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2016 Constitutional Issue Prophecies

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 16/01/16

“They Long to get beneath the Dome of the Rock: 

The True Meaning of Britain’s Coronation Oath & Service”


“Why do they long to get beneath the Dome of the Rock? Why are film-makers obsessed with the Ark of the Covenant? Why is there a fascination in this one area of Jerusalem, beneath the Rock over which there is now a Dome declaring that God has no son?


“Britain’s Coronation Oath & Service is not based on this doctrine. It has no roots in the Holy of Holies of God. Archaeologists long to get beneath the Dome of the Rock today. They wander the vaults beneath Jerusalem. Many of the treasures of ancient times are on sale in the Old City, but no one has found what they see as the supreme treasure – the artefacts of the Temple of Solomon.


“But I can tell you where these true artefacts are today. The map of understanding is in the Coronation Service of the British monarch. From the Jerusalem chamber the symbols of British royalty come, the Crown Jewels representing the artefacts of Solomon’s Temple. Oh, how fine they look! But let Me tell you this: they are not the true artefacts of the Temple. Archaeologists dig & dig beneath the Old City, searching for these old treasures, not realising the map, the treasure map, is incorporated in the British Coronation Service & Oath.


“As you walk the Old City, you wander around the shops & bazaars showing mementos of this ancient city. The English are taking an interest in having an anthem of their own, ‘God Save the Queen’ being the British anthem, the Irish having their own, the Scots having their own, the Welsh having their own – so why not the English? The over whelming choice for such an anthem is ‘And Did Those Feet.’ Whose feet? Oh, the English have an anthem that gives Christ the pre-eminence, & that even in these days of secularism & plurality, could the English have an anthem called ‘Jerusalem’?


“Now do you see what is happening? All around you are government agencies with their secular thinking. Yet the English are choosing an anthem called ‘Jerusalem.’ But where in Jerusalem is the root of all this? Is it at the Western Wall? Clearly not, for this is not of an outer court. This all has great depth to it, as has the meaning of the Coronation Oath & Service. Every court in the land has the crest of the monarch, but who knows what this represents? Rees Howells & his intercession covered the depths of all this. A nation at war needed the depth of understanding to get out of a horrific situation. Like Elijah, Rees Howells controlled the weather, for at Dunkirk there was a calm brought about by the intercessor. A nation at peace with itself understands its Constitution & the meaning of it; & even now, in these depths of despair & apostasy, the English are choosing an anthem called ‘Jerusalem.’ Where, & why, is Jerusalem at the root of all this? As well as physical diggings under the Old City, there is one place to this day almost impossible to reach, even with all the modern technology. For there are spiritual barriers.


“I have no problem at all in the area of being reached today, for no longer is the Holy of Holies housed in a physical building.


“The Coronation Oath & Service of Great Britain is a treasure map. The Word of God is described as the oracles of God, & in these oracles are the treasures of heaven. Yet there are key names in this Coronation Service: that of Zadok, those who minister to the Lord, the royal priesthood of believers. Nathan the prophet is there. The in-depth meaning in the Oath is that prophets judge situations. You are seeing this with Margaret Dransfield now that with her is a passion to judge the injustice of a nation. This is not a male or female thing, for the Ark of the Covenant today is not to be found within the vaults of the Old City. It is to be found in the hearts of the believers. And so, Solomon, Nathan & Zadok are key names within the understanding of the Holy of Holies.


“Thou art to preach on this with all thy heart. For even though the message above the Dome of the Rock is of the god who has no son, all over the world are the sons of God, led by the Spirit of God, the temples of the Holy Ghost, the Holy of Holies of God.


“Yet they look to stop digging beneath the Dome of the Rock, in fear of what may be found. Yet the Coronation Oath & Service of Great Britain reveals where the Holy of Holies is: within the hearts of believers. The royal priesthood, the Zadok priesthood that constantly hears from God, is led constantly by the Spirit of God. But as you have found, those in government agencies of Great Britain have looked to muzzle the prophet; yet in Jerusalem they look to find the physical Holy of Holies. They are just a short distance away, yet all around them are the Holy of Holies of today, the temples of the Holy Ghost, & as you reveal this truth of this Coronation Service, let the nation understand it has been muzzling the prophets who are the true judges of the Coronation Oath, & I call upon the Bible College of Wales Continuing to set up a special course on Great Britain’s Constitutional Acts that includes the Coronation Oath & Service, the real meaning of the EU referendum being whether to abandon this, for isn’t it interesting that the interest in an English anthem is in Jerusalem, rather than Brussels?


“So, isn’t it time for the English, Irish, Welsh & Scots to vote for the Coronation Service & Oath, & all it represents, rather than the bureaucrats of Europe, who will sink Great Britain more into the depths of despair, a Great Britain without Solomon, Zadok & Nathan?

“And should they at the next Coronation Service look to remove the Oath & Service & replace it with one of a pluralistic society, then the judgement of God will fall, for the nation would have rejected the city the English pine for in their anthem.


“Now, the answer to the question, ‘And Did Those Feet?’ - The answer is, those feet are walking today all around you. For the whole ethos of thy Coronation Service, is the Zadok priesthood, the sons of God walking as Jesus Christ on this earth today. This is the victory. For this sought-after Holy of Holies is in the hearts of believers all around you.


“It is this understanding the Bible College of Wales Continuing is called to bring to the nation of Great Britain, to the Commonwealth, & to the nation of the Mayflower.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 29/01/16

“The Big Mistake was the Invasion of Babylon”


“Babylon is a key place in the Scriptures. It has huge dangers for those who do not hear from God. Every invasion of Babylon must be led by the Spirit, & be from a country in covenant with God.


“But thou as a nation has broken thy covenant with God. Thou applies the letter rather than the spirit of the law, & you have been found wanting. Like Babylon, you chase the prophets of the Lord, You muzzle them with your procedures & your policies, taking no heed to the vision & passion of Elizabeth the First. You have fallen to the Babylonian rule of law.


“Baal holds sway in the nations of Europe, & you have been found to be in an unholy alliance with nations far from Me, under a Babylonian system of law that convicts on perception & suspicion rather than the reality of a situation in context.


“So, as a nation you have been found to be under a curse, a Babylonian curse that only the Spirit can get you out of. The monarch has to call not only a National Day of Prayer, but a National Day of Repentance to the God-given Constitutional Acts of the First Elizabeth.

“Only being led by the Spirit of God can one invade Babylon, for if there is any hint of the invasion being for financial gain, then one will be found out.


“Why did you not save the suffering Christians of Zimbabwe? Where are the Christian refugees today? And now, you are reacting to circumstances rather than the Spirit; & oh yes, I care for the suffering children, but the solution is by seeking God, not reacting to the circumstance. That is why there is prayer in the House of Commons. But you do not have My Spirit, but you place your prophets under rule & regulation, for thy procedures & policies are high above vision & passion. And as with Sheila’s choice, Sheila placed vision & passion & the voice of the Saviour high above policy, procedure & self-interest.


“And so, if there is to be a Parliamentary enquiry, it needs to be on the basis of vision, passion & self-denial rather than policy, procedure, & best interest of the individual. All this is of Babylon, & by the rivers of Babylon, so shall thy flooded nation fall. For by thy rivers are the seeds of destruction, for you entered the land without the Spirit. You now even place thy soldiers of war under health & safety procedures of policy & regulation, rather than with generals of the Spirit, who take the land as a united body under God. You have now placed thine own troops under the burdens of the rules of Babylon.


“And as I said to the Galatians, ‘Who has bewitched you?’ For you place the burdens of Babylon on thine own nation, of which only the prophets in My name can set you free.”

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