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Every Creature Commission 1

More people came to the Lord in the 20th. century through the ministry of Rees Howells Snr. and Jnr. and the Bible College of Wales 


The cry from this College was and is The Every Creature Commission. Here is what the Lord is saying today .........


Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)


And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken

to the voice of the Lord thy God,

and wilt do that which is right in his sight,

and wilt give ear to his commandments,

and keep all his statutes,

I will put none of these diseases upon thee,

which I have brought upon the Egyptians:

for I am the Lord that healeth thee.


1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)


Quench not the Spirit.

Despise not prophesyings.

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 14/06/12



“This is a command, & not a request. It is paramount in these last days you reach every creature with the gospel.


“Now, you are having to believe for a lot of funding at this stage, for not only is the College to be paid for, but also the building & equipping of all the radio & television studios, Chapel Pentecost on the A55, & also, outreach chapels throughout North & Mid Wales at this stage, to where students can go & pioneer, with the Spirit-led heart of those who set landmarks in the past.

“In addition, the Pentecostal Church of Scotland is to be set up; to restore the passions of true Christianity to Scotland, & to remove the dead religious form, that involves going through a set form service, that has no fruit whatsoever; for the letter of the law killeth, & the Spirit giveth life.


“True, you can run an appeal by producing a booklet, both on-line & printed, to send out, with the projects God is calling you to fulfil. This will be an update of a previous booklet, explaining the callings God has given you.


“My apostle has gone out & put the spirits to rest in the place appointed, the truth being that the term “rest” is not in the earthly sense; indeed, just the opposite to the earthly sense. For they have been placed screaming in torment, by the power of the risen Christ.


“You may go confidently forward. My Spirit is bringing conviction all over North Wales at this time, to be followed by Mid Wales, & then the South, with My apostle shouting the intercession of the Lord in strategic places as I lead.

“There is a move of My Spirit so vast – get a hold of it! Tell the spirits of Bangor they have no place here. For I have come that the people may have life, & life in abundance.


“Tell the modern-day lawmakers they are placing far too much burden on the people.


“Look to reduce regulations by half as soon as possible, with the nation relying on God, dealing with the planks in government eyes, rather than the specks in the eyes of the potential law-abiding people. For in Britain, with all the pages of law, which the ordinary person has never studied, most people break these laws every day, out of sheer ignorance.


Then the Crown Prosecution Service quote their cases of victory, without giving heed as to whether these cases have been consistent with the oath to God of the monarch, which demands that the philosophy of law-making be consistent with the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; & that My prophet has found cases of foreign power influencing law-making, & in decisions by judges who should have given heed to the promise of the monarch, rather than what European legislation has had to say, this legislation being illegal in the 1534 Act of Supremacy, restored by Elizabeth I, who within the Elizabethan Settlement, gave rights to the clergy of the realm , to ensure the Constitution is kept to.

“And so, you are to continue teaching about the British Constitutional Acts, & how they are to be applied in society.


“And so, it is not by might, or by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord. By all means, release an appeal through thy booklet, printed & on-line, so that people can share the vision, & be led of the Lord, & given heartily unto Me.

“Tell them of the threatening thou hast been under, using the Scripture verse which relates to this. Tell of the battlegrounds you have had to face; for this is what I have done in My Word, in relation to the early Church; & so you must do, in relation to what has happened in the reproach, & what is now happening in the going forward.


“By all means, invite people to give their best gift; but what I have called you to do, is proclaim to the people to give heartily to the Lord. That is My Word: the Lord loves a cheerful giver.


“And as you go forward in the strength & power of My Spirit, all authority has been given unto you – I say, all authority. For I have restored a great mantle through My apostle. I have given direction through My prophet. For once more I have brought apostle together with prophet, to set forth the foundations of a College ministry; the apostle having been anointed & appointed, through the ministry of Rees Howells, that the message of the Every Creature Commission be fulfilled now at this time.


“Be prepared for this move of My Spirit. Be prepared for the glory of the Lord to manifest. Be prepared, in My appeal to the people to not only give of their resources; not only give heartily unto the Lord; but also to consider before God whether they should move from their house, & obey the principles of the hundredfold, & place their whole self before God, so as to fulfil the demands of the Every Creature Commission.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 05/10/12



“When I create, I create. I am not the God of just enough. I am the God that ismore than enough. More than enough means as it says. How many stars are there? Man has come nowhere near as to gaining knowledge of all of My creation.


“The scientist thinks he is clever; but they come nowhere near to understanding the vastness of My creation.


“Likewise, when it comes to the building of My Church, the gates of hell come nowhere near to grasping its vastness. My Church is the Church of Galatians 2:20, where faith if the faith of the Son of God. Man has tried to manufacture this faith, & has built counterfeit churches in so doing; but this Galatians 2:20 Church is so much greater than what man can achieve.


“I hear thee discussing, Should you be in Wales? Should you be in the Hebrides? What I am building here is so much more massive than what a narrow discussion can bring. I am building My Church. The gates of hell cannot prevail against it.


“You are in the preparation stage of a massive move of God. This practice of setting up a studio & a college, with the studios all together in intercession, in other words, through thy technology bringing them together to intercede & pray together, stand together, support each other. There is to be none of this betrayal which thou hast witnessed in Wales, where there has been those coming in, looking to force their own agendas, & take you out, even to bankruptcy & prison, so that they can achieve their pagan aims.


“You are right, Lindsay, in facing the Jezebel; not just this one, but there are many antichrists around; & you will face them; not just the antichrists, but the strong men of cities & states. For I am taking thee to India to face strong men; & they will quake in their spiritual feet. You will tell them that the stronger man has overcome the strong man, & that they are to give back what they have stolen.


“Now, as regards to this move of God: I have not changed. What thou hast built here in My Name, shall increase. I have given word about building in the Hebrides; now I am going to give further word. This further word is so vast.


“Now, you have the countries from Sri Lanka to Tibet. Thou art to face strong men. Thou art to go to particular places of the enemy, & remove his resources, take out his activity, to bring the conditions for real revival.


“Now Lindsay, thou in My Name are to face the strong men of India. You are to look them in the face, & remove all their resources. Remember what they have stolen from the people of India, through their wicked caste system? Well, it is time for the gods of India to bow to the Name of Jesus.


“Thou will go to particular shrines of India, face the enemy; & in each state of India, thou art to plant this college & studio. For I am building My Church, & I am more than enough.


“So be prepared, in thy business plan, to cover every state of India. So be prepared for vastness in reaching the whole wide world with the gospel.

“Now, you have got shoots growing in Asia, & in Africa. Thou will hear from South America in relation to what I am going to do there; & also from all Commonwealth nations. For if thou is going to carry the banner, ‘The Every Creature Commission,’ thou must understand the vastness of how God operates. The gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church.


“In My Name, thou must open wide the gates for the King of Glory to come in; to take over the building of the intercessor, & declare ‘The earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof.’


“Get ready for vastness of the God who is more than enough.

“This must be thy preparation.”


Word from the Lord through

Rev Dr David P Griffiths,

Chapel Pentecost, Pendalar, 17/03/13

(Tongues and Interpretation)


“Thus saith the Lord: this is the hour of the Lord’s coming – this is the year of the Lord’s coming.


“Do not look back – go forward, saith the Lord. Be filled with My Spirit, saith the Lord.


“Even now, they bow their knee to the Antichrist. Even now, they bow their knees to the idol Mary; their Mary not being the Mary of Bethlehem & of Nazareth; but their Mary is one whom they present as an antichrist, to whom they pray to bring in the order of the Antichrist.


“You are to expose the idol Mary wherever you go – as an idol. Does it not say in My Word, worship no one but Me? Does it not say in My Word to pray to the Father in the name of Jesus?


“Not only am I filling you with My Holy Ghost, to fulfil My last-day command; I am filling you with fire – oh yes, the fire is to fall upon you as you speak My Word.


“No holding back now – My command is to go forward, preach the gospel toevery creature - & I am holding you responsible for this.


“For if you say you are crucified with Christ, then you have the mind of Christ, which is to go into the whole world & preach the gospel – My Isaiah 61 command.


“As to building up waste places, your country too has become one because of your (Britain’s) denial of Me.


“You are My remnant to build up this waste place. That is why I am putting you in the seats of government like I did with David and Solomon – I have not changed.


“I have called you to meet with heads of state, to build up waste places all over the world.


“This anointing you carry to build up waste places will build up Zimbabwe, & the television station you are building in Kenya will broadcast into Zimbabwe & have special Zimbabwe programmes. You see, Antichrist is already defeated through the blood of Christ.


“My Word declares that already many antichrists have come. Such is one in Zimbabwe.


“I am calling you to start the Christian Party in Zimbabwe, where you will appoint the anointed to be head of state in Zimbabwe, & help him build up the waste places. And that land will be a Christian country, saith the Lord. And just as Rees Howells became responsible at that time for Ethiopia, I call thee My intercessors to be responsible for Zimbabwe, where many Christians are persecuted. I am laying the responsibility on you to set them free in My Name, for the Christ is higher than the Antichrist. Expect great displays of miracles, signs & wonders.


“Stay in this place of complete reliance on Me – complete confidence in Me.Have no doubts.


“These miracles are going to follow you all over the world, as you preach as My empty vessels.


“This is the empowerment anointing.

“Acts 2:17-21.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 12/09/13

 “Go ye into the whole world; preach the gospel to every creature."


“This is My over-riding message to thee.


“This intercession house in the Hebrides must be completed.


“Lindsay, you are to administrate this. Have people from all over the world coming to fill these vacancies.


“There is a mighty move of My Spirit which is upon thee to fulfil these purposes of God.


“Let Me tell you: the gates of hell shall not prevail against thee. Thou shalt move in power, & the glory of God is upon thee, to fulfil My purposes.


“Behold, I am with you always; & as thou art building a studio in Rhos, so shall thou build a studio in Stornoway.


“My call has gone out around the world to those who are led by My Spirit to join thee. The heavy burden of load is off thee. Reaching every creature is the over-riding call, & the Spirit of the Lord is moving upon thee.


“After thou hast completed the Hebrides & Wales, thou shalt now set up in Kenya.


“Be of good cheer; be of good cheer. The doors are open wide to thee. The Every Creature Commission, reaching every creature, is the great message I have given thee.


“Thou art sacrificing all to reach every creature. Thou art strong in Me, to fulfil these great purposes of God.”


Word from the Lord to DPG, 27/07/14

ecctv Shalom Intercession Programme, Sunday pm


“For thus saith the Lord: ‘I am He that liveth, that liveth and was dead; and behold, I am alive for evermore.’ For I have called thee to this place at this time to fulfil the purposes of God; to speak out that which is right in My sight. I have called thee to expose the confuser - and I am to go along that line today.


“The confuser has come, not only to kill, steal and destroy, but also bring confusion. This confusion has brought about the conditions for men and women to give away movements. One such man confused was Samuel Rees Howells; confused by all the situation which was around him. There were those looking to bring in false translations; those looking to bring the Bible College of Wales under false leadership; leadership to move the movement astray. The same which had happened at the Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, California, was happening at the Bible College of Wales. The passion for mission was replaced by those looking to bring in Higher Criticism, around which has come the evil of the Emerging Church.


“The intercession which I have called thee to today has been all about returning movements to their rightful owners, these owners being those who are blood-washed; owners who, like Elijah and the early apostles, gave up their all to follow Me.


“I am calling movements back all over the world to My remnant, who are called to take back these movements under My anointing, for those who have stolen from Me must now pay the price, saith the Lord.


“For I have been preparing My remnant, and this is why they must prepare to come out of their caves. My remnant has been called to take back the stolen resources from the higher critics, those who have brainwashed lost souls with the evil of Higher Criticism.


“For I am telling thee today, as we reach the 7-year point of the 95 Theses[explain to viewers to look up the 95 Theses of 2007 on our website]. We are here today, saith the Lord, in agreement together in this intercession. I have called this intercession to bring back these movements: Methodists under the mantle of John and Charles Wesley; the Assemblies of God under Howard Carter, Smith Wigglesworth, Stephen Jeffreys; the Apostolic Church under D P Williams and the early apostles; Baptists to be like Spurgeon; the Church of Scotland under John Knox.


“Lord, we are here today to bring back these movements under the mantles and anointings of the founders.


“The Lord is leading this intercession today. Scripture spoke, ‘Remove not the ancient landmarks which thy fathers have set.’


“Prayer: ‘We declare in the Name of Jesus that these movements, these callings, come back under those who are moving in the callings and the visions of the original founders.


“Explain to the people… [to send to  for set of notes entitled ‘New Translations, Commercial Publishers & Higher Criticism.’]


Word from the Lord through DPG, Sunday, 31/08/14 at “On Fire Meeting” ECCTV

[This was given just after M Dransfield testimony, & just before he reading of Romans 12:1]


“Not by might, or by power but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.


“I have called you this night to go forward in the power & strength of the Holy Ghost, to go about doing good, healing all oppressed of the devil, because God is with you. As He was with Me – that is, the Father – whilst the Son on earth, so am I with you, saith the Lord, & in Me is the fullness of the Godhead bodily


“And so this day I have called you go into the four corners of this earth to reach every creature with the gospel. I have called you to intercede, so that you may bring the conditions for Me to comeback, saith the Lord. For I am holding My return, for I have called you to reach every creature, that every creature be reached with the gospel, in the name of Jesus; that none be left out; that every creature be given the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ if Nazareth, who went about doing good, healing all oppressed of the devil. And I am declaring to you today, that I have given you all authority to go out in My Name, to cast out devils, to heal the sick, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.


“And I tell you this, that in My Name you shall go about moving mountains; in My Name you shall go about removing spirits from individuals who are bound by infirmity, who are bound by unbelief, who are bound by all the wiles of the devil.


“I am calling you tonight to fulfil My purposes, so that I may return for a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle; & you have been called, saith the Lord, to remove the dross, to remove the dirt, to judge, saith the Lord, to bring the conditions for My Church to be pure & spotless at My return.


“I declare it in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth.”


Word (2) from the Lord through

David P Griffiths, 22/01/15

“Out of the Wilderness Goes the Cry”


“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The shouting is great. Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!


“But the establishment is secure in its own future. This rugged man shouting by the Jordan is not one they should take notice of. In fact, we should look to shut him up. He is disturbing our peace.


“Today, thou has been shouting on the social media, ‘Repent! The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ But the establishment is secure in its own way. They will not repent; for after all, those of faith will all have eternal life, & those of secularism will just die, with nothing nasty happening to them. They will just be not there. Nothing.


“The politicians go on about the wealth they can establish. They have their university degrees. They have their education on the best schools in the land. So they do not need God. They have it all sorted. They have worked it out.

“Before the first coming of the Lord, there was a voice crying out in the wilderness, to give opportunity to repent. Just as John was an annoyance by the Jordan, so you are an annoyance on Facebook, by email, & through thy web-sites. Prophetic word after prophetic word, thou hast put on the social media, on the web-sites, by email. But as with John the Baptist, the people do not want to change their settled ways.


“But now comes the warning. The prophetess sings ‘The Midnight Cry.’ The intercessor shouts, the voice of the Lord coming through the empty vessel, ‘The time is nigh! The time is nigh! Every creature must be reached. The remnant of the old-fashioned gospel must come together. The barriers must be removed.’

“But what about eternity? I lifted a present-day John the Baptist out of a hospital be where he was dying. I spoke to him to prepare young people to eventually take over the ministry. Legalism came in the way of him fulfilling his call. False accusation after false accusation has been flowing in, & those who have no apparent understanding that this time, the coming of the Son of Man will be the triumph of the skies. The book is about to be opened of all those who have kept the faith.


 “You see, those for whom I am coming back are for those who hear My voice. The being born again one becomes a new creation, one in Christ, as Him on this earth. You see, I come back, not for those who live their own lives, but for those who say, ‘I am not My own. I was bought with a price.’ You see, the establishment will be left behind. Only those who hear My voice & are obedient to it will be taken up. You see, I give instruction, & the barriers of the god of this world go up. But as with Joshua, thou has lifted up My Word to cross the Jordan. As with Joshua, thou has not given heed to the Jericho wall; to its size & impossibility. For thou has called those who profess to be Christian, to come to the place of sanctification. But they wallow in the beat of the demonic beat of the devil. They wallow in their immorality, where establishment sees strange flesh as normal; where establishment sees the killing of as baby in the womb as acceptable, whilst seeing a lesser offender of child abuse as appalling.


“They deal with those guilty of abuse by casting the first stone, whilst they themselves have condoned the on-going slaughter of the innocents in the womb. They themselves will suffer an eternity in hell-fire, whilst the child of the slaughter will enjoy an eternity in the arms of the Saviour.


“No wonder I lifted thee out of the hospital bed. But what placed thee there was the strain of legalism & the false accusation; & the curses of those who would look to place spells on thee. But they have been taken out for an eternity in hell-fire.


“But thy ministry is a conviction against the establishment, an establishment refusing to repent, for it looks to place its law upon you; its law not coming out of the Coronation Oath, as you have established; but coming from those who have ignored the Parliamentary code of practice, this code including the hearing the voice of God in law-making, which the monarch promised would happen. For the sons of Zadok hear the voice of the Lord, the Zadok priesthood being the heart of the Coronation Service; but instead, the establishment Eli brings the repetition of a people with a form of godliness which denied the power.


“So the cry from the sons of Zadok remains the same, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ But this time, it is for the meeting in the air. And who will be there? Only those who have come to the spiritual Shittim. Only those who attend to My Word. For it will be life for those who have obeyed My call. Even though the Jericho wall is before you, thou art about to knock down the walls, proclaim My Word, & enter the Promised Land, having reached every creature with the gospel.


“Rejoice! The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Even though I have come, & reign within your hearts, in one sense I have already come, for thou hast become as Me on this earth. From being Satans, thou hast become Christ on this earth – the one Christ within you, the devil departing from you. For this is the hour of decision for the people. The establishment of death symbolised in the slaughter of the innocents; of political parties proclaiming the importance of money before the saving of the innocents.


“The people have a choice to join those who have kept the Constitution of thy land; or vote on the ballot papers for the murderers of the innocents, who entice the electorate through covetousness, rather than say, ‘We will keep the Constitution, we will keep the laws of God, propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law,’ they hushing up the only main party saying they will do this – not being allowed into the electoral debates.


