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America's Identity Crisis


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 05/09/15

“The Sinners Cheer as the Righteous are Jailed – America’s Identity Crisis”



“George Washington stated ‘You cannot govern without God & the Bible.’ Ronald Reagan stated about the importance of virtue (the anointing) in government. Yet now, without the Bible & without virtue, government operates in the United States, looking to jail the righteous & protect the sinner.


This recent example in the State of Kentucky is one that has stirred the body of Christ to action; yet it must move by My Spirit. And as we witness this desecration of the Bible Belt, the weeping in heaven is great. For what was once a great nation that stood on the Word of God the Pilgrim Fathers brought, has now been reduced to the rites of Satanism that allows for the worship of the flesh, rather than for God’s Word.


“There are many asking when the Judgement will come; but the Judgement is already upon a Church that has allowed itself to bow to the rites of Satanism, in what is known as the Charismatic movement.


“You see, you need a Church that stands on the Word of God, just as the incarcerated sister has done, not by the false experiences of the Charismatic movement.


“You see, if you are going to have a nation standing on the true Word of God, then the counterfeits of Satan have to be exposed. Outside of Fuller Seminary, outside of Saddleback, did My intercessor stand; a so-called ‘seminary’ & a so-called ‘church’ that has compromised My Word through Higher Criticism, embracing scriptures that uphold the sinner, rather than convicting him or her; so that now, when an outrage occurs, only a remnant can stand, for only the remnant upholds the true Word of God, so the forces of Satan criminalise the righteous, so that the sinner can be in control of the legal system, placing those with the Word of God in their hearts behind bars as in Daniel’s day.


“This now has affected America from upholding righteousness throughout the world, with Britain & America standing before Me as guilty of grievous crimes, the Church however being the most responsible for allowing this to happen, by embracing Satanic translations of the Bible, brought about through the spiritualists Westcott & Hort, rather than the true Word of God that came about through the authorisation of the British monarch.


“O America! Thou lieth in the pit of snakes, not just because thou passeth ungodly laws, but the Church has embraced false scriptures that has allowed this to happen.


“I have warned in My Word that there will be those who embrace another Jesus, & it is the Church established in America that has done just that, thus allowing government to operate without the true Bible embraced by Washington, & the virtue embraced by Reagan.


“So thus, America has an identity crisis, for it knows not My true Word. King James preachers, arise! The time has come to preach My true Word.


“Then refer the readers to

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 03/10/15

“You Can No Longer Sing ‘God Bless America’ -The Demise of a Nation”


“A nation that turns its unborn into buckets to die, will not be blessed by God. A nation that turns the ethos of Ephesians 5, of the real meaning of marital relations, is not only a nation that blasphemes God, but is also a nation that will fall into the effects promoted immorality will always bring.


“A nation where the family is undermined, where children no longer have a Mum & a Dad, will inevitably fall into a mire of violence; for it is through the stability of a Biblical family that a child is to be brought up, a child who will not go astray. Just as a house is built on sand, so shall it fall. How can I bless a nation that ignores its foundations? How can Thanksgiving Day be blessed, when what the Pilgrim Fathers stood for is completely ignored?


“The Compact of the Mayflower between Britain & America has not only brought stability to both nations, but has brought about conditions for stability throughout the world.


“I cannot bless nations that break their covenants unto God. One President said, ‘It is impossible to govern a nation without God & the Bible.’ Another President warned of ‘the coarse world of reason,’ that virtue had to take priority in all aspects of government life.


“Yet wat do I see today? A nation in turmoil, a nation that has forgotten its roots, & a nation no longer protected by the stripes of the blood of the Lamb. You are now on your own, America, without the protection of God, & so have to fight your own battles. Thou has not protected thy borders from infiltrations that are coming in from all over the world. All over America are cells of those looking to bring harm to the nation. Yet you allow them their freedom, & criminalise the righteous.


“You deny access in thy educational establishments for the true Word of God. Even thy seminaries have fallen under the spell of Higher Criticism. So you have so-called Christian ministers talking about God in a critical way, rather than manifesting the Saviour Himself.


“The debauchery of the Emerging Church has brought about a gospel of accommodation, of social enterprise of churches that help people, rather than minister to God. The ethos of seeking first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, is lost in thy nation. So how can God’s provision apply in a nation determined to go its own way? A nation that makes up its own laws, with the argument that they bring freedom; but where is the freedom for the unborn child, sucked out of the womb in great pain?


