You are to declare My Word; cry it aloud, & spare not. For thou art dealing with a generation of vipers, who seek to pull down thy calling in God. They make false accusations against thee. They use their false, humanistic expressions against thee. When they speak to you, they have hatred in their eyes. The devil has placed people to act against thee, & so you have had to deal with much in the way of legal activities.


“But let Me tell you this: your resources are far higher than what the enemy has. These resources are so victorious, that the might of hell has never prevailed against them. For thou carries the victory of the Cross. I assure thee, thou hast already won the victory. Does it not say in My Word to rejoice when men say all manner of evil against thee?


“You are right to acknowledge thine own weakness; but acknowledge too that I am strong through thee. The joy of the Lord is thy strength. These are the days that My prophetic Word will come to the fore.


“Thou hast delivered thy earthly mother from the bondage of Egypt; from the boredom of hospital life, to a room where the Spirit of God is moving. You are to speak out life, in the context of bringing the peace & assurance of God to thy mother. She is to follow the direction of the Lord, & be not dismayed by natural thought & natural feeling. The opportunities are coming for her to speak out over what God has done.


“So I declare unto thee, that thou hast been a Moses to her, taking her over the Red Sea towards the Promised Land; & that through this transitional stage, she must be encouraged to hear from God. Keep asking her, ‘What is God saying? What is God saying?’


“So rejoice & be exceedingly glad. As thine earthly mother realises the call of God upon you all to reach every creature with the Gospel, thou must understand the calling of God to preach the gospel from the front room of No.9. The enemy has done so much to stop this happening. God is in all of this. The gates of hell have tried to prevail, but have miserably failed.


“Move forward confidently now. The Pharaoh is defeated. Thou art to walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus - this is the Promised Land - & not compromise to the thinkings of the flesh.


“There are great days of triumphs ahead. Rejoice, My children, rejoice.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 26/05/13



“Thou hast already bound the strongman of Great Britain,& has identified the worship of Baal in relation to the high dome that identifies Satan’s apparent authority over the Church, not only in England but also in Scotland, in Ireland, & Wales too, the South of Ireland now having an apparent different master, which you bound amidst the idolatry of Knock.


“Knock & the worship of the dome are identical in the sense that the master of ceremonies in both these places is the satanic deity of Baal.


“The effect of this authority taken in the Spirit relates now to the legal document you produce, that gives opportunity to the believer to remove all allegiance to Baal, which he or she has signed up to in relation to having accepted acceptance of Baal in church services, in paying monies that are then transferred to the slaughter of the innocents (this includes National Insurance contributions, Inland Revenue, VAT, paying in monies which go into the European abomination, including signing into government authorities that have an agenda not linked into the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain).


“All these apparent authorities are under the authority of Baal. Monies from the believer’s pocket go into the promotion of the crimes ofS odom & Gomorrah; & being a part of this, the believer can be dragged into this, seriously losing out to those who illegally promote the policies of the god Baal.


“In effect, one is married, through these various offices, to a god who promotes death, rather than life.


“The legal profession also gives honour to the god Baal. Judges sit under the crest of the monarch, not giving heed to the great Constitutional Acts of the land, but rather to the New World Order, based on the ethos of lack rather than increase.


“This has brought about the existence of more laws than people can cope with. Orwell’s ‘1984’ is thus in existence to the degree that people become married to a system that will destroy the earth & all its fine resources, rather than bring life to it. The earth is the Lord’s, &the fullness thereof; & that fullness is based on increase rather than lack.


“The kingdom of God will allow homosexuality on condition it allows increase; in other words, that children can come naturally from these relationships. If not, it is an abomination to God, because the relationship is based on lack, rather than increase. Yet the 1534 Act of Supremacy places obligation on the monarch to increase the virtue of Christ; ‘virtue’ being used in the context of healing the woman with the issue of blood, thus bringing life& not death. Lack is based on death; increase on life. So foe a law to be a law in Great Britain, that law has to be based on increase & not death(lack). Killing off generations of children by the Baal-run system is based on there being lack in the world, rather than the opportunity for increase.


“So the activity of the killing of children in the womb has been illegal from the outset, because of the nation’s Constitution. In practical terms therefore, the prophets of Baal have had people sign up to their system, forcing people to pay their taxes into lack, rather than increase. And so true believers in God have unwillingly been married to a system of lack, rather than the Constitutional way of increase.


“Thus there has come a time for the true believers to divorce themselves from their forced marriage into lack, rather than their chosen marriage into God. No man can serve two masters. For believers to prosper, that is believers who look to establish the kingdom of God (Deuteronomy 8:18),they must divorce themselves from Baal; & that government must realise that although they continue to take taxes through Inland Revenue, VAT, fuel prices etc., they are doing so illegally, because of their adherence to Baal &lack, rather than God & increase; & that money must be returned to the believer with the same heart that Zacchaeus wrongly took taxes from the people, so the government must return that which is stolen, back to the people. In practical terms, this means the removal of the prophets of Baal, & those with the spirit of Elijah bringing the Biblical policy of increase back to the land; so that the drought can come to an end, & the property of God be restored to the nation that now pays taxes into increase rather than lack.


“For this to happen, a decree against Baal has to be announced, this decree announces that those who sign the legal document affirm themselves to the truebridegroom of increase, rather than the cruel taskmaster of over-regulation &over-surveillance; a taskmaster that has slaughtered millions of children,& then looks to protect children once they are alive, which is like asking a serial killer to run a rehabilitation unit. By signing to the divorce decree, the believer affirms the illegality of using his taxes for lack; affirms the illegality of the letter-of –the-law politics, completely illegal under the nation’s Constitution; & the apparent signing away of Constitutional law to the treaties of the EU that have bound this nation up into fetters that cannot be removed, unless there is a full return to the Constitutional Acts of the nation; the nation of Scotland being paramount in this, because of the rejection of separate priesthood in its constitutional national Church(which  in itself became part of Baal because of its allegiance to lack rather than increase), the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, which the monarch swore allegiance to, having a demand in them to promote the Protestant religion established by law, the Reformation having two main factors to it: that is, justification by faith, & sola scriptura, the latter demanding there be one priesthood & one priesthood alone: the royal priesthood of believers. As the royal priesthood of believers, we now sign a decree against Baal, in that he has misappropriated funds for purposes contrary to the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain; & that the funds taken by believers for the promotion of lack rather than increase, are due back to the body of Christ immediately, even though Baal continues to take monies through its false marriage to the nation; it needs to be pointed out that the thief has now been found, & has to restore sevenfold.


“By issuing a decree against Baal, the forced marriage of believers to this system was illegal in the first place & thus nullified by this decree. By signing this decree, the believer accepts the judgement of the God of Heaven over the god of decrease, but that it will not affect him or her , for the forced marriage is not recognised by any true legal authority; & that legal judgements in favour of Baal-run authorities are thus nullified by this decree.


“The taxes therefore used for lack rather than increase, thus have to be returned sevenfold to the believer.


“The Church has to be divorced from Baal & all of Baal’s effects; & that the nation once more has to come under the auspices of God Almighty, to whom the true Church is married, its forced marriage to Baal now being completely nullified.


“This will bring massive increase to the kingdom of God& put an end to the bankruptcies & lack of those falsely &illegally married to Baal. Being free from Baal is what this is all about;& that the intercessor stood at Knock & St Paul’s now has to have a practical outpouring. Thus this legal decree being announced this day in Great Britain.


“Now, a personal word for thy ministry: do not think in the way of lack, but only in the way of increase. This is the time for getting ready for such massive increase. This is the time for getting thy systems & infrastructures together. Work hard, but not over-hard to the degree that thou fails to hear My voice at the time of taking rest. Become fit & well individuals, now possible because of the strain taken away at Knock & St Paul’s, that is now placed in practical terms, that no longer are you prepared to tolerate your taxes & your coming under government authorities out of line with the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain.


“The days of lack are over. Be prepared for the increase. Thou art divorced from Baal & married to Me, saith the Lord.”



With Christianity being marginalized in UK for our God given 7 year business

plan (the economy being in souls - not money) - the Lord has given direction

as to how to deal with the Pharisees - trust this helps


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 18/05/15


“Business Plan Article of Reference: The Pharisaic Attack,

& How to Deal with it” “Throughout My earthly ministry, the Pharisees would gather around Me with their law

books, looking to catch Me out.



They would find the narrow situation, not acceptable to their laws, & would duly attack in very narrow areas of law, in view of destroying the ministry ofJesus Christ.“What you have understood about My Word, & about British Constitutional Law, is that My Word, & that the Constitutional Acts of Great

Britain, are contextual in application; which is why in My Word, there was given to Paul the statement that the letter of the law killeth, & the Spirit giveth life.


“This is why I placed right at the forefront of British Constitutional Law, the demand to increase virtue in Christ’s religion. So the wisdom of how law is to be applied, is recognised in British law, in the anointing of God. Within this sphere, of course, is the wisdom of God, there being an additional clause that all law is to be applied in law & justice & mercy, the reference book in British courts of law to this very day being the Word of God.“What is the most common book that is sworn on in British courts? And what word did the Queen swear on in the Coronation Oath?


From what book did the whole Coronation Service come out of? On what philosophy did the monarch promise to uphold in all law-making? Whose

wisdom is sought before every sitting of Parliament, in prayer? The list goes on.


So, whose wisdom is sought in law-making, & application? The wisdom of God, or the narrow application of law of the Pharisees? For without the wisdom of God there is no correct application of law.“This is what is going wrong in British law cases.


They take the narrow, instead of the context. This is what is happening with the Revelation TV case at this time. They find the narrow procedural fault, rather than gaining understanding of the whole heart of the operation. Because the narrow procedural fault is found, the whole reputation of a ministry like Rev TV is clouded.“Such as it is with thee.


They find the narrow procedural fault, rather than placing that in the context of the whole heart of the ministry. For with Christ (hence the clause in British law, to increase virtue in Christ’s religion), the whole heart of the operation takes precedence over the Pharisaic approach of narrowness of procedure.


“So, what is happening to you in relation to the finding on narrow procedural fault, has no place in British law, where the heart of the situation has to take precedence over narrow apparent procedural error. For the heart in law has precedence over the letter; for the British Constitution declares – for the monarch swore in My Word – that the Spirit takes precedence over the letter.


“Such as it is in your case with the OPG, you receiving Pharisaic accusations from the British broadcaster, which gave no reference to the move of My Spirit in relation to My donor, who was called by My Spirit to give to thy ministry; who was called by My Spirit to let him run her financial affairs, all this being removed because of narrowa pplication of law, without any heed whatsoever to the Spirit.“


And so, whilst there be rebellion in the seats of government, there will constantly be these attacks against thy ministry, as there was during My earthly ministry.“So, this Article of Reference has an action part. You will see these attacks are recorded in My Word. You do likewise. Be not afraid to

allow the attacks of the Pharisee to be seen throughout the whole world.


“They went on & on & on at you to have procedure & policy during the Charity Commission enquiry. So let this be a Trustee statement on policy: that this ministry does not recognise the narrow application of law as being remotely legal; that this ministry insists that unless Christ be given the priority, as He is in the British Constitution, then these narrow applications of law have their origins in the one who is the expert in letter of the law applications; who is the expert in suppressing My Word in society; for example, using out of context statements from My Word so as to suppress the ministry of women.


For Satan’s Pharisees are throughout all Christendom; & indeed, his Pharisees are within every court in the land, as they give priority to the letter over the Spirit.“So, thy policy is in contextualism: that is, everything must be seen in context, as Howard & Leslie in the Revelation TV case, have shouted over the sacrifice involved in setting up that channel. That is the context of the whole situation; yet priority is given to the narrow procedural break –not admitted under British law – highly illegal.“For these narrow areas are sending more to their graves & the hospital wards through stress, thus making those applying law this way guilty of high treason, first degree murder, & grievous bodily harm.“That is the ministry of the Pharisees, who are to be resisted by the sword of My Spirit. For they continually attack on the narrow, with people believing the narrow perspectives of legalism, giving no regard to the heart of My Spirit, the rigidity of the Pharisees giving ministries of God bad reputations on the internet, with people engrossed in that phenomenon, of its conspiracies & intrigues, rather than the study of My Word, which brings life.“So, this Article of Reference runs alongside the Stages of development of thy ministry.


It is in line with Stage 1: the Pulling Down, the Weeding Out. And as this whole business plan, once approved by Trustees & members of thy ministry, there has to be an exposure of narrow letter of the law applications in society, that under British law have no place in the increase in virtue of Christ’s religion; which means that the anointing of Christ has to take preference over the letter; which is the main priority of the Constitution Keepers which I have called thee to set up.“Now, this prophecy can be sent immediately to Rev TV, to be a blessing & encouragement to them, in line with the Scripture of edification, exhortation & comfort. For those who come to attack thee with the narrow application of letter of the law, are completely out of line with the understanding of the British Constitutional Acts, on which you are willing to come to share on one of Rev TV’s programmes.


“Therefore, in the policies of thy ministry, you will continue to offer hands of friendship to those in trouble & in need. This is at the very heart of thy ministry: the compassion of Christ, where you say in My name, ‘Come, all ye who are heavy laden.’“For this is the policy I give thee for this business plan;you will love those in difficulties, toil & torment; that you will be prepared to give your life for others.


For I have called thee to bring forth life through the Spirit, rather than bring forth the suppression & oppression which is upon the whole nation, that is

afraid of breaking the over-regulatory approaches of government officials, who seem to understand that they need to find out people by the letter of the law; the Spirit, however, taking precedence over the letter. Hence in British law you have the term ‘spiritual & temporal,’ the spiritual taking priority.“So, a motion needs to be passed by thy Trustees & members, that this ministry is

one of the Spirit rather than the letter; & that applying the letter, rather than the understanding of the Spirit, is an act of supreme heresy against Almighty God & His Word.


“Hence you have the leaven of the Pharisee taking its toll on society, on which you are to act, to set the people free.“Hence, this Article of Reference goes alongside the coming together of the Constitution Keepers. So this part of the business plan is to be placed alongside that which I have already given in relation to the Constitution Keepers.”

For nations, families and individual for those not upholding the Calling of God, there are serious consequences.

There is a place of perfection high above the vagrancies of this World, the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; Eph. 2.

Action Points from the Prophecies .........

*  Walk in the Heavenly Places

*  Be continuously on the main line with Christ

*  Heed the warnings cry to the people

*  Have Consecration meetings to give opportunity to the people

*  Address the "Spectator Sport" phenomena

*  Use the Manse Loft as a radio studio to the World

*  Requirement for great funds - giving cheerfully

*  Hearken

*  Continue the Non-Conformist Revivalist Christianity in Wales

*  Ask on the Chapel Pentecost site where the wealth of the Revival has gone .....

*  Challenge Chapels in Wales over their vision, the keeping of Original Statements of Faith

*  Deal with the Cancer Belts Issue in Wales

*  Cleanse the Land of False Gods


Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/09/11


“Behold, behold! The great tribulation cometh nigh; for they are not heeding My Word. They are not seeing Scripture being fulfilled before their very eyes.

“There are wars & rumours of wars. Man’s wickedness is having its way in parts of government; & the people are simply letting it happen.


“I say unto thee, to walk in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Yet they go here, they go there, running from their own emotions, & call themselves Christian at the same time. Do they not know My Word, that you are not your own, you were bought with a price?


“I have much to do through you; & I require complete obedience from those called to fulfil My Word, for the signs are all about thee. Yet, they still run here & there, with their own emotions as their ruling passion.


“You know, My Word is clear: a Christian is continuously on the main line with Me.


“One is going to have to be firm in warning the people to write down what the Spirit is calling them to do; to write down My specific instructions. Tell them allthe prophecies are being fulfilled all around them.


“Lindsay, thou sung ‘The Midnight Cry;’ yet they did not heed the warning in the song. Indeed they were some who walked out at the warning in the song. They could not take the warning of the imminent return of the Christ, Who died & rose again.


“The ability to see around the world has been given to this generation. They look at their television sets, & see events unfolding around the world; events prophesied in My Word. Yet they still think they can live their own lives.


“The key is in hearing from Me, writing down what I am saying to do, & actingon what I have said to accomplish.


“And so you have a people simply giving lip service to My Word.


“There are to be consecration services for those who will say, ‘No more will I run from my emotions & feelings. No more will I place my own emotions as the prominent factor in my daily schedule. I will take time out to hear what the Spirit is saying. I will carefully write down what the Spirit is saying.’


“For the victory of Calvary is to manifest from all of the believers; & so the spectator sport phenomena is to be addressed. They come to spectate what God is doing. Yet, God is declaring the demand of the whole life given over to Him.


“Yet they continue their own ways; despite of Lindsay singing the song ‘The Midnight Cry,’ they still continue to live their own lives. And so, you have taught & taught on My five-fold ministry; yet they are so entrenched in the pastor-people syndrome, they have no understanding of the individual roles, activities of My ministers. Yet they are called to be ministers themselves.


Yet I have called thee to tell the people that the five-fold ministry is to manifest from the heart of the congregation. Yet I have called them all to fulfil the callings I have on their lives. Thou hast said, ‘Surrender, Surrender. Give to Him that is the Lord.’ Yet they still rob Me in tithes & offerings.


“And so, this calling of God which I have on thee is so massive, because My labourers are few. Yet I have called many to help thee in this calling; yet they act according to their feelings, rather than My Word. Yet, there are prophecies being fulfilled all around you.


“And so, I have called thee to mighty things, saith the Lord. I have called thee to have thy loft, not only as a studio to broadcast to the world. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Prepare to put together than which I have called you to do; & warn those who call themselves Christian, to take heed of My Word. Where is the self-crucifixion, I declare.


“I have called thee to be obedient. I have called thee to listen carefully. I have called thee to act accordingly. The time is short. Put aside the world, I declare. The Word is clear. I have called them to contact thee over what they have heard from Me; yet they do not listen.


“I have called them to have their own handbooks; their own instructions written in a book, much of which is to help thee with what I have called thee to do. Tell the people once more: listen, listen, listen! There are prophecies being fulfilled all around them. If they really believed it, they would be acting accordingly.


“Yes, I have called those who wander the streets from place to place, to hold back, & hear from Me. The blessings of the Lord are for those who call upon My Name; who write down what I am calling them to do. Yet I have called them to give heed to My Word.


“I have called them to write down, to write down what the Spirit is saying, & to act accordingly. Tell the people once more to listen, listen, listen! Have their notebooks ready. How many times have you called them to this? You have called them continuously to have the notebook ready; yet they do not give heed to the prophet’s cry.. They do not give heed to the call of My Word. 


