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In line with our Constitutional Acts and the Choice of the British People, this ministry will live under Constitutional Law in UK,

not EU influenced law that has nearly bankrupted us!


We thank God too that British Government have moved on from the 2019 Withdrawal Bill into restoring our freedom fully



The Act first of all refers to the overseeing bodies as "The Lords Spiritual and Temporal" and the Commons and this proves to this very day that "Spiritual" is higher than "Temporal" and so the Spiritual coming first has to relate to the Act? Does the Act meet this criteria? NO! NO! NO!

I refer to Britain's WRITTEN CONSTITUTION which is around the Monarch, not unwritten one as often referred to, that which is "written" taking higher precedence under British Law!

Britain's WRITTEN CONSTITUTION is highly spiritual, in particular the 1534 Act of Supremacy and the Coronation Service.

The 1534 Act of Supremacy restored into the Elizabethan Settlement in 1559 demands:

1)  Increase in virtue in Christ's religion clearly defined in our Constitution as PROTESTANT whereas the Commission of Bishops of the EU is Roman Catholic upholding the Vatican's Social Policy which is the root of "workers rights" so cried for by the Labour Party. These rights are no rights at all for they can give physical benefit in one hand but steal the soul of the nation with the other.

2)  Repress and extirpate all errors, heresies and other enormities and abuses. We will show in this analysis that this Act does not do this but illegally still place us under EU authorities which can rule of us taking away our God given freedom.

3)  Demands that the Monarch act in line of repressing the extremities that religiously affect the nation. This new act still keep us under the control of an foreign power.

4)  Conserve the peace, unity and tranquility of the realm - the EU having caused so much instability, economic breakdown as in the banking crash and disunity making Britain a nation built on sand rather than THE ROCK!

5)  To repress the infiltration of foreign laws and systems into our nation. Instead of doing this, the Act of 2019 embraces them! 

Says Harry Beckough, former British Intelligence Officer -

the Lisbon Treaty is the rising of the Fourth Reich -


The EU Withdrawal Agreement did not do this but now after the LANDSLIDE ELECTION we can rejoice in our God Given freedom once more and take on the cultural marxism

that has inflicted so many for too long!

Articles 4.1; 4.2; 6; 41; 95.1; 127 of the 2019 Act still places Britain under existing EU laws and new ones that will be passed, all this from official with no democratic mandate from the British people. All this is the return of the dictatorship of socialist fascism

Articles 4.4; 4.5; 86; 87; 89; 95.3; 131; 158; 163 still places Britain under the European Courts of Justice meaning judgment can be placed on us from official of a foreign power strictly forbidden in the Act of Supremacy, higher law than that of the imposition of the treaty of Rome and following treaties.

Articles 7.1 and 34 give us NO SAY! This is not what our armed forces have fought for - for decades - a sell out to a European foreign power? What would Nelson, Drake, Wellington and Churchill say?

Under this act our fishermen are not free in the transition period, having no say in the Common Fisheries Policy (Article 130). Foreign trawlers will still be able to plunge our seas at the expense of our own coastal communities like here in Scotland. It gets no better after the transition for the Political declaration signs us up to to water and quota shares with the EU allowing the EU to exploit our fishing grounds, instead of us employing the Royal Navy to protect them.

In addition to this the Political Declaration lines us up into an EU level playing field (PD para 17, 77) and deep regulatory and customs cooperation, suppressing our ability to reduce tarriff barriers to cut costs in Britain and make trade deals across the world.



Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 06/09/19

“The Parliament of Great Britain”


“The parliament that passes laws in favour of strange flesh, & against the unborn child; in favour of the promotion of falsehood (utilitarianism) rather than openness & transparency, is now a parliament under judgement, for denying the decision of the British people to return to nationhood, rather than being under the control of the god of this world that is wearing the clothes of the European Union flag.

“Within the parliament over the past years have been those exposed by thy former headmaster, alongside Whitehouse & Dicken, who in the midst of all these illegal law-makings, found those who would abuse the vulnerable child.

“That which is built on the rock will stand firm. This is the Word of the Lord; but had the nation upheld its Elizabethan Settlement & 39 Articles of Faith, understanding from the heart the meaning of Ephesians 5, then the nation would be united & in good health.

“Today, however, it has brought about a new generation that knows not God that regards living together in sin, rather than holy matrimony, as normal. That which is wrong is right; that which is right, is wrong.