“If they listened to this obscure party from Ulster, then they will realise the importance of embracing what the monarch promised God. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, rebellion being of sin against God. For if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do, except walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus?


“But to do this, they must come to the place of sanctification, & not walk by the lusts of the flesh, but only hearken unto the voice of the Lord God.


“Thou as a prophet have warned the people. Will they scoff, & continue their false accusations, or will they come & join you in the command of the Lord, to reach every creature with the gospel?”

Word from the Lord through

David P Griffiths, 24/01/15

“The ‘As Me’ Ministry (I John 4:17)”


“The summary of what has been going on is as follows:-“The background is, a new world order of ‘Christianity,’ the question, the deity of Christ, bibles that have not come about through the anointing, but through the academics of the god of this world, who continuously change the text to bring confusion, who embrace the codices of Egypt; but what you must realise is, their widespread acceptance.“Thou hast stood outside of Fuller, declaring the word of the Lord. On ECCTV, we hear the prophetic shoutings & warnings. But thou hast been like John the Baptist in the wilderness, crying out for the people to repent. “But within these bibles, there is no conviction.


This new world order of ‘Christianity’ has the word as the purse. Everything revolves around money, & the love of it; & around these new translation bibles there is a vast commercial empire. As well as the huge profits coming out of the so-called bibles, there are the mega-churches & their false revivals; vast incomes made from commentaries, books for the commercial market & textbooks for their seminaries & colleges.


“The devil has made one massive new Church, with huge commercial potential, to take away all the resource from those who hold on to the old truths.“Around all this is a veil of secrecy, & people are afraid to support & back you, because what can you do? You are an insignificant nothing. Y


ou are seen as an adversary to the status quo, so you are taken off social media groupings which embrace the new culture. For thou art a threat to a harmony that has been achieved through this new brand of ‘Christianity’ which has the purse as the seed, rather than the Word.“You produce programme after programme, & seemingly no response – so what can you do? As in days of old, they chase the prophets of the Lord, looking to imprison them with all kinds of false accusation. It is difficult to keep up with it.


“They keep you busy with procedure after procedure, policy after policy, insurance after insurance. So much legalism, that not only you, all the small businesses, community groups, councils of ordinary people, are being suppressed down into a corner so that their voice means nothing.“Again, volunteer groups with a passion for the community are ruled by those with a passion for the purse, rather than the will of the people.


“The Authorised Version of the Bible was brought about so that ordinary people could grasp the fullness of God’s Word. Unlike the new translations, it has not changed. The yoke of burden has still been destroyed by the anointing. Jesus is still the begotten Son of God; & still the gates of hall cannot prevail against the real Church with the real Word. “Around the world, the Bible Societies are destroying lives with the seed of the purse. They control bible translators to use the codices of Egypt rather than the blood-bought Word. Their resources are massive.


They have the seed as the purse. They are all-powerful. “Now, you are just a voice crying out in the wilderness; a tiny television station that has battled to pay its media charges, minute when it comes to the costs of satellite broadcasters, which are widely (there are exceptions) supported by seed faith ministries of the purse, & the huge commercial empire of the publishers of the new translations. These are the controllers who take the monies of vulnerable people & place them on physical altars, where I do not dwell.“So, just as John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness, a peculiar person not fitting in with the system, so lies thee (meaning, that is the position you are in). Thou hast found the lonely voices in America, crying out.


There are John the Baptist ministries all over the world, crying out against this massive system of commercialism, which is straight from the pit of the devil’s thinking. You take on a stronghold so big that even the Jericho wall of Joshua looks as if you can just step over it. Such is the size of the mountain you face.“Thou has been the lonely voice shouting in the wilderness.


But what next? I have called thee to prepare for a mighty signs & wonders ministry the world has never seen before. For you will say to that mountain, ‘Be thou removed.’ It shall be cast into the sea. When the seed is the Word, it shall flourish far greater than what the world can do with all the so-called ‘financial resources’ at its disposal. For the riches of these giants are not real riches at all. They are built on sand. 


“Constitutions & founding documents of movements have been ignored, to such a degree that the rebellion you face is of the sin of witchcraft, this system even aborting its babies, as nations ignore their constitutions, in love of the purse rather than in love of the Word.“So it is with spiritual babies. They control them with their seed faith offerings, taking them to the point of crisis, leaving them there, & bringing them back with more offerings, for their deliverance the following week.


This is the Christianity of the purse, rather than the Word; & as babies are aborted by rebellious governments, so rebellious ‘Christianity’ spews out its own babies, with false bibles, controls, manipulations so great. As babies are aborted from the womb, so spiritual babies run away, afraid to come near to anything that they perceive as Church.“Millions out there spiritual babies, aborted from what they have seen as Church. For they have been fed on the poison of the new translations, on the poison of seed faith as the purse rather than the Word; & they lay there in their spiritual buckets, just as the aborted babies of physical governments lie dead, having been sucked out of wombs.


“This is what you are facing, oh lonely voice in the wilderness. The devil who comes to kill, steal & destroy. And there are those who take the compromise position of the New King James. But this comes with a curse, having taken out the blood, the worship of Christ, & the gates of hell who do not prevail against the Church.“This is what you are facing. But who art thou, o great mountain? Who art thou? You appear as the big boy before the kingdom of God.“Hallelujah! My remnant around the world are crying out,


‘Who art thou, thou great mountain? Thou shalt be cast into the sea.’ For this remnant is far more powerful than what the world can offer. It has the Word as its seed, & it shall prosper in whatsoever you ask it to do. And you shall ask what you will, for I have called thee to prepare at this time for the mightiest revival there has ever been. Just as in the days of Joshua, thou art being called to the place of sanctification. For thou art to lift up the true Word of God; & thou shall lift it up high, for the seed is the Word. And thou shalt face that mountain with the Word, which cannot be returned void. 


 “For I have restored the Bible College of Wales, to teach My Word in its pure form. For not only does the Authorised Version emphasise the shed blood of the Lamb. It has in its own right the blood of the martyrs upon it. For those who brought about the Protestant Reformation were prepared to shed their blood, to have a Bible which was there for the ordinary people; not controlled by commercial gain, but a Bible which not only features the shed blood of Christ Jesus, but also those who, like Me, were prepared to shed their blood too.“When you deal with those people who give their lives for the lives of others, the devil has no match.


“You see, this vast empire of the devil was no match for those prepared to give their lives in the Protestant Reformation, & is no match today. For thou has already declared the 95 Theses of this enhanced Reformation; & in those Theses was a warning to the rebels, to bring their movements which they now control back to Christ & the vision of their founders. But they have been rebelliously holding on to their movements with their new translations & Higher Criticism, just as government has been rebelliously bringing in laws that bind rather than give liberty.The wise man has built his house upon the Rock.


But this wise man is no longer a man of human thought & comprehension. For this wise man is Me. I John 4:17 explains this. This kingdom of Satan is not facing a human force, but the might of the kingdom of heaven.“With all the resources of heaven, you speak to this mountain. Thou art the triumphant Church, My true body, My branches attached to the vine, & the body that is married to Me. As I am, so is this body to the world. For thou art the children of the resurrection – all-powerful in might & dominion.


Whatever you say has to happen. For thou art the rock on which the Church is built. As I said to Peter, so I say unto thee, ‘Flesh & blood has not revealed this unto thee.’ And blest art thou, My Church of this so-called 21. century. Blest art thou. For Satan & his cohorts are already defeated. For thou art the Christ of the resurrection, high above principalities & powers. And thou will take back the continents of Africa & Asia, away from the decadents of the Bible Societies & their new translations. Thou will set up mission houses all over these continents.


South America too, the Caribbean & Mexico; to the tundra & lands of the Arctic Circle; to Russia & the lands around her, & in the Middle East. For as you train a few with My Word, so that seed will blossom & go all over the world & reach every creature. Thou will bring the fruit of these mission houses, the fruit of thy media ministry, to lands from where this decadence began, to set nations free.“But the time is short, & thou needs to be ready. Hence you are working hard in preparation, putting down the constant threat from rebellious governments & movements, who try & catch My prophets out.


“But thou hast been called to higher things. My Word - & hear this – cannot be returned void. The Word is the seed. To these small fellowships crying out around the world, thou art to bring this word of encouragement. For you are as Me on this earth (I John 4:17), joined unto the Lord. Thou has the faith of the Son of God. Every creature shall be reached, for the mountain has already been removed, in the name of Jesus.”

We give God praise for the Missions Heart He has given us about to manifest once more ......


Word from the Lord through DPG, 01/10/11


 “The banner of the Lord is lifted up; the heat of the battleground for your mind is on. The renewal of your minds, & the subjection of your bodies, in line with the Word, is so important at this time.


“There are two factors here:


“Factor no. 1 is the plan to take the Populating Heaven outreach into halls.


“Secondly, broadcasting the gospel from that loft.


“He is doing all he can to pull down this operation. “And so, he is looking to bring confusion, disharmony, mind-racing, fear – to pull down this work of the Lord.


“There are some factors going on here. There is a determination of the enemy to stop the money supply. His operations include: stirring up old memories of what you have been through - & that it will be worse in the future.


“So, every foul means of operation is working at this time, to prevent thee from fulfilling thy callings in God - & what mighty callings they are!


“For at this time, one has been noticing things happen, which have been diversion tactics of the enemy to stop thee fulfilling thy callings in God.


“You have made a stand, too, in the community; for thy callings in God are callings of the heart; & the enemy looks to bring confusion to thy mind.


“To have a broadcasting operation going out from this house is not something he wants to see.


“Indeed, there is a lot of overcoming to be done, & so in the project’s infancy, he is looking to eliminate the money supply.


“You know, My Word declares, “Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world” - & this whole world-wide recession is a manufactured one; one to bring the people to such a state that they are under the control of the individual state; & at the moment, you have rejected that control, by the efforts which thou hast given to be able to “contend before Caesar,”


“His tactics are diversional: something going wrong here, something going wrong there. His desire is to drain you completely. Stay on track with My Word; fulfil thy purposes. Rejoice always; & again I say, Rejoice. For this is thy hour of real overcoming.


“So now, one can get ready the loft for its broadcasting operations. One has the capacity to reach the world.


“Speak out My Word; demand the resource to come, from the north, south, east & west. Show no fear. Rejoice always, at the same time understanding the ability thou hast to cast cares upon Me. And be ready for the great harvest of souls – for this is the time of preparation.


“I have given thee the power to get the wealth, to establish My covenant. One has great callings in God; this call has been on thy family for many years. Thou art fulfilling this call.


“Rejoice in the Lord; use the power to get the wealth, & one will see the miracle happen.


“So, go forward in My strength; speak to the mountain; go forward, & use the resources which I have given thee; call the resources in.



Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 28/02/15

“The Celts for Christ Jesus Programme”“I, who am the way, the truth, & the life, will be speaking continuously to bring life to parts of Great Britain, Ireland & Brittany, to enable the Celtic nations to receive Christ Jesus as Lord & Saviour.

“Thou will be restoring the paths of apostles & prophets, who stood against the rebellion of paganism; who stood against the worship of the created, rather than the Creator; & indeed today, I speak into Wales, which as long as it has its flag that honours its pagan past, rather than godly foundations, will always be a nation reliant on others to succeed.

“The flag represents defeat. Indeed, the nation is so blinded to see that the apparent rival, England, has a flag that represents defeat of a dragon. So why should a nation want a flag of defeat, when its apparent rival has a flag of victory? Why should a nation not want representation on the Union flag, preferring to stand it out alone, & wallow in the defeat of one thrown out of Heaven because of rebellion?

A nation who has a festival wallowing in ancient Druidism, honouring a created power source, rather than the Creator of that power, will always have intrinsically in its systems the mode of defeat. For as a nation worships the created rather than the Creator, its education systems will be dramatically flawed, government will express itself through dead monuments, rather than lively projects which bring enjoyment to the people, rather than the Egyptian phallic symbols those in Wales’s leadership have longed to portray over many years.

“Along with the flag comes ancient monuments that either honour the god of this world, or symbolise the suppression of the Welsh by the English. These standing stones & castles are symbols of defeat. So when will the Celts of Wales realise that it is time for the nation to rise up behind the Christian flag of Wales that symbolises the victory of the cross; that spends no more money on the preservation of ancient monuments to honour the devil; that no more has a national Church that has altars made with hands,& no more has a national festival that honours the god of a physical deity rather than the God who gave His only begotten Son, that through Him all men can be saved.

“You see, thy television channel has a radical element that no other channel is taking up. For thou art constantly facing strongholds, in line with Jeremiah 1:10, the commission that demands that you do, to bring the condition for there to be a nation of life, rather than death.

“Through Chapel Pentecost I have called thee to re-establish the chapel movement. Oh, & how dead it has become! For this was My movement of Non-Conformist belief; of those not willing to conform to the norms of a society based on defeat rather than life. So I have set up this television channel with its passion to reach every creature, the commission of God including the pulling down of strongholds: the dragon flag, the standing stones, the acts of paganism in the National Eisteddfod, all needing to be removed for Wales to become an obedient nation under God, rather than the symbol of death it portrays in its symbol of defeat.

“The ‘Celts for Christ Jesus’ programme is therefore key in the bringing of revival into Wales; & of course thou knowest that as strongholds are removed, people’s reliances must change, which is where thou cometh in to preach the Cross. For Wales must this day choose whom the nation will serve: the god of the sun, or the God who sent down His only begotten Son. ‘Which Son will you serve?’ is the message for Wales.

The sun of the standing stones, or the Son of the living stones?“As for My Every Creature Commission television channel, its people have made their choice; & as you walketh with Me in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, high above principality & power, one through the ministry of Rees Howells have sent out a call in Wales for those who desire to bring in the reaping of the sowing of My Word, back into Wales from afar, to bring the people to the Cross, which is the return of My Non-Conformist chapel movement, separate from the vagrancies of those under the defeated flag, so Wales once more can be a land of true revival, rather than the Charismatic counterfeit it embraced at Cwmbran, it being a showpiece of the doctrine of devils.

“For there to be a true revival, there has to be a digging out of the weeds; & it isthis I have called you to do in Wales, so that one day true revival can come, & that there be those prepared to pay the price so that My power can manifest through the empty vessels prepared to put their own lives on the line to enable Celts to come to Christ Jesus.“Thus saith the Lord: Be prepared for victorious, wonderful programmes, as you give Christ Jesus the pre-eminence in the programme I have called thee to present.”

Protecting the people from the convicting power of the Holy Ghost is a blasphemy before God, the new hyper-grace, seeker sensitive, purpose driven Gospel not being of God - but from a Counterfeit that declared his ambition to be "like the Most High" - a ambition he has failed miserably in - but succeeded in conning thousands of people!

Word from the Lord through DPG, 06/11/11



“My convicting love is sent to prevent people from having a future in eternal hellfire. My convicting love is sent to bring people to a point of repentance before Me. My convicting love is to convict man of his own inadequacy; to enable that man to be the manifestation of Me. My convicting love is sent to enable man to walk in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus – the very portals of God.


“For those joined unto Me are one spirit; members of My body, flesh & bones; completely one in Me – one spirit, without sin. For, as you sing, “In the Sea of God’s Forgetfulness:” ‘Praise God! My sins are gone.’


“The preaching of the Cross brings My convicting love; for it is this love that sent the Saviour to the Cross, to convict of sin; to be saved by My precious blood.

“The saved man, therefore, has a depth to him, that is so open; he is a new creation. There is something about him that is forgiving & loving, yes, but is also able to show God’s wrath & judgement; for his foundation is built on the Rock.

“For the sinner, he is a threat; for he can remove the mask off an unsaved man. He can expose corruption, sin, & crime. Satan sends the Jezebel to comfort the convicted man, with the false information that you can enjoy life in sin, because God has saved you anyway.


“The saved man is constantly aware of the need to be open; for the need not to be able to put on a performance. What you have been witnessing around you have been performances. The unsaved man puts on a performance. This includes those who have moved from conviction love to what your colleague Owen describes as “greasy grace.” Those moving in this form of “love” are those who have something to hide. They are afraid of their reputation being affected. But since when has the Christian been called to protect his earthly reputation? He accepts at the Cross he lost his reputation, by confession of sin; & that his righteousness is in Christ.


“What has been happening in Church has been that there have been those afraid of losing their reputation. So the performances have begun. “We can do this; we can do that; we don’t need all this convicting love. Our righteousness is in the good works that we carry out.”


“What do I say to the Pharisees? That they proselytize to make twice the child of hell that what they are.


“So, there is this new form of evangelism. You simply go out, put on a performance, &, hey presto! People are saved. Or are they? How can man be saved without the convicting love of Christ? How can man be saved through a performance? How can man be saved without that man losing his reputation? It is the stone that the builders reject that becomes the headstone of the corner.


 “You see, in every meeting you have, My convicting love is present; but what man has chosen to do, instead of coming to repentance, is to put on a performance of his own reputation.


“The god of this non-convicting love is so accommodating; in fact, he welcomes the intrigues & behind-the-scenes deals. He welcomes the running away, the hiding away, from the convicting apostle & prophet.


“You have now become a source of mockery & fun; but the prophet & apostle, or as your colleague Owen likes to put it, apostle & prophet, you have found the key to revival.


“You see, the new, non-convicting love, does not require a man to be broken; does not require a man to be on his knees before God, weeping before Me & repenting of the deepest, innermost sin. All that is not required. All that is required is the performing me. As long as they can say, “I’ve done this, & I’ve done that.” That is all they need for their salvation. “I’ve cared for this, I’ve cared for that.” All they do is the performing me, in that they say, “We so this, we do that.”


“The salvation of works is the performing me. “We’re doing this for so-&-so, we’re doing that for so-&-so.” So the base for their salvation is in what they do, rather than what they have not done.


“You know, there is My scripture in John 5:30 which declares, “I of mine own self can do nothing.” Apostle Owen has looked to bring the mourners’ bench; & oh! How I cry out for these man to come & mourn before Me. But they will be out today performing, having a front, in the “church” of the performing me. They will be saying the right things at the right time, free of the conviction that thou brought to them. And there you will be, with your small number of people, conscious of their own inadequacy; conscious of the need not to perform. The mourners’ bench is empty, except for a few people crying out to God, “What do we do next?”