They do not give heed to the sacrifices of the apostle & prophet; for these are sacrificial ministries. They simply move by their feelings, & even ask God to bless such feelings. Yet they are cursed with a curse. They have ‘phoned thee with their problems & difficulties, yet they are cursed with a curse. How are they cursed with a curse? They rob God over their tithes & their offerings.


“You should not have to tell them where you are with the vision & the calling; for they would know, because they would be at the same place in the Spirit. Yet thou hast warned them continuously to hear from God. What they do is give God a tip, rather than hand over the tithe. I refuse to accept the tip, for it is given as a by-to-by thing to do – an offering bag comes to them, & they give God a tip, rather than His holy tithe.


“Blessed are they who hear from God, & give accordingly; & I am talking about offerings. For the tithe is handing over what belongs to God. For thy Populating Heaven meetings will require great funds to come in to support what I have called thee to do. For thy people are to get a hold of, not only the tithe, but also the offerings; for I have been talking thousands in relation to what has to come in; yet the people still think they can give a tip to God. I am the covenant God, that requires complete obedience; yet there are those who have their security zone in the world, in the treasures of this earth, rather than in the calling of God on their lives.


“Put aside the world, I declare. Give according to what the Spirit is calling thee to give. Give offerings with a cheerful heart. You see, there are signs all around thee. There should be a thirst for the lost soul. There should be a determination to give the finance to fulfil the Great Commission. Yet they still do not hand over offerings, & rob God with the tithe.


“You have much to purchase to fulfil the call of God on your life. Some have criticised the purchase you have made, from a human perspective – for they have no concept of the call of God on your life; the call of God. Write down what the Spirit is saying. Tell the people, tell the people: write down. Tell the people to be ready to write down what the Spirit is saying.


“Hallelujah, hallelujah! I am speaking today. I have called thee to act according to thy programme; going into Bangor; proclaiming My Word, & having lively praise & worship.


“I have called My people to listen, & act accordingly. Yet they act on their own emotion & feeling.


“Warn them. Warn them, the prophecies are being fulfilled all around them.

“I have great times for thee, as thou hears from Me & acts upon the call upon your life. The full surrender message might not be the most popular message to the human emotion. Give heed to My Word. It is being fulfilled all around thee. And thou art being called; yet I have called thee to write down.


“And, Lindsay, thou hast been faithful in writing down what I have called thee to do. Thou must go forth; remind the people of their obligations before God.

“Whom I have called to be obedient to My Word: ‘The Midnight Cry’ is all around thee. Write down; listen; act accordingly.


“This is My Word: hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God. It is really that simple; but not for those with their own agendas. Having one’s own agenda is the blockage to hearing from God.


“I have heard the excuses; but there is no excuse for disobedience, & not heeding the call of God.


“Take heed, take heed, take heed of the prophet’s words; & what are the words, but to write down what the Spirit is saying; act accordingly to what I have called them to do. They will have adventure after adventure; & those adventures can be testified of the blessings of the Lord.


“This is the Word of the Lord, to be taken seriously. If thy nations are to be saved, it will require the commitment of thy people.


“I am calling all of thy people, if only they listened. What do I say in My Word, but hearken, hearken, hearken?




Church Meetings, Sunday 15/01/12

(1) Morning Meeting, Scout Hall, Rhos on Sea



Key Scriptures:

Deuteronomy 8 & I John 5

Continuing the Non-Conformist Calling of Revivalist Christianity in Wales

·        Bring those in that calling together

·        Use Non-Conformist Brokenness Revival Logo

·        So many have closed down

Question: Where has the chapel money gone? This was money given by those who sacrificed years ago.

·        On Chapel Pentecost website, ask the question: Where has the money gone? Get the resources from the founders. Legally, Churches Together is notentitled to the money.

·        Exposing the False Revival movement:


1)   Roman Catholicism:


 Morning Star Ministries; Lakeland etc. Very well-funded – have well infiltrated many churches.


2) New Age:

Syncretized Revival, of two types:

a.   Christian-Druidic - Anglican “Celtic Spirituality”

b.   The Purpose-Driven Revival: Rick Warren etc. A course will be run on this, called “New Age Deception in The Church.”


3) Brokenness Revival.


·        Original Visions & Statements of Faith of the Chapels – must keep to them! We must ensure this. We are looking to promote Spirit-led holinessholiness

holiness, not  religious holiness. DG must ensure all funds from chapels should go to the Revivalist-Non-Conformist cause. DG to take them to court.


The Llangefni Scenario:

Short report of yesterday’s visit by DG. Challenge the chapels etc. over their vision / calling. What is Llangefni’s heritage?


Huge issues over “cancer belts” – e.g. Chernobyl (1986).


2012 Events:

This is clearly a momentous year: e.g. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee; Leap Year; Olympics Games, etc.


What is God Saying?

“In Wales, restore My chapels!” (see Deuteronomy 8, especially verses 2-5 & verse 11. Chapter 8 shows we are overcomers, taking the Welsh areas of this nation, under that passion.


I John 5: especially verse 18.


Rhema from I Samuel 30 confirming the present situation:

·        The enemy (Amalekites) stealing from David, his family & followers

·        David was blamed for all this (they were going to stone him)

·        But he encouraged himself in the Lord

·        So God gave David a specific strategy to pursue the enemy & take it all back!


(2) Evening Meeting, Pendalar


An evening for people to speak out or read out prophetic words they have been given concerning the strategy for North Wales begun this morning.


Sung Prophecy to Lindsay Griffiths (resume from sound recording)


“He’s the Lord of Liberty, who sets the captives free,

Looses their bonds & gives them liberty

All should live in Hime

No-one should live a living death,

Bound by the grave-clothes on the Earth….

He is the Ruler of the Universe yet lives in each one of us

Behold in these last days saith the Lord –

Hold out the lamp that lights the feet  of My people – My Word…

My right hand is strong to save

Be ye strong, bold & very courageous for I am living in each one of thee saith the Lord

No strongholds…

Meet with Me in the secret place, in the prayer room.

Let Me rule & reign with you

Submit your thoughts

Submit every…

I will banish doubt & fear & sorrow from this place

Only live in Me

There is passion, passion for souls in My heart

Receive that passion, fire, salvation, desire to set captives free

Begin by setting yourselves free

From old patterns, from old mind-sets

As I was with Moses, Joshua…

So am I with thee, saith the Lord…Three in One.

…You must be one with Me & with each other. When you are one, then you will set the captives free.

Undo the grave clothes, undo the grave clothes, undo the grave clothes

And walk in liberty

I am bringing together many streams of living water [L: I saw a strong vision or picture of this scene]

Many waters coming together as one –

No more dry land, saith the Lord

Only obey & serve Me, saith the Lord

And I turn this desert blooming like a rose once again

Look & see –

Many streams

Many people from many backgrounds  -

Many remnants coming together as one

See My truth in My last days

The slaves will be unchained, saith the Lord

Many boulders & blockages be swept away

I am here you do great things

I will roll every gravestone away

And grind them to powder as it says in My Word in the book of Daniel – a stone made without hands,

Not measured by the hands of man

Nothing can thwart My purpose –

My will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven, saith the Lord.”



David Griffiths on Healing Evangelism etc.


“The major cause of sickness in Wales: Wales has become a religious nation – “failing to discern the Lord’s body.”


See I Corinthians 11: we must give the understanding of what the Lord’s Table is about.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 24/08/13



“In my name, thou art setting up a media empire so vast that the enemy of souls is so frustrated that he cannot see a way through.


“He has tried his usual mind attacks: his attempts to make the world go round, & bring confusion, depression, low self-esteem, criticism, worries, concerns, gossip – all of these he has attempted to use, but is feeling frustrated at not finding a way through.


“For My Word declares, ‘I shall build My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’


“Those with you need to know the importance of walking the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. For those with an identity crisis, for example those who do not know these heavenly places, known as the portals in Fanny J Crosby hymns; known as the corridors of power to the intercessors of God; those who rely on their own thoughts rather than God’s thoughts will criticise this move, as they cannot see the portal vision. They cannot see your desire to have excellence in all that thou doest; your desire being God’s desire. For I am calling you to bring excellence to all that you do. The way you present yourselves needs to be excellent; excellence in the running of your operations; in your media operations. I know that thou needest more financial resources,& the enemy has looked to block these off. But I have given thee the authority in My name to fulfil the purposes of God.


“Your teaching on the Union Message, that is My John 17word, is one that draws alarm; yet it was the original message of the Protestant Reformation, the removal of the separate priest-hood, to be the royal priesthood of believers after the line of Melchizedek. For Abraham brought his tithe, the New Testament being to bring their all. For in the sacrifice of Jesus – thou hast touched this on the Rhos on Sea site – the demand, as in My ministry on earth, is for man to forsake his earthly possessions & be joined to the Lord as one spirit with Me.


“The world is full of personal reliances. The true Christian is full of God reliance. Those with a foot in both camps will criticise, as they do not want to be challenged in this area. Higher ground is an area where the people do not want to be challenged. But I have called thee to challenge, as thou hast challenged the people at this time in the local press. They thought they had closed down the Rhos on Sea Pentecostal Church; but as they have now discovered, it is the fastest growing Church in North Wales.


“The devil thought he had closed down the Bible College of Wales, which God is now restoring through those in the portals. The true College will have no truck with Higher Criticism. The true College will not put itself under the secular university system. The true College will have staff reliant on Me, rather than come under a secular wage structure. For unless there is sacrifice within the faculty, there will be no sacrifice in the students to reach the world with the gospel. There is a choice between walking the same paths as Rees Howells, or just giving lip service to them.


“Thou hast been called to walk the heavenly places. From here thou hast challenged the banking & financial communities of thy land. They have disobeyed God completely; & thou art right not to back down in thy banking cases. For they owe the kingdom all the wealth they think they have their hands on. The earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof; & in thy writings thou art to expose the work of the devil & the way he has stolen the resources of the nation & its people.


“The European Union is a thief that has brought the nation heartache & grief. The EU is responsible for bankruptcy after bankruptcy of ordinary people seeking to make a living for their family; whereas My Word has declared personal resources are laid down at the cross, so as to rely upon Me. The state has produced a new cross, where it takes the resources of man, to kill, steal & destroy. What kind of government can tax the people to kill the innocents? What kind of government can tax the people to protect those in blatant immorality, particularly those in fleshly relationships that produce no seed? For My Word has always been within the context of a man leaving his parents to be joined to one wife. What kind of government can deny this, but one led by the lusts of the flesh, rather than by the Spirit of God, to whom constitutionally the right of order was given, in the Constitutional Acts thou bravely portray.


“They say times have moved on. The oath to God by the monarch has not moved on at all. It is the same oath today as it always was: to keep the laws of God which bring life, rather than the devil’s form of death which destroys the seed of the womb& encourages relationships that can never have seed, combined with the communistic over-burdening of law that is entrenched in Pharaoh’s system of slavery, rather than being in the Promised Land under the order of God.


“What thou hast been doing, is taking a people to the Promised Land. Yes, the Promised Land of Joshua, but it is the Promised Land of the New Testament spirit, the principles of operation being that found on the leading up to the coming down of the Jericho wall.


“The people have murmured against thee, just as they did with Moses. Thou hast taken them to the spiritual Shittim, where they are called to sanctify themselves, separate themselves from the world. At this time thou art facing thy Jericho wall, & thou art to place the trumpeters around it, & warn the people not to syncretise Christianity with paganism. For as with Moses, the people have turned to other gods, & thou art lifting up the Word of God, as they lifted up the ark to cross the Jordan.


“For as in the days of Joshua, it is those who meditate on My Word  day & night, who will take My Word into the Promised Land. Great Britain, being illegally bound by foreign law, rather than obeying the oracles of the holy God.


“Thou art facing this Jericho wall of unbelief & doubt. Even those around you wonder if this is possible. But I am telling thee: thou carriest the rod of authority. Thy adversaries will end up along with the chariots of the Egyptian army.


“For thou has been called to walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. There is a point here for personal sacrifice. For this is the place of Shittim. For to carry My ark is to be solely reliant on the Word of God, rather than the brain-washings of a Satan-ridden world. [II Corinthians 4:4].”



Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 20/12/14

“Walking in the Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus”


“In this places, the things of the world do not exist. But you are aware, as Paul was aware, of the attacks that come to try & get you out of this walk.“No-one can be blessed by calling Christ accursed; & that is what Christmas does. For how can there be a celebration of the mass of Christ? For the mass is the literal eating of the Lord’s body. So it is the eating of Christ’s body while He was accursed on the cross.


“Oh, the devil is so clever. He has even the elect deceived. But you are walking the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, where there is only the resurrected Christ; where you walk with Him, & on the earth, as Him.“You see, you are walking above all these wiles of the devil. Even the elect are deceived.


The evidence is overwhelming that this is a satanic festival; but there is a control upon nations to perform it. I am well pleased this day has been chosen for the Telethon; the day to bring My movements back to Me. The devil is doing all he can to make you conform. You see, there is a code & a system out there, which you are expected to keep to. You have been told by those who think they are close to you, to conform to the systems of this world; but you have refused, & invited those at the place of satanic influence, to come to the cross & move on to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“The devil can give vivid dreams, & attack the mind; but you have resisted these to walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.“One has given up one’s earthly wealth to walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, just as with the Early Church. This walk is total reliance on Me; & through admission of thy weakness, I am able to take over, & give you the victory.


“It is the New Testament walk. You do not find any celebration of Christmas in My Word. You do not find the Mass, you do not find transubstantiation. You see, this walk you are preaching requires no separate priesthood; for this walk is for the royal priesthood of believers, one in Christ, thus eliminating the need for a middle man; the Emerging Church leaders, as with the Romanist priests of old, making themselves mediators between God & man. 


“What you have done is taught the authority of the believer; & whosoever speaketh the Rhema Word of God, has authority over principality & power, the need for a middle man being gone; there being only Christ Jesus to present thee whole unto the Father, as one in the Godhead, that they may be one as we are one.“Oh, thou hast come a long way, oh children. Just as with Paul & Silas, they try to imprison you; try to convince you of defeat.


But thou hast stood fast.“Warn the people not to be moved by their emotions, particularly at Christmas time, with the distractions. The emotional reaction says, ‘I need to do this; I need to do that’; but you need to do nothing. I did it 2000 years ago for you.


“Thou art walking the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, high above principalities & powers. Thou hast the victory. Walk ye in it.”



Word from the Lord through

David P Griffiths, 14/02/15

“Walking the Heights with Me (Ephesians 1&2); as Me on This Earth (I John 4:17);

& with All Authority, as I showed to the Colossians”


“With all authority thou walketh this earth. In this context, thou shalt ask what you will. For thou will go forth into all the earth & reach every creature with the gospel. For thou art in a time of major preparation.“I have called thee to teach about the anointing; for My Spirit has fallen upon thee to fulfil this mighty call. Thou goest day after day in preparation.


The courses must be written. The anointing is so strong on this work that thou doest. For it is to train leaders to perfect saints for the work of the ministry.“For thou will appoint true apostles & prophets, evangelists, pastors & teachers, to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry; & the material thou art producing is in line with the call of God on thy lives.


“For I have called thee to expose the counterfeit Jesus, who has so many sons of Sceva in his hands, the sons of Sceva being the epitome of self-identity Christianity. For when a man is born again, he is free from the identity of Satan on his life (using male terms like ‘his,’ ‘man,’ ‘mankind’ bears no relation to physical gender on the earth. For when a man is born again, old things are passed away, to enable a walking in the heavenly places, an understanding that the mouth of this individual is Christ’s, & Christ’s alone; & this person walks with all authority as Christ on this earth, with the empowerment, the baptism in the Spirit, coming upon him to be as I am on this earth; to speak the great I AM, not as a separate identity, as with the sons of Sceva, but literally as Me on this earth.“Prayer lines are full in Charismatic meetings, because they are constantly taught separate identity Christianity.


They minister to each other, as with the sons of Eli; but My Church, the sons of Zadok, stand as Me on this earth. They have no need to be constantly ministered to, for they know who they are, joined to the Lord, the fullness of the Godhead bodily. They are a more than conqueror, lifted up to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, having overcome all principality & power.


They have no need of constant prayer, for they are in constant communication with the Father, as a joint heir with Christ, & the Father provides all required for the purpose of reaching every creature with the gospel. “Separate identity ‘Christianity’ is a destroyer. Those who come constantly for prayer, ministering constantly into the separate identity, are the charlatans of Christianity today. With their prayers to the other Jesus, they have controls over people which is not of God, but of the other Jesus.“Counterfeit signs are produced by the other Jesus. Physical signs like gold dust are sought after as a sign from their god; & the god of this world obliges into this kind of ministry.


“But the true believer needs no such sign. He has the inner witness, knowing who he is in Christ Jesus. When he lays hands on the sick, he witnesses the virtue leaving him, & has constant relationship, walking the heavenly places to receive further virtue to transfer into the lives of the suffering, so that they too can move as Me on this earth.“For I quicken the mortal body today, to be holy unto Me, so it can be that temple to reach the lost. This is what this quickening is all about. This is why My healing covenant promise has the condition of hearing from Me so it can be fulfilled.


“As you walk in this place, so thy physical body is quickened, walking in obedience to the will of the Father. This is why thou was lifted from thy death bed, to move in the glorious will of the Father. This is why thou art working to perfect young people in the Word – to be as Me on this earth.


“These are the days of preparation for the Bible College of Wales Continuing. The courses, written courses, & the video lectures, so anointed in the Holy Ghost. “Now dost thou see the work thou art doing is for the glory of God? In the community, thou hast spoken My Word, & brought life. Thou hast exposed the corruption of dead religion, the corruption of the codices of Egypt which the Charismatics embrace with great gusto.


For they say they can understand this English, but they have failed to understand the fundamental point; it is not with academic understanding that the saints are equipped, but as with the true Word of God, the saints are perfected for the work of the ministry. 


1) Walking with Me in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1&2);


2)  as Me on this earth (I John 4:17);


3)  high above principality & power (Colossians).


“Do you see the difference? Separate identity ‘Christianity’ is the destroyer of Satan, of lives wrecked, as with the sons of Sceva.“But with the training of the Bible College of Wales Continuing, the saints are being perfected for the work of the ministry. Such was the work of Rees Howells.


“You need to rejoice & be exceedingly glad, for the persecution thou hast endured, has been from those looking to keep the separate identity, the symbol of pride in man’s achievements, which is as nothing before thee. For thou walketh in the victory of Christ Jesus, of a battle already won by the blood of the Lamb.”

God has ordained there to be a Chapel Pentecost in Wales embracing all that was good of Spirit-Led Chapel but rejecting the religious dross that came after. To do this has involved much suffering, attiack from religionists, false rumours and gossip against the Lord's Anointed. 



