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The Unconstitutional signing away of

Britain's Heritage

The Identity Crisis

Treachery NOW DEFEATED through Intercession, Prayer and the Pulling Down of the Strongholds of Rome!

Word from the Lord to DPG, 04/09/15

“Britain’s Identity Crisis”


“Britain’s true identity is not only in the monarch’s oath to Almighty God, but is also in the whole Coronation Service, with its emphasis on Nathan the prophet & the priesthood of Zadok.


“Now, this is very important when it comes to understanding the social policy of Great Britain, if it is to remain Constitutional. There are 2 key areas here:-


“(1) There is a constitutional monarch as head of state, which is why Protestants are to be involved in the political arena in Great Britain, to support the monarch in her oath to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. This oath is immovable, for you cannot remove by law an oath of the monarch, & those looking to remove that oath are in effect guilty of high treason, such is the seriousness of what I am about to say.


“(2) In the Coronation Service, there is a major emphasis on the prophet Nathan. I have given thee this role as regards to Great Britain. For as Nathan spoke out, so dost thou.


“Now, let us get to the root of this. To reject the voice of the prophet is to reject the bloodstream of God. For without the shedding of blood, there is no remission; & in the Coronation Service, there is mention of unworthiness of men. There is mention of the oracles of God as living oracles, not just dead words; & the prophet or the preacher brings forth these oracles as living stones, in other words, the life-blood of society. The idea of the Upper House is for such prophets to gather to ensure that the Oath is kept to, the Coronation is kept to – that is, its Service - & all of the Constitutional Acts are rigorously adhered to.


“Thou has already asked for a place in the Upper House, for it is from this House thou art to give thy Parliamentary addresses, in line with the oath of the monarch to God, the obligations of the Coronation Service, & all the Constitutional Acts. This is where I have called thee to be – in the Upper House, from where you are to bring the children of the Commons in line with the Constitution, for it is from the Upper House the Commons is to learn of its responsibility unto God, for without this understanding they are as children, reacting to circumstances rather than the Word of Almighty God.


“(3) The priesthood of Zadok: Roman Catholicism has no place in this. For the priesthood of Zadok is a true priesthood of equals; & this is the fundamental difference between the Protestant faith & Roman Catholicism.


“Roman Catholicism embraces a separate priesthood, to whom a lower level of man confesses its faults to, thus making the priest higher then what is known as laiety.


“To combine socialism with this lack of equality is not only folly, but ridiculous. For you cannot shout equality on one hand, & separate priesthood on the other. This ideal has given Britain an identity crisis.


“Yet with the Zadok priesthood, as ministering to Almighty God as joint heirs with Christ, who is the fullness of the Godhead bodily, there is an equality no socialist can offer. What happens with the socialist, is that they form a separate ‘priesthood’ above the people. They hold meetings on how to control the people, outside the public view, whereas those within the Zadok priesthood look to bring converts to the throne of God as joint heirs with Christ, ministering to God as equals, rather than to each other.


“This is the supreme equality that comes out of the Coronation Service of Great Britain. But there have been those of the Roman Catholic social policy of the EU who have undermined this, & given Great Britain an identity crisis.


“As My intercessor stands at the grave of Karl Marx, he shall not only pull down the forces of darkness around this intrusion to Britain’s affairs. He shall be naming the principality of Antichrist. For what this European Social Charter has brought, is what they accuse you of: control, manipulation & brain-washing. They brainwash the children into understanding a philosophy alien to the priesthood of Zadok. They control & manipulate the people by having secret meetings outside the public eye. Yet they accuse thy ministry of control, manipulation & brain-washing, whereas thy ministry is of the priesthood of Zadok, joint heirs with Christ, everything transparent & out in the open, a concept that places fear unto those upholding the European Social Charter, which is why you hold the upper hand, as Nathan the prophet in all your dealings with government departments, there being enemies & accusers all around you, looking to catch you out on laws that have no place in the British Constitution.


“This is thy position as Nathan the prophet, upholding the Zadok priesthood, a priesthood of equals, joint heirs with Christ, the fullness of the Godhead bodily, an equality no socialist can match – again, an equality no socialist can match, an equality that has come with the shedding of blood, without which there is no remission.


“And thou hast forsaken all for the benefit of the people, whereas Rome holds its riches that came as a result of the indulgences over the people, that the founder of the Protestant Church so bravely stood against. And as he gave his Theses on the door of Wittenberg, so thou hast published thy Theses of 2007 openly, over today’s Wittenberg, the internet.


“So thou has issued the prophetic warning, which unless the nation heeds, will bring about such a fall to Great Britain, for a nation without identity cannot stand.”



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