“So you are a nation, America, that in its present form cannot be blessed; & the slavery of Babylon is upon thee. For thy businesses are over-regulated, thy people are under strain. For thou art no longer a nation with a vision, & so thy people are perishing all around thee.


“So, America, where is thy people who are making a stand for the old paths, for justice to return to thy nation? For I have a remnant who have separated themselves from the debauchery of the Emerging Church; who have warned of the tyranny of government, in no longer standing on the Constitution of the nation, of God & His precious Word.


“However, thou hast chosen to persecute My prophets. They are the sons of Zadok, who came over from Great Britain in the Mayflower. They are born again by the Spirit of God. They are the sons of God, bursting with the compassion of the Christ who died for thee. They look to restore the seminaries to the teaching of the true Word of God. They look to bring to government God & the Bible & the virtue so necessary to run a nation. Yet, America, you legislate against them. Yet through them, I can bring life & not death. For through your existing policies, thou hast brought about the holocaust of dying babies that Hitler & Herod could never have contemplated, in their operations of death. For in the name of immorality, thou hast killed generations of true American people, & replaced them with infiltrations from outside.


“Now, the true American is one born again. It matters not the colour, the race, or the gender. For true Americans uphold the Constitution, & this was brought into the nation by the Pilgrim Fathers; & the warnings of Deuteronomy 28 are very clear for those who disobey God.


“There needs to be a national repentance, a humility in all the seats of government, to restore the nation back under God.

“And now to the Emerging Church. There has never been a paradigm shift with God. He is the Lord that changes not; & unless thou returns to the preaching of the blood of the Lamb, then thou shalt surely fall. For thou art sending multitudes to hell with thy accommodation preaching. Thou art encouraging the love of money, rather than the love of God, the true minister forsaking his/her wealth, as Peter & Paul did so as to reach the lost.


“For there is a price that has to be paid, to be a true minister of God, & that price is your life. For as I laid down My life, so My ministers are prepared to do the same; & just as Abraham was prepared to slay Isaac, so I will save the lives of those who are prepared to do the same.


“You cannot hide your sin forever, Emerging Church. For the hour of judgement is nigh, not only for thee, but also for a nation that has forgotten God, & the Constitution of the Mayflower.


“Please no longer sing ‘God Bless America,’ until thou has returned to the fold.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 21 01 21

“It Looks as if the Christian Prophets are Wrong”.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” [Hebrews 11:1]

“The opponents of faith declare from their natural minds; but I have called you to walk, not the places of the masonic order, but the portals of power high above.

“From here, one can declare the use of the King James Bible as holy writ to be believed on, rather than sworn as a document of appeasement rather than it being the living Word of God. For, to lay one’s hand on holy writ with one hand, & to bow down to Molech with the other, does not make you President of the United States of America; nor does it make you the monarch of Great Britain.

“For, unless one believes with one’s whole heart the promises & ordinances of God, then to swear with one hand & do the work of the devil with the other, is simply folly without description.

“For My true Constitution in the United States came with the Pilgrim Fathers; & that is the Word of Almighty God, the Word that has never changed. But so many of those who call themselves ‘prophet’ have the scriptures of the Antichrist themselves, a word that forever changes. And so, it is they who are bringing in the kingdom of the Antichrist. For this kingdom is marked by the symbols of Egypt, clearly seen at the Vatican & from Capitol Hill. For these were not the symbols of the Pilgrim Fathers, whose hearts were to bring life rather than the symbols of Egyptian slavery.

“You see, to swear on the King James Bible means to support the crossing of the Red Sea, rather than move back to the land of slavery. Now, My Word has given a very different light to the result of the apparent election, My Word never returning void. And so, when you pray for My will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven, so indeed so it shall be.

“I repeat again that it is the Valley of the Kidron thou wilt witness the signs of the times living out; & thou art to walk the heavenly places with Me (Ephesians 2, verse 6), as Me (I John 4:17) on the earth, remembering My words to Peter in Matthew 16:

“And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” [Matthew 16:19]

“Now you witness where the power is; not with one who knows not My Word, but with those who have given their whole lives unto the Lord; the branches to the vine; the partakers of the divine nature; those who let their yea be yea, & their nay, nay; the sons of God, led by the Spirit of God.


These are they who hold the power.”

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