*  Move with the Compassion of the Lord


*  Go Forward Now with what God has given us


*  Mother Church Building at Bangor that gives birth to Chapels throughout Wales


*  Build the College Facility, in Sri Lanka - Mission House, H/Q of Sri Lanka to Tibet


*  Be not afraid, boldly go out and collect the cash for the ministries


*  Expect a miracle in funding


*  Lindsay - contact with key people


*  Know in Wales, the people have rejected the dead religious form but do not know yet of the true form - Chapel Pentecost will reach out to these people - Campaigns


*  Move in Scotland too


*  Recognise our opposition


*  Face up to that opposition declaring "Woes"


*  Chapel Pentecost & Pentecostal Church of Scotland to be developed


*  Use the word "Non-Conformist"


*  Bring the Gospel to the town from where Higher Criticism emanates


*  Renew minds through the Word


*  Walk down the aisle of Bangor Cathedral



*  "Bend Me, Bend Me"


*  "Open thou the crystal fountain ....."


*  Be Prepared, Rejoice


Word from the Lord through DPG, 06/09/11

“These are days spoken of by the prophet Joel:


1)     You have the signs of the times


2)   You have the devil doing all he can to avert the time of his pending doom


3)   Thou hast learned the ‘it is written;’ to write down what I am saying to thee, & to follow it.


“Thou hast learned, through many years of suffering, the compassion of the Lord; & that compassion is great. One has learned too the doctrine of the wrath of God, & the doctrine of the love of God. Thou hast learned what one must do, to pass on to future generations . One hast learned the suffering for setting up ministry.


“You have learned that those you have thought were with you, can be the Judases who say one thing before you, & another thing behind your back; who look as if they have compassion for you, but are doing all they can to destroy what I am doing through you.


“My Word declares that the devil comes to kill, steal & destroy. For you have been prepared to stand through it all.


“The devil is awaiting his day of judgement. For you have stood firm. You have been prepared to stand in spite of it all – even to the point of preaching to the four walls around you, rather than a congregation of people.

“Thou hast stood firm. Thou hast declared thy obedience to Me.


“My desire is that you go forward now with what I have given you; the resources I have given you. Thou hast shown Me that thou is prepared to list all that I have called you to do over the years; & this I have called you to do, Lindsay, & to mark off in simple-to-understand points, that which I have called thee to do; & place those points in a presenter, & the plans of the building Pentecost on the North Wales coast. This is to be the mother church building of many such buildings throughout Wales.


“Thou hast been prepared to listen to the map I have for you, till I call thee up to glory. Many are afraid to listen to such a plan. Build that chapel; build the college facility; in Sri Lanka, build the mission house, the headquarters of the vision from Sri Lanka to Tibet.


“And now I have to tell you to not be afraid; to go out boldly & collect the cash for these ministries I have called thee to set up. I will not let thee down. Human beings will gossip – even shout & look to pull thee down openly. But thou hast shown thyself to be solidly built upon the Rock. So go ye therefore, make disciples in all nations; baptize & lay hands. I have plans for thee; for that loft, which has now become a shining light to the world; a place from there to speak out My Word.


“Expect a miracle in the funding. The next big funding is on the way. Be prepared to demand that land for My chapel. The earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof. Be prepared. Make this a grand building; a notable building. Call together the saints of God for its opening.


“I will show thee the charlatans looking to pull thee down, & speak all manner of confusion against thee. Be prepared to go forward; set thine house in order. Tidy that which needs to be tidy. Have a stable environment for the inhabitants of thy house. Be prepared to have meetings , as William Williams had meetings in thy land. Prepared the people. Be prepared now to go forward, having protected the rear guard. Be not afraid: I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.


“Yes – I have prepared thee for these great days ahead. Thou hast recognised the ministries I have given thee in thy Church fellowship. Thou hast not held back in putting them forward. Thou art moving ahead; thou art moving ahead. Thou hast been called to go forward. Only believe; fear not.


“See the vision through now. Thou hast the determination in thy bellies; for out of thy bellies shall come rivers of living waters.


“Go forward, once the rear guard is established. Be not afraid. Go forward, with the rear guard established. They will say, ‘They are doing this, they are doing that.’ But be not afraid; I am with thee.


“And Lindsay, I am sending thee forward. Be not alarmed. I will give thee contact with key people, to develop that ministry of thine.

“Hallelujah! Amen.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 21/09/11


“Today is the day of salvation. You have the devil running from you along the North Wales coast; yet inland he still roars like a roaring lion.


“Communities inside North Wales have still yet to hear the gospel; for there is a dead religious form which they know about – a form which many of them have rejected.


“Within what is known as church, there is a paganism which Ezekiel screamed about which was within the temple system.


“Inland you have community after community that knows each other yet does not know God. Many with Welsh background have chapel or church inheritance; but many who have come from the outside have affected the cultural balance; & those who are Welsh-speaking are afraid that their culture is being undermined; but thou must tell them that their culture will not save them, & that there is great danger at this time among these communities of genuine culture being lost.


“But I am telling thee: Chapel Pentecost will reach out to those communities. It will expose the dead religious form. And I am telling thee, that by taking the chapel culture back to the example of William Williams, you will praise the Lord in such a way as to draw these people unto repentance.


“The devil is defeated; even though he roars, it matters not; for we are the army of the Lord, having defeated the enemy two thousand years ago.


“The Populating Heaven campaigns will include teaching to explain the principles of Jeremiah 1:10. But thou must set thy pegs into Bangor; set up the magnificent building.


“Rejoice & be exceedingly glad; prise My Name: be glad; the kingdom of God is here.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 09 10 11


“This Word from the Lord concerns the nation of Scotland. This nation has turned its back upon Me, moving out of its covenant with Me.


“Many within the nation have a longing to remove its union ties with England, Wales & Ireland. It is looking to be a nation on its own; yet not on its own; for those embracing the political agenda of separation indeed require more union; yet not more union with England, Wales & Ireland, but more union with antichrist forces which are there to remove the Christian heritage of the nation.


“You are right to say the nation has never been part of the E.U., for its Act of Union with the rest of the U.K. states things alien to E.U. membership. The Act of Union insists on a state Church free from the present-day curse of political correctness. The state Church I am calling thee to start, will be one of My Spirit, saith the Lord; one that gives adherence to the ancient landmark of the Act of Union.


One will give adherence to its stand of having a national Church, free from having the influences of a separate priesthood. This Pentecostal Church of Scotland, saith the Lord, will play a radical role in being separate from para-church organisations that have bowed down to Baal.


“You are to press on with your work here in Wales, with the view of finishing the work here quickly. The Chapel Pentecost is to be a grand building near the A55, that embraces the culture of Spirit-filled chapel in Wales – not the dead religious form; & that there be Chapel Pentecosts throughout all of Wales, th My glory.


“Thou art to expose the antichrist forces of the enemy, both in Wales & in Scotland. The nation as a whole is under judgement; & thou art to use the fundings that thou will gain in phenomenal legal victories over the banking community, in clearing off all the debts, & moving on into My glory.


“I have declared to have the media Church manse here in Rhos, the media Church being a Church people can be members of who live in rural areas, without access to real Church fellowships. And this media operation will grow & grow, to be known as Chapel Pentecost Media Church.


“You will reach the far corners of the earth; you are in for an exciting few years. David & Lindsay, I have brought you together with Apostle Owen to fulfil great purposes. Be excited – for My Name will go forth.


“You have brought the forces of antichrist into disarray. So, as I have given you vision for the Capel Pentecost in Wales, & the Pentecostal Church of Scotland, be of good cheer.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 17/12/11



“The moving on process has been hindered by those who have sought to havetheir way, when you have looked to Me, to obey that I have called you to do.


“I am your provider. I know now, you need a major financial breakthrough; & there are things you must do to bring the conditions for the moving on process to go ahead:-


(1) Recognise your opposition.


2) Face up to that opposition by declaring the Woes, as I declared the Woes to those who opposed Me in My earthly ministry.


“For example: “Woe unto those who seek position rather than sacrifice. Woe unto those who have tried to manipulate, rather than obey & accept, God-given leadership. Woe unto those who have been convicted, & fought back.”


“And so, with the Woes, you are bringing the condition for judgement to take place. Judgement begins at the house of the Lord. And those who have made these commitments need to keep them, & repent of looking to force issues with the will of their minds.


“As you have said ‘Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord.’ And this will happen after you have called it at Pendalar.


“There have been those who have tried to place the fellowship under the bondage of the human state, rather than have the fellowship moving in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“And so now, you can move on forward; & you have stated you need the £50,000 impetus at this stage. So, I speak to those able to invest, without having controls upon you. So keep on writing the vision. Keep on writing strategies, to fulfil the vision which I have given thee.


“The attack you have been under has been great. You are right to discern this does not happen in normal life. But you are not living a normal life. You are living a life obedient to God.


“So move on forward now. Look for that breakthrough to manifest. I will build My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.


“You are right to have seen that the interest in your ministry is enormous. It is a matter now of bringing people together in restoring Non-Conformist passions in Wales, Cheshire & Staffordshire, & throughout the country. Use the word ‘Non-Conformist.’ That brings understanding of what you are standing for.


“The days of meeting after meeting of revival are beginning now with the hunger & thirst evident after righteousness. The Jeremiah 1:10 pulling down is vital in all of this. The Llandudno presence in exposing masonry & its links to Catholicism; the exposure of Nimrod & his activity, the opposer of God, in a land where gossip rules over obedience; you are simply to grasp what I have called you to do. Set up the media Church; preach the gospel.


You have Chapel Pentecost & Pentecostal Church of Scotland to set up. You have technologies to learn. You have to catch up on rest & sleep; at the same time, be refreshed & strong; to fulfil the calling I have given thee; which has been hindered by those seeking flesh gratification, rather than being those of the Spirit-led life.


“You have looked to bring the gospel into an area of Higher Criticism, where it emanates from throughout the world; so all these opposition forces have looked to hold you back.


“So your Intercession & Trustees Meetings weekly are vital in all this, in that your intercession meetings are minuted along with your business meetings.


“So you do have a way forward, in the Intercession & Trustees meetings together. You do have a way forward in setting up the media suite.

You do have the way forward in seeking God over the wisdom of financial deals.


You do have the way forward in setting up the Pentecostal Church of Scotland & Chapel Pentecost, with initial on-line presence, followed by video & audio presentations. You do have a way forward in the taking on of the legal cases; telling banks that God has found them out, in that they have not adhered to the Constitution of the land, which has involved promises to God by the monarch.


“For the banking group that called this archaic, they are guilty of treason against the monarch. Dismissal of what has been promised to God is constitutionally treason in thy nation.


“So, move forward in My strength, saith the Lord. Do not look back, outside of what has to be done legally, in relation to matters arising.


“But move ahead into the high calling of God. Signs will confirm the Word.

“So, praise the Lord! Get ready this day for the great revival to come.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 07/04/12



This has been very important in the growth of thy ministry: that thou hast gone through a period of being small.


“But thou must understand - & understand well – that the day of the small things is over.


“Renew your minds through My Word. David had his time of small things; & stillin those times, he faced the giant, as indeed you have faced giants. They have looked to constantly pull you down in this time of small things; but thou hast used stones from My Word.


“I use the analogy in relation to the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God; which thou hast devoured, in readiness for this day.


“Elijah had his day of small things, in the cave & forgotten; suppressed & put into a corner, just like you have been. But he had his day of facing the prophets of Baal; & you are about to have your day likewise.


“When you walk down that aisle in Bangor Cathedral, so shall the spirits of antichrist quiver. They will run at the sound of My Name delivered from thy lips; for the Name of Jesus is high above any antichrist manipulation.


“For they in Wales have built a false Church. My Word warns that many antichrists have already come; but they have been part of building the Church of the Antichrist; & as Elijah faced the prophets of Baal, the false Christ of theAntichrist is the same god they worshipped, who failed to bring the fire.

“And as the prophets of Baal failed to bring the fire, so the Anglican cult of Wales has no authority, no power; for it is those who move with the spirit of Elijah, who wants more, bring the fire of God.


“But instead of destroying the prophets of Baal, they proclaim the victory of Calvary. For I came to destroy the works of the devil, & that victory you proclaim in that Cathedral.


“Oh, these are the days that I have called you to claim back the glorious mantle of revival that is to give the old-time message of the revivalists of Wales; & of course, of Scotland; & of course, of the apostle who sprang from England; & those in England of the Non-Conformist persuasion; those from Ireland who came to the shores of other nations of the United Kingdom, proclaiming the true doctrine of the Trinity, to cast out the false doctrines of the Antichrist that have caused so much damage; the manipulations of the heavy shepherding movement.


“Thou must set free the people, but most of all, when they bow down to their altars of Baal. I am appalled that there are Christians who even consider sitting under that evil of decadence.


“For I have called thee to restore My chapel movement in Wales as a Spirit-led, anointed movement without altars; My temple being the very body of Christ, the true believer. And this is the mark of the true believer: the true believer is one who bears the heart of the One who died at Calvary. He is one who is prepared to go to the cross for another; the compassion & love of Christ one must manifest to the nation.


“I have called thee to set up in Wales the Chapel Pentecost movement, without altars made with hands.


“I have told thee to build a new chapel building by the A55, & others will come in & build chapels throughout Wales – new chapels; you hear Me? New chapels, with all the latest technology. The devil uses it, but you are to take him off the airwaves. This chapel shall broadcast all over the world, the gospel; but the people must be broken first, as Evan Roberts cried ‘Bend me, Bend me!’ so the people will cry with the same voice as the revivalist, ‘Bend me, Bend me!’


“They shall no longer come with their own agendas, as in the past. They shall come to say, ‘Bend me, Bend me! Send your spirit to the Chapel Pentecost;’ & the lure of My Spirit will bring the people, initially to the website of Chapel Pentecost; then to the media operations of Chapel Pentecost on radio, television & internet.


“It shall be a blessing to the nation; & take heed of this: the angles are dancing over thou taking the seats of council; for they have seen their chapels removed in Colwyn Bay; & now, by taking these seats of authority, the enemy is defeated by thy proclamation of the Calvary victory; for, what is thy logo depicting, but the Cross of Calvary, & the Lordship of Christ?


“You have moved into position to proclaim My Lordship.


“My warning to thee is this: no longer think small.


“Now, the time is coming to set up the Chapel Pentecost website; & this prophecy is to be on the homepage. The television & media operations are now to come into being. Be prepared for members to join from all over the nation of Wales.


“Later, I am to do the same with thee in Scotland; but now is the time for Wales. The music accompanying this homepage, will be “Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah.” Remind the people of the words of the revivalist, “Open Thou the Crystal Fountain;” for the healing stream has to come. My river has to flow through this whole land; & from where does My river come? It is out  of thy bellies, saith the Lord; Yes, out of your bellies. For as you stand in this Principality of Wales, My revival anointing shall be upon thee; for thou hast removed the altars; the false Eisteddfods of Antichrist will be of little interest any more.


The ancient stones of the false deity will be replaced by the living stones. For this is My Church, that the gates of hell cannot prevail against; & behold, I have given thee the keys of authority; & My people, yet not people in the earthly sense – for these are the branches of the Living Christ.

These will manifest Me, saith the Lord. This will be My Church – who will understand Galatians 2:20. Oh! They will have the joy of the Lord.


“My warning to thee: do not think small. You have not despised the day of small things; but those days are over.


“I am bringing saints to thee to help thee. Thou hast a lot of work on, so as to be ready for the great harvest. Remember the old hymn “Bringing in the Sheaves”? The farmer knows his field will grow with corn; & this Farmer is telling thee, that thou hast planted the seed of revival, & thou must be prepared for the harvest. Thou must place on this website the vision for the building alongside the A55. Invite My saints to give into the fund to build this initial building, which must have the latest technology to proclaim My Word.


“I am not a second-hand God. I bring people into the newness of life, not the second-hand-ness of life. Those with a poverty spirit will have no place in this enterprise of God. I demand excellence, saith the Lord. People coming will look smart, just as in days of the Chapel Revival, people came with their best clothes; & whilst they will say not to look at the outward appearance, I indeed look to the inward heart; but from the inward heart comes renewing of the mind; & with the renewing of the mind, comes God’s perspective of the very best in the kingdom of God.


“So, prepare for the big things, having not despised the small things. This land of Wales is once more to be the land of song. You have prepared for this, with My gospel music. But be prepared for singers, instrumentalists; be prepared for a whole row of trumpeters, to blow the chords of the Lord.


“Be prepared, with thy own chapel, never mind 4 hours long, never mind 5 hours long, never mind 6 hours long, never mind 7 hours long; be prepared for meetings to go on days; such will be the move of My Spirit, bringing men & women on their knees before Me. Have you got the idea of what I call ‘big’?Remove your human perspectives.


When I build My Church, I build My Church. The people shall lose their religious perspectives. You shall sing the old hymn, “Are You Washed in the Blood? Are your garments spotless, are they white as snow? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?”


“Oh, these are the days, not of the small things, which you did not despise; these are the days to bring a chapel movement the devil thought he had destroyed, only for a seven-fold bigger movement than it ever was, to replace it!


“But what is it replacing? Not the Spirit-anointed chapel movement of the saints of old, which he can never destroy. What he has destroyed, is his own dead religious form; so in effect, he has destroyed himself. Such is the stupidity of the devil.


“But what is in thee, is rivers of living water. Are you prepared for this in your mind-set? Renew your mind, from My Spirit within thee.


“Rejoice in what I have had to say today. You are going to have to work hard now; for the joy of the Lord shall be thy strength. Oh, rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! I say, Rejoice!”


Word from the Lord through DPG,

Chapel Pentecost Meeting, Pendalar, 10/02/13


“I have not forgotten, saith the Lord, to build the Chapel of Pentecost on the hill above Bangor; not that that building will be a temple of the Lord, but shall be a place for the temples of the Lord to gather as one temple of the Holy Ghost unto Me.


“So shall the witchcraft be scattered from the hills, saith the Lord. So shall the false ‘Church’ be exposed for what it is. For I am building My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.


“Thou hast studied Rees Howells, as he stood in the queue to pay his ticket, without at that time the physical resources to purchase that ticket. But thou hast gained the ground of intercession. Thou hast stood in intercession in that place, & the ground has been claimed.


“Yet there is an aspect of this you must not forget: that you have already brought in the architects. You know from them how much approximately the project will cost, which is about £1,000,000. One needs to contact the County Council Planning Department & ask about those fields, & state a claim on the ground through the planning office.


“This is My Word today. I am Jehovah Jireh. I will never let you down. And as you step out on this project of Chapel Pentecost, so shall the enemy be confounded; for he has looked to destroy & remove your resources; & here you are, stepping out on a major building project.


“You need to contact the kit builders, & tell them of your interest in this. See their reps. Just as Rees Howells stood in the queue, you are acting on the Word & trusting God by putting this project into practice.