“You see, you have witnessed the church of the performing me. All the fronts are in action; the masks are on. All those who bring the message of conviction are to be so isolated & put in a corner. It is as if you have to rely on My ravens again; for they see that My convicting love was too heavy for them. It is now so much easier for them to tell their stories, to perform  their performances; for you are witnessing the end-time false Church manifesting before thee, whose master is the one of pride & performance, the solution being the opening up before God required. But no, they would rather have their performing me being prevalent, to show the people how great they are, rather than being able to sing, “How Great Thou Art.”

The Island of Ireland has such a great Ecclesiastical History, yet a turbulent one and here is what the Lord is saying for now with historical reference to place the Word in context ......

Word from the Lord through DPG, 23/02/12



“At one side, the Atlantic Ocean; on the other side, the Irish Sea. This island is situated amidst a line of Leviathan runs, making it a complex array of pagan infiltration that has caused division amongst it peoples, corruption in it governments, & a fascination for humour, which is a defence mechanism of the people, to divert attention from the battles of everyday life.


“As the Romans were fascinated with chariot-racing, & competitions of all sorts, so the Irish love their horses, & all kinds of competitive sport, as a distraction from having to deal with the battle-grounds in society.


“There is no border in the Spirit in relation to the North & the South. In the Spirit, this island is one island; & because of the oppression on the people over the years, those with a controlling spirit have held these people under bondage. This controlling spirit has manifest through terrorist groupings on both sides of the divide; has manifest through the Catholic priesthood, by holding people under to the system. On the Protestant side, has manifest through Pharisaism; that is, where the outward appearance has become more important than the inner heart.


“Yet there have been those looking to uphold the Reformation, remembering the Reformation was there to set free the people from the corrupt priesthood & system, that corruption binding the people to this day in Ireland.


“Within the island of Ireland itself, there is a complex system of pagan ley-lines. Each area has its own strong man, under the overall spirit of Antichrist, the Antichrist being the false Jesus I informed the Corinthians of in the scriptures. The scripture is clear that Christ, the real Christ, does not live in holy places made with hands; but the people living under oppression, have built up holy places of their own, as outlets for their superstitions. The kissing of the Blarney Stone is one.


“Other activities include: looking for physical manifestations of their god.

“The key doctrine of setting free the people, is that there is no mediator between God & man; only the one Christ Jesus. He is the only way; & the obsession with Mary is an obsession of the idols of mammon; for great money is made out of this obsession, the Catholic Church being an industry, rather than a ministry; and through the pagan cloak of ecumenicalism, have infiltrated once Protestant movements too. These Protestant movements I am pleased with to a degree, in that many have stood to the Authorised Version; many have stood to the principles of brokenness revival; but what I say unto these movements is this: Quench not the Spirit; despise not prophesying; learn the difference between Rhema & Logos; do not bind the people through the Logos. Set them free; so free, that the religious grave-clothes are removed.


“This is where I come to the islands off the coast of Great Britain; & here we come to Bardsey Island, off the coast of Wales; an island full of legend, rather than fact.


“The fact is, this island has been held as a headquarters, for occultic goings-on, affecting the people of England, Ireland & Scotland. For here is a base for spiritual activity; for holding other nations under the dragon of Wales.

“The dragon of Wales is, as we know scripturally, a symbol of defeat. So Wales has its reliances on other nations. So what it does, is look to bring in resources from others to keep a nation running, rather than having industry of its own.

“Politicians talk about how to spend money, rather than make it. The road network in Wales; the railway network; has not been set up to maximize the resources of the nation. But what has been set up, is a drawing of foreign monies into the altar of the Welsh Sennedd, so as to please the people that has a flag of defeat, rather than victory.


“What Wales wants is its independence, yet being reliant on others.

“Now where this lies with Bardsey, is that Bardsey sticks out into the Irish Sea; an island with the syncretized religion of Wales, a syncretized religion still standing, whilst the Non-Conformist chapel movement wallows in the dust of past glory.


“And this is the warning for the Non-Conformist movement of Ireland: the political infiltration of a foreign power, having already affected the South, is now having its hold in the North, with the Non-Conformist movements being infiltrated by the ecumenical Alpha, & other Catholic outreaches that are making the Non-Conformist movement of Ireland on its way to the rubble of the Non-Conformist movements of Wales.


“There are two factors which can save the Non-Conformist movement of Ireland, that is:


“Quench not prophesyings, & uphold the principles of brokenness revival.


“Do not hold back on this; for religion without activity on the Rhema word of God, is the reason why the chapels are in rubble in Wales. Take heed of this warning.


“Now, take heed of this warning in the North. Thy goat has manifest, saith the Lord, for the goat on the door-posts of thy Parliament is manifest, saith the Lord. This is the god of witchcraft; & My Non-Conformist movement has syncretized itself with the gods of witchcraft. The statues to the god of Mendes must be removed, saith the Lord; for from there has come the witchcraft that has affected people on both sides of the divide, the sacrificial altars of Cave Hill needing to be removed.


“So, this Leviathan run being seen today from Bardsey, the significance of the islands around these coasts; My prophet stands before them all. He binds now the goat of Mendes, in the Name of Jesus. He sets free the people from their escape routes - that includes alcoholism, right across these islands; the hymn “St Patrick’s Breastplate” needing to be sung towards these islands, & the Name of Jesus proclaimed.


“And so, this whole operation today, looking over towards the island of Ireland, & up towards the islands of the coast of the mainland, some being known as Catholic islands, some being known as Protestant islands: My prophets is here to declare the victory of the Lord; the Name of Jesus, whose Name is above every complexity, that at this Name, every knee shall bow.”  



Jezebel has her demands on her Ahabs whether they be in nations, Church Fellowships or families. This ministry has warned time and time again about the influence of Jezebel. Since exposing Jezebellic Operations we have had to overcome attack after attack of the Jezebel to steal our inheritance.


She wants the Vineyard but the vineyard can only flourish in God's hands. 

Word from the Lord through DPG, 15/10 11


“I refer to what is known as the acid cloud prophecy, in which there are those drawn into a mist, unable to see out, unable to think within. They enter a cloud, where their lives are taken over, becoming zombies to a spirit. Within the cloud, there is an air of respectability within the thinking; what is outside the cloud is seen to be “not right”=”Anathema.”


“Within the sphere of this acid cloud, Jezebels move & minister, to the degree that individuals cannot think or see in the natural mind – never mind look to hear from God. There is little point in holding natural discussion, for they are taken away in a cloud; a cloud that holds particular perspectives. These perspectives are as follows:


“We leave everything to God. He does everything for you. All the individual has to do is pray, & it shall be done for you.” There is no understanding of hearing from God & acting upon it, for they are in a mist; & in a mist, one cannot see, either naturally or spiritually. For in this mist, there is this continually being prayed for. There is no understanding of standing on the Word, as the Word is not looked at in any particular way.


“Emotions & feelings are expressed within the mist, as the mist holds to it situations that brings reactions. Within the mist, there are controlling spirits, who then can look to kill, steal, destroy, within the framework of reactionary activity.


“The mist also holds to it condemnations for those outside the mist, for within the mist there is a way of thinking that becomes the uniform norm, that becomes the basis of being in a cult.


“Uniformity, that is behaviours, activity in relation to emotions & feelings rather than the Spirit of God; being able to have security zones which, if chipped at or even taken away, cause serious mental reactions.


“Satan is god of this world, according to the Word of God; & he presents himself as another Jesus. He relies on taking people into the mist, so that he can control situations. Behavioural patterns are normal, within the setting of the mist; for within this mist is an understanding of total depravity of the individual, who then has to rely on a greater power. This is why people are continuously prayed for. Within the mist, there is no understanding of who a believer is in Christ.

“This mist is a mist of Jezebellic control. Individuals in it are without husband. They have ups & downs – one minute built up by the Jezebel, next minute pulled down. So what has happened within the mist, has been the development of a web of intrigue, unhappiness, & even desperation. For they are unable to get out of the web.


“Those moving by the Spirit of God come under the attack of this web. They must stand firm on the Word of God; using My sword. It is right for those in My five-fold ministry to stand firm, & await the rhema of God, this rhema of God being called of My Spirit to be plunged at a set time – the timing of God.

My rhema of God will be set forth to fulfil purposes of setting people free from the web.


“This is the Word of the Lord: stand firm; be not moved by what you see or feel. For I will release My sword through the prophets of God, who will set forth My Word; My Word which cannot be returned void.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 03/11/11


“The signs of the times are what has become known as “conspiracy theory.” The signs of the times are there for you to read in My Word. The base of what has become known as “conspiracy theory” has been going on for centuries; from the point I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven, the conspiracy theories began; for around him came a conspiracy. A being looking to dominate others, to ultimate death; I coming to give life & life in abundance. Such is the scripture in John 10:10.


“He gathers to draw people out into his false “Church,” by loving-kindness; ‘where is the prince?’; false humility; making them ready, in their vulnerability of husbandless-ness, to face his world of conspiracy. People place their faith in the system he has built up, rather than Me. He then has them in his lure, & he deliberately proselytises to gain people under his domination, into a world of false security.


“The money supply he controls is a false one. The banks are not banks at all, as they are without foundation. As an individual is lured away from My Church, & becomes without a husband, so it is with the banking system. You see, the principle of a bank is that one puts money in, thinking it is there to take out at some time in the future. But as the system under the devil’s control is now without foundation, the ability of the person to take out has to be under question.


“Such is the base of conspiracy theory. How does the world operate? It operates under the principle of greed, the love of money. What does My Word say about that being the root of?


“So, when individuals talk of conspiracy theory, they are talking of sin. The truth is, that the earth is the Lord’s, & those controlling the money supply are guilty of such crimes against humanity; but most importantly, they operate under the one who I saw fall from heaven.


“You are to build an army of warriors in spiritual warfare. You are to teach the people in spiritual warfare. This is to be done from thy housetop.


“I know that thou hast been under tremendous pressure. I know there has been those who tell you, “You can’t do this, & you can’t do that”; & thou hast been called to place an advert with the subject of bullying as its theme. As Goliath bullied the Israelites, so the banks are bullying & oppressing the people of thy nation.


“Stone No. (1):


“Call the people back to God; the God of their fathers – the Christian God.

“No. (2):


“Teach them My true Word; not the word of the conspirators, who have manoeuvred scripture so as to bring in the New World Order (teaching is an explanation) i.e. teaching is explaining.

“Stone No. (3):


“Preach My Word. Preaching is a proclamation of My Word. Proclaim My Word.

Take them to Proverbs, “Attend to My words; they are life unto them that find them, & healing to all their flesh.”


“So many are suffering today from the activities of the conspirators, who have manoeuvred things to their own way.


“Only My Word will see thee through.


“Baptize them in water, the association between the death & resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Baptize them in the Holy Ghost.


“You have both been taking on the new way of things, by using the Parliamentary processes of old, the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, saying, “This is the landmark which cannot be removed.”


“The nature of the conspirators is to change things around constantly to confuse the people. One banking institution wrote to thee & declared, “The Acts you mention are archaic; & not relevant to your account.” Under the same basis, how archaic is My Word, the canon of scripture? But My Word cannot be returned void. My Word is always true.


“I said to Peter, “Blessed are thee,” for in revelation, he declared who I am.


“The New World Order systems come & go; their ever-changing ways to bind the people. What those in the world are looking for is stability. There is only one place to come; for I am the Lord; I change not.


“You see, to overcome, like you have overcome, they need the Saviour in their hearts.


“As you come together to overcome the obstacles of the New World Order, you have all of the armour of God, & in this, you will never fail. For I am the way,the truth, & the life.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 05/11/11

“The Catholic Jezebel”


“The Catholic Jezebel is the title. The Catholic Jezebel is of course this Mary.


 This Mary is not the Mary of the Bible, but a spirit who has taken over the affections & adulation of people, drawing them out from worshipping the true God, by providing comfort. Around Mary worship are rosary beads – there to provide comfort – taking a whole vast religion under the domination of jezebel.

“The Catholic Spirit is a Jezebel spirit. For its Jezebel, Mary, provides the loving-kindness you have identified from the etymology of the name. Literally millions look to Mary for comfort; & spiritually, she provides this, setting people up to lose their inheritances to the Catholic Church.


“So Luther, in his 95 Theses, was facing the spiritual Jezebel that stole inheritances from the people, which were described as indulgences.


“So, there are two aspects of Jezebel going on here at this stage: the comfort of its Virgin Mary (this is not the Virgin Mary of the Bible, but a counterfeit, who provides comfort, but steals inheritances).


The moves of your present Government to allow Catholicism into your Royal family is an open door for Jezebel to steal the wealth of thy nation. Jezebel has used the structures of the European Union, to have this well on the way.

“The stars of Mary represent the inheritance stealing of nations. Without the European Union, thy nation today would be a wealthy nation under God, as indeed would so many of your Commonwealth members; for the EU not only cut off Britain’s inheritance, but the inheritances of those associated with Britain.


“In effect, Jezebel has cut you off from your own family inheritances. Jezebel has entered into your own family through comfort & inheritance stealing. And so, what thou hast had to face in national & international, government-based Jezebel infiltration.


“Jezebel has crept into the Pentecostal denominations, which has isolated your ministry, & isolated your ministry from being a wealthy ministry. Likewise, it entered into the holiness movements, through holiness movements bowing down to higher criticism, that is the Nazarenes to Manchester University, as indeed so did Elim.


“So, the wealth of the holiness movements, the Pentecostal movements, which are indeed your inheritance, has been given to Jezebel. She has stolen your vineyard; for if you are portraying the same message as the Pentecostal & holiness people, then you are entitled to their wealth, which they brought in to establish My covenant. That is your inheritance.


“So, to place this in a framework of understanding:-


“(1) Government Jezebel:


“As your Government has opened its doors to Jezebel, so the wealth of your nation has been eroded. So the inheritance of a Protestant nation has been kept away from thee.


(2) You come from the Pentecostal holiness realm. The Jezebel of the university system, under the Mary of Rome, has used the resources to make proselytes of Mary, rather than God. So its resource is kept away from you, & given to those taking the movements under Mary, with Mary’s bibles, & Mary’s comfort, to all those who come under her spell. So in effect, your Pentecostal holiness movements are under the Jezebel.


Your vineyard has been stolen. Thy Government vineyard has been stolen. So, at Government level, Church level, the resources to fulfil your calling have been given to Jezebel.


“Not only in these realms are you witnessing the stealing of Jezebel, the spiritual host being the Catholic Mary; for she’s infiltrated family too.


“The monarch of your nation is obligated under God to preserve the heritage of your nation; but doors have been open to steal the Protestant heritage of thy Royal family. It is clear for anyone to see how this is happening. The loving-kindness approaches of Jezebel have stolen great resource from the Royal family, that resource being a Protestant heritage – not Catholic.


“Within the history of Britain, there have been times when thy government has been aware of the Catholic Jezebel. The Gunpowder Plot was all about bringing thy nation under Jezebellic control; & thy nation stood against it. And today, the objectives of the Gunpowder plotters are  being achieved, by placing thy nation under Catholic Jezebel control. What Jezebel has done to thy nation is isolate thy nation. One of the meanings of Jezebel is husbandlessness. So what did Jezebel do in the process of taking away inheritance, but isolate thy nation from its Commonwealth partners? Husbandlessness.


“Protestant Christianity had a huge influence throughout the Commonwealth & Empire; & what EU membership succeeded in doing, is isolate Britain from those spiritual connections.


“Much of Britain’s wealth was associated with trade within Commonwealth nations; but now its wealth is controlled by the stars of the European Union, thy nation being lured in by the loving-kindness of Europe – a loving-kindness which would steal thy inheritance & thy Protestant nation.


“So, what do you do about it? You are well aware what My Word declares, & the authority I have given you. In exposing the Jezebel, those under the spell of the Jezebellic Mary will become a danger to you. So you have Government, Church & family, isolating you into  a corner & starving you of all resources.


There is scripture, of course, that shows what the prophet should do: that is, bring thy nation to its knees. A National Day of Prayer must focus the people’s attention to the Protestant heritage that God has given thy people. Thou art to bring the movements of Pentecostal holiness origin to their knees before God.

“I have declared before the roles I have for you to remove Catholicism from the Pentecostal denominations. As well as exposing Jezebel in the Royal family, you are called to expose Jezebel in individual families – for Jezebels are rife throughout the land. You know, when a thief is found – so your “Beat the Bully” advert is very profound.


“You are My Davids, to face the giant of Catholicism, as the physical David faced the physical giant of the Philistines. The Midianites were faced up by Gideon, who was facing overwhelming odds against him, yet took on those overwhelming odds & overcame the Midianite army. For here you are, facing your present-day Midianites, claiming back the inheritance of Government, Pentecostal holiness movements, & of course, from the Royal family into your individual families, Jezebel has stolen your inheritances, isolating you into a corner. You have Government inheritance, Church inheritance, & family inheritance –all of which has been stolen, placing you in a position of wondering where the next penny is coming from.


“So praise the Lord. So rejoice; make disciples of all nations; baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost. But be ready to obey Me for every move you take.


“I have called thee to bring thy nation politically back to God. I have called thee to use the resources that thou still has, to bring the gospel of salvation to the people, remembering My Word that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for thee. So you know, you are overcomers.  You know the security you have in Me. But what the opposition has, is adherence to a Jezebellic spirit that has provided the loving-kindness; that has promoted the pride. Come & look at the pride your nation manifests in relation to human achievement.


“All this is as nothing; for its pride is as a result of its adherence to Jezebel, that pride now manifesting false humility in the light of recession, the EU Jezebel being one to leave all these movements without a husband, lost to the infiltration of the Catholic Jezebel.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 12/06/12



“I’m saying there are many forms of witchcraft in the Church: that is, what isknown as Church, rather than what is Church. For the Church is My body, where the gates of hell cannot prevail.


“Where you have the modern-day Church, which is not Church, because it is not My body, you will find witchcraft. These are the forms of witchcraft you will find:-


“(1) Jezebellic witchcraft, where the principles of the physical Jezebel are practised.


“The issue I am dealing with here is in the stealing of inheritance; for example, the equipment you have, Jezebel is looking to take from you, by reporting you to government authorities.