“So the righteous are persecuted, rather than the sinner; & thou as a ministry has stood on the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thy persecutors are under judgement. That which stood for utilitarianism, particularly in Ireland, are under judgement. Those who stood for abusing the vulnerable child, are under judgement. Those who allowed the 60s generation & consequent immorality, are under judgement. Whether they be dead (without repentance) or alive, the judgement of God is upon them, as it was upon the Pharaohs of Egypt.


“So, lift up the rod of authority; those who carry the mantle of Moses & Joshua, lift up thy rod. Take the people across the Red Sea, towards a Christian Britain. Restore the Word of God of the Antioch line. Sanctify the people. Cross thy River Jordan, upholding the Word of God, & speak to the Jericho Wall of the European Union, to set free not only thy people, but the peoples of all the nations of Europe, so that they may have their nation state once more.

“Thou as a ministry have suffered tremendously over the years from a parliament that has refused to act upon My Elizabethan Settlement. That parliament is now falling apart. It is for thee to lift up thy rod, & lead the people towards the land of milk & honey.”

What we were under before the Election 

The Political Declaration also obliges Britain to adopt EU rules even after the transition and on state aid and "relevant tax matters" (para 77) meaning we cannot change tax rates to be more competitive than the EU and cannot assist strategic industries like British Steel. This outrage has got to stop - the primary reason people voted BREXIT WAS FOR SOVEREIGNTY.

In addition Boris's deal means that our nation contrary to thye 1534 Act of supremacy will have foreign policy aligned with the EU (Article 129.6), the UK being aligned to EU Treaties throughout the transition period being forced to refrain from taking actions contrary to EU interests in the United Nations and WTO.

Our defence will not be our own either for the Political Declaration binds the country to integration with the European Defence Agency and the European Defence Fund. (para 102c.) Contrary to British Law, outr troops under this treaty will be under foreign power.

In reality our Northern Ireland friends in practice will be staying in the EU with in effect a customs and regulatory border in the Irish Sea, goods moving between one part of ouir United Kingdom to another being checked, EU laws affecting Northern Ireland for at least four years after the transition, in effect we giving up part of our sovereign territory. (Protocol Articles 5 & 6.2)

Britain will be paying not only the £39bn to the EU instead of the compensation required from the EU for breaking our Constitution, the sum being offered likely to be just a start so why should we, the British being taxpayers money for repression, suppression and for allowing a foreign power to run roughshod over our God given Constitution.

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 10/07/19

“Making Accommodation for the Deep State is the

Creed of today’s British Nation & State”


“The Deep State is the pharaoh of the day; the State that holds the people in bondage as the slavery of Egypt.

“Ann Widdecombe, MEP was right in using her analogy of being slaves. The State has taken thy wealth, & used it to take over the education system, to take over charities, & to take over Church ministries that readily bow the knee to come under the Deep State’s Nestle-Aland Committee, with the satanic scriptures of Egypt.

“Whole nations have been destroyed by the Deep State, their whole identity removed; just as Church movements, founded by My saints, have been taken away from thee; for thou art banned from their pulpits, for giving the Word of God. Thou hast not bowed down to Baal, & to the illegal Acts of Parliament that kill rather than give life.

“At the heart of what is known as ‘Church’, is deep satanic ritual; & thou hast exposed thus Deep State at the cost of thy personal wealth. Your crime is to uphold the Constitution of the nation, & the landmarks of movements; & the Deep State has seen to it that thou hast no resources. The Christians no longer give to thee, as they are in Deep State churches under Nestle-Aland. Thou art on the steps outside, rather than in the pulpits of the nation.

“One has exposed the Deep State at great personal cost; but wait a minute! The Deep State was defeated at Calvary. That which is on sand has to fall. So, stand firm on My call, & I will uphold My promise. I AM Jehovah Jireh, thy Provider, & the stronger man has overcome the strong man.

“Take back all the devil has stolen from thee, & use it to save the world from the Deep State.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

[John 3:16]

“The resources are here. All they can do is pray against thee; but their prayers go to a foreign god who lost his authority at Calvary.

“The Deep State is defeated. All thou must do now, is implement that defeat. Obey Me without fear, & thou will see the miracle of My provision.”

Acknowledgement to Nigel Farage, Brexit Party for his study of the EU Withdrawal Bill and Political declaration, this being a constitutional statement, not a political one.

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