“From here you will broadcast from Wales all over the world. For as in the Rees Howells book, Wales is to be known once more as the land of revival.

“So you will have restored once more Spirit-led chapel. & removed the dead religious form.


“Your enemies are already confounded, as was written through John Bunyan. How much more shall they be confounded, when they see a huge building being erected, not to be a temple of God; for the temples of God as one temple shall be as one within it.


“My Word to you is the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The enemies have scattered; & they will come from all over the world to this place, not to receive revival, but to learn how they can bring aboutrevival wherever they may have come from.


“For thou wilt sing the hymn I gave to J Edwin Orr, ‘Search Me, O God - & start the work in me; & they shall confess their sins, saith the Lord, & the people of North Wales shall see a mighty revival. For as they confess their sins, as they did in Africa in Rees Howells’ day, so shall My Spirit fall down; for I shall rend the heavens.


“Truly I have called you to bring Chapel Pentecost unto the people…is

“Then fancies fly away

I’ll fear not what men say

I’ll labour night & day

To be a pilgrim.”

Bring back The Bible College of Wales back to Wales as the "Continuing College" as been one of the most wonderful things we have witnesssed.


As we all grasp the dedication and surrender of Rees Howells - we give God the glory as we have been overcoming so many battles to see the dream come alive.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/08/12



“You now spend your time in preparation; preparation for a great harvest of souls.


“What you are doing is massive: removing the curse of Higher Criticism throughout the world is your goal, to bring the conditions for the true Church to come forth; a Church unpolluted by the strains of higher critics, who place burdens upon their students; who move by natural sight, & not the Spirit. You are to expose the work of the higher critics, & bring forward the work of the Lord’s anointed.


“For the College, not only dost thou have Suresh’s material; you have that massive resource of Sandy, which will bring your courses way up over the hundred. That is with only just beginning that resource of material.


“You see, I am not just enough. I am more than enough. I am more than enough. These colleges without higher critics, are to grow throughout the world, perfecting the saints for the work of the ministry. This is what people do want to invest in: a freedom from the higher critics. You see how massive this is? I will build My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.


“Remember how massive this task is: to pull down the world’s education system (Jeremiah 1:10); to build up, in the name of the Lord Jesus, an education system without the higher critics. This is a massive task: to pull down the education systems of the devil, & replace them with the glory of the Lord. That is thy task.


“When you get up in the morning, remember thy task, under Jeremiah 1:10. The higher critics must be defeated from continuing their evil ways.


“So, go fearlessly on. Remember it is My will to have these colleges throughout the world, shining light over the darkness of Higher Criticism; to remove the devil’s infiltration, & replace this with education which is truly of God.

“This move will grow rapidly. So get ready for the harvest, in My Name.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 16/10/12



“The world is in a very unsettled state. The god of this world is in a state of fury against the Church. He has many a plan to kill, steal & destroy. He comes as the angel of light, luring people in, to destroy visions, to take away from people’s resources.


“But I am come that ye may have life, & life in abundance. For I am the way, the truth, & the life. No man can come to the Father except through Me. What you have started with the Bible College of Wales Continuing, is a haven of rest for those who will come away from the world’s unsettlement.


“This is a time of great preparation. You are getting everything together in readiness to provide this haven of rest. Be prepared for many applications. Get your systems ready for many applications.


You are right spiritually in demanding the very best standards. There will be those who will say to you, ‘But I can’t reach those standards,’ but in the anointing, you can do all things. For this Church which I am building, the gates of hell will not prevail against.


“You have been called to build this haven of rest, for those who realise that their strength is in Jesus; & you will send out students filled with the Holy Ghost, to reach every creature with the gospel. Missions networks will be set up, making the gospel to be given to every creature.


“Prepare for many students to come. I will give thee all that thou needs.

“Prepare, in this time of wars & rumours of wars, that you have been called to build this haven of rest.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 26/10/12



“The grass grows in My kingdom without spot nor blemish. The weeds are weeded out; & you have told of these processes with many descriptions over the years.


“The grass that is growing has come about through many years of preparation; & I have weeded out that which is not of Me.


“There has been those who have come in, who have tried to control what thy lawn is to do. Does not My Word declare ‘without spot nor blemish’? The grass is growing through My Word, which fertilizes its roots; which has you operating through obedience to My Word – My Rhema Word.


“There have been those who have tried to use the letter of the law. There have been those who have tried, as in the court cases, to bring penalty upon thee through foreign influences & foreign philosophies. Yet you have learned how to grow a lawn, by being obedient to My Word, & making a stand against the weeds.


“Thou art working hard to bring the conditions for this lawn to grow more, yet at the same time facing that that can bring forth weeds.


“These are your finest days, saith the Lord, to bring the conditions not only for revival in Wales, but throughout the whole world.


“The Bible College courses are very significant, & have been chosen by Me to restore the true heritage of the Bible College of Wales. It too, from the very beginning, demanded the highest standards: yes, in academic standards; but more importantly, in allowing the Spirit of God to move on what has been learned; to bring forth Holy Ghost revival, bringing forth the empowerment to reach every creature with the gospel.


“You are preparing for this now. The gospel must reach every creature. You are to use every means of access to reach every creature. This is why I have told thee to use resources to have the latest equipment. You shall go forward with television & radio throughout the whole world; & governments not of Me shall fall throughout the world because of thy broadcasting. Such is the anointing. Thy grass is beginning to grow.


“Allow not the devil to steal it. Expose his wicked ways, & go forward in the strength of the Lord.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 21/07/13



“The time has come to move forward. Thou has been working hard at setting up the infrastructure required to fulfil My call. Thou has been purchasing property: as Rees Howells purchased mansions, you have been or are doing, purchasing property which does not belong to men, but belongs to God.


“The properties purchased, or are being purchased, are never to be put into the hands of man, but in the hands of God. Those who are trustees are to be dead men, in line with the principles of the stories of Rees Howells and his adventure of faith. For the faith walk is an adventure. It is living, not as man sees things, but it calls the things that be not, as though they are.


“And the ministry is to expand very rapidly, once thou has completed the infrastructure work, which the devil has sought to destroy at every possible moment.


“All he has achieved, however, is increase your reliance upon God; & the passage of Matthew 16 is particularly relevant to what is happening at this stage. It is on Peter that I build My Church, yet not Peter but Christ. For the Peter who is dead becomes alive in Christ, living by the faith of the Son of God.


“And so the Matthew 16 passage must be read in line with Galatians 2:20; hence your “one in Christ” relationship with Scott & Sylvia Pearce. For this whole message is revival; the reviving of a dead man who becomes as the Son of God, with all the perfections of the Son of God; for his own life is dead. He no longer is his own, he has been bought with a price; & I use the make gender terms, for in this context there is neither male not female, for one has become as God, who is referred to as Father, Son & Holy Ghost.


“So do not consider human gender terms in this. All the devil can do is make you more dead, & all I can do is make you alive.


“You are coming to the time of real resurrection. You are coming to the time of great increase; & this increase you have been preparing for. I have seen thy endeavours in My Name, to set up infrastructure;& thou must have “those to wait on tables.” The importance of Christine Ramakrishnan (Minister called of God from Sri Lanka) is that she can hold the fort, as thou goes forward around the world. For within My equation of growth comes a great travelling around the world.


“The studio network is to be represented in every country, in every continent; for I have given thee commission to reach every creature with the gospel. The message to portray is the Matthew 16 & Galatians 2:20passages. For the rock on which I build My Church is thee, yet not thee, but Christ, who lives in thee. For I am joined unto thee as one Spirit: hear this –one Spirit – receive it! For these so-called modern day revivals have no grasp of this. There never has been a revival with a ‘me,’ that is, a human ‘me.’ For revival is the manifestation of the great ‘I AM.’


“O, grasp this truth! Norman Grubb grasped it. He, yet no the, called it continuous revival. O, grasp this! & grasp it well; for this message is the message of brokenness revival; revival of a body gone dead, then become alive in Christ Jesus.


“Do not be disturbed by the attempts of the schoolmaster to place thee under bondage. Do not be disturbed by the attempts by the philosophies of men to place thee under the thinking of man. They study in their universities become clever in man’s philosophies; for all of this is as dung. For I tell thee, that those who study the Word of God purchased by blood– this is where thy ministry is to grow; for thou hast not sold out to the translations of men; for thou has held fast to what the dying Tyndale prayed for; a blood-bought Bible not of commercial interest, but a Bible of the “thus saith the Lord;” the Bible that continues to speak as life in a dying world that can only come alive in Christ Jesus.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 19/03/13



“I know you are believing on £1 m. coming in next financial year. I also know that as this comes in, so shall the administration burden increase, which is why I am sending those with the gifts of administration to come to thee.


“They are of course to hear from Me, and obey My call; but you are needing, even now, help in administrations, so as to free personnel from the Charity to hear My voice & go to certain areas in the world, to fulfil My purposes. What is holding this back is the amount of time needed for administration.


“Fear not, saith the Lord, for I have called thee to the paths which thou art on.But those paths need a large amount of administrative back-up. They also need financial support. I am working on both.


“So this is what I have called thee to do:


“Set up SKYPE contacts throughout the world. For what I am building is a world-wide framework, to enable Me to reach every creature with the gospel, you being the means of doing this, you being the empty vessel for the Spirit to manifest, & reach every creature; but that empty vessel needs the administrative back-up. For this whole operation which thou art building – that is, I building through you – is one of such size, that the back-up is important.


“The Early Church was growing so big, that the same issue arose with them;so it is an important issue to intercede in relation to having the infrastructure, administration, resources, in what you are doing to fulfil My mighty call.


“You are to be fearless in your call, not hold back; but to not hold back, the structures of administration must be there. So by My Spirit, I am sending people unto thee to help with administrations, to free you up to fulfil the calls I have for your lives.”

The Just shall live by HIS FAITH is the Biblical declaration, the Believer dying to to flesh and earthly ambition moving ahead having received HIS FAITH.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/10/12




“They say they need proof. They say they want to see it to believe it; but in their lives, this is not the case. They believe things daily, without seeing the proof. So why is it that they need to physically see God, whereas in their lives they accept knowledge daily, without seeing physical proof?


“They go to the railway station & hear the announcer say, ‘The train arriving at Platform 7 is the 7:15 from London Euston.’ They accept what the announcer says. There is no physical proof that the train arriving has come from London Euston. They simply believe it.


“Today, there are electronic notice-boards, telling the people what time the train is arriving, & where the train is going. There is no physical proof as such – yet they believe it.


“Why then, a different attitude towards the Church, when they readily accept the word of the announcer, & what is written on an electronic board?


“The Christian hears from the heavenly Announcer, whom he believes & acts upon, just as on the railway platform, where the announcer says from where the train has come from, & where it is going to.


“Such as it is with My Word. The heavenly Announcer intimated from where you have come from, & to where you are going, on condition that you believethe announcer, & get on the train.


“The spoken word today is commonly confirmed by a written word on an electronic board; so why then does the Christian walk seem so strange, when commonly, ordinary people live the principle of it every day? Faith comes by hearing, & hearing by the Word of God. The railway passenger acts by getting on the train; so in effect they are doers of the Word. Action is required, that action coming with no real physical proof, except they have believed the word of the announcer, & received the confirmation from the electronic notice-board.

“Such as it is in the true Church.


The Christian hears the heavenly announcement, & acts according to that announcement, receiving confirmation from the written word, which tells us from where we have come from, & to where we are going.


“But if we are going to the place the Word tells us we are going, we need to act, & step on the heavenly train.


“Throughout the Bible, I have brought together My prophets & apostles, the people commonly being as school children, who need to be taught. Moses took the children of Israel over the Red Sea. They had had word of their history, the heavenly Announcer giving a destination of where they would go, as long as they got on; but they started having breakdowns on the way, because they failed to believe.


“If a whole train-load of passengers stopped believing that they were going to reach their destination, they would harass the representative of the railway company, the unrest bringing a hindering to that journey.


“This is why the Word of God is so important. As long as we believe the Word of Almighty God, we can reach our destination, having trusted God, the heavenly Announcer, having trusted His Word; knowing the great calling of faith;

believing what the heavenly Announcer says, acting accordingly, having read the written Word, but acting through the Rhema Word, that is being obedient as to what the Heavenly Announcer has given you today.


“Thus saith the Lord.”





“There are two key factors in what I was saying through thee yesterday.

“Factor number 1: Revelation brings the needed answer.


“This means not to formula-ize My Word. The Holy Ghost wrote the Scriptures through man; and so the Holy Ghost is to reveal to the individual, through the Word of God, what is known as revelation: that is, the Spirit of God revealing to man a given truth for a particular situation. This is revelation: the revealed truth.

“Hearkening is a condition of My Word; the minister’s job being to bring the conditions for each one to hear from God themselves.


“The revelation I gave to Norman Grubb is important in this. Does it not say in My Word to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you? And so, to hear the voice of God and act accordingly is being a partaker of revealed truth. This covers all aspects of life, the Holy Ghost revealing to men the truth of God’s Word directly into given situations.


“This is what you correctly call the Rhema Word of God, the sword of the Spirit – Hallelujah!


“The shield of faith is being in that place where there is no human apprehension. It is the just living by My faith. No human feeling or emotion is alive in this place. It is complete faith in God to deliver, which is what you have been studying in the Bible College of Wales Continuing. This is the place Rees Howells was at, for he was walking in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

“Now, this Word today is about continually being there; and the key word in being in this place, is truth; the belt of truth.


This is where you are having so much success in the community, in that you are not afraid to admit your weakness. To those in the world, this is a breath of fresh air. So many are covering up, & in today’s electronic society, are being found out; and many are afraid. They have had their emotions and feelings affected by the god of this world; and all men have been along this road, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.


“And so to be in the place of glory, one has to have been through the place of confession; not only to God, but to each other. Confessing your faults is completely Biblical. When a Church fellowship does this, in not only confessing faults but in recognising human inability, this brings a transportation, for as you confess your faults, as you remove the formula-ization of the use of My Word, you come into the realm of revealed truth.


This protects you from the wiles of the devil; for because you have opened up your faults, it prevents the devil using these against thee, and enables you to move on, forgetting those things which are behind, to the high calling of God, where you manifest My righteousness, and you wear My shoes, and move into the Galatians 2:20 truth, of not you living, but Christ; living by the faith of the Son of God rather than the human interpretation of what faith is.


For the just shall live by his faith. For it is I who am mighty; and that it is you, yet not you, who manifests the Son of God who loved you, who gave His life that you may walk in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, as one in the Spirit with Me, as My First Letter to the Corinthians indicates. What a place of constant victory! What a place of constantly hearing from God! What a place of joy and peace!

“Ask the people, ‘Are you in this place today?


‘For I have called thee to reveal this truth, that revelation brings the needed answer, within the context of the individual hearing from God, having moved out of the realm of this world, to be constantly walking in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.”


That is the end of the prophecy from the Lord. These are the instructions from the Lord:-


Send it to David Ingles’ daughter (the title was given by the Lord to DI as a song). Revealed revelation – to place this on the ‘heavenly places’ web-site via Brian, for the truth of walking in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus is the key to success (Deuteronomy 28).


The Pentecostal Continuing web-site is to continue the log of prophecies; and this can be used in one of the adverts in “The Stornoway Gazette;” for one of the key factors for success in the Hebrides is removing the factor of formula-ized truth (i.e. they read the Word and act on it through their own ability) – this is the removal of formula-ized truth.

Let Everything that hath breath PRAISE THE LORD is the Biblical cry

Word from the Lord to DPG, 15/03/12



“Whatever the genre of gospel music, what I demand is the singing of praise to the Lord from the heart, proclaiming the pre-eminence of Jesus Christ.

“Also, the music is to depict man’s personal surrender to Me; also, the importance of day-by-day communication with Me.


“The Spirit is moving powerfully through thy praise & worship; also the songs that Lindsay sings; also the dances that Mary dances; even the act of flag-waving; even the fact that you have put the sound up to praise the Lord. You are giving Christ the pre-eminence. You are giving Christ the pre-eminence; & from your hearts, the suffering you have been through – that can be shown in the songs.


“In the same way, your brother John Bunyan used literature to explain this suffering which you have endured to proclaim the gospel.


“Your opposition to the religious festivals & days is such that those with the set form of religion that denies the power, is what you are exposing as bondwoman activity.


“So I am drawing you with those who can really expand the ministry. Now, within this context of expansion, I want you to do these things:-


“(1) Teach & nurture the people well. Encourage as many as possible to be involved in the music ministry. And as you set up the rehearsal side of the loft, encourage as many as possible who can learn the songs & sing. Teach them all the skills required.


“So, know you are on track with the gospel music. This is so important.


“Now, I will be expanding your ministry. At the moment, you are catching up the rear-guard, & the enemy is doing all he can to keep you both down. But simply keep at the rear-guard work. Cast the cares upon Me; I careth for you.


“Now, I do want this ministry to expand; & those will be drawn to you as part of this expansion. This situation of Parkway is part of My expansion, knowing you will need a bigger hall for these theme evenings.


“So, know you are on track. Be not afraid. Speak out My Word. So the gospel music is so important, so vital, for it proclaims the pre-eminence of Christ, & the illegitimacy of men without a Saviour


“You have been taken to the limit of endurance.


“I am expanding the ministry. The gospel music is so vital. Stick with it; I will direct your paths.”

God has a special work to do through the ministry of Lindsay Griffiths and here are his instructions .....

Word from the Lord through DPG, Tuesday, 26 July 2011



“I am come that you may have life, & life in abundance; &, Lindsay, opportunity will come & great wealth will come through thee. For I have given thee thy talent; & through the agonies of the years, I have moulded thee into being a great saint of God. Having been through many years of suffering, I have brought you to the point of understanding My Word. And as you see, what is not of Me is closing down; & people will see My love manifesting through thee.


“Be prepared to travel so as to fulfil My call. I will prepare a way for thee; & your marriage will get richer, for within these new circumstances about to come, there will be times when you will be apart. For, Lindsay, I have been preparing you to be a minister of God in your own right – so close to David & you will remain so close. But you will be sharing My Word, Lindsay, throughout the world. Be prepared to travel.


“You will be sending great wealth back, so the base here can all be paid for. You will be ministering the Word, Lindsay – getting wealth so as to establish the covenant of God.


“Your house here will become the great headquarters for what I am doing through thee. Do not be moved by the present- day circumstances. You will be witnessing My Word, & singing My songs. Br prepared for a great harvest, in the Name of Jesus.”



[The Lord seemed to give me three themes on which I am to sing & preach: (1) testimony / salvation; (2) balance / stability; (3) the old rugged cross].


Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/08/11



“Yes indeed, I have called thee to make 2 CDs; of these 2 CDs, one will depict the work of the cross, & the other of My coming, of The Midnight Cry.