“Jezebel will say, “I want your inheritance,” just as she said it to Naboth.  So if Jezebel hears of monies going into the Church, she will not want you to have it. So she will report you to government authorities, to take your money & equipment away, just as she reported Naboth to Ahab; Ahab at that time being the government authority.


“They then pray against your inheritance, looking to place you outside of your inheritance: literally, into the gutter, which was one of the Jezebellic threats against you.


“These operations are illegal in your society, because Jezebel operations are not consistent with the Constitution of thy nation, which you are to apply in this case with the Charity Commission.


“(2) Within this context of Jezebel, comes the government authority, who is trying to please all parties, so it has got to be nice to all religions, atheists, people of all philosophies; & try to have equality laws to please ; & so the nation comes under a spiritual Jezebel that says “You’ve got to show loving-kindness to everybody.”


“Jezebellic controls then takes over the nation that fails to stand on its original Constitution.


“(3) Within the context of the nation & “Church” coming under Jezebel, you then have leaders who think they are clever, by diplomatically keeping everybody happy.


“So, you have leaders who come under “Where is the prince?” They say that “we have done this; & we have done that;” & are proud of their achievements, shouting about how many good things they have done; yet in reality, they have brought about the collapse of a nation. For instead of giving Christ Jesus the pre-eminence, men’s achievement takes first place.


“(4) Witchcraft will always look to remove the ancient landmark. Thy monarch, by bowing down to the spiritual Jezebel of Catholicism; by wearing black in front of the Pope, whose god is one of physical deity, has brought about a spirit of betrayal throughout the whole nation. So if the monarch bows to the papal order, she has betrayed those of the royal family who established the Protestant order. What would Henry VIII, & Elizabeth I say, if they saw such behaviour?


They would feel betrayed. And so, a spirit of betrayal has run through the country; & a “dog-eat-dog” society has come about through the witchcraft of betrayal.


“And so, betrayal emanates through the monarchical system; as in the Bible, Absalom betrayed David. This betrayal is one of the sin of witchcraft; but one should not be alarmed, because betrayers will betray other betrayers; for what has come about in Britain is a divided nation, politicians failing to keep groups together because they have failed to deal with the spirit of betrayal. So the blood on the streets, forecasted by My Parliamentary prophet, has been there for all to see.


“(5) The “walking on eggshells” phenomena: to deal with the growing divisions in society, governments bound by witchcraft legislate more rules & regulations, to bring the nation under the letter of the law.


“Well, what does this do but kill – which is the aim of witchcraft (John 10:10)? The answer is repentance; & simplicity of law, rather than the excessive use of it, which is controlling & manipulating the people into the powers of witchcraft.

“What you have been called to do, is to stand up against it, in the anointing of God; the challenge on a witchcraft-bound society being how to handle the prophet.


“The answer is, to simply repent. But they cannot do that, because they live under the pride of man’s achievement, & the Jezebellic “Where is the prince in you?”


“(6) In Scotland, I am calling you to heal the Presbyterian divides, taking away the witchcraft controls of dead religious form, & replacing these with the apostolic & evangelistic zeal of John Knox.


“By taking these movements back to their own roots, you expose the deep-rooted hurts that has come through division. This is why I am calling a revival in Scotland, that will have political consequences; consequently, which will affect the whole U.K. The present-day system, of having the Knoxian nation bow down to a foreign power, is absolutely unconstitutional.


“Scotland is to become a God-fearing nation once more, with the betrayals, controls, & sectarianism removed. For in this revival, Catholics will leave the papal order; will be truly saved by the power of the risen God, there being nointermediary between man & God, for the witchcraft of Catholicism has been one that has built a veil that Christ removed.


“So, within its witchcraft is the blasphemy of making the people think they are inferior to God & the priestly order, when by being born again, they become joint heirs with Christ.


“The Catholic order covers many areas in Scotland; & you must not be afraid to go into these areas, for what you will do is open the veil of the Temple, by giving access through the precious blood of Jesus, to the Father, without any Jezebellic intermediary; the Catholic Mary not being the Mary of the Bible, but a Jezebellic counterfeit, who has stolen the inheritances of the people, to pay for the

Jezebellic palace of Rome, each male Pope being under the Jezebel of Satan.


“You see how the Catholic Church has stolen the monies of the people to build a massive palace in Rome, just as the physical Jezebel built her palace in Samaria.

“You are to set the people free from this witchcraft, a witchcraft John Knox stood against, when he stood against the Jezebellic Mary, Queen of Scots.


“As Knox was firm against Catholicism in Scotland, so you must stand in My Name against this Jezebel of evil, again.


“Now, be of good cheer. I have already overcome the world. Go forward, having already completed your rear-guard actions. Work hard, but with stress at over-doing it, for once you have completed these rear-guard actions, you are going to turn the United Kingdom upside down, just as My early Church did.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 19/01/13



“The opportunity is now, David & Lindsay, to tell you a story.


“You have been suffering enormously from the Jezebellic activity, both from the south of England & from north Wales; & you can tell your story of what has happened since that meeting Suresh gave at the Scout Headquarters.


“The notes of Suresh that day can go in the “Intercessor” magazine; & all that has happened to you can be told, including the scam e-mails, threatening texts, the log of David Owen, the nights you have spent, wondering if you will be in prison; the understanding of your own weakness; of how the Lord took you back to your mission hall days, David; the missing of the stability of your Dad,

Lindsay, & how you have had to rely on your heavenly Dad; the days of weeping & crying; how the Lord has vindicated you both, that you can now tell your story of how you have been crucified to self, & how you no longer live, but Christ; that through it all you have been broken, & can manifest the King of Kings & Lord of Lords; that the victory is His; that being broken so much, God brought an intercessor to gain the position for us, so that we can tell our story today of the agonies of the last few years & the glories that are to follow.


“The Jezebel is well & truly bound up, saith the Lord. She has laid claim to your vineyard, but that vineyard now has to flourish in My Name. The inheritance is My inheritance; & that it is My job to look after your family.



They can all see the result of Matthew, of how happy he is; & it is now the turn of Sheila to become happy, as you establish the same principles as you have done with Matthew – of putting things into her life, of stimulating her; & you are looking to establish the same principles with Sylvia; & that is only right, as it is to offer your brother Paul the escape route he so desires; & that by showing him the love of Christ, of the call of God upon his life, he can shake off the chains of the Jezebel, & set his whole family free.


“He however must understand the brokenness of man; of how all this is God’s achievement; & that it is the Lord, not David, as in the time he faced Goliath. It was David who faced up to his weakness, that brought him the strength to save Israel; & that he must understand David & Lindsay love him in the Lord; & his family, with such intensity that they have put their lives on the line for them, by offering & his family this position in the kingdom of God. But it is he who has to has to release his family from the chains of the god of this world, to enable them to have the free choice, to either accept or reject the Saviour, which was the choice given in Paul’s case, of his father’s banner; & in his family’s case on the grandfather or great-grandfather’s banner. Choosing this day whom they will serve, is the choice they now have.


“David & Lindsay, you have been exhausted through all this. You are to receive the balm of Gilead; a peace that passeth all understanding; & you are showing love to the whole community around you. You go in shops, & show the love of the Lord, & cheer people up. You are encouraging to owners of businesses, & show them love. You have done this to Lisa & Caroline, who have taken a big step in their life; & they know you are there for them if anything went wrong.

“On the Council, you have shown the love of God to all the parties.


Other councillors were concerned that the Christian Party would be religiously heavy; but have found this not to be the case. You have been found to be trustworthy, open & transparent; & when you run your prayer meetings in the Committee Room in the Town Hall, you will project your love to the whole community.


“You have shown the qualities of the good Samaritan, giving help to all; & the Charity Commission saw that attitude in you, that you have not compromised your faith; but at the same time, if you saw anyone in need, you would be there to help them, whatever background they come from. You have shown love, whilst no compromising your position, & brought conviction to those who have lifestyles incompatible with the Biblical pattern, in which you are saying, ‘Come to the Saviour; of how He so loves you, He died for you.’


“David & Lindsay, you have been broken to manifest the love of Christ. Your trustees throughout have loved you & supported you, that the Charity Commission saw that they were not under the control of one man, but under the control of one God. Yes, you are all under the control of one God, who sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.


“Now, this intensity of love is to manifest throughout thy ministry throughout the whole world. The brokenness revival of north Wales is to impact the whole world.


“Those who have stood against thee have been exposed. Their wicked paths are to be exposed to the nation’s authorities; & thou art not to show malice or hatred, but honesty to the authorities of what you have done & where you come from; just like you did yesterday; an openness & an honesty, & how much you care & love the nation where you were brought up in; & that you need the freedom to expose how the nation has moved from its landmark, & that how much you desire to return the nation to its Christian roots.


“Your dear friends in the Lord, Jeff & Sue, have the same heart, & are going through processes you have been through & know well; & how you love them, & others in the Party; that you have not used the Charity to promote political gain; but to emphasize the pre-eminence of Christ, so that all parties can grasp of how much God is calling the nation back to Him. That has been your emphasis.

“So this great move of God, which will expand all over the world, will bring you face to face with government leaders, exposing where man has self-interest in their running of a country; & the promotion of your belief, that leaders of countries, instead of suppressing & killing their people, instead should be prepared to die for the people they serve in government.


“David & Lindsay, I have prepared you for this time. The trustees of thy Charity, those have seen what you have been through, & are going through; are seeing that your interest has been in the gaining of Christ, not just for you, but for all those who come in contact with you, either on the ground, on the internet, or in radio & television, your aim for all those who come in contact with thee, is to bring a contact with the Saviour, with the Healer, with the Baptizer, not only with the Holy Ghost but with fire; & with the deep submission Sanctifier, who demands a complete surrender to Him. So you can proclaim the Soon Coming King; for you are not only proclaiming the Four Square Gospel, but the Sanctifier too.


“This is the calling on thy ministry: of death to self, to enable thee to manifest the love of Christ Jesus, who gave His life that all men should come unto Him.

“Go ye therefore; make disciples of all nations. Baptize them in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Reach as I gave to Rees Howells, every creature with the gospel.


“The Every Creature Commission is pulsating from thy hearts; of how you love the Saviour, & of how you are willing to give thy lives in the reaching out to every creature.


“Thy trustees have gathered around thee, & My ministers too, to fulfil this great ambition. The college at Bellwood shall expand saith the Lord, as you work together on the media activity you are setting up here, & in Kenya, with Hiram & Emmanuel, to reach out to the whole of Africa, where you have faced up to the fiery god of Kenya, who thought he could take that nation for himself, even to the point of burning alive the people. That god is a defeated foe, & you are to proclaim to the people of Africa the King of Kings & Lord of Lords; & the vision I gave to a former student of the Bible College of Wales, I give to you, of a blood-washed Africa.


“Oh yes! The Every Creature Commission shall reach the whole world; & your vision of Sri Lanka to Tibet is alive, saith the Lord. These contacts you have will come to you. The great Tamil contacts you have, will want a hold of this, saith the Lord. They will want to hear your story; & yes, you will be on that stage with Jacob & Solomon again; with all those Tamil praise songs.


“And ye shall take India – make no mistake, ye shall take India. The devil is defeated. You shall take India.


“You shall see the devils of India fall. This is My analogy. You know how dominoes are set up, to fall down one after the other, almost instantly? The devils of India are set up like a domino collection. You shall touch the first domino – meaning the first evil spirit – in My name, & they shall all fall, like a set of dominoes, to bring the conditions for people in their millions to turn to Christ.


“That television station you set up in Sri Lanka is a part of all this; where the allegiance to the offshoot of these gods shall fall in equal intensity, so that there can be a coming together former enemies to serve the one true God.


“This has been the season for thy suffering, saith the Lord; so you can bring the truth of My suffering on the Cross to all the nations of the world, who will now be able to reach out to the one God, whose begotten Son suffered intensely for you all.”

God has spoken to us on so many occasions about a Five Fold Ministry Outreach from Sri Lanka to Tibet and here it is coming into being, led by the Spirit of God.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 22/08/12



 “Please note everybody: I have not changed. Over many years, Suresh & Mercy, David & Lindsay, have battled over incredible obstacles, within the Asian setting, & the British setting.


“I have not changed.


“I gave a vision from the very beginning, to you, David & Lindsay, for an outreach from Sri Lanka to Tibet, via India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, & Nepal.

“I have not changed. If I gave the vision, from Sri Lanka to Tibet, I have not changed. What has happened is that every gate of hell has come against you to prevent this. But My Word declares that I will build My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.


“Now, this is a word to Brian; David & Lindsay, Suresh & mercy, have been through many years of suffering; & as you know, I can only use the empty vessel. They have their joyful side, because they have the joy of the Lord. You have seen Manuel Scott Junior, who gave his 3 points of:-

“(1) How I am to be invited;

  (2) How I am to be obeyed; &

  (3) As in the case of Zaccheus, there was jubilation in the house, & generosity was expressed from that house. He wanted to bless everything that moved! He wanted to put on the biggest feast, for everybody he saw. He just wanted to bless everybody!


“My blessings are more than enough. Now, when it comes to this vision, I am operating under the same principles you heard from Manuel Scott Junior:-

“(1) I have to be invited. Now I am telling you now, with what I have got planned, you are going to be invited.


“Now Brian, there was times I was rejected. My heart went out for the people of Nazareth, who rationalized My vision; who rationalized My calling. But as I went out into the “whole world,” for My journeys within the context of that day, were perceived as long journeys (donkeys instead of 747s!). There was places where I was invited. My evangelist Scott Junior, an empty vessel of God that manifests My joy; that is why he jumps up & down, & wriggles – such is the joy of the Lord in him. I said through him the importance of being invited.


“Now, I speak to all of you: Suresh, Lindsay, David, Mercy, Brian, & also all those left with you in this environment of Wales: the 3 girls, who have battled too; Ken & Mary out there: get a hold of this, & understand Ken & Mary, we will have our words for Africa too; for I am planning on getting a studio in Kenya too, which at the right time this team will set up. But at this time, I am stirring up an original vision of this ministry. This vision is from Sri Lanka, where a studio is to be set up at Bellwood.


“Now listen, & listen carefully: this equipment is to be new equipment. This equipment is to be used to broadcast My Word right across Asia & the Middle East, with reports going out on western television & radio.


“Now listen, & listen carefully, for this is the second part of Manuel Scott Junior’s word; because I know you all have invited Me in – hence I am here.

“The second point is to do what I say. Now with your battles & your sufferings, the danger is, you become small-minded. Well, get this one: you do not have a small-minded God.


“When I create, you show Me evidence that I create small. I say, ‘Do not despise the day of small things, but you have been through the day of small things; & those who successfully go through the sufferings, are being prepared for the day of the big thing. But the danger is, you stay in the day of small things, rather than move into the day of big things. Hence, apostle Suresh is screaming to get the gear. For I have moved you all together for the day of big things.


“What I create, I create big! How many stars are there? The world’s scientists wonder ‘Why so big?’With all their equipment, they cannot keep up with the size of My creation. For I am not a skinflint God. When I create, I do not create enough; I create more than enough.


“Now listen to this, & you all listen hard: what I have called you to is bigger then your human thinking can comprehend. The vision for Sri Lanka through India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal into Tibet: do not think in terms of college just in Bellwood, in Wales, in Harrow & in Paris, just getting by. How many people are there in India, hungry for the gospel, just to name one country? How many people are there in India hungry to study the Word of God? I sent My apostle to Orissa, one of the poorest states in the world. Now, understand My thinking. You, yet not you but I, are going to be invited to Orissa; & government in that state is going to change, for you are going to be invited by local authorities to come to places needing the gospel primarily.


“Now, listen to what Manuel Scott Junior said. When the people obey Me, there comes jubilation into the house. The same principle works in a nation, & in an individual state. For the coming of Jesus, whether into a house, a state, or a nation, changes grief & despair into jubilation!


“Now, what are the people of Orissa going to say to that? You look at My Word. When I am obeyed, I do not just give them enough to get by; I am morethan enough. Same in Britain. When the west coast of Scotland was obeying Me, they were falling over themselves in herring. They did not have enough boats to pick them up. The sea was overflowing with herring – far too many.


“What happened with the disciples? They went out on the Sea of Galilee in their own strength. Could they find a fish? When they obeyed Me, the nets were overwhelmed.


“Are you seeing how I work? Now, when the little boy came with the loaves & fishes, he brought what he had to the Lord. Now, did I feed the people just enough? Or were there ‘basketsover?’ or were there ‘baskets over?’


“Remember, I am the God who is more than enough. Isn’t it El Shaddai – the God of plenty? That is who I am – the God of plenty – more than enough. Get a hold of it! It is all over My Word. When I am invited, when I am obeyed, there is jubilation. For I overwhelm the people; as the scientists are overwhelmed, looking to analyse My creation; even building a tunnel, which was only enough to discover what they call a “God-particle”; when they only needed to understand the principle of what I an talking about to you today.

“Listen to the words of the song, ‘How big is God?’


“Now then, coming back to the immediate: in Britain there are a lot of mistrusts from ministry to ministry; & indeed this has gone on in the Asian context too. You see, where there is mistrust between brothers, then the Spirit cannot move in that situation, so men go into their earthly ways. Now these 2 initial television & radio stations being planned, are only a start. The vision to be shared is, from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, into Tibet. Colleges, with studios, will sprout throughout these areas; & with the studio in Wales, & elsewhere in western countries too, you will be able to live stream, record – whatever it takes, as led of My Spirit at different times. For I know all the technical terms & technicalities – I will tell you what to do.


“Now, My message is to go out in all of these lands; colleges & studios throughout these lands, all connected together. For the 5-fold ministry can oversee through the technology. For this is to be a quick work.


“Now get a hold of all this; for once you have started this, you are to do this in other continents too, with others I will send you. You will find out there are those with visions for South America, for Africa, for Europe, who will come to you to model what you have done in these countries, in the countries I have called them to. You will go to these countries & encourage them.


“But what I have called you to do now, is set up a college in Wales, with studio.Now, in founder Rees Howells’ day, transport ability to send people throughout the world was very much part of the vision. So it was not just a learning college. Part of the vision – the most crucial part of the vision – was to send out missionaries in the Every Creature Commission. The world was changed through this outreach. Now, My call to you all was never just to fulfil what Rees Howells did. Since when have I given a lesser portion mantle? I do not operate that way! Since when does it say in My Word, Elisha received from Elijah a lesser portion? That is not My way. He asked for the double portion!


