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27 05 23 THE ANGLICAN CULT Part 1 - From The Top - The SUN GOD!


Word coming forth from reading through Daniel Hannan's brilliant book on the domed marriage between Britain and the EU. Prophetic insights come forth through David and Lindsay Griffiths.


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 01/11/19

“The Coming Election”



“This election is a choice, between the Mayflower Compact & the return to Puritanism – I speak in the context of My holiness rather than man’s self-righteousness – or the continued ideological brain-washing of the EU that has taken over thy courts, government offices, education systems, & social services etc.


“This is the choice between having sins washed by the blood of the Lamb, or the social policy of the European Union. That places man’s ways before God’s, the letter being the social policy of the Roman Catholics, clearly exposed by Daniel Hannan MEP in relation to the Lisbon Treaty.


“The nation of Great Britain, except a remnant, has had its whole heart & soul taken away by institutions controlled by the Deep State; institutions at this time that look to impeach My President in the United States, as well as the Vice-President. “The fact in America that abortions have now been reduced, is just the start of restoring the Mayflower Compact back to that nation, & to yours.


The forces of darkness are going absolutely mad, & are controlling party after party in the coming election. “For example, the Labour Party of today is not the Labour Party of yesterday; is not the party of Keir Hardie, Ramsay MacDonald, & Viscount Tonypandy, but is a very different party; is not a party based on meeting the needs of the people through devotion to the sacrificial God, but is a party today of Egyptian philosophy, one of the ankh rather than the cross; one of anti-Semitism rather than the Judeo-Christian heritage that is so important to the Compact I brought between you & the United States. It is this Compact that needs to come to the fore in this coming election. “I am looking to bring Farage & Johnson together, to bring thy nations together again as in the days of the Puritans; to bring the gospel back to both of your nations. I called the President to ring Nigel Farage, to bring your nations again together with the USA in the Mayflower Compact.


“At the heart of this, is to save the babies. The fruit of socialism today, rather than what was known as socialism yesterday, is to destroy childhood from the womb, & brainwash children through government institutions, to be clones of the Deep State.


“Behold! I am coming quickly, saith the Lord; but there is work to do on your part, & that is to go again & stand on Trump’s land, & read the Mayflower Compact, & declare it to both of thy nations, & refer in the spirit the intercession to where one previously stood on Plymouth Hoe, & Runnymede. “This election is about the freedom of thy nation; freedom that can only come through the Mayflower Compact, & association with the Elizabethan Settlement.


“Once this is done, I will reveal to you a key place to go in relation to the election, in Scotland & Northern Ireland. For I have called thee already to give key intercessions here; but there will be a key place to go in relation to the elections in Scotland & Northern Ireland, which I will reveal after thou has stood on the land of the President.”


Upholding the original vision of Rees Howells in reaching every creature with the Gospel, the Gospel of the true Bible, not the Alexandrian counterfeits of the Emerging Church.


Top Video on left: EU Fourth Reich Rising. Harry Beckough Bletchley Park Code Breaker

Many of us believe that the EU is the continuation of Nazi Germany, the Fourth Reich and prophetically this has regularly come out in our programmes.

It is also our belief that we need to make our stand in Britain, its commonwealth and with our Mayflower Compact with the United States of America to free the people of this world from the "god of this world" manifesting again in old familiar colours.

Not only has this influence taken over governments, but government institutions too brainwashing our children, teaching nonscence to our students, bringing control over people in Social Services and so forth but more importantly taking over our Church Movements with the scriptures of Ancient Egypt that deny the deity of Christ Jesus - the ONLY SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD!

Harry Beckhough was a wartime code breaker at Bletchley Park. He was in Germany at the outbreak of the war and witnessed the Hitler rising and the burning of the books, a scene we are familiar with through film coverage At the end of the war, as a Lt. Col. Harry was transferred to the Foreign Office where he was overseer of the the 'de - nazification' and intellectual rebuilding of the German Rhineland Universities - Cologne and Bonn. Harry covers this part of his colourful life in his book 'Thinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy'


At the end of the war Harry was living in Cologne and it was there the early 50's he founded the 'Double Two' shirt company. Harry also founded a school which is still running successfully today. In recent years Harry was Chairman of the Marlborough Research Group. As a centenarian in 2014 the 'Ancient Warrior' was still active and making good use of his computer, passing away in 2015.


“The treachery of our Leaders selling Britain to unelected ill-intentioned strangers”,  was just one of his comments about the Eu which he likened to the Fourth Reich. It is time to take note of our old soldiers, this one a highly educated one who loved his country believing in freedom not just for us but for all.

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