“They shall be called ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ & ‘The Midnight Cry: on ‘The Midnight Cry,’ I am calling Lindsay to sing ‘Softly & Tenderly;’ & on ‘The Old Rugged Cross,’ you will find an arrangement so that Lindsay can sing with passion & compassion, & also an arrangement of ‘Rock of Ages’ in the same vogue, with atmosphere.


“Truly, saith the Lord, I have called thee, Lindsay, to be a minstrel according to My Word. I am sending thee all over the world, to sing My praise; to bring down the anointing of God upon gatherings throughout the whole world. And not only shalt thou be a minstrel, saith the Lord, & other themes for future CDs will include an intercessory CD, with warfare songs, to include ‘The Army of the Lord.’


“Behold, I am calling thee at this time to prepare, for indeed I have called thee both at this time to build up the rearguard, as indeed I have called David Owen to do the same; to prepare thy offices for major ministry, whiuch I have called thee all to.


“And Lindsay, I am anointing that voice to reach out to the lost. Be prepared for souls to be saved, through the anointing & conviction of My Spirit. Praise the Lord!


“I have called thee, Lindsay. This is thy time. Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. For Mine hour has come, saith the Lord. Be constantly on the lookout for My Word, for what I am going to say.


“I have saved thee & prepared thee, saith the Lord, for such an hour as this.

“Rejoice & be exceedingly glad; for thou hast stood through the persecution & the testing, & thou hast shown thou ius prepared to go the extra mile.

“Prepare now, saith the Lord.


“And David, I have called thee to keep the balance of the Church ministry, with the extensions that have been going on, to keep balancing the books at this stage (i.e. not showing a loss).


“But be prepared for the funding of God to fulfil the call on your lives.

“That is why I have called thee to keep the rear guard. That is why I have called you to a season of getting your offices together.

“This is the season of preparation; & this house is to become the manse, all paid for.


“And indeed I have called you, David & Lindsay, to set up a similar manse in Stornoway, with thy ‘get-away’ along the West coast of Lewis, for thou wilt wander the beaches & hear from Me.


“And from Lewis, thou will blow thy trumpet back towards Inverness, & proclaim the victory of the Lord.


“In Lewis, thou wilt proclaim the price & power of revival; for in Lewis I am not leaving thee to thine own devices. I am bringing thee an army of prayer warriors, to destroy the religious stronghold the enemy set up after the revival.

“Be prepared for big meetings on Lewis, & to remove the religious pride in Harris.

“There is no point wearing all the finery of religion on the outside, when the inside is hard & corrupt.


“There is no point being proud of your stand on religious finery, when the hardness is holding back revival.


“There is no point in saying ‘Look at us – see how religious we are,’ without the compassion of the Lord. Without the compassion of the Lord, thou shalt not be in thy call.


“And yes indeed, I have called thee to the so-called Catholic islands. And they will say ‘What are you doing here?’


“And thou shalt put on concerts in these islands. Take the halls; set up thy sound equipment, & sing the praises of God. And the conviction of My Spirit, saith the Lord, in these concerts will move the captive of religion into life.

“And these islands will no longer be known as of the Catholic persuasion, but be known as the islands of the Lord.


“The Castle of Barra is a stronghold that has placed the island under a masonic control.


“Thou art to stand on the hill of McCaig & remove the oppressive spirit over the islands. And thou hast cried out in the past over these islands. I have heard thy cries; I am calling thee to stand on the island of Castlebay, & declare My glory.

“Rejoice & be exceeding glad; for I have called thee, saith the Lord, to prepare right now.


“Be content in this preparation period; be not frustrated, saith the Lord, for I have called thee to fulfil that which I have called thee to do.


“Thou will be offered ministry all over America & Canada; & thou art to collect the resources, & at the same time share what the Lord has callked thee to do; to talk of thesew island of the West; to talk of the vision of Sri Lanka to Tibet; to set up thine own offices in Sri Lanka.


“See – I am sending you the resources to set up the rear guard. Thou art to pay for the manse here, the manse in Stornoway; set up the Pentecostal Church of Scotland; & the get-away on the West coast of Lewis. These are rear guard activities. Be content in the rear guard setting up.


“But for you, Lindsay, I am sending you out shortly into a season of reaching out; to go & fulfil that calling in America to go & record the material.


“And I am opening doors for you, saith the Lord – mighty doors. There will be those who will want to join you in Scotland & Wales. So give heed to this call.

“Thou wilt be involved in mighty meetings in America & Canada. Give heed to My call. Pay for the manse in Rhos. Pay for the manse in Stornoway. Have the van with the sound equipment in Stornoway, as you have the van with the sound equipment in Wales.


“I will bring you those to run all of these things; but I am providing for you also the get-away on the coast of Lewis, so you can go & hear from Me.

“But remember at this time: set up thy offices; set up this manse; & yes, even within this time of setting up, Lindsay, there will a call for you to reach out; but the rear guard must be set up.


“Yes, I have called thee to set up Chapel Pentecost & to share the vision of this – of new building chapels throughout Wales, built by the sides of major roadways.

“And in Scotland, for the Pentecostal Church of Scotland. It will be My true Kirk, saith the Lord.


“Can you not see, I have brought you together, David & Lindsay, on the home ground, to save thy nations of Wales & Scotland; to go out to lands, as I have indeed sent the missionaries of old to nations all over the world.


“And indeed I have called thee to get the wealth to establish My covenant.

“So go & work with My people in the U.S. & Canada. Bring many back to thy homeland to help thee fulfil the call of God on your lives.


“I have called thee, saith the Lord, to let this time of building up the rear guards be precious to thee; for I am calling out from these places, to fulfil the call of God on your lives.”



Word from the Lord through Lindsay, 29/10/11



“I will make a way through the wilderness for you, My people. I will make a sanctuary – for ye are the temples of My Holy Spirit. Say not “When will mt rescue come?” For in might & righteousness I will make a way. I already tookcaptivity captive – you had your release 2000 years ago, for all of time & space, & all flesh shall see Me.

“I am hidden from no-one – heavy burdens are not of Me.

“Look up! & see thy salvation & feel my peace.”

Scriptures: Acts 9-10.



Word from the Lord to DPG, 22 11 11

[The Lord wants to speak to us as a couple]


“I have now had this relationship with you both for many years.


“I have seen your struggle, endeavouring to come out of situations with natural ability, & having to come & weep before Me. You now come to Me at this time, weeping before Me. You have spoken out My Word without fear & with boldness. You have not given heed for your own life, but of Mine.


“You have a heart of the love of Christ Jesus within you, & even now, as you have cried aloud & spared not, your hearts are crying out for the sheep who have gone astray. How you love the Pentecostal movements, which I have given word about at this time, & how I have loved them too! They are going astray, being one of their perceived necessities, to expand in a changing world. For what they perceive as being unacceptable in a modern era, they have expanded what were onve movements, into what in effect are now businesses - & successfully done so; if indeed these movements were ever called to be businesses.


“In successfully managing their businesses, they are casting a whole generation into hell; & you, as prophet & prophetess, know this, & are weeping & crying out for their souls. And in so being, have bee unsuccessful in business (to the world’s perspective), but successful in God.


“And so, you are at a stage in your ministry; you are at a stage where you need to have major investment to get the message across. In one respect, you arebeing successful in business, in recognising where people are. Indeed, they spend hours at their screens; & you know it is My will to reach the lost; & if they are at their screens, that is where you must be.


“The challenge of overcoming enemy tactics is that he is pleased to have apostate movements, now businesses, dominating the airwaves; but he can easily dominate & control those who run on the natural side of things. What he has no control over is the prophet & prophetess who are prepared to lose everything for Me; for in that passion comes something he cannot control: the passions of one to give his life for another.


“So the devil has laid obstacle after obstacle in your way. For those who run off the natural persuasion, he has placed Jezebel after Jezebel, out of lack of knowledge of what the scripture says.


“My dear prophet & prophetess; you have screamed out your understanding of human weakness, & your strength in Christ; but they continue to pray, knowing how to pray. They have words of vain repetition. They react to circumstance. They get prayerd for by people who know how to pray, & reject those who do not . So the Jezebel has her way. They are lured under the control of the wicked one.


“You expect all those in fellowship to understand deep in the Spirit where things are going; but they  have rationalised, as indeed the Pentecostal movements have rationalised. They saw their business opportunities. They started naming their fellowships “Christian centres;” as indeed, businesses got together in shopping centres. They became “Community churches,” as the world moved from village hall to community centres. So, for example, Craig-y-don village hall would become Craig-y-don community centre. So Craig-y-don Assembly of God would become Craig-y-don Community church. For they sought the community, rather than God.


“They saw opportunity in bringing in popular music. So they brought in rock gospel; but the Rock gospel which you portray, standing on the Rock that youportray, is very different to their rock gospel. So they pleased their people with their demonic beats, & mesmerized them, for now they were running businesses - & indeed, successful businesses. If success us measured by reaching the people, they certainly achieved this. But they reached the people with Satan, rather than God. So the prophet & prophetess start to speak, but they offend the new culture, so they are placed in a corner. The people they doget come from this new “church” world of commercial gain - & they can stay in thy pews for so long, but when My conviction comes, they run back to the apparent safety of the business-type fellowship, rather than the surrender-to-God type Church.

“So here you are now, with loved ones from all over the world contacting thee, longing to come to thy Church - & the only way you can reach them is in media Church.


“You are to set up thy studio. Remember, I am Jehovah Jireh. I have spoken to many to fund thy ministry, but many have been afraid to do so, knowing the price it takes to support a prophet & prophetess prepare to go all the way. The enemy has placed great resources in muzzling the prophet; the prophet who longs to cry aloud & spare not. He has had times with his prophetess, waiting for ravens to come & feed him, & is once more crying out to God for the breakthrough required to mreach the world with the gospel. But I tell thee: the breakthrough is here. Speak out My Word. The enemy has done all he can to separate thy apostle from thee, with ridiculous sets of circumstances. But I say unto thee: do not be downhearted, for all things work together for good to those that love God.


“You are about to publish My Word in relation to hoe movements have gone; & I will have particular word for the Nazarene movement, to come back to its first love; & they, like the Pentecostal denominations, placed themselves in UK under secular authority, & have seen the consequences of that. They must return, to be blessed, to their first love; & on the resources coming, My children, you are to display what I have given thee, & launch what I have given thee, which is not the small media operation which you are setting up just now. Whilst this is blessed, & called of God, I see it as a way of portraying the gospel in small beginnings on the media. But I assure thee, I have huge resources awaiting thee, & whilst I called thee to set up the small media operation in thy house, this is just a starter. I have plans for thee to launch media in a huge way, which thou will do at Keswick.


“So, take heart! Understand every enemy attack has been against thee; an enemy determined to muzzle the prophet. But greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world.


As we prepare our first HD Television Studio in Sri Lanka we give God the Praise and Glory for our first opportunity to really hit the airwaves with the cry of Rees Howells - to reach every creature with the Gospel ......

Word from the Lord through DPG, 01/11/11

“The Battle of the Airwaves”



“Throughout the whole of the world, there is a battle for the minds of the people; & there are all different kinds of programmes for all different types of people. But when it comes to Christian radio & television, there are principles which thou will have to adhere to.


“The primary purpose is to give Christ Jesus the pre-eminence. The Lordship of Christ is the central issue; & so there is a huge principle at stake here. For there are many programmes today which are there to draw people to themselves.

“Speak out My Word; My Word cannot be returned void. The message of the cross, of Him crucified & risen again, is the central message of your television & radio broadcast.


“Preach the cross; bring people to the cross. I have called thee to set up media Church; & what has been going on is an attempt of the enemy to  thwart this plan. The enemy will do all he can to keep you off the airwaves. This is because you carry with you, David, copies of the Constitution of thy nation; & there you are, with little earthly resource, setting up a media centre to preach the gospel all over the world.


“I have called thee to preach the cross. Be prepared to have literature ready for souls being saved, healed. Get ready for signs, wonders & miracles. The preaching of the cross is central, in the process of bringing revival. I have called thee to bring the conditions to carry on thy work throughout the night, in preparation for thy great goal of having a media Church. In its infancy, you have experienced those who have slagged you off, spoken evil against you.


“So you must go & speak out My Word, & bring deliverance to the people. I a giving you contacts, so you can go on the satellites throughout the world.

“Get ready to produce programming in line with your vision from Sri Lanka to Tibet. So I have set thee up to preach My Word all over the world. That is the cause of the attack you have had; for the devil does not want you to use that rooftop. The rooftop is to be used to preach the Word all over the world.

“Be excited; have the wide perspective of the ministry of My commission. Speak out My Word; bring out the truth of thy oppressors. Speak out My Word. Recognise the giftings in the Church. Have them prepare programmes now. Thy rooftop is there to preach My Word.


“Be excited: yet prepare programmes. Thy growth will be quicker than what you think. Be of a still heart; for I have overcome the world.


“Do not let Me down. Be fearless. Expect great wealth to come.




“You have chosen, under My direction, to preach the Cross. Set forth media Church membership. Minister My Word. Have Me direct the worship singers. Have thy programmes ready. Be not afraid.”

The children of Israel were held up in the wilderness by murmuring against the Prophet and in North Wales this has taken place for years against the Prophets of God - but this has now been thwarted by the stand of God manifesting through this ministry against the Jezebellic stronghold that had pulled down opportunities for North Wales to reach the Promised Land well before now.


We now take the people to the place of sanctification ...... to lift the Word of God up high and cross the Jordan into the Promised Land of Revival. The warning remains the same - DO NOT SYNCHRETISE!

Word from the Lord to D P Griffiths

Rhos on Sea, 05.00 hrs.09/07/10


“Thou hast faced great battles for many years, David and Lindsay, and been in situations of great conflict; it is as if you are facing one of the biggest conflicts of your life at this time. Your money situation looks difficult. It is as if every piece of inheritance is lost, from both sides of the family. It is as if it is you who have sacrificed, and you who have lost it all. It is as if you have bills coming from every quarter, with no-one to even show a helping hand.


“The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof, and thou hast sought to hear from Me, to follow Me, even to great earthly sacrifice. But I am the Lord that healeth thee. My healing covenant is for those who obey. Obedience is the key to bodily and mental health.


“You both have great natural talents which I, the Lord, have been delighted to use, not only in the natural world, but also in the spiritual world.


“I am stepping in to giving thee divine strength, health and vigour. The PWAM vision is of Me. As you teach obedience to the Saviour, so men and women shall move in My healing covenant, which is based on what you hear, in the corporate sense.


“Men and women must not murmur against the word of the Lord. They must not go into isolated groups to discuss the Word, but rather come into one great body to obey it.


“Thou hast shown there is only one way, through the blood of Jesus – and thou hast felt isolated through emphasising this single point. But the fact remains that without the shedding of blood there is no remission. The fact remains that I have shed My blood.


“You see, many think that they can use their own natural skills; and this is the base of pride; of thinking that they can work for Me instead of as Me. They will miserably fail. The slogan can be “working as Me, rather than working for Me.”


“Thou needest to be encouraged; for as the world rejected Me, so the world has rejected you.


“You see, you have reached the critical stage. This “as Me” motto needs to be understood; and the price that has to be paid to be a Christian. This is the crucial message: I John 4:17; John 17; Colossians 2:9.


“I am the vine. This is the crucial message: you as Me. I look for the empty vessel to fill; the empty vessel is one who has understood that he or she can do nothing without Me. This is the crucial message. You see, many are thinking with their own natural mind, and asking Me to bless that which is coming from Satan.


“Thou hast understood the crucial message. And as thou hast placed Norman Grubb on thy notice board for people to see, coming into the meeting, the crucial message, you have that message: you as Me, I as you, yet not you, because thou hast become the liberated Christ Jesus upon this earth.”



Word from the Lord through DPG,

03 09 11



“Hearken, My children; hearken. The key word is ‘hearken.’ Go to wherever thou can hear from God.


“I have plans for thee; plans for thee to fulfil thy callings quickly, efficiently, & without stress.


“In thy Church fellowship, thou art to tell the people to cast cares upon Me; for I am the way, the truth, & the life. No man cometh to the Father except by Me.


“The key word is listen. Listen to the Father. When one does hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, thou shows the obedience required to move in the callings of God.


“But there are those who have not listened. Tell them the way to hear from God:

(1)             To cast cares upon the Lord, for He cares for thee.

(2)            Teach to hear from the inner witness, the glories of God.

(3)            To praise the Lord. When I say praise, I mean praise the Lord; let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord.


“And oh, thou hast written what the Lord doth say. Now is the time to write down the points of the prophecies given over the years, & hear from Me on the priority which thou should give to the various points.


“Because this is the hour of fulfilment, saith the Lord; for behold! I am coming quickly.


“Tell the people to fulfil the same exercise; of writing down what they have been called to do over the years. This is the hour of fulfilment.


“Warn those who have not written the vision, that this is a command of God, that they must write down. Write the vision, I say, & in the appointed time, thou shalt run with it.


“But I am telling thee now: this is the appointed time for much that thou hast written over the years.


“Be not afraid. Remember the chorus ‘Nothing is impossible, if you put your trust in God.’


“Warn about the distractions of the enemy. Call the people together. Give understanding of the importance of the word ‘hearken.’ There are those who are simply not hearing from Me. The key word is ‘hearken.’ Bring out to the front those who have not written what the Spirit is calling them to do. Tell the people ‘You are not your own; you have been brought with a price.’


“I expect My people to listen to Me daily, & fulfil what I have called them to do.

“My people are a busy people, obeying Me constantly. For I have great things for thy fellowship to do & fulfil.


“The key word is ‘hearken.’ For those who hearken & obey, the blissings of Abraham are theirs.”


How does the Church grow with the gates of hell not prevailing?

 The answer is in these prophecies from God.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 28/04/12



“My will is to be done on earth, as it is in Heaven; & I am dealing in this ministry, with battle-weary saints.


“I thus give this instruction, as a solution to the present situation:


“(1) Note that I have delivered thee from the curse of the law. What you are dealing with today, is a regulation-ridden country that has lost its heart. A nation that goes from one extreme to the other, is very difficult to keep up with. Remember My Word: ‘the letter of the law killeth; the spirit giveth life;’ & that you are facing is a spirit of the letter of the law, which comes to steal, kill & destroy.


“(2) You certainly need a strategy of God, in relation to present circumstances. Remember My Word, that wisdom is the principal thing? You are to await My wisdom in the present circumstances.


“(3) Rest: you need to rest all this in Me.


“(4) There will be an action Word in relation to all this technicality. As I have already stated, I am bringing forth a revival, & there are those coming to thee who are able to bring financial solutions to your situation. Continue to submit to Me. My Word must go forth, remembering thou must be above the letter of the law world. The world is becoming, to fulfil that which God has called thee to fulfil.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 21/09/12



“The understanding you need to give to public bodies, professional advisers, & the public at large, is that before major growth can occur in the Church, there are 3 factors which occur before that growth.