“Now can you see how much more effective having a studio attached to a College is going to be? The students will be reaching lands they are called to reach during the course of their studies – not just after, as in Rees Howells’ day. So the Every Creature Commission, therefore, has not changed! But the ability for increase is enormous. For just as in My day on earth, when the Word became flesh, transportation was on a donkey, today you have got fast trains, planes, & all of that. Just as in My day on earth, natural echoes were used so large crowds could hear the Word, you can get equipment where the Word can be heard miles away; & having a studio, you can broadcast to the whole world the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.


“So invest in these 2 initial studios; but do not expect that I am going to stop there! But just as I have created the heavens & the earth, you are going to find studios all over the lands from Sri Lanka to Tibet – not only that; I am ordaining there to be satellite trucks, with the ability to go into rural areas, & broadcast meetings all over the world. So college, studio, satellite truck, is My thinking. Rees Howells would be jumping up & down.


“There are great foundational ministries throughout these lands too. In the Tamil lands, you have met Jeva. His calling is to continue. There are those who worked with him who will come to you, saying you are moving in the anointing of this man.


“So carrying on the landmark, not removing the landmark, is what this ministry is all about.


“But I am calling you – get a hold of this – to get the best equipment to fulfil My call.


“I am not a skinflint God. I am the God who created the heavens & the earth. I am the God who is more than enough.”

The nation of Kenya plays a major part in the strategy God has given us for reaching African nations, Emmanuel being a Kenyan Minister who with Hiram God has called us to work to build up all true Word of God Ministries in this land to reach out in the 

Every Creature Commission.

Word from the Lord through DPG, House Group with Emmanuel, 24/05/12


“The time has come, saith the Lord, to bring this Church into the fullness of My glory; that as you have surrendered to Me….


“For I see you have battled over the past year to overcome every onslaught of the enemy….


“For what these backgrounds have taught you is to rely on Me.


“Those who have given their lives to Christ can speak to the mountain. Deuteronomy 8:18 But I have given you the power to ….My covenant.


“This power I have given unto you; & as you have exposed, saith the Lord, the works of the devil in these commercial versions of the Bible, you have seen that the sales of these versions have gone, not to the on-going proclamation of the Word, but have gone in to the hands of greedy shareholders.


“I call this money accursed, saith the Lord. For all that you do, saith the Lord, should be to My glory. As in My ministry, you have accusers all around you; those who would look to catch you out; those who would look to imprison you, even to the point of taking you to a cross.


“But I am telling you this day, that the things which are past, are past. Do not take into this season the hurts of the old season. For I am preparing you for mighty revival; such will be the anointing, they will cry out ‘Is there mercy for Me? Is there mercy for Me?’ Living a holy life, is not living a religious one.

“They used to look for every false move of the disciples. The Pharisees of the day, in effect pioneered the modern surveillance society; for they watched for more errors than any of your modern-day speeding devices.


“Such as it is with the religious spirit. They look for the specks in others, rather than the planks in their own.


“But I am bringing forth a revival, saith the Lord; & as you start setting the agendas in this town of Colwyn Bay, you start putting back the foundations; for walls without foundations will fall; & as your back garden wall fell down today, let this be an illustration of how the world system is falling today. That which is built on sand shall fall.


“But you have been My wise men, saith the Lord – for there is a great wind & rain coming.


“Prepare ye the way of the Lord; for those built on sand shall fall. For I am the Rock on which the Church is built; & you are My body, partakers of the divine nature. For the earth is to see a great storm. Be not alarmed. Does not My Word cover the great conflagrations of the last days? Does not My Word declare that it shall not come nigh thee?


“For thou shall stand, in the midst of the fire, saith the Lord. Thou shalt stand in the midst of the fire; & those around who know not me shall cry ‘Help me! Help me!’ And in those days, saith the Lord, they shall come begging to thee. But even though a thousand shall fall at thy side, even though ten thousand shall fall at thy right hand, it shall not come nigh thee.


“There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

“For thou shalt trample the works of the devil under thy feet; that through the attacking of the last few years, you might say, ‘I will die young;’ ‘I cannot suffer all of this without death;’ ‘I cannot go on through this persecution & affliction.’

“But I declare unto thee tonight, that whatever attack thou hast been under, with long life I will satisfy you, & show you My salvation.


“But I say unto thee, that there is judgement for thy persecutors; &, as the Egyptian army persecuted My chosen people – for they were slain at the rising of the rod of the prophet.


“But I declare with the prophet of old, that thy persecutors shall stumble; they shall not prevail. They shall be greatly ashamed. They shall not prosper. Their everlasting confusion shall never be forgotten.


“For I am bringing judgement on those that persecute thee. For as you lift up your rod of authority, so shall those who come after thee be drowned in the midst of their own confusion.


“For I am declaring to thee, that thou must declare, ‘Even so, come, Lord Jesus.’ For I am waiting that word to come; & though you look for Me in the north, south, east & west, I am coming at a time to meet thee in the air; & so you will say, ‘I am heading for my mansion in the sky, to be forever with Thee.’


“And so the books shall be opened, saith the Lord; & those who have remained faithful will have their names in the Lamb’s Book of Life;


“Those who have stood against (?) adversity, those who have not bowed down to the demonic system will not have their names removed from the Lamb’s Book of Life.


“For I am coming soon, saith the Lord.


“Tell the people here something very, very important: do not be at all distracted. Live by My Spirit continuously. Do not be alarmed by what you see. Do not be moved by how you feel, but await My Word, which will be revelation from deep within.


Word for Kenya through DPG


“You have a mountain in the centre of Kenya, where demonic stuff (Satanic stronghold – Mount Kenya).


“I bind that spirit, in the Name of Jesus. This is known as a fire spirit. I see worship of fire – fire god. The Lord is showing me this spirit. This is a throne of Satan – he is appearing as a dragon in this place. They are gathering to worship Satan – natives walk through fire – go through Satanic rituals. In the Name of Jesus, I call this to an end. Satanic rituals I call to fail in the Name of Jesus. I call an end to the sacrificing of children. I call an end to the eating of human flesh.

“Cave inside the mountain – this is their high point. Davil, you are defeated, in the Name of Jesus.


[Mt. Kenya is an ancient extinct volcano]


“I expose what is going on at Mt. Kenya, in the Name of Jesus – government officials are taking part in this fire, & suppressing the people through fear & oppression.


“I bind it - & expose every government official.


“I have this devil on the phone line – “you appear before me, devil.” He can’t, because he is bound.


“Let the people go! I remove fear – revival to come to the Church – Holy Ghost to convict, save, set the people free.


“Get ready for Holy Ghost meetings in Kenya, saith the Lord. Get ready for the …. to go out, saith the Lord. For I have brought My Rees Howells to thy presence. Thou must support him, for from the College there went out Christian missionaries to Africa.


“Get ready for mission trips. Sort your lives, & get ready.


“And the devil would say to Ken: ‘you can’t be a part of this. Your time is short.’ But the Lord would say, ‘With long life I will satisfy thee. Be not afraid, for I am with thee, My rod & staff comfort thee.’


“For this is the return of the Lord.


“Mt. Kenya is highest in Kenya; second highest after Kilimanjaro, in Africa. We are speaking life into that area.


“Emmanuel, this new season is to be a much bigger season – as you expand your tent-pegs…expect signs & wonders, miracles. Beware of the Jezebel – don’t allow personal ministry to take place in your Church; no “little group;” I have ordained anointed ministers. They must protect those I have ordained into office – mustn’t be burdened by the house church attack.


“I have ordained prophets & apostles – not to be in huddles, but to be perfected by the prophets & apostles to…go out, & preach the Word in & out of season.

“I bind the spirit of Antichrist, looking to question the leadership -  I speak the anointing on Emmanuel & Hiram, in their respective fellowships.


“For I have been anointed (by the Lord) to blast the attack on your fellowships.

“For I have come to bring life - & as the people respect the ordained leadership, so they will be set free.


“I see a woman come into your fellowship – with black & grey hair – trying to take away the people by her ministry – Jezebel.


“I cast you out, thou woman Jezebel.

“I see there have been those falling by the wayside…bind spirit of lust , pornography, extra-marital sex, etc. which the Jezebel does bring through her life of chaos.  Those drawn into homosexuality – all sorts going on in your area – paedophilia.


“I am bringing forth Holy Ghost revival, but before that, I must remove that not of Me.


“Mighty revival throughout Kenya; & as we have taken out the fire-god, saith the Lord, so the rains will return, & the fertile land (famine will go).

“The Lord told David to look up something. The Kikuyu tribes built their houses towards the mountain because they thought that was where God lived.


“This mountain is the throne of Satan over the nation. I am declaring tonight…Satan has been removed.


“Now, we have put out the fire of the devil tonight.

“March 2012 – great fire there, destroying forest.


To Emmanuel:


“I am taking you to great things, saith the Lord. When you return, you will see the manifestation of My glory.


“…we have together removed the mountain of oppression over Kenya – it seemed you could not get anywhere – but the mountain has been removed.”


Emmanuel’s Witness re Kenya:


Kikuyu – Mau-Mau – bloodshed – independence – quiet for many years. Early 1990s, a movement emerged, taking people back to the worship of Mount Kenya – included powerful politicians. Sacrifices were offered – human sacrifices!


“Kenya was being re-dedicated back to the enemy. Great bloodshed, every General Election. Last time, people in Churches met to pray against that.

“Big fire early 2012. Control always from Mount Kenya – appease gods because of leadership of Kenya.”

God is really warning HIS CHURCH of treacherous worldwide conditions and the importance of HIS BRIDE walking about  in the seat of authority IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/07/12



“Part 1: CONTEXT:

“The devil has been playing tricks with the people of the world. He has them convinced of certain things. He has brought a particular mind-set into the Western world; a mind-set which you find alien to your Christian way of thinking.


“He knows that if he can divide the people, & stress them out through over-regulation, he can then manipulate events as he wants them.


“The divisions in society are plainly obvious, with the system brought in to remove small businessmen & small charity worker, to allow his “got it together” large operations, where the people can be controlled through over-regulation & fear.


“You have heard the expression “I’m walking on egg-shells”? That is exactly what it is like. The devil has brought about a society divided against itself, & over-regulated, & as you can see throughout the world, individual cultures are being replaced by a global culture.


“Now, this whole build-up is part of his plan of bringing in the Antichrist, who of course has been prophesied, who will appear as the saviour of the world. But every now & then he puts on a show, to hurry this process along.


“9/11 was such a show, to bring about an over-surveillant society, so people would accept extreme surveillance in their lives; & the devil is planning another big world-wide show, to bring about further controls over the way people live, & think.


“9/11 changed thinking in the world. Conspiracy theorists have come up with a variety of beliefs in relation to such an event. This latest event, plotted by the enemy, will set off the conspiracy theorists again; but what I have in My Word is no theory. It is fact, & proven fact. The devil comes to kill, steal, & destroy; the letter of the law killeth; & a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.


“This world-wide tumult about to happen, will get people to accept further surveillance, further regulation, & to use the Orwellian expression, “big brother is watching you.”


“Your reply to all this will be Psalm 91; & you will provide a hand for those who will become victims of this world-wide tumult. But I will have you walk in the heavenly places; & you will hold out a hand; that through repentance & being open, men can walk with you in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“Their choice is this: the dog-eat-dog society, against the liberty in which Christ has set you free. That is what you will be offering.


“So prepare for a great world-wide tumult; not that it will affect you in the heavenly places, but it will give you opportunity to hold out a hand to those who will suffer through the consequences of this great tumult.


“So be aware a 9/11-style event is being planned by the enemy, the consequences of which will show all kinds of economic & security problems in the world. Do not believe any of it. They use these disasters so that the people will accept further regulation & surveillance.


“It is a scam of the devil with his ulterior motive. You stick with your policy of local communities, local figures like the bank manager, accountant, solicitors, operating in 1950s style, with local decisions, & not decisions of a global computer.


“So praise the Lord. Thou art high above these vagrancies of the god of this world. So rejoice: I have overcome the world.”

To be a Christian, one has had to give one's whole life and resources to God. He then leads the pilgrim along a path not led by fleshly ambition - but one led by the Divine Inspirer leading the Christian to be a partaker of His Divine Nature.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/12/11

“The Going Cold of People’s Love”


“Thou liveth in a nation of covenant-breakers. Marriage is a thing which has become temporary. With so many people having broken covenant, children have suffered to such a degree, that they carry wounds into adulthood. They, too, become covenant-breakers. They take this attitude into all walks of life: in their employment, if things start going tough in their place of work, they walk out on their employer, leaving him to pick up the mess. Even with so-called Christians, if things start going tough, they walk out, leaving ministers to pick up the mess.


“It is as if there is no feeling of loyalty; for covenant has become a temporary thing in thy nation.


“Covenant-breakers have no place in the kingdom of God; for covenant is where one man lays down his life for another: a man being prepared to lay his life down for his wife; & a wife for her husband. It is called covenant. Covenant is a bond which should never be broken.


“So in thy nation, love has gone cold. So what they try & do, is have days where they can try & mend wounds. Such is the new-found pressure on what they call “Christmas.” They call it a family day, when really is has become a day based on trying to mend wounds. Demons find this highly amusing, for amongst covenant-breakers they can have their playground.


“You thought you had a group of people who had made covenant with you; but when the anointing increases, because of revelation of the Spirit, as Paul observed with is thorn in the flesh, things get tougher.


“So, the heat of the battle leads to those who find things too hot for them, walking out. The things that they said they would do, meaning nothing in a nation of covenant-breakers, thus leaving a remnant with the pieces to pick up.

“Thou hast felt the weeping connected with covenant-breaking.


Can you imagine, for example, the 11-year-old child who has put his trust in his Mummy & his Daddy, & witnessed the covenant-breaking between them - & thus, with the children too, because they bond with Mummy & Daddy in one covenant with each other.


“So, a nation of widespread family breakdowns leads to a nation of disloyalty to employers, disloyalty to Church fellowships, disloyalty to sports teams; in other words, in every aspect of life, because of lack of covenant, there is lack of trust, the consequence being failing families; children going astray; failing businesses, for successful business demands loyalty; failing charities; failing Church ministries; because the love in a nation has gone cold.


“So, great intensity is placed on days, to try & mend wounds, these days becoming minefields of tension, because around them there is demonic activity that defeats people’s efforts to mend wounds.


“So, what people do, is find their escape routes. Instead of making covenant, they escape to their screens. Internet shopping is having a great boom; Eros love is having a great boom; fantasy movies are having a great boom; for these have become the escape routes of covenant-breakers.


“There are even those who have broken covenant with Me, saith the Lord. They have made commitment to follow Me; & as I pleaded in the days of Jeremiah: ‘Turn, o backsliding children, for I am married to you,’ the same issue was important then: the issue of breaking covenant, marriage being the key to a society; & being in covenant with God, thou hast noticed that thy nation has broken covenant with Me.


“Thou art to present thy Constitutional Acts as Acts of covenant with Me, not to be broken. The reason why foreign powers are not to have any influence on thy legal structures, is because those legal structures, & political ones too, are based on covenant with Me.


“But because thou liveth in a nation of covenant-breakers, Parliament has run roughshod over the demands of covenant, & broken the laws of God, leaving the nation & its structures under a curse.


“So, thou hast had a succession of covenant-breakers in government, for many years of covenant-breaking in families, & right across society, that even a mother can abort her child, & break the bonds of motherhood, for the sake of convenience.


“So even now, man can lie with man, & woman can lie with woman. For the bond of a man being joined to a woman, as I am joined to the Church, means very little to a nation of covenant-breakers, a nation, unless it repents, that is bound for the fires of hell.


“Give this warning to the people: covenant-breakers shall not enter the kingdom of heaven, for I am a covenant God.


“The Word that I have given to thy nation, if you look at the page before Genesis, if you look at the page before Matthew, you will find the word “covenant” or “testament.” For I am the covenant God.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 25/01/12



“You give up all to follow Me; that is, your secular work, your homes, your family. Yet, in thy nation, you see Church as a separate entity. Church is a place you go to. It runs its affairs, & you run your affairs. Where is that in the scriptures?


“My disciples declared, ‘We have given up all to follow thee.’ My requirements have not changed. My hundredfold promise has not changed. But because you have not given your all, you fail to hear from Me.


“For example, in Llandudno the spiritual alarm-bell is going; but you fail or Church is a separate entity to you. You have your clever people as your elders & ministers, some ministers taking salaries they can bring home to their separate entity family.


“But Church is not a separate entity like that. Church is not the building of men. Church is not run by committees of clever people. Church is My body; requirement being to give up all to follow Me.


“You remember what came through the hymn-writer, ‘demands my whole, my life, my all’? You see, those who have given up all to follow Me – they hear from Me. They hear the spiritual alarm-clock. They would know you are sitting before their strong man in Llandudno. They would know the declaration of the disciples that they had given up all to follow Me. They would know My promise, to those who have given up homes & families for My sake & the gospel’s.

“They would be constantly hearing from Me. They would have heard the spiritual alarm clock in Llandudno. They would not be building up treasures on earth, but using that for the end-time declaration of the gospel.


“You see, in Britain, thou hast the separate entity to the Church. You have Church, & the individual person in it. In the scriptures, Church is the Body of Christ, joined to the Lord as one spirit; & those being joined to the Lord; members of My body, flesh & bones, do not see themselves as a separate entity, but one in Christ, having given up the world.


“But what you have in Britain, is the separate entity “Christian.” They go to Church as the separate entity, put one foot into the kingdom, yet keep another out. For that is their life; that is their finances. But the requirement for the New Testament has not changed. They gave up all to follow Me. They laid their possessions down at the apostles’ feet. The ones in the scriptures who held back some for themselves, were in effect the separate entity “Christian.”


“Thou knowest My coming is imminent. There are those who still hold back. Their work takes precedence over the Great Commission. They hold on to their resources, for they see Church as a separate entity.


“But let Me remind them of what Church is. Church is the place where it is known I gave My all, remembering Church is the place of covenant, that is, if I have given My all, then the requirement is for you to do the same.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 02/04/13



“The counterfeit has been prevalent in Britain over many years; & it is a form of apparent adherence to God, without any submission to God’s will. It involves church-going on a Sunday, & living one’s own life the rest of the time. There is no understanding of hearing from God, not gathering possessions on earth, but using one’s resources for the gospel, & bringing one’s children up in the training & nurture of the Lord.