“Now, before I give you the 3 factors, it has to be understood by the bodies listed, that when I say, ‘The Church in Britain,’ I am talking about the Church the monarch promised to propagate in her Coronation Oath, & that this Church is established by law, & is Protestant Reformed. As this is the Church the monarch promised to propagate, any actions against this Church, under British Constitutional Law, is high treason.


“The 3 factors are these: suffering, persecution, & turmoil.


“Now, this is something the secular humanist finds hard to grasp. They have all their sophisticated regulations, to prevent there being growth of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. You see, sophisticated regulation protects the humanist Church from suffering, persecution, & turmoil. It becomes well organized, disciplined, with proper wages for its workers, & pensions; thus preventing suffering, persecution, & turmoil.


“And so, this Church becomes a nice business, opening the door for millions to spend an eternity in hell.


“Through its suffering, the true Church identifies with the poor. Through the persecution, it learns to rely on Me, rather than its own sophistication; through the turmoil, God gives word, to bring a sophistication no secular humanist can reach. For when God builds His Church, the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.


“All the reformers, & founders of true Christian charities, knew this; & I haveserious regulatory concerns about Christian charities who have gone the way of the secular humanist, with their sophisticated job titles, wages & pensions, yet without their full surrender to Me, their qualification being a secular degree, rather than their full surrender to Me.


“Woe unto this new sophistication! My Word declares I am looking for fools, rather than humanistically trained sophistocats. My Word declares you have got to become a fool before you can become wise; & this occurs through the 3 factors: suffering, persecution, & turmoil.


“Now, your Charity has all these elements. The Reformation had all these elements. The way your nation stood up against Roman domination was because of all these elements. Britain became Great Britain because of these 3 factors. And so, for a government body to demand the sophisticated factors of secular humanism, goes against the very heart on which the nation was built.

“So you have these 3 factors: suffering, persecution, & turmoil. This is what the great Christian charities of the nation need to return to; for through these factors I am building My Church, whilst the movements which have been stolen into secular humanism have their elements of natural growth, which forget the ancient landmark on which their movements were built, their founders going through suffering, persecution, & turmoil.


“So you see, they see that you do not fit into the mode of present-day society, & they try to destroy you; & I tell you, the gates of hell cannot prevail against you.

“My Word declares to rejoice when you come under diverse temptations. For through it, I am building My Church; & those who know the history of Britain will understand its growth under God came through suffering, persecution, & turmoil.


“This is a message not only for your ministry, but for the nation at large to understand. Its sophistication has failed; & that the nation will grow again, on condition that the nation puts aside its secular humanist organization, & learn to be moved by the Spirit of God, which is why all places of government traditionally have ordained prayer times, before taking decisions in government.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 29/07/13




“I am grieved in My Spirit by those who react to the human condition; one moment, as with Peter, receiving the revelation, & the next moment reacting to the human condition.


“I am above the human condition. The apostle Paul was above the human condition, through the dying to self, which through the admission of human frailty; for he said, ‘It is when I am weak, I am strong.’


“My disciples on the Sea of Galilee responded to the human condition. They reacted to the storm, whilst the Saviour was not moved. Not being moved by the human condition is walking in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“As with Peter, they received the revelation, & then the human logic discussed the moves of God. It is from Christ the Saviour; it is there in Matthew 16 for all to see. Those who respond to the human condition put on themselves human laws & rules to control it, in an attempt to stay righteous. In other words, the human condition is suppressed, rather than dealt with. This is the religious spirit of the Pharisees. They suppress & suppress the great volcano of Satan, which erupts into destruction rather than life.


“Revival is when the human condition is recognised, rather than suppressed. This happened in the Hebrides, & My Spirit responded accordingly. The preaching of the Word opens up that which is suppressed, &some respond bymore suppression, not wanting anyone to know their human frailty. But those of My Spirit confess openly their frailty, as indeed you have the openness of the apostle Paul. The confession brought the power, the dominion, the anointing, whereas the suppression brings death & destruction. Quenching the Spirit comes about through those that suppress, & live under a religious spirit of self-righteousness rather than God-righteousness. They are always the experts over what you should do. But thou art of My Spirit. You need people around you to whom you can confess thy frailty. Those who suppress are rigid, unmoveable, unable to hear what thou saith. They hide under a veil of religiosity a hornet’s nest of Satan’s cohorts, ready to erupt at any time. Their rigidity becomes obvious. They have a list of ways things should be done.


“This was the case with Peter before he was broken. Remember the issue after Pentecost? You see, My Spirit wants to do a work on those who suppress the Spirit by holding fast to religiosity, rather than confessing human frailty. Those of the frailty un-confessed fail to see the wider vision. They are caught up with themselves, whereas those with the wider vision see they have to be dead men to fulfil what God has told them to do.


“What I have called thee to do involves a lack of human thinking that is replaced by day by day obedience. Ask out openly, ‘Hast thou grasped it? Hast thou understood?’ When I said to Peter, ‘Thou art the rock,’ it meant not him, not the human Peter, but the Peter dead to self. This is the rock on which the Church is built. For men no longer live, but Christ.


“Those of the suppression look constantly to pray; but those of the Spirit are as one in Christ, knowing to speak out His words, not their own. They know not to think from the human condition, for they have become as Christ (I John 4:17). They are partakers of the divine nature; & that being married to Me, they have given their all, confessing human frailty rather than suppressing it.


“Quench not the Spirit; the Spirit responds to confession of the frailty, rather than suppression of it. That is how revival always begins: when man is at the end of himself is the point where the heavens are rended.”

The Word declares that the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church - but that also means they will try & indeed through 2012 we have had to overcome battle after battle and this we have done in JESUS NAME coming now going into the restoration of the years the locust has eaten!

Word from the Lord through DPG, 09/02/12



“This year, you are putting things in order. You are facing up to various strong men, who have been left for many years with their goods in peace. But now, operating by My Spirit, thou has established that the stronger man has overcome the strong man, & he has to restore all that has been stole from you.

“This is the year of expanding bank accounts; getting back the wealth that has been stolen, & getting new wealth, so as to establish My covenant.


“So there are a number of factors here, & a number of strong men to deal with:

“Strong Man no. (1): North Wales.

“This indeed is part of the all-Wales operation, for which there are Leviathan runs throughout Wales. These runs have brought about massive economic decline & confusion in the nation. Instead of having a strong economy, the nation has got itself a dependent economy; one that relies on others. Hence its political obsession in getting grant after grant, development status after development status, so as to keep going.


“The nation defends its language, rather than establishing ways of wealth generation in the country. This is because these Leviathan runs, a Leviathan even depicted on the so-called national flag, has encouraged a defeatist attitude, rather than a passion for entrepreneurship.


“The nation therefore proudly waves a flag of defeat, rather than wave a flag depicting My victory over the great dragon.


“This attitude is depicted in so-called churches. They want their little fellowship groups where they can all be nice to each other, rather than fight to restore the nation’s Christian heritage, that is, the Non-Conformist Spirit-led chapel, which new generations have turned away from.


“The strong man you therefore face, is one of several strong men in Wales; of dragons holding areas under suppression, with their building of ley-line pyramids throughout the nation. So these ley-lines are Leviathan runs; & it is these lines you have been called to pull down. The line of the two piers in the North, is highly significant, because it is the Leviathan protection of another line that is holding back the island of Ireland. There is also another line of Leviathan run in relation to islands from Rathlin to Lewis, & even on to St Kilda. But that is for another time.

“What you have here, is a strong man in North Wales, protecting other strong men that have their Leviathan lines along the sea. This is what is going on off Bardsey. There is a Leviathan run off there, holding back the island of Ireland, for which there are particular points of protection.

“Now, the Ireland one is a higher-up strong man than the Welsh strong man; hence all the violence & troubles of that island over many years. Modern history in Wales has not seen the level of social unrest, as the island of Ireland;

although offshoots of operation of the Irish strong man, have manifest in Wales, in history over the last 50 years.


“So, ask yourself why the Irish Sea is called “The Irish Sea.” That is because the strong man over the island of Ireland has a higher prominence than the strong man over Wales.


“England has its English Channel; Ireland has its Irish Sea; so what does Wales have? A lower strong man than the island of Ireland.


“Now in Ireland people have risen up with different agendas, & fought each other; whereas in Wales, the strong man here has held the people back to such a degree, that even in the Church circles, a Christian has a call of God to really impact the nation. They are pulled down by false rumour & gossip; an operation of the strong man having been around you just recently, whereby the strong man has Christians motivated by their feelings, rather than by the call of God.

“Thou knowest the strategy & plan to deal with this strong man.


“Strong Man Number (2): The Wealth of the Nation


“Thou has recognised, through thy Christian Financing website, that thy nation has turned away from its ancient landmark in business. Thy nation has to be restored back to its original foundations; away from the illegal infiltration of European influence.


“You have been exposing the ways of this strong man, operating in the various banks you are exposing on your website. Thou knowest who the strong man is, & where he is. Just as Moses stood up to the physical Pharaoh, so you are standing up to the spiritual one. This strong man has to give up all of his goods; for thou hast defended the highest court of the land; the House of Bishops, the House of Lords, against utilitarianism; against other false philosophies, saying ‘It is written: the only philosophy thou canst have is the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.’ This is extremely important. It means the only law-making body can be the Upper House, that oversees the Lower House, that it does not bow down to any foreign influence.


“The fact that thou hast been exposing behind-the-scenes deals looking to suppress rulings of the House of Lords, is one of great significance. Your reports to the banks are already placing them in great disarray; for they have moved themselves from the godly foundations that in the past have brought wealth to thy nation.


“So, as you face the strong man of the dome, he is already under thy feet.

“Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. Be not afraid.


“Now, what thou was seeing at Braich y Pwll, was a spiritual protection force operating for the island of Ireland. So this is where you will be after all this.

“Strong man (1) in North Wales; Strong man (2) in London; & have you not thought that that which you lost in the North of Scotland, that strong man has to be faced in your lifetime, remembering that the battle is not against flesh & blood? That strong man, as you know, is based in Dublin; & in your warfare on the Lleyn, you were facing that strong man. But the day of that strong man, the dealing with it will come, after these two strong men I am calling you to deal with now; & the manifestation around the Lleyn relates more to the Leviathan run of Ireland, than the one for Wales.

“Now Bardsey is a spiritual power source of the occult, with its Church in Wales operation, its fascination for the sea, as in the Aberdaron so-called church. The pagan rituals going on in the Church in Wales on the Lleyn, are spiritual protection sources for the occult. The chapel movement in this area was there to counteract the Church in Wales’ fascination with the created rather than the Creator. So you have there a massive spiritual vibrancy in relation to the protection of the Irish Leviathan run in the Irish Sea, & the lower level strong man of Wales.


“So you stand in resurrection victory against these strong men: in Wales, then London, then Dublin.


“You see the links from Wales? The spiritual protection of the Welsh strong man linked to the Irish strong man. And why is it I have you exposing Catholicism in Llandudno?


“The time will come for these meetings to be in the island of Ireland, whose strong man is an earth mother. Why do you think they are so fascinated with Mary? Crazy physical manifestations of Mary. It is all based around an Irish strong man; or should I say, strong woman, to give understanding in the natural sense.

“It is through this your wealth was stolen from Inverness, which is famous for what? Its own Leviathan run.


“So, within the Irish context, there will be a standing in Inverness & a standing in Dublin, to bring back to thee all the devil has stolen from thee, sevenfold.

“You see, Lindsay, what you were standing up to at Braich y Pwll, was a strong man or strong woman that stole your family inheritance.


“Three strong men: in Wales, London, & Inverness/Dublin; with offshoots at Morar, linked to a Leviathan run of the islands of Rathlin to Lewis to St Kilda, which run you will deal with after the Dublin/Inverness scenario.

“There you have your warfare mapped out for the next few years.


Word from the Lord through DPG, 11/02/12



“You have been tormented day after day by a crowd of devils, trying to steal your finances, your credibility, your way of thinking, in order to set you up for a massive destruction (John 10:10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, & to kill, & to destroy”).


“These have been his plots:-


“(1) To steal your financial resources. This has been done by excessive charging by banks & institutions, including legal fees, etc.


“(2) He has tried to steal your mind & your sanity. You have exposed the spirit of Pharaoh in thy nation, & it is as if you have to keep working day & night in slavery, so as to survive. And like the slaves in Egypt, you are tired & exhausted, looking for thy Promised Land, wondering if it will ever come.


“(3) He is trying to destroy you physically; the exhaustion pains; the physical strength required to fulfil any normal day – he is tryinbg to take that away.

“So you lie in bed, awaiting the devil’s next trick.


“(4) The torment of the mind. Everything which happens that is unusual  - you start thinking of it becoming a chain of events leading into destruction; & you have had many of these.


“These are often the paths to mental illness; the base of mental illness from the devil, being fear & insecurity.


“He is striking at your mind every minute of the day, but particularly when you are tired, to keep you awake, to keep your exhaustion levels at their highest, because he hateth what thou doest.


“(5) He is out to have legal actions against you. He is motivating people to look at every weakness, or possible law-break, your ministry has done.

“But I have spoken unto thee, & led thy paths; & you have claimed from the Egyptian system that which belongs to you; & thou hast put into the system enormously over the years; & at this time you have claimed back from the system, & given thy all into thy ministry, so as to bring the nation back to its Constitutional position; this nation being one that has turned away from God; that has killed its babies. Thou hast given all unto Me. You have given all your resources; you have claimed back as much tax as you can, so as to have themeans to save life; to save the baby in the womb; to save the small businessman who cannot pay his way; to save the victims of crime; to save those with money difficulties who cry out for a Jubilee. Thou hast used your own resources; the offerings & tithes of God’s people, in a way if full commitment, so as to bring the life of God to the nation, rather than the suppression it is under.


“(6) You have pointed out to the nation its Constitutional obligations, & have faced the wrath of every devil who looks to hold the nation under its claws, rather than the freedom of its Christian Constitution.


“This Constitution demands a keeping of the laws of God; demands law & justice & mercy; the system that has come against you having little mercy to it. For in Britain there is a spirit to hold back those that are determined to take on the system of death. What normally happens is that the system comes back at you, & finds things wrong with you, finding your specks, or finding the speck inyour eye, rather than the planks of hardship; suppression, & even murder of the innocents, which has clearly been in the agenda of the nation you have taken on, yet not taken on. For a nation which allows the killing of innocents, a nation which finds for those living in sexual immorality, to have legal precedence over those living godly lives, is surely one that will come to attack you, & even look to put you into jail.


“Such was Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego. Such was Jeremiah; such were allMy prophets, under that oppression. What did Paul have to endure under the New Testament?


“(7) Whilst you are promoting the Constitutional Acts of the nation, present-day government are looking to remove them. They are looking to remove the present-day Coronation Oath for the new monarch. They are plotting to do this at this very time; those standing against this being put under terrible pressure of the enemy.


“You say ‘thou art Protestant,’ & you live in a nation that once had a strong Protestant Church, or chapel, as it was called in Wales.


“You are only doing what your monarch promised to do, in using the resources of thy nation, the tithes & offerings of God’s people, so as to bring the nation back to God; & the ungodly laws thy Parliament has passed; laws illegal under the Constitution. So the nation, in order to abort the baby, puts terrible pressure on that child, so as to eliminate a living human being; so the same nation puts the same pressure on you, to eliminate you. But you have said “No! I will go the way of the Lord,” knowing that greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.

“So you have looked to expose the corruption, & the system has looked to find any corruption in you; but it is not you who has killed the innocents; it is not youthat has bowed down to the love of money mammon spirit.


“So the system has come to attack you; but it is you who are innocent, as the child in the womb is innocent; yet it comes to destroy you, from the base of its own corruption.


“But thou hast the victory, in the Name of Jesus; the Name above every name; for at this Name, every knee must bow. For the devil is fighting you on every front, to pull you down & destroy you.


“So rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. For I have called you to do these things; to use all the resources that have been given unto you, to save the life of an innocent child.


“So, stand on that Rock; set free the captives; & refuse, in My Name, the attacks of the enemy to pull you down.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/02/12



“You have a concept here called ‘the extreme anointing,’ that brings understanding to the people of what this means.


“Hagin called this ‘the stronger anointing;’ these terms simply to bring understanding, what is important is that people understand the price to be paid for this.


“You see, Isaac Watts had the extreme anointing, & this related into his hymn-writing. And moving in the extreme anointing involves extreme surrender.

“Remember one of the pillars of WEC was sacrifice? Now, if you gain understanding of moving in the extreme anointing: it comes to those who are Mark 10 Christians. It is all there. Within the extreme anointing comes the power to claim back the hundredfold. You have said to Me the hundredfold is to go into the ministry; you have said to Me, the ox must not be muzzled; in other words, you want to be looked after, & looked after well, & your family. The extreme anointing does this.


“Now, you have your places to go. Expect the manifestation of My glory, in extremity. Prepare the people. Preach on sacrifice. Prepare the house. Expect the great miracle of it all paid off & in the ministry hands. Expect to set up another ministry house in Stornoway, & the get-away in your older years, to walk the beaches of Harris & Lewis, whilst you pass on the anointing to younger brethren, should the Lord tarry. Just stay in that mode. The younger brethren must understand the sacrifice, & sacrifice too. There can be no one out for personal ambition. This is a ministry of the broken; the brokenness revival. The Isaac Watts line of the hymn which declares ‘demands my all;’ they sing it, but do not mean it. Isn’t that the way I took on disciples? I have not changed. This is the way I take on disciples today.


“I am the Lord: I change not.”








Word from the Lord through DPG, 15/02/12




“Your workload looks like a huge mountain, saith the Lord; but thou art speaking to the mountain, by going through the parts of the mountain step by step; by writing lists, & being methodical in your activity.


“And Lindsay, you are to fulfil the following activities:-

“(1) Organize the massive house tidy, taking each room one at a time, step by step, steadily.

“Do not let any pressures affect your methodical actions.

“Write lists for each room. Make the house as roomy as you can, yet have all the facilities you need on hand, & in order.


“(2) Fulfil your ministry obligations, keeping all your files & administration in order, as this is the time of sorting out the rear guard.


“David, the mountain of paperwork : go through it methodically, getting the accounts into the Charity Commission as soon as possible; getting the Christian Financing site up to date in relation to the legal cases, remembering to emphasize the breaking of Constitutional Law first; then the breakage of modern law, Constitutional Law being around the Queen’s oath, the significance of the Elizabethan Settlement, & the importance of no foreign interference in our legal processes; the right to not pay a disputed account being fundamental in your Constitution, to be emphasized on your web-site, & in your communications with banks & lawyers. It is a crucial point; the non-adherence to a House of Lords edict being an important point; but as a lead-in to the most important point, of the breaking of the principles of the Habeas Corpus, the fundamentalrightof holding back payment of a disputed account being fundamental to your argument; for within that equation came a bombardment of harassment against your family; the continued inability to trade fully; which has brought about huge pressures on you in your abiloity to live in the premises you are in.


“The substantial compensation you are claiming, you have given to the Lord, on the principles that it is I who have given you the ability to take on this monster of mammon, & to prove that you are not yourselves bound by it, but bound in chains to the gospel. This very gospel, the monarch gave oath to propagate in 1953; so how do their lawyers get round this one? On the principle that an oath to God is higher than a variety of signatures to foreign powers; namely, what is known as the European Union.


“So, how do they get round that one? They can’t; for trying to get round an oath to God, that is written in Parliamentary law (the 1689 Act) is one of high treason. For as the Gunpowder Plot was foiled in thy Protestant land, so youshall foil the manipulations, & infiltrations, that have infiltrated thy nation’s political & legal systems to such a degree, the people are confused as to where thy nation is going, for the people will perish through lack of vision.


“You see, the Australian premier has laid down the law in that land in relation to that land’s Christian heritage. No such statement has come from thy nation; that Great Britain is a Christian nation, by its written Constitutional Acts that surround the monarch. Now, all the lawyers, judges, politicians, & all those who run the country, either keep to that, or leave; & so it is with all the inhabitants on the country too; they keep the Constitution, or leave.


“This is the Word of the Lord.

“So, after getting thy charity accounts into the Charity Commission, also later, you need to set up the administration for the new financial year; these administrative points you can simply share amongst yourselves as a fellowship, rather than publish them. But the parts of this prophecy that relates to Constitutional Law, thou canst publish on thy Christian Financing web-site; particularly the fundamental argument of the reason you are taking the banks on. That needs to be published.


For there has been fundamental breakings of Constitutional Law, modern law, & everything decent that relates to the period before registered court hearings, when you were bombarded with ‘phone calls trying to get you to back off; which at any time is illegal; but particularly whilst a case is in the court books, or on its way to the court books. That is the fundamental point. You are dealing here with high treason, in not giving credence to the laws & customs of thy land, that are based on the Bible itself. It is significant that that this is the monarch’s Jubilee year. For one knowest from My Word the significance of that phrase.


“Now, once you have completed all the mails going out to banks, & copies to the web-site,  all of that, you will then come to the Pentecostal Continuing site.


Now, Lindsay, you have work to do here. Whilst David is doing all of this work, which is significantly large, the running of the Christian ministry on the ground must flow in an organized way. This is where you come in:-


“(1) The Scout Hut meetings are to come to a close, even though an impact has occurred since being in the Scout Hut. The committee there has understood that you have stood for traditional values rather than racism, which is extremely important when it comes to an understanding in the community, that you are standing for the old paths, rather than the rebellious, infiltrated modern ways of activity.


“But the time has come to move on. The Monday meetings at Parkway will be the main meetings of the Rhos on Sea Church, for which Margaret Dransfield will be playing a major part. Within that equation, comes pastoring, evangelism & healing ministry in the Rhos area, & Margaret will need protecting; & so you will lead intercession, & lead Margaret in to minister in these meetings on the Monday night.


“Now, these Monday night meetings will become particularly significant in the summer months; & there can be a related house group meeting to these meetings, for teaching new converts, hurt Christians who have come back into the fold, etc. etc.


“So, all that organisation you will do. For by this time, David will be gaining a national profile in relation to the Constitution/


“For remember, this is Jubilee year. Thy nation has stated it. And as the Church is to grow as a media Church, it is to grow in the ground too. So this is very important, Lindsay.


“So, while you will be working together, David will be fulfilling the call of God in relation to the setting up of the media suite that includes the extension of the web-sites. But David has roles in the area of Pentecostal Continuing, too.

“So the ground-work, Lindsay, thou must emphasise on, as he emphasises in the media area.


“Now, the groundwork includes:-


“Building a Church on Anglesey; the advertising; the writing of articles for the newspaper; the gaining relationship with the Welsh-speaking people; the bilingual growth of the ministry, particularly in relation to the building of the chapel building. It also includes negotiation with the Council; it also includes physically going to the USA; doing the CDs; marketing the CDs; going to do ministry in the USA; collecting the funds for the chapel: all this is physical, on-the-ground ministry. For this is your calling, while David’s calling is to extend the media ministry.


“And whilst the two works come together throughout all the activity, there is an emphasis here in thy workloads; & you bring in the trustees, & the people in the Church, as led, to work in certain areas.

“Now, coming back to media & the work of David: there will be all the responses to deal with in regard to the Financing site; & then, how it all relates to restoring the Pentecostal movements back to their original landmarks; the bringing back of movements that I never closed.


“I speak now in relation to the Pentecostal Continuing site:-

“(1) Its presentation needs to be modernised;

“(2) The prophecies I have given thee need to go on there under their various headings;

“(3) The movements I never closed, which you are to restore, by use of media, & on the ground. David, you working on the media side; Lindsay on the ground side.


“The three movements I am calling you to bring back into being, are:-

·        The Holy Ghost-led revivalist chapel movement of Wales;

·        The Pentecostal Church of Scotland;

·        & the Primitive Methodists.


“The Pentecostal movements which are to be restored to their landmark are:-

·        Elim

·        AOG

·        & the Apostolics.


“The rebellion of these movements thou hast already opposed; & you will find that the truth of the infiltration & corruption will become more evident this year – so be aware of this.


“Now, above all this on the Pentecostal Continuing site, is the emphasis of My Word. All the corruptions of the false bibles need to be on this site, explaining how these so-called “Bibles” kill, steal & destroy; & how the giving of a Living Bible led Elvis to his death.


“So, show a picture of Elvis, & the doctrines of the Living Bible, compared to the life-giving Word depicted in the KJV, explaining these modern translations bring death, rather than life.


“So, here you have your way forward.

“Have your lists; get the rear guard right. Be methodical; do not accept the strain. There is a lot to do; but take it day by day. I will give you the rest required in the equation, & the great calm required in your household; but doing this work will make the major impact required.


“And I will talk to you separately in relation to your activity in the politicalarena.

“So, be encouraged. Rejoice; be exceedingly glad. For the day of the Lord cometh. Be exceedingly glad; I am, for I have found a couple dedicated to fulfil this great work, & the resources to fulfil this mighty work are at your disposal. And you will feel My anointing , as you are obedient to these activities I have called you to fulfil.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 16/02/12



“I see this couple of God, lying in their bed, crying out to Me. I see their broken hearts, saying, ‘Lord, what am I to do?’


“I see their broken hearts over those who have come & said what they have not meant.


“I see thy broken hearts, a weeping in thy bedroom.


“I see thy waking up, awaiting Me, to build thee up.


“Remember in My Word, the whole story of John the Baptist, a voice crying in the wilderness? His ministry was not accepted. He exposed the corruptions & the sin of the nation. He was so rejected, he had to eat off the land. His message was one which cut across the religious system. Those of the religious order cast him aside. For what he did was cut across their tradition.


“He said a number of things. He cried aloud, & spared not, in the wilderness, yet came beside the River Jordan, declaring the Lord was coming soon.


“And likewise you have attacked the rebellious order of what is known as Church, & what is known as state. As John the Baptist stood by the River Jordan, saying ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand’, you like him have said the same thing at thy meetings, & are looking to do the same on radio & television.

“Yet there have been those who seemed to be with you who have not taken to this primitive message. What they have looked to do is isolate you into a corner, as John the Baptist was isolated.


“Your message has not fitted in to this New World Order of religion & economics. Thus you find yourselves on your knees before Me, knowing that everything you try & do, seems to break down without logic or reason.


“In addition to all the attacks from the establishment you have had to endure, you have had to bring your eldest son out of a diagnosis which made things very difficult for thee; but you persevered, & are seeing the results of this.


“You are discerning, on seeing attacks on other ministries, see them crying out to the people for resources to fulfil their calling in God. That cry-out comes from the same position you are in.


“You know, even the psalmist cried out, ‘Help!’ If you take the story of Naboth & his vineyard, the system was after his inheritance; & David & Lindsay, you have given up all of yours into the kingdom, & are looking to those who have made covenant with you to honour their obligations before God; but instead of having the heart to help out, to take strain off, you are having to look to take them to court in relation to what they are saying, & what they are doing, in the cause of pulling you down.


“You know, there was a cry from My early Church “Behold their threatenings.” Their cursings result in spiritual activity going on around you, so they work to get you on the spiritual front & the physical front, looking to get you on every mistake you might have made.


“You know, the psalmist was surrounded by adversaries, as was the early Church. And here you are, with adversaries around you, looking to destroy, not only what you have set up, but to destroy you both personally.


“Be prepared for great words of God to come. For I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.


“So you prepare for My radio & TV studio with broken hearts, knowing not where the next penny comes from, for the bills you have to face look like great mountains before you.


“You heard on TV great cry-outs for resources for a ministry in America; & you understand their plight, choosing not to condemn them, but to love them.

“What has happened against you is condemnation rather than love. In Christ there is no condemnation.


“It is as if they are waiting for you to go into the proverbial gutter, & kick you more into it.


“But I say this to you: that you have looked to follow Me, but thy nation has rejected Me. You have accepted thy nation as a Christian nation, with Christian Constitutional Acts. But thy nation has chosen to rebel against Me, in the slaughter of innocents, which you can graphically describe for the world to see. Thy nation has chosen to break its covenant with Me & is under great judgement itself. But it has been as if you are like John the Baptist, crying alone in the wilderness. People have become afraid of you like they were of John the Baptist, & kept away from you. Like John the Baptist, you challenged the whole fabric of a rebellious society. Like John the Baptist, you have mandate from Me to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom.


“So, what do you have left? A nation that has turned from Me, its national Church being an abomination before My throne; & this Jubilee year, thou art to emphasise the promises thy monarch gave to Me on behalf of the nation.

“Thy nation financially is in a worse state than thy ministry; for it has spent God-given resources on death rather than life, & so is under a curse. The killing of babies is so serious, they are in no position to judge you, for you have looked to use the resources to bring life, rather than death.


“And so, those who have rebelled are out to destroy you, as Saul was out to destroy David. You have looked to understand ministries who, like your ministry, have sacrificed to such a degree, they have nothing left.

“Those who have joined you & looked to have two lives: their own life & their own religious life, they have failed to see the sacrifice required to be fully into My kingdom.


“My requirements when I was on the earth, are My requirements today, for I change not. So you are to go ahead with My calling; thine adversaries are all around you, both spiritual & physical.


“Yet I have called thee to cry aloud in the wilderness. Thou art to continue to expose the sins of the nation, & expose those who have looked to develop the one world religion & one world economic system. It is that which is against you. You have chosen in Me to expose the god of this world, & his ways.


“Lindsay is to note that you have sacrificed everything to Me. You have had your small band of faithful followers around you, but the whole system against you.

“Rejoice & be glad; for as you read the Beatitudes, you will find the place of persecution the place of exceeding gladness.


“Take heart: I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

[The Rhema Word followed – Acts 4:29 to end of chapter, with 4 steps:-


1)     Recognition of the threat

2)   The prayer for the boldness

3)   Not to back off, but be bold in what God has said to do

4)   Signs & wonders of God

All in the context of being one in Christ.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 28/02/12



“It is My will for your fellowship to manifest the Lord’s compassion. Yes, there is the doctrine of the wrath of God, & the judgement of God, which is very relevant in these days which you minister.


“The prophet has the rod of authority, which constitutionally you can manifest in seats of government; in the courts of thy land, & throughout the nation. Throughout all of these operations, you must also manifest the Lord’s compassion.


“I still say, “Come unto Me.” We still celebrate the conversion of a lost sinner. We must manifest the deep compassion of the Lord. This is the agape love of God.


“Opportunities have been given to being the Lord Jesus Christ to the people, from a fellowship that really trusts each other, loves each other, & stands together, supporting each other with meekness. One does not wait for the first mistake, & separate; one has the spirit of meekness, loving a brother through a fault, knowing “there could have gone I.” Loving each other has a depth of compassion. This is the kind of love where you prepare to die for another. This is the whole ethos of the Church.


“You know, when you touch their security zones, you are rightfully taking away the idols that bind. The altars that have been built by men are an abomination to Me; at the right time, you are to physically pull them down, as well as spiritually pulling down, which is what you are doing now. But you are to bring the people to Jesus, by removing the altars, & bring in My glory.


With the spirit of meekness, you are to set up the “Why not Alpha” course, which explains the serious doctrinal error in the course; with the spirit of meekness, calling the victims unto Me, the precious Saviour, that demands the giving of one’s whole life; the removal of the altars of the national Church & Catholicism, to enable the nation to grow, physically & spiritually, in My Name.”



Word from the Lord through  DPG, 11/03/12



“I have a mission for you in this land, in line with My Word: that these places, where you used to visit, you will go back to them with the gospel. You will preach the Word; sing praises to Me; & witness what the monarch promised to witness in her oath in 1953.


“You see, what happened is, the monarch has failed in her responsibility to see that the Protestant religion established by law, the religion she promised to propagate, is the number 1 belief portrayed to the people. And to have this passion that you have, to bring these Constitutional Acts to the attention of the people, is one which you are called to do by Me.


“Is it not strange that in this Diamond Jubilee year, that it has not been brought to attention of the people, what the monarch promised to do? She goes around, having multi-faith services, which is out of line with the Constitution. Catholicism has been brought into the Royal Family – out of line with the Constitution.


“So, what is the single most important point of the Constitutional Acts? The answer: the gospel, which is preaching Christ Jesus as the only way to the Father. And the question to ask her, Will she say John 14:6 – that Jesus is theway, rather than the variety of ways of a multi-faith service?


This is the fundamental point of the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain: no other way but Christ Jesus. It is only He who died & rose again. None of the other gods of multi-faith services can say they have a God like this. The deities of the other religions have other traditions, backgrounds & beliefs.


The background of the gospel is written in the Constitutional Acts of the nations, from the Bible the monarch swore upon in 1953. She swore on the Bible that declares, “I am the way.” The issue is, Will she say this now? This is the fundamental question. If she cannot say that, in fear of upsetting the multi-faith agenda, then the singing of the anthem will be inappropriate, for God cannot save a monarch who cannot declare that Jesus is the only way to Heaven.


How can you be saved without that? For it is God who gave His only begotten Son, that through His blood, His shed blood on Calvary, can a man be saved. “Will she say it is through the blood? Now she is there with her multi-faith agenda. Yet she promised to propagate one religion, & one religion only, the fundamental point being the Egw eimi of John’s gospel, “I am the resurrection & the life;” & she is shortly to face Me (when I say shortly, talking in God’s perspective); she is shortly to face Me, along with members of the Government, who still have the blood of the innocents on their hands, by not repealing the Abortion Act.


“You must warn them what they are facing. I have not called your ministry to be involved with petitions, but to warn of the wrath of God upon thy nation.


“But when a nation breaks its Christian Constitution; when a nation slaughters innocents; when a nation rejects the covenant of marriage as depicted in My Word; when a nation fails to teach its children of its heritage, & what the monarch by oath promised to do, there needs to be My apostles & prophets touring the country, to warn of the breach.


“Now, this is My shopping-list for you:-

“(1) A new, comfortable bus, to take your gospel team around the country, with plenty of space for your equipment & ministry team, that includes the singers, the preachers, & musicians. I am drawing men unto thee, to fulfil My Great Commission, & counteract the multi-faith infiltration.


“Your hearts have been weeping for not being able to go out with the gospel. You have given up everything for Me; & I must return the hundredfold to thee.

“Get prepared with this shopping-list.


“The bus: No. (1), which is your “Go out into the whole world” vehicle.


“No. (2): I am restoring old-style tent meetings to thy nation. No. (2) Purchase: a van to hold the marquee, the chairs, equipment & stage.


“You are so heart-broken, you can barely think of the hundredfold; & I am developing your thinking in line with My plan to counteract the multi-faith agenda.


“Did I not promise you a glorious triumph? I am just telling you what the glorious triumph is. It is not £1 million, £2 million you need, but the resources of the entire world. But the earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof; & what they have spent on killing innocents, should be in your hands, to bring life to the people. For life takes precedence over death.

“Remember the monarch’s promise to keep the laws of God? Killing innocents is not keeping the laws of God.


“You will address the moral decline in your nation-wide meetings, which will include the little places as well as the big places.


“I have called you to this great & mighty work, saith the Lord; to go to the highways & byways of thy nation, & proclaim what the monarch promised to do; & ask the Queen, “Will she declare John 14:6?” Only through Christ Jesus can people be saved; that is the gospel she promised to propagate.


“The nation is in trouble because of its failure to keep this promise. There has to be a turn-round in the nation; a repentance so great; & if the monarch fails to make this declaration of God, then she must be replaced by a monarch who isprepared to say this.


“Now, there will be more in My shopping-list for you to purchase, as the weeks go by.

“But just now: prepare for the resource to come in. For I have called you to tour the nation, & show the nation what the monarch declared she would do.”



[NB Fionnphort, Isle of Mull – opposite Iona – is very significant]


Word from the Lord through DPG, 09/03/12




“You have been held back by attempts of the enemy: to bankrupt you, discredit you, accuse you of all kinds of falsehoods, to make you of no reputation.


“But I have called you to have life, & life in abundance; & those used by the enemy to sow discord in My body, will reap what they sow.


“For I have called thee to be a challenge to the nations; to expose the enemy’s plan for end-time control & domination. I have called thee into places of position, to make a stand for My Word. Your greatest triumph is nigh.


“Your greatest triumph is nigh. You have been held back with the ceilings down; your papers everywhere; not knowing whether you are coming or going. But amongst it all, you did not deny Me. You did not blame Me, as others have done in similar circumstances.


“You continuously looked to be led of the Lord, which is the Constitutional demand of thy nation.


“You have shown great courage; & now, you need to get the rear-guard in place, get the filing cabinets sorted, computer files up to date, all the rooms tidy: for your greatest triumph is nigh, saith the Lord.


“You will be offensive at the monarch’s Diamond Jubilee, asking ‘Has the monarch done this? Has the monarch done that? You will ask the awkward questions, & convict the nation of sin. For the monarch has betrayed My Word: primarily, in the slaughter of the innocents, but also in the areas of global control, & not declaring her Protestant oath to God; replacing this with the sins of the Canaanite infiltration, leaving thy nation to endure the great judgement that is upon it now.


“So go forward in My strength; root out the infiltrations of the enemy, in relation to so-called Church, & rejoice in My Name. Thy greatest triumph is nigh.”