“None of these adherents have a place in the kingdom of God.


“Counterfeit (2): Those who give adherence to the scriptures of Alexandria have been taken away from Biblical Christianity & are therefore under a curse, for giving adherence to scriptures that have taken away & added to doctrines that do not have their base in the inspired Word of God. Commonly this group is known as charismatic, that base their operations on experience, rather than the Word.


“This group also are not a part of the kingdom of God.


“The third group are those who surround themselves with liturgy, & bow down to altars made with hands. I abhor the bowing down to across made with hands. I abhor the keeping of festivals. Christianity is about a  person; not altars made with hands; not the keeping of dates; but complete surrender to Jesus Christ, the resurrection being represented by coming out of the waters of baptism, & not through the goddesses of Easter.


“My Word is clear about those who preach another Jesus. This counterfeit Jesus is related constantly to the physical element, for I do not live in altars made with hands. I live in the hearts of true believers.


“So the counterfeits are there in great numbers. They give respectability to their operations by gathering in their respective Churches Together groupings.  Yet they are not apart of Me.


“Where is the Church that gives its whole life to Me; that does not consider ownership as part of the criteria for existence? Where is the Church that has grasped & understood the Sermon on the Mount? Where are those who will come down & lay down all on the “altar” (not made with hands) for Me?


“You carry with you a full surrender message. Those of the counterfeit will call thee a cult; for you do not carry with you the chains of centuries of counterfeited Christianity. What you do carry with you is the Passover of God; for you are protected from being a part of the counterfeit; for you have been washed clean by the precious blood of the Lamb.


“This washing clean demands a reaction. It demands a handing over of one’s life to the Lord; the Galatians 2:20 activity, pulsating from the heart of the genuine Church.


“You are aware that those in the counterfeit need the saving grace of Jesus, & this can only come through handing over earthly lives, to move into the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“This is the Word I have given thee: to declare My Sermon upon the Mount as the criteria for Christian living. Who will come into the kingdom of God, & resign from the world? Who will give up their own will for Mine? This is the real Church; for flesh cannot exist in the presence of the Lord.


“Come unto the holy God, you sinners. Be ye separate. Be led of the Spirit to fulfil the demands of the Isaiah 61 call. For each missionary yof God is to be free to go when I call, the individual to go into the whole orld, & preach the gospel.


“The Every Creature Commission was never part-time. It is now your place to present real Christianity to the people; &you do this by relating Christianity to a person, rather than a philosophy; a person who gave His life that all may be saved – on condition that the whole of a life is brought to the Saviour, to fill with God.”

There has never been a revival without self-renunciation and this is so relevant today ..... a Holy Ghost Revival will come when man comes to the end of himself and ask God to take over having repented and cried before HIM.

Word from the Lord through DPG 27/02/11


“I want to talk to you tonight about suffering. My Word clearly shows about suffering. But there are different types of suffering: one which is self-inflicted, & another to bring one to a point of dependence on Me.


“The self-inflicted type of suffering is upon those who would seek to gain position. Out of pride, they enter a competitive race, in which their fellow-competitors seek to pull down each other’s achievements.


This we can call competitive suffering. One looks to pull the other down as they seek to reach the top. Within this context are victims & winners; yet there are no winners in this, for all come under the stresses of the god of this world. People compete to survive. There is no peace – only stress. Within this realm comes sickness, stress-related conditions; & so the Christian who has his foot in this camp, & seemingly in Me, will always suffer, because of the sin of pride.


“I can only use broken men & women. And the term ‘brokenness revival’ is simply one to distinguish it from what we can call ‘competitive revival.’ So-called churches compete against each other. They say ‘My church is doing this;’ ‘My church is doing that,’ - & in the process of going through competitive revival, they pull down My work of brokenness, because they have to flag up to the top man’s achievements in what man is doing for Me.


“I have never called man to do anything for Me, except obey. Preaching & teaching ‘the empty vessel’ is one where competition goes. Instead of flagging up man’s achievements, the brokenness church flags up Mine. My achievement was based on suffering, coming as nothing in My earthly ministry, moving only by the will of the Father.


“How leaders of world achievement hate it when Christ is given the pre-eminence. Remember My words in John 17, that thou art not of this world?

“Others have a pride in having bought their own house. ‘I’ve worked all my life for this,’ they say. But thou hast given up that which one has worked for.

“And as you see thy house paid for, you will realise it has not been thy achievement.


“As you will see all the provision for the ministry come in, you will recognise it is not what thou hast done for Me but in being obedient to what I have done for thee.


“Lindsay, thou hast been singing the song ‘Tell Me the Story of Jesus.’ It is a song based on suffering. Those who continue to try & keep a foot in each camp with self-achievement & God-achievement, will not enter the kingdom of God. The suffering cometh through competition. My glory comes through thy submission.


“As you enter this season of My glory, the base of this being submission to Me, & within this context comes the resistance of the devil with My Word.


“You see, there are ministries which seek to build up the pride of men. You become this & you become that even by paying into that ministry.

“Real ministry is for the perfection of the saints. That can only come through brokenness, the understanding of inability.


“So I have called thee forward. Men’s achievements are not for thee. What is for thee is thy proclamation of It is Finished.


“Openness & brokenness; thou art right to proclaim it, for in this context is dependence on Me, a ride above the god of this world.


“So rejoice, My children. One does not have to enter the pride-based competitive world; yet one can proclaim brokenness & submission. This is the context of My revival. So rejoice. My glory is upon thee, to fulfil purposes which are of Me, which can only be achieved through the empty vessel.


“The realisation of God-dependency. Bring My joy; My anointing has already destroyed the yoke of bondage.




Word from the Lord through David Griffiths, Tuesday 28/06/11



“Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


“There is a revival coming; the revival resulting in a divide between those that move by the flesh, & those that move by the Spirit. The principles of the Spirit are very clear. Those who move by the flesh are those who move by what they see; but the principle of the revival will be Christ Jesus at the centre, in the pre-eminent place. With those who have accepted the principles of revival not being themselves, but Him.


“There is no point praying for revival without the Evan Roberts cry of ‘bend me, bend me; ’ for revival is simply thr manifestation of Christ Jesus.


“My Word is clear, very clear, on the subject of revival: Galatians 2:20 ‘I am crucified with Christ, yet I live; I live by the faith of the Son of God.


“There are those who see themselves having an identity; yet those in the Spirit have died to the so-called pleasures of this world, & have moved into the pleasures of God. This involves the constant moving in the high places in Christ Jesus.


“Give heed to the prophet’s words; the prophet cares for thee. For he is to perfect thee for the works of the ministry, as indeed all the operatives of the 5-fold ministry are to bring perfection.


“Yet there are those who feel that they can do things their way; yet the Word declares, ‘I am the way.’


“The Hebrews passage is very important; for all those who moved in this perfection of God had died to the lusts of the flesh; not only died to the lusts of the flesh, but had also moved into manifesting the thoughts of God.


“Move out, therefore, with the joy of the Lord, which is thy strength. Continue to convict; hold a sanctification service, where men & women can come out, & not even acknowledge their natural gender, but to be a manifestation of Him – no more a servant, but a son.


“I have declared that thy move with the armour of God; the armour of God, the clothes of Christ are for those who move entirely by the Spirit of God.


“I tell thee to broadcast to the world this truth of perfection. This is why I called a people called Methodist to preach & teach this doctrine of perfection.


“My Word declares, ‘Be ye perfect, as I am perfect.’ ‘Be ye holy, as I am holy.’ That is why this Hebrews 11 passage is so significant; moving by faith & not by sight. Be ye perfect.


“I am saying these things tonight, that all should read this passage of scripture. ‘Be ye perfect.’ “





“I am bringing you to the point of how I operate. You have had to learn to die to the ways of this world, to bring you to the point of how I operate.


“My children are commanded ot study diligently; to study My Word, My written Word. My word is to study, study & study; that is My word. My word is to remove the perceptions of this world, & also the earthly perceptions of My Word.


“I reveal to thee through the understanding thou hast gained, through the study of My Word, & the removal of the perceptions of this world. This brings Me the empty vessel I require; the empty vessel that becomes known as My body.


“The god of this world does all he can to prevent you becoming the empty vessel. He gives academic thoughts; he comes with a compromise of one step in the world & one step in the spirit. And I have called thee out of this world; My Word declares you are not of this world; & within this context cmes the words I am about to give thee over the coming months.


“The rehearsals which I have called thee to have are very important. These will be times of diligent hard work, to bring the praise & worship, the individual singings, to a standard far above the standard the god of this world can muster.

“I know Satan will try to place the spirit of fear upon people; but he is defeated. The conditions are being brought to clear all debt on your property, simply by following My instructions. Thou art to broadcast to the world the work that goes on in that loft.


“It is My will for thy house to become a paid-for manse. It is My will for another paid-for manse to exist in the Hebrides, where you asre to do the same again.


For I have called you to restore My chapel movement in Wales – not the chapel of Ichabod which it became, but the chapel of those who hear from God  & act accordingly.


“Likewise in Scotland, I am calling thee to restore My Kirk, for the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.


“Yes, you are to restore revival in Wales & the Hebrides once more, remembering the perceptions of the past revivals; the ‘Bend me, bend me’ of Roberts, & the teaching of the Divine in the human of Campbell. Chapel Pentecost will be a major movement in Wales. It will be understood that this chapel movement will be one of the Spirit, rather than the will & activities of men. Like the chapels of old, it shall have no altar; which indeed was the perception of the Kirk in Scotland.


“I have called thee to build a manse in the Hebrides as well as Wales; paid-for manses, which will have the ability to reach the world.


“You see, My Word declares, Go into the whole world & preach the gospel; & from thy manses will come the preaching of My Word, with the Kirk restored in Scotland, & the chapel restored in Wales – both called to be non-conformist.

“With the Golden Jubilee of the Queen in 2012, you will have every opportunity to state her obligations under the Constitutional Acts.


You will astound politicians; you will astound the legal system, particularly with the notion of the Queen’s obligation to suppress foreign infiltration into thy legal systems.


“Beware of wolves & false prophets. They will look to bring a respectability into thy operations; & thou hast been right to expose publicly the wolves in Benny Hinn’s ministry; & thou hast been right not to pull down the Lord’s anointed; but thou hast been right to expose the wolves who have been trying to pull down the anointing in his ministry.


“Thou hast been right in thy desire to restore the Pentecostal movements, even though I am giving you a priority at this time, to bring about Chapel Pentecost, & the Pentecostal Church of Scotland. For it was always My will for the state Church of Scotland to move by My Spirit. I am bringing about the Pentecostal Church of Scotland, you are making that statement.


The Pentecostal Church of Scotland is to be a free flowing movement of the Spirit. This movement is to begin in the Hebrides, but thou art to remove that which has infiltrated in. Those movings in the Hebrides simply to receive the revival spirit are to be exposed for what they are. The Hebrides became special because of the hearts of men, not not the geographical location. And thou art to bring about another Hebridean revival; but with the old methods – that is, of an individual dying to self, within the context of a group of people determined to get right with God.


“O, thou shalt hear the cry of Isaiah 64 once more; for thou art to set up a revivalist movement; not only in Wales, Chapel Pentecost, but also in Scotland, where the Pentecostal Church of Scotland is to become the state Church.

“The present so-called ‘state church’ has failed to hear from Me & act accordingly; & thy nation, Lindsay, has become a spiritual desert.


“But I will bring back Scots to thy land from all over the world; you see, My plan is to reach them from your manse, calling Scots back to the homeland, to restore the spirituality of thy nation.


“You see the intercession which you spoke out in Scotland those years ago, has a point of manifestation in thy lifetime; & thou art to set up younger people to carry on the work.


“Chapel Pentecost is to be a movement that indeed rebuilds physical buildings; not that they are special in themselves; for they are to be built without an altar, but contain people who are manifestations of Me (I John 4:17).


“And all that thou art teaching now in Wales, of dying to self, dying to self, dying to self, I have called thee as  a group of people of the Galatians 2:20 ethos – ‘I live, yet not I’  to restore My chapel movement to its non-conformist roots; as I have called thee for this purpose in Scotland. You will find that the judgement that it upon what is known as Church will continue to expose that which has infiltrated in. You are called, as in Jeremiah, to pull down that which is not of Me.


“And so on a national scale in Scotland & Wales, you will be given words of knowledge that will open up the conviction of My Spirit, both in Scotland & in Wales.


“So prepare for this. Do not go down under the narrow-minded thoughts of the enemy, & I shall build My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 24/08/11



“Be inside the showers of blessings, & outside the darkness of doubt & unbelief.

“Thou hast been right to expose the mark of freemasonry upon thy society; for what freemasonry does is form a shadow, to prevent the light of the glorious Gospel from reaching the people.


“I have called you to bring justice, love, peace to thy society, & thou hast been right to proclaim the Name of Jesus, despite the enemy’s attempts to cause a shadow upon that which I have called thee to do.


“That shadow of masonry has formed a shadow; has brought in intellectual organisation to what was once My Church. There have been those who have tried to bring a shadow on the operations of what I have caused thee to do; & thou hast brought the light of the glorious gospel to thy operations. There are those who come who have the shadowed form of Christianity; a kind of Christianity that has no joy or peace; the one that will continuously defend itself, for admitting that there is a proclamation here of another gospel.


“Thou art to continue to form a divide between flesh & spirit. Thou art right to cause there to be an exposure of what has caused the shadow. My Word is life; I am the Light of the world.


“Thou art right to proclaim the glorious Name Jesus & remove the shadow from the people. One exposes the sins of the people, for the light of the glorious gospel is an ever-shining light, & within it, one brings life – the life – Jesus Himself.

“I want thee to proclaim Jesus in all that thou doest. The sins of the people are being found out, according to My Word; for I am a God of order.


“Just as thou hast been called to bring your things together into one place, the name Jesus is to be glorified & magnified. And as one does this, the sins of the people will be there for all to see.


“Yes, the light of the glorious gospel is to shine. When one brings the light, there needs to be an invitation to fully accept the Jesus of the scripture; the One who thou hast worshipped. For thou hast restored My landmark in thy nation. The masonic chain has been exposed. Thou hast proclaimed Jesus, the King of Kings & Lord of Lords; & what this has done has exposed the sin.


“Continue to proclaim the Jesus of the Scripture. This Jesus of the Scripture brings conviction of sin; yet thou hast found there has been a hardening; an inability to confess sin. For thou hast brought light upon those who have endeavoured to hide their past life.


“There should always be a longing to give testimony at thy meetings; for thy preaching has brought forward a conviction; a conviction that exposes the unrepented sin.


“From this shall come the base for many salvations to take place.


“When thou shinest the light of the glorious gospel, one will bring forward the manifesto of the Lord. As men & women repent, so My healing power will manifest to bring deliverance & freedom.


“Thou hast been right to be conscious of personal inability; for thou hast been ignored in certain circles. For thou hast given the prophet’s warning, yet thou hast been ignored by people who have been desirous of frivolity, rather than the seriousness of repenting before God.


“For thou art witnessing the manifestation of My wrath. For thou hast brought the light of the glorious gospel; but thou hast brought forward this gospel.

“Look at the havoc it doth bring! Men have weeks to decide, yet they live in their comfort zone!


“PRAISE THE LORD! PRAISE THE LORD! O come to the Father through Jesus the Son, & give Him the glory; great things He hath done.


“Indeed, come to the Father through Jesus the Son; give Him the glory – great things He hath done.


“Proclaim the God of the Bible. Thou will find the conviction of the Lord coming through.


“The glorious light of the gospel, as thou preacheth from its pages, will bring conviction & salvation into the lives of many.


“Hallelujah! And as thou introduces those in sin to the Master; as thou proclaimest the glorious light of the gospel, one can be free to … the conviction of My Spirit upon people who have had the shadow form upon them.

“The glorious light of the gospel shall be preached, & people will respond. Hallelujah!


“Preach the Word without  compromise. Proclaim My Name, the Name Jesus. Remove the darkness wherever thou goeth.


“Thou hast brought the glorious gospel; the gospel without compromise.


“Thou hast brought the light of the glorious gospel.


“Thou hast been right to bring the glorious gospel. Those failing to bring the glorious gospel…..


“Thou hast brought the glorious gospel to the people. One has brought the light of the glorious gospel into a land that resisted the glorious gospel.


“I have anointed thee to go to the highways & byways to bring the glorious light of the gospel.


“And during the conviction of the meetings, people look for natural ability, whereas I look for the empty vessel, to fill up gloriously.


“Thou hast been right to bring the glorious gospel, the true gospel - & as thou proclaims the real Jesus, so shall the miracles manifest in thy presence.


“For the glorious gospel has brought conviction. We are to bring forward the light of the glorious gospel. For I  am looking for the empty vessel to fill.

“Thou hast brought forward the glorious gospel to the eyes of the people. Continue to proclaim My Name.


“For I am come that thou should have life in abundance. The light of the glorious gospel should shine upon them. The light of the gospel brings life.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 04 09 11


 “You are to appeal again, David Owen, for full consecration of the people. The Joshua 3 message must be preached, as indeed must the Joshua 1 message in relation to My Word. For it is My Word that separation from the world must take place. Even leisure activity must be led by Me.


“I am calling a people to be sanctified, set apart; a people who will not complain of the physical entity, but will ride apart. For I have called thee to be a separate people, saith the Lord; not one that compromises to the world. The world has had its input. There are those who used to preach the separation message, who have now bowed down to the antichrist. It is antichrist who speaks of the physical entity, ‘I want this, & I want that.’


“I have given thee authority over antichrist. Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth, whatsoever ye shall loose on earth – all authority is yours, saith the Lord,  in My Name.


“Thou art to warn the people of natural prayers; praying that somebody does this, & praying that somebody does that, is not the intercession of God.


“Every prayer is to be led of My Spirit; for My Word declares that thou dost not know how to pray. Accept that reality; wait upon Me. My Word declares that in all things I must have the pre-eminence.


“At this time, the sins of governments are being found out. I know thou hast plans to take to court great institutions of thy land; for they have been led by the love of money, rather than by the love of the Constitutional God.


“Let Me tell you; you say ‘boo!’ to them at this time, & they will fall down. You know the hymn ‘The Solid Rock?’ The wind has blown, the rain has come down – the house on the sand has fallen down.


“I know you have had a lot of work to do in setting up the rooftop studio; but thou art to broadcast from here around the world. Thou art to produce programmes of high quality; I am talking about technical high quality, for thou hast learned to speak the words of God, rather than the words of men.


“I am providing for the best. I will provide ultimately opportunity to extend from thy rooftop studio; for in Chapel Pentecost, there will need to be a video & audio production area. For thou art to broadcast from here not only live programmes, but recorded programmes. Chapel Pentecost is to be a place where people will come from miles around.


“Thou art to ask thy people at this stage what they are hearing from God. If the answer is ‘naught,’ then they are to remove the blockages which are preventing them hearing from God – hence the need for full consecration meetings.

“Thou art to rejoice abundantly; abundantly. You see, the spectator sport syndrome is one of lack of separation. I am calling a people of power, to be separate from this world.


“One is right to expose the Alpha course, & its embracing of multi-faith. Tell the people I am not pleased with this course, for it leads people astray rather than bring people to God. I will let you know the point to really expose this phenomena Satan has used to bring the world into the Church.


“Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad; read the Beatitudes to find out the progress thou hast made; & as for the issue of present day Israel, I am still the only way, the truth, & the life. By being born again, one becomes of rhe seed of Abraham – a joint heir with Christ. The born-again experience turns one into being a full child of God; one who sits at the table equally, not apart.


“There is great danger for those who proclaim a nation over Me. In other words, they have in their life the love of a nation rather than love for Me.

“Remind them that in all things, I must have the preeminence.


“Expose what has been happening in Israel. My Word declares to sound a warning, particularly in the context of the Middle East. For there are those in power who are not Jews, but call themselves Jews & are of the synagogue of Satan. There are those in power who embrace the Kabbala rather than the Torah.


“You see, the key is to be led of My Spirit rather than natural knowledge. One is to teach the rhema over the logos. You know, I have called thee all to be a separated people. This is My message for today; a message that was the same yesterday, as indeed will be tomorrow. Be ye separate, saith the Lord.


“The lovers of higher criticism have taken over My colleges, saith the Lord; & David Owen, I have called thee together with David & Lindsay, to bring these colleges back, into the fold of My kingdom.


“I have called thee into Bangor to do just that. They learn academically in this city, but know not of My Spirit. They have swept away the colleges of My kingdom, & replaced them to colleges of human thinking, rather than the call of My Spirit. It is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.

Rejoice & be exceedingly glad; for as they persecute thee, they persecuted Me. I called those of the antichrist whited sepulchres. Be not afraid to challenge as I challenged. Be not afraid to use phraseology as I lead thee. John 14:6, ‘Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, & the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.’


“I have called thee a separated people. Declare My agenda, not man’s agenda. And be prepared to have a people of missions heart, for with holiness there comes a people set aside of the love of the world; a people who are prepared to go to the four corners of the earth.


“Rejoice & be exceedingly glad; go forward; be not alarmed by human reaction; & proclaim My separation message.


“In My Name, thou wilt speak to mountains. In My Name, thou shalt cast them into the sea. The Spirit of God is moving upon thee now, to proclaim this message of being led of God, rather than by the god of this world.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 2/11/11

“God is at War against Sin Forever”


“What you are facing in the lives of people is sin: the old-fashioned word, sin.

“You have had so many come through your Church meetings, hardened against the Spirit of God, hardened against the preaching of My Word; living a double life. The more thou hast convicted of sin, the more they are communicating against thee; for they look to protect their own lives of flesh, rather than being the supernatural beings My Spirit has called them to be.


“Protecting their sinful lives is their pride. They stand before the world , wearing the clothes of being Christian. But these are outer clothes only; they give the appearance of goodness, but the truth is, on the inside there is nothing but malice, bitterness, & wrong thinking.


“When you preach the holiness message, there is the demand for complete dying to self; the demand to be pure, holy, of the royal priesthood of believers. Yet they gather in groups looking to slay thee, & as in the days of Harlech, starve thee out. They use their contacts to deal with specks in thy eyes rather than the planks in their own. Yet these specks they continue to comment about, have been removed because of being born again.


“You know, so many cannot walk the path of holiness, because they have never mourned. They have the form of godliness; they have said the so-called sinners’ prayer; but have not come to that mourners’ bench of old. They have come to that new Calvary, where one can simply say “sorry” & carry on the old life.

“But the Calvary of old is where thou hast been; the place you admit your inadequacy; the place where one’s filthy rags are washed clean.


By preaching the Cross, you convict of sin, & all over the world, this is going on. Man is choosing his own pleasures, rather than God’s; & there is a new form of Christianity that into that. It is that form that you see manifesting around thee; & the preaching of My Word has been all about taking people offthis road to destruction, & placing them on the highway to heaven.


“Continue to preach My Word uncompromisingly. Do not hold back. Instead, preach the conviction of the Lord; preach the conviction of My Spirit, & bring men & women to the front to mourn at My bench, to accept the Saviour, to live the new life, & reject the old.


“A Christian is a supernatural being, washed completely clean. What thou hast witnessed around thee are those protecting the sins of the past, & living a life without repentance; having the form of godliness that denies its power. That is, having one life up front for all to see, but behind the scenes, an unrepentant heart, on its way to eternal damnation.


“You can print this Word on your website, with the chorus, “There’s a way back to God…” & invite those living the old life, even calling themselves Christian, to repent before Me, & receive eternal life.”


 Word from the Lord through DPG, 01/12/11


 “Thou has shown thou art prepared to give up all to follow Me, & as you go through the processes of sorting out the finances; sorting out the finances of the charity; the house mortgage, & the dealings with banks, thou hast seen how the enemy has looked to steal all that you have.


“He comes to kill, steal & destroy.


“You have seen also that there are those who have come to give, who look tocontrol with that giving.


“But you have shown that obedience to the prophetic word takes priority over that.


“You are determined to set up thy media centre; to broadcast to the whole world. But with all the costs of this, you have begun to feel under pressure. And yes, you have recognised that cares are to be shed upon Me; yet it is obvious that to continue fully in the vision, you need a major financial input now, to fulfil My call on your lives.


“I take you to My Word; to Mark’s gospel, where you will see the financial position of those prepared to give up everything for Me. They are to receive a hundredfold, now in this time. It is My duty to see that happens. So, please expect the manifestation of My glory in the area of finances.


“You are right to call revival; those in revival are free from the corruptions of this world. You have learnt how to bring revival; you have warned of the price required for revival; & as the mail-outs have gone out; as the posters have been put up; as the websites have been brought up to date with this revival news; & as you bring to the attention of the people on thy websites, words I have spoken through apostles & prophets; as you deal with the barriers to revival, allow My zeal & determination to manifest through you all. “There is a joy that must come - & that joy is thy strength. You have shown determination to fulfil the call of God. Step up into the high calling of God.


“You have shown determination to take back the infiltrated movements. Stand up to them; convict them of the great apostasy they have allowed to creep in. Stand firm with them. Claim back the heritage.


“And Lindsay, thy word given from Jeremiah is important in this, as you will find all Jeremiah is important in this; for My pastors have gone astray & become brutish; & there are instructions for you to fulfil, given through J Edwin Orr, which thou hast on thy website.


“So, as you now complete the rear-guard; as you now go forward with setting up facilities required for the media centre, & the purchase of the manse, you can now go forward in the strength of the Lord.


“The banking community is already bowing down to thee; for thou hast stood on the foundational acts of thy nation, rather than the global thrust of international Satanism.


“Stand firm; for all other ground is sinking sand.


“For these are exciting days for thee; get excited; bring in thy harvest, & proclaim the victory of the Lord.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 12/12/11



“Thou hast sought My face for an old-fashioned revival; & thou hast heard what I said through thy brother Orr, that revival is like Judgement Day. For indeed, this is true; for revival requires examination of self, as convicted of the Holy Ghost.


“And thou art right to ask the question, “Do I have clean hands & a pure heart?” Thou art right to differentiate between the convicting love of the Holy Ghost, in that a person receives Christ through conviction rather than the acceptance of sin “love” of Jezebel.


“So thou hast discovered those who have accepted another ministry; another gospel; another Jesus; & thou hast sought to honour Me, by placing Me first in all that thou do.


“So, revival brings division; & thou hast witnessed in thy fellowship exactly that division; the division between flesh & spirit.


“Thou can now get ready for fruit of revival, of thy congregation ready to reach the world; so much on fire, nothing can hold them back. Those who have the sin suppressed in their life, rather than out in the open’ thou now hast a congregation ready to put aside the things of this world, to enable revival to come.


“At this time, thou hast got ready the facilities for revival, where one can bring this convicting Holy Ghost to communities throughout Wales.


“This is a great work, saith the Lord, ideal for those set free, washed clean, washed in the blood of the Lamb.


“And thou hast an excitement in thy congregation, saith the Lord; & thy loft has been gotten ready for those to gather throughout the night, to intercede, to stand firm in the glory of Jesus.


“Be excited; the Saviour has come. Praise ye the Name of the Lord. Amen.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/01/12



“With being at the      stage, one is seeing the conditions for revival manifest.

These are the factors to be pulled down, before the building up:



(1) The challenge of facing up to the strong men throughout North Wales, is one thy ministry has been prepared to face.


“The overall strong man being based in the so-called City of Learning, from where the secular humanism of man has manifest.


“For here comes Factor (2): the Mark 10:30.


“Who will leave the world’s perceived ‘safety’ for Me, like the disciples did? This is factor (2) – who will leave the world to follow Me?


“From this, there comes Factor (3). This is the old Keswick Convention factor. Who will come to the front, to give their whole lives to Me? Not just a part of it, but all of it. This means being available to go anywhere in the world at My calling.


“Factor (4): How many have identified the Baptism in the Holy Ghost as being for empowerment for ministry, rather than self-gratification?


“The next factor is (5). Will there be repentance in the denominations? Will the Methodists preach once more entire sanctification? Will Elim portray the Foursquare Gospel? Will the Assemblies of God be the Holy Ghost movement it once was? Or, as it is today, a movement that has forgotten its original call? Will the Apostolics return to Penygroes, My Word for them being to stay there, & not forsake the calling of its founders. Will the “Church in Wales” forsake its altars & pagan symbols in high places? Will the remaining chapels forsake their present establishment position for a return to their spirit-filled past?


“Will the politicians of North Wales gain the oratory skills of their predecessors, these skills coming out of the hearts of the people who had a passion for God?

“Will the council chambers have a passion for prayer before meetings, to seek the Word of the Lord?


“Will the young people forsake their designer clothes & drinking habits?

“These are all important questions within this factor.


“Factor (6): Will the understanding of seeking first the kingdom of God, be fully understood in this North Wales revival? For I say to you, I have found you to be sold out to My Spirit, seeking Me to obey My Spirit; & this is the time to be confrontational; to say to the Church: you are My separated Body, members of My body, flesh, & bones; & as such, you cannot be part of the world; & yes, the Hebridean scriptures will be prevalent in this revival. There will be cries of ‘Who shall climb the hill of the Lord?’ There will be cries of repentance amongst the people who have held on to earthly wealth, rather than hand it to My apostles & prophets, who use it to bring forth the evangelists, pastors, & teachers. They see their money as their own; but in revival, those who hold treasure on earth, are convicted by the Spirit of God, knowing the true hundredfold is their; walking the path of reliance on God, rather than the systems of this collapsing world.

“In revival, there is a conviction of souls so great, that the factors intimated here look so easy to see the manifestation of.


“And here you are, facing the Leviathan strong man; yet the so-called ‘Church’ does not hear. You have simply obeyed Me & faced up to this strong man of the Antichrist of nations. Within North Wales, you have faced up to the strong man of pride, & the manifestation of the Jezebel. ‘Where is the prince in me?’ they say. ‘I am a minister of the gospel,’ they say, ‘And I have no idea of the royal priesthood of believers who sit equally with Me in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.’

“Within revival, there is such a conviction of God, that the vagrancies of Jezebel are removed; the false social gospel love is removed; & that Jezebellic smile, the lure of bringing vulnerable people into submission, that has operated in North Wales alongside the Leviathan run, that sea-monster that is exposed in My Word being bound up in My presence along the Llandudno shores.


“As you wait for repentant leaders of fellowships to come, so I have been knocking on the doors of so-called churches & chapels of North Wales for years.

“I have been refused entry with My convicting Spirit. So, just as I have been ignored, so in this context I have been ignored, operating through thee.

“’Behold! I stand at the door & knock’ is My cry to the churches in North Wales, who need to seek Me with all their hearts.


“Your internet websites, coming together now for My glory, your media centre being built for My glory.


“How I have been convicting men & women throughout the nation to come & join thee in this preparation period for revival! My revival call is knocking on doors: ‘Come – leave what you have to follow Me.’ Revival is brewing in the spiritual landscape of Wales; yet within this landscape, there are the usual false cries for revival; but I have taken thee along the old-fashioned way, of men & women & children being convicted of their sin; the preaching of the old-fashioned Word, & the manifestation of My glory.


“Thy meetings are so anointed with power. Call the people to come! Bring g them out of their shell, & declare the glory of the Lord! Cry aloud, & spare not! Remove the social gospel from amongst the people, & bring in the full surrender chapels of the past; not the dead religious form, but the new chapels I have called thee to build, full of God-anointed, devil-stomping people, that are sitting in the heavenly places with Me.


“And as you deal with the issues of the strongholds of the devil, remember I have called thee to follow Me with all of thy heart, the full surrender versus thepartial surrender message. What a contrast! One message where saying a little prayer, & continuing the old life, is perceived as a born-again experience, whereas the true born-again man forsakes the world, & all its treasures, to follow Me.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 02/02/12



“Behold their threatenings: the Church grows at times of persecution, & you need to prepare for major growth.


“The enemy move has been one to isolate you into a corner; but has been one in which you are now shouting for joy, as you have given out what has attempted to suppress what you have been called to do.


“Cry aloud & spare not, saith the Lord. For they have gathered to place you into a corner; to muzzle the prophet, & suppress the Word of God.


“But God is not mocked; for I have come that ye may have life, & life in abundance; & that signs & wonders can flourish in thy midst.


“You truly are portraying what happens when My Church hears from Me. The religious community looks to muzzle the prophet; but I am saying unto thee,

 that this prophet shall not be muzzled. He is to be open at every “street corner;” that his shouting out the Word of God people come to him to ask about spiritual things. They ask him advice, & counsel. But along come those with the Pharisaic spirit, looking to suppress him, & get him to move & get out of the community.


“But I am saying unto him, Cry aloud, & spare not. Authorities are afraid of him, & are looking how to silence him; but he has the sword of the Spirit in his hand, & is prepared to plunge it into the enemy camp.


“This army of the Lord, which the enemy has tried to suppress, is on the march. This army of the Lord takes land wherever it goes. This army of the Lord is fearless in battle, having handed over its cares & burdens to Me. This army of the Lord is to take the land, & declare it to be of the Lord. This army of the Lord is to broadcast to the nations the truth of My Word.


“The anointing to preach is upon thee. Thou hast preached mightily in My Name, saith the Lord. My Church are not to be afraid. The enemy shall notmuzzle the prophet. What the prophet has been saying shall be heard by a much wider audience; & so you can declare, saith the Lord, My glory, might & dominion. You can declare, saith the Lord, that this is the hour of the Lord’s coming; coming to judge that which has come against thee, coming to judge the corruption in government & institutions of thy nation. For thou hast exposed the infiltrations of the enemy; thou hast come with an anointing to purify My Church; to remove the Higher Criticism ministry training system; to remove the high altars of buildings known as churches; to remove the communion rails which signify the separation between man & God & priesthood.


For thou art the royal priesthood, the holy nation, which is standing up boldly in thy community, unafraid, going forward, & taking the land, so once more Britain can be great; a nation under God, with a monarch keeping every aspect of thy Constitution; moving in My glory, the 1534 Act of Supremacy being kept to; the nation being aware of what the monarch swore in 1953; & the Act of Settlement being fully understood: that this is a Protestant nation under God; & that all those who come to settle in this nation, need to accept that this is a nation of Christian heritage: not Moslem, not Hindu, not Buddhist; not any earthly philosophy; not evolutionist; not utilitarian; not philosophy of any kind; only Protestant Christian. And as the Australian leader has said, those who cannot accept the Christian heritage of Australia, should leave that country, how much more should Great Britain, the motherland of Christianity to so many nations of the world, including the United States; how much more shouldthis nation demand, that every citizen bow the knee to the God of its Constitutional Acts; that if a citizen cannot do this, that citizen should leave this nation.


If a politician of any of the Houses of power in the nation cannot bow the knee to the God of the Constitution which he or she is legally obliged to uphold, then he or she should leave the post he or she is in. If school teachers cannot uphold the God of the Constitutional Acts to the nation’s youth, then that person should be relieved of their post. If a member of the legal profession, whether that be police person, lawyer, or judge, cannot bow the knee to the God of the nation’s Constitutional Acts, that person should be relieved of their post.


And this Constitution is not to be syncretized with other religion; for the demand it gives itself is to increase the virtue of Christ’s religion, thus making it law that every subject of the monarch should not only uphold the Constitution of the nation, but also increase the virtue of Christ’s religion. Vendetta groups throughout the nation have been set up to suppress & muzzle those who are standing for the old paths. The enemy’s paths have been exposed. The corruption thou hast discovered has been exposed; & when a thief is found, he has to restore sevenfold. Thou hast found the thief in thy nation. Thou art to call men, women & children from all over the world to come & join us in this glorious proclamation, of calling the North Wales brokenness revival.


For in brokenness thou hast become the mouthpiece of God.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 6/02/12

“The Great Falling Away”


“You have heard of the great falling away. You heard last evening the preaching of Maynard James in regard to the end-time apostasy.


“There are certain areas Maynard preached on, which come under the banner, in today’s world, of ‘politically incorrect.’