Word from the Lord through  DPG, 17/03/12



“This is what you are doing now; & working hard to bring the rear-guard up to date.


“The preparation work has been tremendous; & I know you are needing momentum.


“I am speaking by My Spirit to those who are to give in abundance to thy ministry; & that is to give, to take the pressure off the mortgage of thy house, & in turn take the burden off the ministry, which needs great funds to fulfil its purposes.

“Great funds means a return to missions. That also includes the media centre activity; for I am preparing you to go on air around the world, pulling down the strongholds of Satan; & in pulling down the strongholds of Satan, bringing the conditions for a great harvest.


“No wonder you have been under attack during this preparation time. You have nothing to fear; the battle has already been won. Just get the rear-guard ready. Prepare for great harvest; & when I say great harvest, I mean great harvest. You have put everything on the line for Me; & so the harvest will come, & in abundance.


“Stick on in there at this time; prepare the rear-guard for the great harvest to come.


“And yes, I am calling you to Old Colwyn. You need a substantial place for the harvest there. No longer is there a Pentecostal witness in this town; & so I am calling you to provide it - & be prepared for a great number of souls coming in.

“Now, you are wondering where you are to go. Now, the Tan-y-Llan is too much out of the way at this stage, but can be used later for social outreach on the estate, as souls come in with that calling.


“But you need to be in the hub of Old Colwyn. Old Colwyn has a fine chapel heritage, & you are to restore that, as well as the Pentecostal witness in the area. Write to the Welsh-speaking chapel, & tell them of your calling. Stir up that mantle. Tell them of your heart to restore Spirit-led Chapel back into Wales; & not the dead religious form it became, but to have a group of people hearing directly from the Saviour, as a royal priesthood of believers, mattering not what language is used in meetings; what counts is having the pre-eminence of Christ.

“Ask them for the use of their building; for after all. It is My building; it was dedicated to Me. Explain to them you will be using modern equipment, but giving the never-changing old-fashioned gospel, that convicts souls of sin, rather than panders to their social need. Tell them of thy mission hall heritage, & on your side, Lindsay, how your father was a Treasurer of the Church of Scotland, & that you sing unaccompanied psalms in that tradition. Tell them you intend to make Colwyn Bay a Christian town, by running Christian councillors in the coming Town Elections; to be a blessing to all political parties; for the heritage of the nation is Christian, & not multi-faith. Tell them you intend to restore the Non-Conformist Chapel movement, as Spirit-led & vibrant; for He is the Lord that changes not; & that revival is a group of believers who deny self, & allow Christ to move through them. Tell them you welcome Welsh speakers to thy fellowship, although you have none at present; but that the Welsh Non-Conformist tradition of preaching, whether in English or in Welsh, must be restored for the saving of the nation.


“Tell them at this time, you would like to be the English-speaking operation of real Welsh chapel in Old Colwyn; but that this is not meant to be in competition with Welsh-speaking chapel, although it will be seen as such by some. But what is pre-eminent over Welsh & English speaking, which is the pre-eminence of Christ, & the language of Heaven, the earthly language being immaterial, the heavenly conviction being what counts. Explain that Old Colwyn & Colwyn Bay needs a Holy Ghost revival; & tell them that God has called you to shout this from the roof-tops; & tell them you are in the process of setting up a roof-top revivalist ???recording studio.


“Prepare for a great harvest. Bring in the sheaves; come rejoicing. Say, “The time of the Lord is here.” Say you are the people of the old Book that has saved generation after generation of souls in the area; the Authorised Version being the Book the monarch swore upon to uphold the laws of God. Say to them that this is no time to hold on to man-made tradition, but is time to hold on to the ancient landmark of God; for this is a move of the Spirit of God; but that we are bringing the gospel of Christ Jesus to the people, & that prayer meetings between the English- & the Welsh-speaking people can take place, with a view of hearing from God Himself, Who speaks prophetically, in English & in Welsh; for He is high above these things, so as to bring salvation to people of every background, race, & creed, to be born again, washed by the Blood, & filled with the Holy Ghost.


“What greater message than this? Say that we ask to use this building of God for the on-going Gospel, the Name of Christ Jesus being pre-eminent, with the Non-Conformist passion that we are the royal priesthood of believers, all one in Him; our unity being in Him primarily; for this is where our unity is.

“Prepare for a great harvest of souls.


“You can put this letter in their letter-box, & await their reply; for My Spirit is working already in that fellowship.


“This is the Chapel next to the Interchange, which is to be used for the preaching of the gospel, of old-fashioned conviction of souls.”



[e-mail this to DG & he will write the letter & put in their letter-box today, in time for their Sunday meeting.]

Word from the Lord through DPG, 21/03/12


“I am sending you to the village halls of the North of Scotland, in the right time, once the rear-guard is complete: the forgotten places, with My gospel.


“You will have a bus, & your gospel team; even musicians. Through all this suffering you have been going through, I have been preparing you to build a gospel team, to travel in the bus.


“And this preparation period, is one where you are gaining the heart - & I like the term “Gospel Show,” for it simply means to show the gospel: that is all that means.


“Oh, how I love the forgotten places. No-one really thinks to go to them. Yet they have their community halls where people travel miles to get to them. And all these highways & by-ways of Scotland, I am giving you a gospel team to travel these roads, set up gospel shows, which will include preaching of My Word, with the music like you are discovering.


“You will go to these village halls, set your equipment up, have your musicians, & your singers, your preachers & teachers; & proclaim My gospel.


“Did you see how J D Sumner was believing on a bus, to travel & bring gospel music, as well as preach My Word, which he did?


“And likewise, for these small village halls - & some will be quite large in British terms – you will put your gospel team. Get ready for this harvest.


“And yes, you will become well known through your media activity; but do not forget what I have called you to do.


“I am particularly calling you to the North of Scotland, to these halls. Remember My calling to you, to these so-called “Catholic islands?” A gospel show with musicians will get the people in, because they will see it as non-threatening – do you see the point? Then My Holy Spirit can bring My Word with conviction. It is for the Holy Spirit to bring conviction.


“Do you see the point? You have been wondering how to get through to the people of Barra. If you take a hall there, & they see a gospel show coming, they will all come, including the priests, & it is for My Spirit to bring conviction – not natural argument.

“And with that attitude, you go from place to place; a gospel show bus.


“And as, Lindsay, you are going up to the North of Scotland now, watch out for village halls, community centres, etc.


“Kyle of Lochalsh is a key place. Look out for locations for the gospel shows. Give not heed for the funding of this at this time; for what I am talking about will take a lot of resources, in your own understanding at this time. For you have suffered financially, & you must have the hundred-fold at this time.

“And here is the time-table for all of this:-


“(1) You are sorting out the rear-guard.

“(2) You are bringing to the attention of the nation the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain. This is vitally important; for example, the staff of the Magistrates’ Court in Llandudno will not know what to do with your defence; for they will read it, & realise they have been caught out. This you have done for the nation’s benefit. Suppressive application of law is not allowed in your Constitution; only the spirit of the law.

“And you have taken on the big brother take-over of your nation, & said ‘We will not bow down to you, Big Brother.’


“Now, where was that novel written? Do you see the significance of the Highlands, & the islands? Which part of Britain has held a huge nuclear military facility, of America & Great Britain?


“Answer: The Highlands & Islands of Scotland.


“So we are talking significant territory in the Spirit. I have called you to these islands & highlands, to bring the good news of the gospel; to bring the gospel show; & souls will be saved, & set free.


“Do you see where I am coming from? The gospel show, showing the gospel. But do not forget the little places. Can you be excited about a gospel show, in Applecross? They will be, because that is a forgotten place – but I do not forget.

“I know you have got your rear-guard to sort out; to have your base paid for – I know about that. I know you must have these breakthroughs to protect the rear-guard; but I am calling you. Just as you go in a car today up to the North of Scotland – that car will become a big bus, with the gospel show team; an excited group of people as a team, going to the highways & by-ways of Scotland, from hall to hall.


“So, be excited. Be able to proclaim My Word, in the Name of Jesus. The gospel show, with the gospel team – that is what this is all about.


“So, get ready to sort out the rear-guard. Keep working at it. Then, the going forward, & believing for the bus, that will include the necessary equipment: that includes lighting; producing radio & television. All this is rear-guard, even though it is going forward. For even though you will be well known on television & radio, what I am preparing you for is to have a gospel bus, a gospel team, preparing gospel shows. For I have indeed called you to this land; for indeed, you will be setting up Church fellowships on the back of all this, & the Pentecostal Church of Scotland will grow, & the gospel bus will support the fellowships, even in the little places.


“Get ready: you have got your rear-guard to sort out; you have got your work to get on with here, & you will wonder if you will get through - which you will do.

“And on fulfilling the rear-guard, this whole vision, & getting it going, will be prominent in your radio & television explanations of the vision.


“And remember to go to the forgotten places, the out-of-the-way places, as well as the prominent places; for I will give word about Inverness & the gospel show, & how to bring it there. For I have plans for you to take big venues too, in the prominent places, on condition you do not forget the small places, & for their village halls.


“The benefits of the prominent places, & you will be performing there, is that the people in the small places will know you are performing there, & that the Lord has not forgotten them.

“The prominent places I am calling you to, are in the Corran Halls in Oban; the Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, in the given times; the Pitlochry Theatre. And have you noticed something about these prominent places I have mentioned? They are all by water.


“For I am taking the land back from the oppression it is under, saith the Lord. Thou hast learned to remove the impact of Leviathan; & you will remove the oppression over the people in My Name, saith the Lord, & set them free in the gospel show.


“Now, you can do this here in Wales too, step by step; going to those halls, & the prominent venues too.


“But I will talk to thee about Wales another day. But the strategy here is not quite the same, but the principle is the same.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 25/03/12


“Those who put everything on the line for Me may expect a hundred-fold now in this time. That is My Word.


“The corruption you have found in what is known as Church & state in the U.K. has been such an apostasy that evil institutions have taken a hold of what is known as Church in Britain. The control of this is Rome itself. This is the seat of the Antichrist; & they do look to control all those in My anointing.


“What you have done, is speak well of those in My anointing; yet there are those who say you pull down people in My anointing.


“Forces of darkness tune in to the prejudices of people who are spectators in Church. These people pray against My people moving in My anointing.


“Coming up, David & Lindsay, you have a vital week. This is a week to protect your rear-guard. This is a week in which you need to get the rear-guard finished, because these are the things which are going to take off in April:-


“(1) The television ministry.

“(2) The issues with the banks (so, David, get going on all these banking cases this week).

“(3) The sorting out of finances with the accountant; so, Lindsay, get ready to get going on this.

“(4) The teaching ministry on the Constitution is going to get going. There is going to be great interest; so get going on this, David.

“(5) The ministering of My Word; My unadulterated Word. Opportunities to expose new translations is going to come.

“(6) Finally, the build-up to the elections; be prepared for great interest in what you have to say.


“So, this week is rear-guard week. So put huge effort into completing the rear-guard actions: the tidying of the house – complete it. The settling in of Sheila back into her house – be prepared for that.


“This is a ‘now, in this time’ scenario. For the hundred-fold is coming your way.

“This is going to be quite a week for you; the printing of the flyers, & all that; also, the issuing of intimations to Mother & Christine.


“Be prepared for a great week, remembering the term ‘now, in this time;’ & be prepared for an overcoming April. Be prepared to move in My glory; for thou will be seen, David & Lindsay, as My hundred-fold example.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 02/04/12




“You are going through the fire to prepare for a massive ministry, proclaiming the Word of God. For it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.


“Do not strive to catch up on the backlog. Just rest in Me, & the work shall be done.


“The meetings you are having are going so quickly because of My presence; so take courage! Be strong, be bold. I am with thee.


“There is such a move of God coming through thee, to make your stand. Be not afraid; for I have called thee to be mighty warriors in My Name.


“There is a mighty move of God coming, & I am preparing thee for it. I have taken thee up to the higher level, to speak out My Word in such a way that you will be seen as manifesting Me.


“The glory of the Lord is upon thee. So take courage; be of good cheer; for the day of the Lord is here.


“This is a word of encouragement for you both, as you go forward on the catch-up this week.


“Do not strive; simply go through your list, one step at a time; & be of good cheer.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 11/04/12



“I have given My Word: for you it is the time of preparation, removing the backlog, & working very hard to do so.


“For the time is now coming for you to progress, & progress well. For I have given thee My Word, saith the Lord, for divine health & prosperity, to fulfil the purposes of God.


“Such is thy passion, saith the Lord, that I have called thee to give opportunity to thy nation to be on its knees before Me, crying out to the true Lord, rather than the counterfeit that fell from Heaven, who guises himself as the Most High God.

“But I have called thee to expose that which the enemy of souls is binding. I have come to live within thine hearts; & thou art to speak My Word at every opportunity thou is given; & it is My will that thou win this election; & as you pray, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven,” know I have a great army of angels behind thee; know that the anointing of God is upon thee, & within thee.

“I have told thee to prepare for the big things, having not despised the day of small things. Keep that thinking, & keep it well; for thy time has come.


It is My will that you win this election. Prepare; prepare for the great things to happen. My Word declares Greater things to happen. Stay in My anointing; speak out My Word; for the hour has come, saith the Lord, for the people to listen, & receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 12/04/12



“Please understand that you are going through a time of preparation; & that preparation is going to be a period of short time. Things are going to happen very quickly.


“I am bringing in men to run the ministry in North Wales, just as I am bringing in men to be alongside David in South Wales.


“The preparation of study on the Constitution is going to get widespread publicity, now at this time, because you have found the banks out, & you have found Government out. You cannot neglect the foundations of a nation, & expect the nation to stay upright. That is impossible. So you have been called to bring the nation on its knees in repentance, & restore the foundation stones. Take special heed to the Elizabethan Settlement. This will happen quickly in England & Wales, but not yet in Scotland, where I have told you to start the Pentecostal Church of Scotland; & also, I need to have you in Westminster very quickly.


“So expect a quick work over clearing the debt on the manse here; having the systems in place to care for elderly Christians in this place. This is quite a preparation; but be prepared for a quick work. Be prepared for a quick sale on the flat. Be prepared now to see the accountant, & get the television equipment.

“I want the North & South Wales operations growing, debt free, as powerfulministries.


“So, I am bringing together all generations for the work in Wales to grow; to have an impact in Wales & in England.


“And you are being released to have your own house in Lewis, on the west coast, near to Barvas, the apostle knowing revival is not locational, but islocational within the context of it being in the hearts of believers, wherever they may be.

“I am bringing together broken people, in South Wales, North Wales, & the Hebrides. Now, in North Wales, there will be a bigger van, to include the sub-woofer, the television equipment, the trading company feeding the charity with the profits of this; & expect miracles as you go along. For I am doing a quick work in clearing the backlog; & what I am talking about now, is the next stage of progression.

“Keep looking on-line at West coast properties in the Hebrides, near to Barvas, for I will have you deal with the religious spirit which sought to bind the revival.

“Some years ago, you sent a Holy Ghost earthquake from the Hebrides to Inverness. You will gather a group of people in the Hebrides, to remove the religious spirit of the Highlands & the islands; & from here, another work shall be built, just as you have in Wales, where a work is now being built in South Wales, so a work will be built in the southern island of Arran, to impact the Borders & the Central Belt. For the Pentecostal Church of Scotland is to grow enormously from these islands.


“But there is an extra work in the Hebrides. From here, the work will flourish in the USA; & in these places where I have told you to tread your feet, you will be setting up broadcasting facilities for the gospel.


“Now, initially, you will simply go for short periods to this property of yours in Lewis, & run occasional meetings with team from Wales. From these occasional meetings, a work will blossom quickly, & you are to have a working manse in Stornoway, as you have in Rhos on Sea; & the gospel will be preached, with signs confirming.


“So, this preparation time is vitally important. And as the moneys come to clear the financial backlog in the charity, you can stand rejoicing that this is a work of the Lord. I have plans to prosper you, in the context of your obedience to Christ, to hearing from Me & acting upon it; & the hard work you both are doing, is the preparation work of God, to build the foundations for the rapid growth of My ministry, both here in Wales, & in the Hebrides.


“Now, as regards to these banking cases: this First Plus case is very simple. You were miss-sold a deal in relation to your circumstances. Place on the Christian Financing website your letter to the Ombudsman; & include an open letter to Barclays & MBNA; & put in short training notes on ethical selling. Explain that you were a sales manager, who taught your reps the following steps to the call. Emphasise the importance of listening to the customer’s needs in the Approach section; & that the whole heart of the sales presentation is that the customer does not lose out, but gain; & as the customer gains, so the company selling the product gains. But when set sales pitches are taught to sales people, then these set sales pitches become letter of the law presentations, that destroy, rather than give life. They destroy the customer, as well as the company selling the product.

“Place on the website that this customer was not listened to, & illegally sold a product that was letter of the law; & these set pitch sales presentations mustnow cease, in favour of the code of ethical selling you now present.


“So, place the existing material you are sending to the Ombudsman, on the website before sending that material. The part you write on ethical selling, send to the Ombudsman. For the whole principle of this, is a war between set pitch selling, & ethical selling which you practised on the road, where you had a heart to see the customer profit, as well as the company you were working for. Point out that it is clear from the FSA report, that the principle of ethical selling was not going on at; there being needed a similar investigation into First Plus, who were working hand in hand with, it being interesting to note both these operations are not doing business as they were. So in effect, these children misbehaved in their banking operations, with set sales pitches, not listening to the customer’ needs, destroying the customer, as well as themselves.


“Parents have to take responsibility for their children’s antics; & the parent companies of these children must now pay substantial compensation to the victims of selfish gain. This is very important these compensations are paid quickly, & that the whole concept of ethical selling above set sales pitches is fully understood in the nation.


“This is really very simple, there being an explanatory leaflet sent to the Ombudsman over ethical selling over set pitch selling, this explanation going on the website above the presentation of the facts of the particular case you are involved in.


“Now, the other cases you are involved with, are constitutional, in that you had banks on the way to court, & they defaulted you; simply illegal under the British Constitution.


“So be prepared for quick change, as this preparation period is shortly to come to an end, & you will enter the progression period, of continuing to work in Wales, with the manse paid for, & your place on the west coast of Lewis paid for, with a believing to God for the resources to buy a large house in Stornoway to serve as a manse. There will be a van in North Wales, & eventually in Lewis, for sound equipment & recording equipment, both video & audio.


“So you see, this time of clearing the backlog, & preparation, is very important. You keep working hard (with the proper rest – no stress, no striving) knowing the time of the Lord is nigh.


“Keep working hard. These banking cases will be won, by obeying what I have told you to do; & this selling presentation with First Plus, is vital in winning this case, for you are proving the miss-sale of a mortgage as well as PPI.”

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