“Remember, I called you back to portray the preaching of Mission Hall days? Preaching that convicted, & made the sinner uncomfortable; but what has occurred since then, has come a comfort zone “Church,” where no one is to be offended; where God loves all, even to the point of accepting their sin; whereas the truth that was portrayed by Maynard James, was that his God loved all so much, He gave His life to enable the true preacher to show this supreme love, so that the preacher through the Holy Ghost, can convict of sin, to save the sinner from an eternity in hell.


“Certain subject therefore, in this apostate church, is never covered. They never preach on the reality of hell for the unrepentant; they never preach on the consequences for those left behind at My coming again; they never preach on the subject of sodomy, which is great sin, rather than a chosen lifestyle. They never preach on non-covenantal sexual relationships, which was at one time called “living in sin.” This is never mentioned in this apostate church.

“There should be a huge outcry over the number of babies the nation has slaughtered, & the breakdown of law & order in society; but how can a government pass laws to bring order in society:-


1)     That are against the Constitutional base on which the society was built;


2)   Laws against violent activity in the society.


“They (the laws) do not mean a thing anymore, because they are made by those guilty of supreme violence against society, through the crime of abortion; the cure for this, bringing all those to justice who instigated the Abortion Act, or allow it to flourish, as present-day politicians do. They are breaking the law constantly; & so, the vast majority of what are known as churches in thy land, are part of this non-offending, politically correct entity of ecumenical fellowships that have no idea of the true gospel.


“This is why I took you back, initially to what the early Pentecostals of the 20. century stood for; & then I took you back to your Mission Hall days, & asked you to combine the two, to continue the two, to combine the two; & in Maynard James last evening, you heard the excellent presentation of what I have called you to preach: Pentecostal  holiness, to continue it.


“Those in the system of non-offending church, strangely enough, get offended. ‘You can’t talk about Romanism, as we’re all one together now,’ they say. But Isay, ‘What concord has Christ with Baal?’ ‘You can’t bring politics into church,’ they say. But I say, ‘I called My Church to go onto the whole world, & preach the gospel. I called My Church to bring division in all aspects of society, between that which is of Me, & that which is of the devil.’


“And I have called you together, as a small group at this stage, to test if you would compromise My Word, so as to get people back, who have been offended because of My call on you all, to go back to the principles of Mission Hall days.

“You have shown Me that not only are you prepared to stay in the position you were in, that you have asked Me to deal with your 80% differential between how the Early Church was, & how you are. So many perceive Church as a spokesman of this apostate society; simply accepting the end-time falling away. But you see yourselves as an Acts of the Apostles Church, asking Me how you can get closer to being as they were.


“So, I have called you to make your stand. I have given thee directions. Do not be moved or motivated by this end-time operation of Satan, that comes to kill, steal & destroy.


“There is a conviction of sin upon those who have made commitment to thee, & have broken the covenantal agreement.


“Go further in Me, saith the Lord. Do not look back, except to the ancient landmark of belief, on whose foundations you are now growing.

“In a time of the great falling away, you have shown you are not prepared to compromise to the system, but to seek Me.


“So rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. For thou hast portrayed the Rock on which the Church is built; that is not moved by modern immoral acts of Parliament, but is portraying the higher laws of thy nation; laws that have to take precedence in court, over the modern laws of successive governments, who have failed to hear from Me.


“So continue to stand, in My Name, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against you.”



Revival that is to COME TO SCOTLAND

Prophecy through Rev Dr E M Lindsay Griffiths

29 December 2012



“There is a mercy-seat, which none but the just shall see. It is My throne, saith the Lord, on high. Angels rescue and bring to it those who are weary and heavy-hearted, but only My Holy Spirit shall baptize, convict, convert. It is not a work of the creation, but the Creator. Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool.



“Obey Me in this My calling for thee, and carve thy name in the Lamb’s book of life. It is written that many shall cry ‘Lord,’ but only the righteous man or woman shall see God, and know His truth, righteousness, mercy and peace.



“There is a mighty move beginning through you, saith the Lord; so mighty it shall overtake you like a tidal wave. You will ride the crest of the wave, though at first it will feel engulfing. The tidal wave of My Spirit of revival sweeps away all debris, all filth, all human refuse, and purifying the earth.


The tidal wave of My spirit plunges many beneath its waves. Only those who surrender to it shall survive. Those who refuse it, fight against it, or turn away from it, shall not survive the hour of My power and glory.



“But those who do not perish, but surrender to My power, will be carried, and lifted higher than they would ever have thought possible. For with God, allthings are possible. Therefore, seek not to do in thine own strength what I can do far beyond all measure, in Mine.”




There is an earthly logic we have to deal with every day - not by compromising to it but standing above it as that peculiar people led by the Spirit of God - the Church that defies all humam reason.


Trouble is - there are those who look to embrace both logics ..... but what concord can Christ have with Baal?


Spirit v Flesh is what God tells us about here ......

Word from the Lord through David,

Rhos, 18/09/10


“David, you need to bring forward the judgement. You have warned continuously about having a foot in both camps.



“You need to preach again on being separate: what concord has Christ with Baal?



“You need to preach again on the warnings I gave to the Children of Israel on syncretisation – that is, the bringing together of paganism and the so-called ‘Judaism’ of the day.



“You have warned and warned and warned about taking two paths. You have warned even on your website about the judgement coming upon the so-called ‘multi-faith Church.’ You have warned your people to have no truck with it; to condemn it, rather than to be a part of it. You have warned your people on the dangers of the Alpha Course; and within the local Christian Church context, to have no part with those that embrace this evil contraption, that has given opportunity for the worship of Mary, rather than the opportunity to repent from the worship of idols.



“You have warned of the judgement of co-called ‘churches’ in Llandudno and Conwy. You have warned continuously about the dangers of being in churches Llandudno and Conwy. And with the papal visit, they have broken all the Acts of Parliament that brought about the Reformation in the country. Those with a foot in both camps now have a foot in the blasphemy which is upon your land.

“But I cannot bring the judgement without thee.


It was Moses who lifted up his rod against the Egyptians. Before that, there was disharmony and confusion in the Egyptian camp. Everything was going wrong for them before the judgement.


“My people were protected from the angel of death through the placing of blood upon the doorpost. My blood has already been shed; and you stand in My victory. So, unlike in the Old Testament days, it is not necessary to place physical blood on your doorpost. In fact, that would be an abomination to Me, as the very act would deny My activity of two thousand years ago. Yet, your people are having a foot in both camps, even to the point of mixing with those within the church setting, who look to re-crucify Me, as Alpha does within the context of the allowance of Catholicism, in relation to their apparent eating of the physical body of Christ.



“You nation has placed itself in the mire by its activity of the last few days, and will sink very rapidly into oblivion, unless the leaders of your nation get on their knees and repent before Me. But there are those in your local Church who have looked to keep a foot in both camps:


“(1) In not giving heed to your warnings about Llandudno and Conwy;


“(2) Who have not understood the political and social history of your nation in relation to the papal visit. The leaders of your nation, through their activity of the last few days, have made them guilty of blasphemy and high treason.

“As judgement came upon the Egyptians, so judgement is to come upon your nation. Those who have one foot in the secular system, and the apparent putting of one foot in Me (yet not Me, for I demand both feet; for being a born-again Christian demands having both feet in, not a foor in both camps). Yet I still need My Moses, My prophet, to stand up and lift up his rod of authority, and close the waters on the Egyptians.


“That is your role, David. You have had your time of giving the prophetic warning. You have warned about openness. My kingdom demands an openness amongst you all. And you, David, have warned and warned and warned. You have not held back from warning about the judgement. You have warned, and warned, and warned. Now the time has come, with the papal acceptance, to bring the judgement. Those who followed the prophet were delivered from the judgement upon the Alexandrian cause.


You, David, have studied and studied and studied, to warn people of the Alexandrian bibles they use. My prophet A W Tozer warned of the new cross, and told of the old cross that never changes; that demands a complete repentance, and slaughtering of the world from the lives of the individual. The old cross is a place of violence; not greasy grace, as apostle Owen puts it. Yet you all have been placed in a corner; the Egyptians seem to have you where they want to have you. Whatever you try to do, there is no way out. I tell you, there is a way out. The warnings have gone on for long enough.


You have pleaded with your people to adhere to the prophetic word: yet there are those that continue with one foot in the new cross, thinking that they can have the best of both worlds by having one foot in the new cross. Yet My cross demands a complete withdrawal from the world: what concord has Christ with Baal? In the context of I Corinthians 6, it is clear that fornication is not to be tolerated. My warning is to flee fornication.


“But do not simply place the warning in the context of a sexual activity in the world; by placing one foot in the new cross, those people are guilty of going into the bed of another – hence the warning “flee fornication.” This is not just talking of the physical activity of one person with another; it is talking of the apparent marriage with Me, a marriage that demands one’s all, rather than spending some time with Me, and some time with another.


“You have preached time and time again of the difference between Egyptian idolatry and real Christianity. Yet there are those who still look to keep a foot in both camps. You have warned of the impending judgement. That judgement is to come upon the Egyptian cause.


“Those who have gossiped have seen the apparent security under Pharaoh. Pharaoh offered an apparent security to slaves who simply obeyed him; and just as Pharaoh looked to hold on to the Israelites, so he looks to hold on to the “Christian” who apparently needs a security in him.


“But now is the time for the prophet to lift up his rod. There is time for the prophet to face the golden calf with My Word. You have warned and warned and warned about having a foot in both camps. That is why you are witnessing so much confusion, so much in the way of relationship problems; in the way of family breakdown. Yet it is they who seem to have the upper hand at the moment, just as it was with Pharaoh. Plague after plague fell upon him and his nation, just as you are witnessing battlefield after battlefield being placed uponyour nation.


“ ‘The financial figures are worse than what we thought,’ declare your government. Huge cutbacks in social care provision are imminent. Yet there are those who still have their faith in the world system. And you have warned them to step out, and trust Me. The Israelites had to be obedient to the prophet, lest they drowned.


“The system is chasing you, as it chased the Israelites, rather than bow down to the impending doom.


“So now, David, I am asking you to lift up thy rod, thy spiritual rod, and cause the judgement to come upon thy land; a land that has bowed down to the gods of Egypt, the Pharaoh having stepped on your shores the last few days. The Pharaoh has set foot on thy shores, and thy nation has seen the apparent security of being slaves to the Egyptian Pharaoh; and prophets leading people God’s way are seen as extreme. Prophets telling people to hear from God and obey Him are seen as absolutely crazy. Fir there is security in Egypt, ‘and we can still,’ they say, ‘worship God within the context of being under the god of this world.’ And so, those who preach the old fashioned message of repentance are placed in a corner, without the resources of Egypt, because they refused to bow down to Pharaoh.


“So, it is time to bring the judgement. Lift up thy rod, David, and proclaim the judgement of the Lord – a judgement which is now taking place.


“For I have seen thy rod. Thy rod is My sword; and I will fill thy mouth with My Word. I have brought to thee My apostle Owen; My apostle is crying in his heart, for there has not been adherence to My warnings. He is looking to build, but cannot, for My people have to have both feet in one camp, rather than one foot in both.


“You are to preach the old cross, not the new. On your website are the warnings. You have declared the same warnings throughout your meetings of the last few months; yet there are those who seek to have one foot in the apparent security of Egypt, and one foot in God.


“Yet you, the prophet, have now lifted up your rod, and declared the waters to come down upon the land. And just as they murmured against Moses, within this context there came two activities I want you to give notice to:


“(1) Within the context of My healing covenant (Exodus 15:26) is the provision for every natural need. Look at Romans 8 “If the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead...” There came also an emphasis in Joshua 3, for the children of Israel to separate themselves from the world “Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow I will do wonders among you.”


“You have preached and preached and preached sanctification, separation, being one in Me. Yet there are those who still look to be motivated by thehuman mind, human emotions, human feelings. The place of sanctification is the removal of these things. And you, David, have been called to lift up your rod; and this you have done, by proclaiming your rod, My sword.


“This has been your role, David; this is solely your role. You have been the Moses. Why is it you are so passionate to proclaim My healing covenant? Each month, you have taught the Jesus the Healer Course. Times you have mentioned Exodus 15:26. You have gone on and on about sanctification, separation – because that is what you are called to do. The apostle, however, is to bring the people into the Promised Land, away from other gods. The apostle is looking to build in the Promised Land, but cannot do this with those who have got one foot in both camps. He is screaming to the people, as Joshua screamed to the people, to have no truck with the gods of the Canaanites.


“The apostle is a builder, a master builder. He wants to build with those completely sold out to the gospel; those who have not compromised to the gods of Egypt. He is demanding purity; purity of heart. And that building process must begin, but only with those completely sold out.


“You see, those that followed Me in My earthly ministry had to be completely sold out. And I declared to Peter: “Blessed art thou... for flesh and blood...” and as I revealed to Peter, “Blessed art thou” to those who have revelation; those who have not had any truck with the god of this world, will be taken into the master building stage.


“David, as the prophet, you have been called to protect the rearguard; close down the waters on those chasing thee; the institutions of the god of this world, including the one that has a pyramid on its headquarters. I will give you the words to say – this is My sword. But the apostle is to build; he is to go forward and build; but only with those who are rejecting the law of the Canaanite gods.


“Now, within this context, David, you are to have your rod held high against the Egyptian gods; your rod held high against those who have looked to suppress and oppress thee. I will give thee the words to say. But as thou protects with thy rod, thy sword lifted high, causing an end to the oppression of Egypt, it is My apostle who blows the trumpet, knocking down the walls of Jericho to enter the Promised Land, having no truck with the god of this world. He is to build; he is to build, but at the same time, he is to warn.


“Stage (2): I will speak to the apostle directly on how he is to do this, and as you have placed the strongman under pressure in North Wales, so he, acting like the Most High, has sought to place you under pressure. The building time has come. The prophet has spoken. And lifted up his rod; the opportunity to sanctify has been given.


“Now it is time to lift up the sword and cross the River Jordan, with a sanctified people, knocking down the Jericho walls, and going forward into the Promised Land.



The Old Cross and the New


ALL UNANNOUNCED AND MOSTLY UNDETECTED there has come in modern times a new cross into popular evangelical circles. It is like the old cross, but different: the likenesses are superficial; the differences, fundamental.

From this new cross has sprung a new philosophy of the Christian life, and from that new philosophy has come a new evangelical technique-a new type of meeting and a new kind of preaching. This new evangelism employs the same language as the old, but its content is not the same and its emphasis not as before.


The old cross would have no truck with the world. For Adam's proud flesh it meant the end of the journey. It carried into effect the sentence imposed by the law of Sinai. The new cross is not opposed to the human race; rather, it is a friendly pal and, if understood aright, it is the source of oceans of good clean fun and innocent enjoyment. It lets Adam live without interference. His life motivation is unchanged; he still lives for his own pleasure, only now he takes delight in singing choruses and watching religious movies instead of singing bawdy songs and drinking hard liquor. The accent is still on enjoyment, though the fun is now on a higher plane morally if not intellectually.


The new cross encourages a new and entirely different evangelistic approach. The evangelist does not demand abnegation of the old life before a new life can be received. He preaches not contrasts but similarities. He seeks to key into public interest by showing that Christianity makes no unpleasant demands; rather, it offers the same thing the world does, only on a higher level. Whatever the sin-mad world happens to be clamoring after at the moment is cleverly shown to be the very thing the gospel offers, only the religious product is better.

The new cross does not slay the sinner, it redirects him. It gears him into a cleaner and jollier way of living and saves his self-respect. To the self-assertive it says, "Come and assert yourself for Christ." To the egotist it says, "Come and do your boasting in the Lord." To the thrill seeker it says, "Come and enjoy the thrill of Christian fellowship." The Christian message is slanted in the direction of the current vogue in order to make it acceptable to the public.


The philosophy back of this kind of thing may be sincere but its sincerity does not save it from being false. It is false because it is blind. It misses completely the whole meaning of the cross.


The old cross is a symbol of death. It stands for the abrupt, violent end of a human being. The man in Roman times who took up his cross and started down the road had already said good-by to his friends. He was not coming back. He was going out to have it ended. The cross made no compromise, modified nothing, spared nothing; it slew all of the man, completely and for good. It did not try to keep on good terms with its victim. It struck cruel and hard, and when it had finished its work, the man was no more.


The race of Adam is under death sentence. There is no commutation and no escape. God cannot approve any of the fruits of sin, however innocent they may appear or beautiful to the eyes of men. God salvages the individual by liquidating him and then raising him again to newness of life.


That evangelism which draws friendly parallels between the ways of God and the ways of men is false to the Bible and cruel to the souls of its hearers. The faith of Christ does not parallel the world, it intersects it. In coming to Christ we do not bring our old life up onto a higher plane; we leave it at the cross. The corn of wheat must fall into the ground and die.


We who preach the gospel must not think of ourselves as public relations agents sent to establish good will between Christ and the world. We must not imagine ourselves commissioned to make Christ acceptable to big business, the press, the world of sports or modern education. We are not diplomats but prophets, and our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum.


God offers life, but not an improved old life. The life He offers is life out of death. It stands always on the far side of the cross. Whoever would possess it must pass under the rod. He must repudiate himself and concur in God's just sentence against him.


What does this mean to the individual, the condemned man who would find life in Christ Jesus? How can this theology be translated into life? Simply, he must repent and believe. He must forsake his sins and then go on to forsake himself. Let him cover nothing, defend nothing, excuse nothing. Let him not seek to make terms with God, but let him bow his head before the stroke of God's stern displeasure and acknowledge himself worthy to die.


Having done this let him gaze with simple trust upon the risen Saviour, and from Him will come life and rebirth and cleansing and power. The cross that ended the earthly life of Jesus now puts an end to the sinner; and the power that raised Christ from the dead now raises him to a new life along with Christ.

To any who may object to this or count it merely a narrow and private view of truth, let me say God has set His hallmark of approval upon this message from Paul's day to the present. Whether stated in these exact words or not, this has been the content of all preaching that has brought life and power to the world through the centuries. The mystics, the reformers, the revivalists have put their emphasis here, and signs and wonders and mighty operations of the Holy Ghost gave witness to God's approval.


Dare we, the heirs of such a legacy of power, tamper with the truth? Dare we with our stubby pencils erase the lines of the blueprint or alter the pattern shown us in the Mount? May God forbid. Let us preach the old cross and we will know the old power. (A. W. Tozer, Man, the Dwelling Place of God, 1966)

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